Arrogant Arsenal pay the price for complacency – Theo the Elephant

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If you see someone beating around a bush, rest assured it wont be me. I’m the one indiscriminately smashing the shit out of it with a massive bat.

Todays performance was arrogant and lackluster. We dropped two points because we underestimated what Birmingham could bring to the table.

Arsenal didn’t play badly today, that is why I am so angry about the result. We just never got out of first gear. We had most of the possession but didn’t make it count. We went one nil up from a great penalty. There were a few half chances, Eduardo’s header the stand out opportunity of the game, but after that we offered very little. We perked up after they scored from a poorly defended corner but in the end it wasn’t enough. This game had last season written all over it and it was disappointing.

Going into detail would be pointless, it was just one of those days and I’m sure the manager won’t need to tell the players what went wrong.

Player Ratings:

Almunia: Distribution was excellent today, handling was ok… maybe a touch at fault for the goal? But I’ll leave that down to you guys to decide on that one because there were many at fault for that!

Sagna: Solid as usual. Good going forward, delivering a few great crosses.

Big Phil: Others were complaining about him, but i thought he did well (By his standards). He made a few great interceptions and from memory he only made one poor clearance.

Gallas: Played ok, but possible at fault for the goal. He was the first of 4 to miss the corner. He also shanked a clearance late on, very uncharacteristic (Big Phil effect perhaps?).

Clichy: Had a good game, he was unspectacular but solid. He got forward a few times but his crossing let him down.

Hleb: Not really at the races today. One cross toward the end was shocking, I think Mr Beckham should have a word if he gets the chance.

Fabregas: Distinctly average today. Birmingham did well to give him little time on the ball, but when he did get the chance he didn’t create and didn’t really shoot.

Theo: *

Flamini: I thought he was the best player on the pitch today. He was all over the place mopping up and trying desperately to create something for us.

Adebayor: Perfectly struck penalty for the goal but bar that his contribution was weak. His touch was truly awful today and he barely had a shot.

Eduardo: One of his more productive days. He won the penalty, had a header well saved and played well when he was shipped out onto the left showing some cheeky touches and some great skill.

* Myles Palmer said a couple of months ago there was a elephant in the room everyone was ignoring… Almunia. Well, if you ask me the white elephant is Theo Walcott. He was useless today. He gets the ball and does one of the following:

A) Loses it immediately as a result of a crap first touch.

B) Runs it out of play.

C) Plays a 5 yard pass sideways or backwards.

D) Dithers and fucks up the move.

Fair enough he is young, fair enough he is English and that clouds peoples judgement, but for me he has been useless… as ineffective as Big Phil. How long do we have to wait for him to show even a glimer of his talent? Anelka was scoring at 17, Cesc scored at 15, Ronaldo wasn’t bad, Rooney was scoring but £12 million Theo has done very little to justify his fee. I’m sure he will come good at some point, but maybe Wenger should have a look a Randall of Jay Simpson in that role as Theo has been doing a piss poor job this season.

Takling of Big Phil, Wenger staunchly defended him yesterday. The Observer had this to say on the matter,

Senderos’s performance, because of Toure’s absence, had been the obvious concern during the first period. After the break it cost Arsenal. ‘I don’t think so,’ was Wenger’s take. ‘I don’t believe Senderos was involved. We had three other players involved who did not jump for the ball.’ He was correct that the Swiss defender was not one of those offenders. But maybe he should have been present to deal with a corner delivered by Sebastian Larsson into the difficult area right in front of goal.

What are your thoughts? I couldn’t tell, it looked like many were at fault

I thought Muamba looked great until I realised Muamba was number 26 and the player I was looking at was Kapo who was 23. I don’t think we sold a Gem there and I’d be very surprised if Wenger begged him to stay like the Mirror claimed, he was shite as was Larson.

So Mr Wenger, you have 2 games to kick start our squad into winning ways because Arsenal fans are starting to get the February jitters from last year (Out of all the Cups in a week!).

Great support from the crowd yesterday, the red scarves being waved all game really helped the atmposhere pick up!

‘It was very frustrating,’

Wenger admitted.

‘The crowd was very good, but we were not.’

A good summary I feel!

Not much going on in tabloid world, so have yourself a happy Sunday!

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  1. skins

    Don’t knock Senderos he was one of the few players who played well for Arsenal yesterday. Not only did he defend well but he caused problems up front for Birmingham. In Kolo’s absence, well done Phil.
    Walcott is definately struggling, I believe next season he should be loaned out for a half or full season to a team such as Birmingham to give him experience/confidence that he needs.

  2. Geoff

    the problem with Arsenal is they are beginning to believe in their own publicity, woeful display against a shit side, we must have had 90% possession but how many shots? my most dissapointing game as a watching fan since Tottenham, and that was only 4 days ago.

    Anelka on the other hand… time to get your check book out and send a message to a team that is becoming average all of a sudden.

    Do something before the season ends prematurely like it did last time.

  3. Adam

    Senderdross did start off shakily but stronger as the game progressed.

    You couldn’t more right about Walcott: he was fucking shocking. To his list of “talents” you can add:

    – never having the ball completely under control, even when it’s in his possession.

    – an unerring ability to always be marked and never be in free space.

  4. Mike (the neighbour )

    When you believe you have winning ways -its always harder to motivate a team to believe it aint gonna just happen and shit does happen .Lets hope wenger has a cunning plan I didnt see the match ufortunately and from what Ive read on the match reports geoff you are spot on
    Hopefully this will be a wake up call for all to believe everything has to be hard fought -and nothings a gimmee. If this parrallels last Feb then I can se why you are twitchy
    Even the BBC seemed to agree with you geoff except on hleb where they said
    “It was all Arsenal at this stage and Alexander Hleb, whose passing and creativity was exceptional, was at the heart of everything “

  5. Dave

    Pedro, I agree with most slaggings you’ve dished out but i didn’t think Senderos was as bad as usual. He made some good tackles and like skins said, he got better as the game went on.

    Anyone else here think that Fab has been a bit rubbish for a while? He seems a bit sluggish on the ball and he is by no means on fire. I think you were a but unfair on hleb, he played ok like mike said.

    Theo was useless, i think if he was a foreigner we’d all be up in arms about how we spent £12million on someone so inept. Give Kieron Gibbs a go over him! At least he seems to be able to go round players, the staple skill of a winger you’d have thought!?

    Moving on, we’ve gotta pick up our game if we want this season to bare fruit. I’m with you geoff, it was all about Anelka – we couldn’t have lost? How about Berbatov?

  6. Andrew

    No one person cost us the game….it was the collective team. This is a young team and todays performance showed it. Seasoned EPL players would have won the, then controlled it. We took the game for granted (in the same way ManU did against West Ham) and it cost us. Its not the end the world, just a painful experience. Lets hope its not a defining moment in this season.

  7. Michael

    Walcott is only 18, its unfair to compare him to players like Ronaldo, Rooney or Fabregas, not all players mature at the same time, Van Persie is 24, how good was he at Theo’s age, likewise players like Hleb or Pires. Maybe if Walcott was allowed a run in the team and allowed to play in his natural position up front we may see the best of him, I for one am willing to give him time because I believe he has the potential to be a great great player for Arsenal.

  8. skins

    Walcott has potential at this stage and that is all it is. If you give him a long run it could loose us points, its a gamble Arsenal cannot afford. He must be loaned out.

  9. Geoff

    they all have great potential but it must be mixed with players that are already there, like we did in 2004.

    It’s also worth mentioning that Walcott cost 5mil not 12, they only get that if he becomes footballer of the year, we win the quadruple and the world cup and he get 1000 caps.

    I would like to see him played as a forward, Eduardo is for shit when he’s on the wing so why does he persist with Theo, also let’s remember he saved our arses against the spuds.

    Wenger puts players out wide that are not wingers, like Hleb, Rosicky, Diaby, Theo and Eduardo, if he thinks we need wingers, why doesn’t he do what I’ve been suggesting all season? and fucking buy one!!!

  10. Phobia

    Does Wenger really want the league title?
    Why should not Wenger buy good older experienced in-form players or at least buy for emergency purposes like the case of the absence of Toure and Eboue.Arsenal squad needs reinforcement whether Wenger like it or not.The excuses is getting too much,please bring in one or two world class players to help us win cups.
    The money is there and I don’t see ”WHY”Wenger is not spending.
    I keep asking is Wenger building players for the future or he wants to win trophies?

  11. mjb

    granted poor performance. we dropped 2 stupid points. shit happens. man u lost at west ham, this was always going to happen at some point.
    wenger in his comments has addressed all our fears, so keep your pants on. the response will be what we want.

    in fact ‘phobia’; your name says it all. it bothers me how in a year where we weren’t expected to do anything we drop 2 points and its all doom and gloom.

    a big positive is that clichy had 2 shots on goal. he IS spectacular (as is sagna). he had to deal with pacy kapo twice his size yesterday and Kapo was too scared to take him on, clichy turned them around everytime. GAEL PLEASE SCORE A GOAL; when he does he won’t stop.

  12. The Prophet

    Its that time again we are all nervous and yesterday was a shit result however I agree with Mike when its all good you think it will never be bad and when its bad you cannot see the good times. The Grass is always greener on the other side and I am running out of clichés. The Boss just cannot see anybody out there who is worth bringing in i.e. better than what we have and who would not break team spirit. Yes I believe there are better players we can purchase but I have to admit I have not managed a football club or won the league so I have to accept the boss is better judge than me. However we are allowed to moan as we pay enough, through TV or for the few matches I go to, all the merchandise I have bought my kids to bring them up properly etc… So yes I still feeling pissed of (the alcohol abstinence through Jan is not helping either), but still optimistic.

  13. Goddie

    “… because I believe he has the potential to be a great great player for Arsenal…”
    Blah blah.. we dont want him to be a great player now. We want him to control the ball. That cant be asking too much

  14. El Tommo

    We have collectively been pretty poor since the game against Newcastle when a win would have put us 6 points clear at the top. Losing against those no-hopers at middlesborough suggested that we *still* lack a ruthless streak – subsequent results have done nothing to convince me that we are going to win the league this season, particularly when MunU have demonstrated just how ruthless they can be by slapping the Geordies 6-0.

    Fabregas started the season brilliantly – his performances were awesome, but his form has dropped off and so has his goal-scoring touch … wtf is going on there? I have no doubts that he will be back to his amazing best but it needs to be sooner rather than later.

    Walcott is nowhere near good enough to start in the first team – sub maybe – but not a starter, no way. What is Wenger playing at consistently playing this kid, it’s really not happenning for him … sure he has amazing potential but that’s all it is at the moment. As others have pointed out here there isn’t a great deal to his game apart from being abe to run very very quickly. his touch is awful, he cannot driblle with the ball, he cannot get past players even with his pace because he seems to kick the ball straight at them them instead of beyond them into space. His positional sense is non-existent, and in a team where movement into space is a constant requirement [and everyone else is brilliant at it] he looks like a bit of a lump trying to be like the rest but he just doesn’t get it. He should be dropped immediately and make room for some of the other young guys – if we are totally committed to Wenger’s youth development policy [not so sure i am to be honest – he seems to be prepared to sacrifice our season for it].

    i am very very fed up with the lack of firepower or cutting edge – call it what you like – we could have been – and should be – flying at the top of the Prem by now, after the awesome start to the season, but we’re not … ok we’re joint top more or less and playing [sometimes] great football but we look vulnerable, we miss RVP and one or two players have yet to convince me that they belong in the first team, and I mean Walcott, Rosicky and Eboue. Those three have not delivered, how much longer are we going to give them ffs?

    Can we honestly claim to have the talent to keep up with a rampant ManU? I hate to say it but with Ronaldo instead of the trio mentioned above we’d be unstoppable – but we just don’t have a player of his capability in the team, and really we need someone _that_ good to lift us up a little bit higher and take the title. in the past we had Henry and/or Dennis [God bless that man!] who were both at the highest level. Please name me one current Arsenal player that can be compared to those greats. Can’t be done because even now we are still a work in progress and sadly I feel the title slipping away from us bit by bit.

  15. Marcus

    This obsession with youth is gonna cost us our first league title in 4 years. what is going on? the team OBVIOUSLY needs a quality winger, striker and central defender. AW is too obsessed tring to get max out of a thin squad. reason we were so good in 2004 was mix of yoth and experience. this team is same shit as last season. believeing their own hype and hands in pockets. too many rubbish players. sende-rot, djourou, walcott, all clowns. Rvp biggest fucking sicknote in the world. seriously anelka was an obvious choice. so why continue with all these strikers with shit first-tpuch like adebayor? pathetic. we will win nothing and i really dont think it’s acceptable for any big club to aim to be winning a league title every 5 years. we NEED proven quality. no wingers is just now surely a joke. arroogant sums it up for me. then u watch those manu cunts thrash n’castle 6-0…funniest thing is i bet we won’t even beat newcastle at home in league. be a draw or scrape win. we cant batter teams the way we used to cos akinbayor has the worst first touch in hsitory and rvp is a fucking sicknote. no pace up front. i have said this for the past 3 years. the invincibles season was the end of a cycle. pires said it too. we will not win another league title under AW. just aint gonna happen. his method means each year we’ll get outspent by chelski and manu. i’m not saying spend silly cash like them…but just something class now and then to add to the kids. we cant compete with the others so 2nd is the best we can get.

  16. Geoff

    So what does that mean, he was born a football manager? does that mean we can’t complain about the way the country is run because we’ve never been prime minister? or never complain about the shit transport in London, especially getting to Arsenal on matchdays because we’ve never been Mayor of London? that cunt collects newts for fuck sake, what does he know about trains?

    I’m not paid £5mil a year either but I do know what shit football is, and the last two games have been just that, if bringing in a bit of experience, class or the ability to score goals wins us a trophy this year, then he should do it, it’s not like we don’t have the money, is it?

  17. The Prophet

    Has Wenger lost it? is he too stuborn, OK who would you want as manager, Yes we can moan we have every right but what is the answer? I am getting a bit fed with how great the youth are as this has been said forn the last five years and I do not want potential any more but results

  18. Pedro

    Some legitimate points being raised here, but I don’t think we need to go as far as getting another manager! Its a bit of a blip, but a mild blip by seasons past standards!

    It does make you sick to watch Ronaldo bag a hat trick and the mancs get 6! I think that coupounded yesterdays result.

    I still have hope that we will rekindle our early season form, there is no reason why we can’t? I don’t think a striker is imperative, but I would like a real winger even if it means promotion from with in. Geoff posted an article about Simpson the other week, could he possibly do a job for us? He is fast and tall and possible more productive than theo?

    I think its odd that he plays Theo out wide when it clearly dents his confidence? Put him down the middle, or don’t bother.

    Anyone heard any Diarra news today? I think Jens is staying?

    MJB, I just meant Clichy wasn’t spectacular yesterday! Goddie, excellent point. We don’t want Theo to be a world beater, just do the damn basics!

  19. Frans Bugeja

    Gooner 4 life
    Why all this fuss??????We have the most intelligent Manager in the World,so please stop trying to give lessond to MR.Wenger.He knows what he’s doing,maybe the only observation I can do, is that he is trying to please those who critisize him for ignoring English talent.
    Theo Wallcot is absolutely not up to the required standard at Arsenal,maybe he’s good enough for Derby,or Fullham or something like that,and I am sure that Mr.Wenger knows that very,very well,and hope that he will rest him in the coming fixtures,which we need to win

  20. The Prophet

    Pedro I believ eWenger is the best manager by far, my comment was meant in a sarcastic way, wish you could hear the tone of voice in a posting

  21. Geoff

    We don’t need another manager, he’s the best there is and the best we’ve had, but sometimes he needs to get a reality check.

    If we had a Ronaldo we could go to the next level, Wenger’s problem is he refuses to admit a mistake, Senderos for all his industry will never make the team feel comfortable at the back, it’s why we let in shit goals, because the others are always looking at him!

    The Chavs got Anelka in to do a job, the Mancs did likewise with Larson, so should we, whilst we still have a chance to win something this year.

    You win fuck all for being stubborn!

    Good call Pedro, Simpson might know where the goal is.

  22. casicky

    Arsene Wenger is an absolute genius what he has done can never be equaled let alone surpassed,but i feel he is exactlylike his team at the moment ‘RESTING ON HIS LAURELS’.he needs to shake things up n stop jus coasting into games he needs to address a hell of a lot of issues…

    1.Eboue is a hot head that doesnt bring much to the table
    2.Walcott has not develpoed significantly enough to be a squad regular (others should be given a chance)
    3.Diaby is wasted on the left infact he is losing a lot out there
    4.Adebayor is not ruthless enough to lead an attack he dithers alot like a an older version of Walcott

    how can we drop points agaisnt Brum at home and expect to be topping the league come may?????


  23. casicky


    5.senderos IS SHIT WILL ALWAYS BE SHIT and through out the whole league everyone knows that but Wenger is jus too stubborn to accept it

  24. Pedro

    Cassicky, Adebayor is infuriating but he has been banging them in! The rest of your comment was fair.

    Two games drawn, two games without Eboue? Surely not….?

  25. jimmyfingers

    I got a headache. Vast amounts of alcohol in a club will do that to you. However it does help focus things away from Arsenal. Its hrd to see us keeping up with the mancs (and now even the chavs are breathing down our necks) without buying anyone, but we all know he won’t, unless its some 15 year old prospect. In some ways Wenger’s philosophy is admirable but I’m not sure it’s going to win us anything.

    That said it could be more of case of steadying the ship: key players are underperforming, there seems a lack of confidence, a lack of direction. If we can find our rythmn which seems to have been missing since Carew nobbled Hleb we would improve

    Fuck it, I’m going to roast something (no mobile phone involved, honest injun)

  26. The Prophet

    Are fuck it lets just except we are doomed!!!! I shall now go and crawl into my pit of despair. I like sarcasm

  27. Marcus

    AW too stubborn. oh well just gotta hold up hope for the 2008/09 season. as someone else said no chance we will catch up with mancs. AW’s ways will not win us another league title again. we’ll play lots of pretty football but ultimately win fuck all. just facts. look at past 4 years.

  28. Neamman

    Senderos was one of our better players yesterday. I agree with however said we have been rubbish since Newcastle. It could be the weather or our traditional November slump just coming later than usual this year.
    Regarding transfers.. who do we buy? Adebayor for all his faults is second highest scorer in the EPL. Eduardo is finally coming on song, we replace him now? Bendtner and RVP [when fit] are great impact players. I can see an argument for buying cover for RVP..but cant see who we can buy whose better than what we have.
    As for CBs, I think Senderos will be huge for this club if we all got off his back. In 50 years of supporting Arsenal I have never booed an Arsenal player or given them less thgan 100% support during a match. The criticism of Theo and Phil during a game is NOT going to help them.

  29. nzekwe, joburg south africa

    It is obvious, you will only be judged by the number of trophies you have at the end of the season. Wenger should wake up, he can not claim a monopoly of wisdom. We might not be coaching, but the flaws are glarering. Ade is not the type of world clas striker we need to win the epl and the ecl. He misses more than he scores, eduardo is relatively ok, but he should hold on to the main striker , we need one at least, RVP is always injured, bendtner is for the future.
    We need a good centre half to help gallas and kolo. We are lucky kolo hardly get injuries, we dont have to wait untill he is two months out{God forbid}, we need a winger to help us put pressure on the opponent. When will wenger spend the millions we have?the likesof senderous, walcot, djouro can never win the league for us . he shouldnt behave as if we lack the resources to get good players.let him tellus that he wont take his 5m, then we will know that he sacrificing, but in a situation where his pay is taken in full, the supporters need a proven and tested striker that will deliver, other wise, we are kissng good bye to the season as we did last year. Ade is not yet the type of guy that wil be our main striker, we will be disgraced by milan if this nonsense is not arrrested on time. Let him admit for once that all is not well with arsenal, comprehensive analysis and defending the players wont take us any where. our heart is being broken.The arrogance of our opponents supporters is out of this world. he should read this blog and appreciate how we feel.

  30. Gooner for 60 years

    Anybody else have the feeling of deja-vu? That was like watching an old movie re-run culled from 2006/7… the only difference being that we took the lead.

    The bus parked in front of the Brum goal; the lack of width(amazingly I found myself missing Eboue); all the possession in the world and a keeper facing us who had brought his share of four leaf clovers.

    Wish I knew what was going in in young Theo’s brain/feet. Everyone I’m sure wants him to succeed but since he joined us he’s 2 years older and if anything has gone backwards. For sure making the right decision seems beyond him at present. Little boy, very lost in the jungle. One wonders where a Mangani or Baloo are that could turn him into a Tarzan or Mowgli. For sure they ain’t around at the moment.

    And I have to say, much the same applies to Cesc or whoever the fuck is masquerading as Cesc at the moment. The horrible feeling that the God of retribution would deal with him after that deliberate card v. Reading seems to have come true. Hopefully, his effective o.g. yesterday will lift the curse. Since Reading we haven’t really put in one mouth watering performance for the full 90 minutes…and even if there was a first half performance of beauty, eg Villa and Blackburn, this has been easily countered by the resultant tighter marking for which we seem to have no counter. Use of space and width appears to be off the menu at the moment.

    So, 2 points pissed down the drain and definitely time to take Fulham to the cleaners.

  31. jimmyfingers

    That was a good read Goonerfor60 and worthy points all. This team can play, but they seem to have forgotten how to and that could be down to too many young heads

  32. ewan

    Wenger’s stubborness in refusing to buy have lost our best chance to win the league title in 4 years. He persist to play with potential and gets a high when they come good. But look at Flamini – the moment he comes good, he is looking for a bigger club. Arsenal must win big trophies to keep their emerging stars. Nobody waits around for 5 years to win something. Anelka was meant to return to London to play for Arsenal. Now I doubt that Arsenal will win anything this year – again. Please wake up Arsene!!!

  33. matt

    Did you really think the atmosphere was good? I thought that for vast periods the stadium was dead. Odd that Wenger thought the crowd was good too – I only sit about 50 yards from the dug-out. My hearing must be going in my old age.

  34. jimmyfingers

    I don’t think Flamini wants to move Ewan

    As for Anelka, he expected Arsenal to bid for him in the summer. I think Wenger wanted him but the board didn’t: Arsenal is a very traditional club at it’s heart and I think they felt that once he treated the club like he did, he shouldn’t be allowed back. They have a point: sometimes you need principles

  35. terry roberts

    You guys are going mad. We won’t win every game. We totally outplayed the Brum yesterday with out any luck. Long shots,long ball, headers and the usual walking the ball home. I am more angry at our opponents recently WHU excepted who stand off the Mancs and help them play but go hell for leather against us. Most of our opponents are connected to the Govan gob, just check it out. Our League should be investigated like the italian league was the other year. The English dont cheat is bollocks. AFC aside i refuse to watch football anymore. Our defence was as good as could be yesterday and apart from the odd dead ball we could have played with 2 at the back. We have experience in the squad like Gilberto and he has been shocking when called upon. Ade is a fantastic player, why are people on his back ? if he had played midweek we would have buried the Spuds. Walcott is shit and has always been shit, I hope he sees the light soon and develops basic ball control. The mancs will fall away if the winker or fat bollocks are injured. We should worry about the Chavs in my opinion. Too fifnish off my rant leave the defence alone and pick on the real culprit CoCo the fucking clown (Canizares) prick Almunia, worst keeper i have ever seen at AFC in 40 years of loving our club. We beat the cheats we win the cups. Up the Gunners.

  36. terry roberts

    Our training could be the problem as wenger as a system for different periods of the season to counter burnout. We missed Rosicky too, why or where is he. Why didnt Wenger switch Walcott to center and move Eduardo out left instead of bringing on Bendtner and moving Eduardo out there anyway. I agree Ade faded in 2nd half but he had 2 markers at all times, surely someone else should have picked that up? When these guys develop does that mean they will move on for some other youngster. We seem to be a breeding club all of a sudden and even though thats good we still need to keep those that have made it. Our team at the moment could play together for 8 years so where does that leave the children we are so excited about. There is no sensible solution.

  37. Eddy

    “It’s the hope that kills you”….and we all “hope” that one of these days that Theo is going to show us 90 minutes of decent decision making and influence the game in the way that we “hope” he can,afterall he has shown flashes of skill,control and pace but unfortunately for him has all too consistently given the ball away and run down blind alleys or beat a player only to turn back into him and lose the ball.As for Mr Joburg I believe you are pressing the panic button(like many other “Arsenal fans”)far too early as Theo would not have played yesterday if Rosicky hadn’t picked up the flu and we would have had a more experienced head on the wide right.There aren’t many teams who can call on top quality Internationals to warm the bench as a second choice right winger(Manchester United have to rely on the sevices of Park sometimes who I feel is at best average)so get real mate and stop panicking as until Theo learns to keep the ball he will have to make do with fleeting first team appearances and we will continue cheering on Rosicky who possesses far more quality.

  38. Eddy

    TerryRoberts why don’t you apply for Arsene’s job as you appear to think that you know more than a guy who has won us the Premieship 3 times on a budget Bolton would be happy with.I used to sit near 3 wankers who appeared to enjoy a good moan up at the first sign of trouble and I couldn’t wait to move to the new stadium to get away from them.As Nick put it most of the pricks critiscising Arsenal here are tossers that seem to have nothing more to their lives than to wait in the wings for something to go wrong and then spout the sort of uneducated crap that only The Daily Mail would print….ie “crisis as Arsenal face meltdown”…..oh yeah what crisis ,second in the Premieship,still in all Cups and earning more money than we could have dreamed of a few years back.The club doesn’t need fickle cunts like half of you lot so go and buy yourself a nice Rooney shirt and annoy people in the local pubs by claiming that “you can’t seem to find the time to get up their.”

  39. Jacob Waiswa


    Meaningless sensationalism is Arsenal FC’s problem. By the time they remember the game’s main objective, it is could have become too late. Sometimes they begin to think things as goals will come on a silver plate, as if they are the only ones targeting the trophy, just play and play like goals will come any how, they lose much needed ambition in every other game and assume things will always work in their favor rather than in others (opponents) regardless of how they play and stardom syndrome/complex problems may have began to crop in as in the 2005/6 team.

    Arsenal FC must style-up. It should be game results to give them a better sense of who they are rather than media speeches and self-concept. If it were by showbiz, the galacticos would be still reigning in Real Madrid or Barca would be the best team by far now.

    Any loss or draw would be sad for the team and fans as it would build pressure of them. Yet, there would not be a king of such pressure when some points ahead

    Otherwise basing Arsenal team of excellent results in every other game should be the main judge and more so at the end of the season. Meaningless sensationalism must thus be discouraged and stopped when the team still has a chance to win premiership. This would however require not less than 100%, be humble and have respect for any opponents during encounters.

  40. jeffers

    steady on lads, we are still on the same points as the premier league leaders 1/2 way through the season. yes, we should be tucking away opponents like brum, but if you look at man u, they too have had their poor results against teams you thought they should bury. i seem to recall that we were not supposed to do anything this year and we were all fearful for our top 4 spot. so far this year we have progressed quicker than expected, i think wenger belives that there is still more to get out of the lads, which is why he is not keen on buying. on the evidence of the progress so far, i am inclinded to let him see this through. having said that we never know when he is on the verge of buying anyway. we do tend to come up with a big signing in the jan window if you look back over the last few years.

  41. Pedro

    AusGunner, you only seem to come on here to abuse the masses that blog on here. Reading your comments about “Arsene’s Genius” is about as boring as it gets. He is not a god, and he gets it wrong. If people want to talk about Wenger’s bad decisions, let them, its not down to you to dictate. Like I’ve said before, we criticise Prime Minister when thing aren’t going well, not because we fancy ourselves as Poloticians but because if someone is making mistakes you like to point them out and see if anyone else agrees.

    4-5-1 wasn’t going well, everyone moaned about it, then Wenger changed it and admitted he was wrong to keep using it at home. Fans were pointing that out way before Wenger changed it, proving Wenger is not infallible and fans opinion can be intelligent.

    Why don’t you go and set up your very own ‘Arsene knows best’ website, see how many people are interested in what you have to say? It would make for a very boring read.

    Everyone can see that there are problems mounting up, to simply say its ok because Wenger is a genius is weak and lacks any sort of intelligent thinking on your part. Some people go over board with the criticism… If it bothers you, tell them in a sensible manner.

    If you want to call people cunts, do it somewhere else. Unless it is the good use of the word cunt, aimed at a Spud or a Chav perhaps!

  42. jeffers

    sorry pedro, but i have to agree with ausgunner on this one.
    maybe its the nature of the blog world, but there seem to be far too many people jumping on the back of a poor result or performance and using it as a stick to proclaim doom and gloom. every club at some point in the season has a period where is seems ‘problems are mounting up’. man u didnt have a great start, neither did chelsea and liverpool are in their problem period at the moment.

    intelligent thinking is being displayed my mr wenger, who has come out and said that something wasnt right and i am sure he is going to work on that this week. i don’t find reactionary demands for signings and doubts over the managers methods an intelligent way of describing a team who have over achieved so far and are still level on points at the top.

  43. Pedro

    I don’t think I went overboard Jeffers?

    I said we were complacent and arrogant, sentiments echoed by Wenger.

    I said Theo has been rubbish this year. This is after watching him play on numerous occasions and it is a view shared by many fans who watch him whenever he starts at the Emirates.

    I am sure he will come good, as I’ve said before… he gets you off your seat. But how long do we have to bare his substandard performances before someone else gets a go, like Gibbs or a returning Simpson?

    Just suggestions.

    In defence of blogs I will say this. Most blogs are written by people who attend the games. taking 4-5 hours out of their weekend and paying to watch their team play. So when we win, we are elated, when we lose sometimes it is hard to be completely rational.

    Its a lot easier to be rational after reading a news article or catching the highlights because you can switch off straight away. I’m not saying it justifies the sensationalism, but thats part of the reason.

    Anyway, I’m off out to Angel, happy blogging guys.

  44. Geoff


    I’ve told you before, if you don’t like what you read, go and read, they always agree with all things Arsenal, we don’t, we have our own opinions as do all of our fellow grovers, you and the racsist of last week are the exceptions.

    So go and find someone else to irritate, you are not welcome on our blog.

  45. jeffers

    pedro, i wasn’t refering to you directly in my observations, but it was a general view of the type of opionions that appear on blogs, to be fair more often in the comments section than the main text.

    by the way, you arent the only one who goes to games 😉

  46. Eddy

    Pedro I’ll quote you here…”everybody can see the problems are mouting up…”,really?I wonder if you will retract that staement if we go back to playing the sort of football we were playing a few games ago?We have two or three vital links in the cog playing poorly at the moment,particularly the most important one,Cesc but Iam not panicking myself.Having thought long and hard about this subject Iam convinced that some Arsenal fans have become spoilt by the successs that Arsene has bought as if you take a moment to think about the fact that Wayne Rooney cost more than our entire team put together maybe expectation levels would not be so high and people wouldn’t flood the internet with negative comments as soon as we draw a home game.We have to get real for instance if Manchester United lose Paul Scholes for months they draft in Anderson £20 million.or Carrick £17 million.We for the moment operate on a different playing field and would count on Denilson,Diaby as second choice central midfielders who cost a fraction of the price.
    My point is until Arsene can say “yes that Wayne Rooney looks superb hey what the hell I’ll spash out £28 million for him”I will not be raising my expectation levels so high that I think we have a the right to be successful.If we don’t win The Premiership I will still gain some comfort from the fact that our manager continues to embarress old whiskey nose by buying the likes of Toure for £250,000 whilst he lays out £28 million on Ferdinand.
    Everybody has the right to an opinion but I feel that sometimes undue negativity seeps from the media/websites and people start to believe the hype.If I believed the press every closed season I would cut up my season card,as we appear to be on the verge of bankruptcy,losing our manager and our whole first team squad!
    Arsene has achieved against the odds more for our club than any other manager(do you think we would have built the new stadium without his success?)and it is therefore understandable that people such as myself get a little hot under the colar when people get on his back.If he was to invest like Fergie and Chavski in the market I would probably mentally demand more from the team but he doesn’t yet,although with the revenue we are generating it doesn’t feel that far away before we can start to spend big… we can all look forward to the likes of Reyes gracing our turf!

  47. Geoff

    Ok Grovers, I have done my best to block the little men who try and screw it up for you by not allowing us to say how we feel, many of these blog heroes are such pencil dicks, they don’t use their own email addresses, because they don’t want you to know who they are, unfortunately for them, they leave their IP’s, some like Angus Chisholm forget this, so Ausgunner, do not come back again.

    Jeffers you are on the cusp, I appreciate you have a point of view but understand we don’t take the time to comment or blog to get wisecracked. You are welcome but please leave a comment in a nice way.

    I am off now so for those of you who enjoy debate, please carry on and enjoy, those who don’t, go away, I hope this ends it.

  48. Eddy

    I suggest that everybody tries to be a little more optimistic about matters and it is worth noting how quickly things can change in football(it wasn’t that long ago that I rated Falmini as a central midfielder in the same league as Grimandi,tough but one dimensional and Gilberto was held by most in the higest esteem,oh how things have changed as Flamini is seen by most as a perfect foil for a more expansive Cesc and poor old Gilberto seems to have aged 10 years in the closed season and seems to posssess the passing skills of Andy Linegan….let’s all hope that Cesc rediscovers his form and during the run in a couple of our fringe players suddenly improve their game to the level we all know they are capable of…eg Diaby.

  49. Eddy

    Geoff it is no doubt time consuming and expensive to attend Arsenal these days but I for one certainly look forward to it more than when George Graham,Terry Neill and Don Howe managed the club!Yes we all helped to pay for the beautiful new stadium we now play in but without Mr Wenger’s success and brand of football we would not fill it and probrably wouldn’t have dreamt of building it so for that fact alone we owe him a huge pat on the back for laying some pretty serious foundations for long term success.As I said in my first comment “it is the hope that kills you” and that hope of winning trophies consistently has been provided by Arsene.It doesn’t feel that long ago that I wouldn’t have dreamed about feeling gutted after two dropped points at home costing us top spot, 1971-1988 and the later Graham years being good examples.

  50. jeffers

    eddy, couldn’t agree more, i personally am very much enjoying the season so far and cant wait for the next game. i dont ‘expect’ us to win the league (thats a trait i find particularly irritating in the mancs), but i still hold alot of hope that the team CAN win the league.

    geoff, happy to leave if you don’t want my input.

  51. lennie g

    You cant just blame Theo for our performance yesterday, lets be honest we haven’t played well since the second half against Villa, it seems to me that we have fallen into a lot of the bad habits of last season, the main one being that when we attack we seem to play at such a slow tempo that the we just don’t open up the defences if we up the tempo as we did earlier in the season the opposition just cant live with us. However I do think Theo should be loaned out just to regain his confidence. One last point our strength earlier in the season was our midfield, now I think its our weakness.

  52. john quinn

    everyone stay calm …….. next weekend reading will beat man utd and we will beat fulham ………. feeling better ? i thought so………..

  53. john

    I have as frustrated and disappointed to see our team perform badly from the Newcastle game. Players have not been at their best in passing the ball forward as it ends witha pass to the opposition. They hit the ball so hard that the the player is unable to collect it and pass it on. Many passes go nowhere as they are unable to hold the ball and dribble. Our oppositions have closed us quickly when we have collected the ball that we lose it as we have no time to hold it and dribble and attack the opposition. We dont have the quality and type of of players like manu who wants to win at no cost. Their name of the game is attack the opposition until they fold. We need a couple of new players who are are stars in their own right and who wants to win. I wish wenger would spend but that is asking too much. We should have kept dierra as we have mismanaged his stay at arsenal. We need to win the carling cup by playing atleast six of our senior sqaud or we are in for a shock

  54. michael

    It was 10 men vs 12 men, all i saw was Walcott gifting the ball to the blues! Damn, well said Randall should e given a chance if Arsene is still insting on an englishman.

  55. michael

    I’d just like to point out that we have the most points we’ve ever had in a premier league season after 22 games. Before the season started I put a bet on us winning the title at 10 to 1 but i never in all honesty thought i’d get anything from it. Man u won the league last year 21 points ahead of us and spent about 80 million on thier squad in the summer. we are LEVEL with the northern Cunts so why don’t you all get a grip. If we don’t win it this year we’ll obvously win the next 4 or 5. By the way was anybody else stitched up like me by subscribing to setanta on virgin media only to find out today that they won’t have arsenal tv on it?

  56. EVO in OZ

    The same shit is happening this season, as ones gone by before. Namely, when a few of the first team regulars get injured (flamini, fabregas, Rosicky, kleb, RVP and so on), when they eventually return to the team, the team is disjointed and doesnt play to its potential….thats when i sometimes wonder, we might as well persist with the CC team in the league, rather than waiting 4-6 matches for the 1st team to regain their form, by that time, the league is over!

    I know Adebayor has scored a lot of goals, but i still think Bendtner could be better given his chances to start, week in, week out!

    The footballing gods arent smiling on as at the moment, i hope the luck changes soon!

    We have 7 full days until the fulham game, so this is the time for the players to freshen up (the whole squad) and get the injuries sorted and then come out and bash them 4-nil or more! Its only a cross town game, so no excuses on this one!

    Then we hit the same patch that was reminiscent of last year, with a game in each competition (where we went out of all of them in 1 go last year), that we need to capitalise on! I was so flat last Feb when we went out of each comp 1 game after the next, definitely cant go through that again!

  57. saminator

    wenger is the sole person that will make or break the arse. i just do not know why he keeps misusing his players. buying players and using them in their unnatural position. u guys keep slagging off theo walcott but when will u realise that the kid actually plays better in his natural position? u have all seen what eduardo has become after being used to play the number nine that he is instead of being shunted off to the wings….come on guys, and wenger, be real!!!!

  58. Ed

    Spot on about Theo, I have been going on for ages that this kid will not make it at Arsenal. He offers us absolutely nothing. If he wasn’t English, we wouldn’t even know his name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. RUTAGENGWA Yves Bertin

    Our Arsenal is luck of ammunition specialy on our strike. Adebayor for the last game he played an assey penalty due to Da Silva apart that he is not able to make diffrence when needed. And A.W takes him as the main man to rob the title to strong M.U. Adeba has no skills and his play limits our performence. If A.W expect to win this title he must forget it if his hope rely on Adeba as the main striker. He has the option to buy other players such as Karim BEnzema and Luka Modric with the money offered to him (about 120 M pounds) in hope to have players who should score behind the small square no one in arsenal squard is able to score in long distance away from the goal. M.U has all the necessary to score so if we can not much their attack, let say goodbye to the Premier League TITLE and others

  60. clockendjim

    Apart from an early howler which we have come to expect, Senderos was one of our best players on Saturday. Mind you he did not have a lot to contend with as Birmingham did not really attack and were obviously there for a point.
    There was a collective malaise about the whole team who gave the impression that they just just had to turn up to be presented with the three points.
    It is never that easy in the PL !
    Unfortunately Theo is not learning or improving. He is a headless chicken who achieves nothing. I haven’t given up on him yet, but all his best contributions have been when he has come on as a sub with about 20 minutes to go and I think that should be Wenger’s policy until Theo matures a bit more.
    My biggest disappointment though was Fabregas because we know he can do it, but he has been poor for several games now. Funny but when leaving the Emirates on Saturday, I made the same comment to my pals as Geoff above in ‘they are beginning to believe their own publicity’. I suppose it is the danger with a young team, but all the praise being heaped upon them may have gone to thie heads – the trick is to perform every game.
    What no-one seems to be commenting on is that Wenger is doing a Benitez and rotating the players to where it is unsettling the flow of our football. Fabregas had not been in the team since the West Ham game on Jan 1 that’s 11 days without playing

  61. Paulsito

    i get tired of Arsenal fans for real! the only problem with this performance was an obvious sense of over self confidence, not having the right type of players has nothing to do with it! so we can beat Chelsea but all of sudden need new players to beat the likes of BIRMINGHAM! now does that really make sense. we are second in the league as far as goals scored and the second best goal difference, which means our defense is not bad and we still have lost only one match and are only second by goal diff. which i do not think will play a part in the Title. Man U’s win was not so impressive to me (neither was our win over Everton) – have u ever seen a team defend as poor as Newcastle (back pass to GK, GK kick it off of own player, senseless penalty give away and i honestly believe i would have scored at least 4 on them!). the problem with Primiership supporters is that they sway with evey good or bad performance and blow things out of proporion, Arsenal fans calm the hell down, we needed this match to get our feet back on the ground (it will work 4 good). Lets se each team at best and see who would win! I have never seen the graet ronaldo have a great game against Arsenal (Clichy cancels this dude out everytime). Lets get RVP and keep things tight till the boyz come back from the ANC and see what the hell happens!

    Im a beliver r u?

    God Bless!

  62. Paulsito

    oh and please give Walcott a break. how would you feel if u were seen to be the savior of a nation at his age. i think the reason he cannot break the chains is because he is trying too hard because of us fans putting too much pressure on the poor boy. NO OTHER palyer in the league has as much pressure on them! Give the young man a break and watch him flourish! This kid will be great in time.

    God bless!

  63. London

    Let’s not forget he is 18!
    Now is exactly the time we should forget Walcott is 18 and start judging him on what he brings to the team. Do we want to win the league or do we want to develop Theo Walcott? This decision needs to be made. Walcott contributes nothing; in fact he is a hindrance holding us back. This experiment has to stop. It is the equivalent of playing with 10 men. No other club vying for the premiership would tolerate such a handicap.
    Sir Alex, which would you say is more important, developing Theo Walcott or winning the league?

  64. Paulsito

    London, i do remember his contributing quite a lot, mind u as a sub but he has saved our backsides quite a few times if u do not remember and he actually is the reason why we drew against tottenham in th CC in case u forgot. too much pressure will hinder almosty any player. Give the youth a break from all the media attn and watch him thrive. He is trying to hard because of us! Listen to me, the weight of not only Arsenal but a nation is on his shoulders as we have already given up on the hope of rooney and the rest, believe it or not! at leats i think so.

    Be cool dude. We have what it takes to win this year.

    God bless ya!

  65. Pedro

    Great point London… We’re not here to develop him. If he didn’t want the media hype he should have stayed in Southampton.

    Paulsito, I agree with what you are saying about his talent, I just don’t think we should have to spend 10-15 games a man down because he isn’t cutting it.

    West ham are in for him apparently? Could be a good move for him… though I doubt it will happen as it will leave is short! It would be great experience though.

  66. bal-malaysia


    i feel kinda gloomy after tht game….against birmingham…and the way man utd won just rubs the salt in..i agree with casiky above to a certain extent…abt the ruthlessness,but wht wenger is doing with the squad..u dont see manUTD stars asking for transfers like diarra flamini in the past…but wenger is relaxed abt this thats why players step on his head..would gallas still be a united player if he talked to the press the way he did in pre-season…bendtner,flamini,diarra and cesc have talked freely to the press abt their futures..yes wenger has a unprecedented ability of collecting an exotic collection of world class young players..but they all look like they gonna leave in a while..ferguson had the 92-93 youth fa cup winning team of scholes,giggs.beckham,neville,…three of them are still there 15 years later..can wenger keep denilson,diaby,bendtner,cesc,walcott?…if he can we will be better than united definitely for years..but u just feel they gonna walk away..
    y shouldnt we fans demand loyalty from our players…we have been loyal enough..this is bullshit.look at ashley,vieira,anelka,henry and ljungberg..all prasie for them here and now they ran out on us we all crticize them..whats the f**king point?…ronaldo and rooney had a brawl at the past world cup..there was talk of roonaldo leaving to Real ..guess wht happened..ronaldo and rooney ended up helping man utd wining the title from chelsea the very next season..this is how alex runs his team..its a proper football team..not a bunch of talented players regularly considering their futures..the players here dont have any misunderstandings the way ronaldo and rooney did but still keep on running away from the club like little chickens.. the solution for this is i think bringing in established players and showing these young players they need to shut up and play this case,,diarra has been wanted by spurs..y not make a diarra plus cash deal for berbatov?..wanna noe why this will never happen? we probably need to add 10 mil to diarra to get berbatov..and wenger thinks this is bullshit coz berbatov is not worth tht…and also that bendtner in a few years should be better than berbatov..very logical..but if bendtner was to start whining and asking for first team football at the best club in europe when he is only 19 then wenger woudlnt do much to keep him here..
    whts the point of not bringing berbatov now and help us win the league now?..fabio capello,ferguson,mourinho,raymond domenech…all coaches who put discipline in their players..and they win trophies where ever they go..i totaly respect wenger for what he has done..but if he had a hard side to him then we would be unstopable

    Leave a Reply

  67. Alistair Wiseman

    Err… Best start ever to a premier league.

    3 players with over 10 goals in all comps while the main striker v.P has played diddly squat games.

    Joint top of the league having lost two games less than Man U.

    Double the points tally of the team supposed to be replacing us as CL 4th place.

    Yep that looks like a terrible season so far.

    For myself… I think Adebayor is a cumbersome player who can rarely complete a pass, but CAN finish. Bentner looks like he’s way out of his depth, Walcott is terrible, and don’t see him improving either. Eduardo looks like an out n out finisher, something we’ve lacked for years and will bounce off v.Persie Hleb n Fab’s passing and lay offs. Senderos is a confidence player and needs to be in the team when they’re winning by 2+ goals a few times to convince him he belongs. Eboue plays in fits and starts, but is good enough to get in any other team cept MU Chelsea n Liverpool, and only then because they have good cover.

    I’ve seen every game live this season from the comfort of my sofa here in Holland, as well as going to the 1-0 win at Ajax in the hamsterspam arena and really and truly I dont see how anyone can complain about still being in all competitions and joint top of the league. We’ve seen that we can play some amazing stuff (7-0 springs to mind) with the squad we have, and we’ve seen that if needs be we can take points off the other big boys, winning 5.. yes FIVE more games than Liverpool (about 21% more than them) while not loosing to any of them. I’d happily loose to Middlesboro than any of the other 3 and come March if we maintain our form and position then Chelsea and Man U (Liverpool will be long gone by then as a challenge) will have to play us knowing they have to win as it’s likely a draw won’t do them any good.

    I don’t think we will win the league this year however. I think we’ll finish second, with maybe an FA Cup final, and Champs league semi maybe, especially looking at Ac Milan’s form. Yes it’s not titles and silverware, but it’s money in the bank for investments firstly, and then viable shots at silverware along the way. The fact that i don’t expect us to win the league this year, makes the anticipation and excitement all the more fun, as i see results and positions in the table which might prove my judgement wrong.

    After all… who wants a competition where the outcome is a foregone conclusion. If you want that, you may as well go have a shufti at the Italian league while keeping a quiet eye on betting cycles for clues….!