Arsenal have two English kids so technically gifted they have nothing to learn

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No I don’t mean Manuel! Which I do find strange, he just about gets the Arsenal job ahead of mad Jens, now he wants to change nationality, I hope he doesn’t go home too often!

One bit on Anelka then it’s on to pastures positive today.

The boss says that Anelka leaving was his biggest regret, then says that he is an amazing player with the best footballing years ahead of him and what a great buy Chelsea have, so why if all that’s true, didn’t he not sign him? Especially as he said he wanted to come home???? Biiiiiizarrrrre!

Ok that’s for you guys to mull over, news that we have all but signed an English kid from Gillingham called Luke Skywalker, sounds good, but I would
sooner have heard that Madrid, Barca and ManU were after him, rather than West Ham and Newcastle! Wenger said,

‘I like him, I met the boy, his personality, he looks alert. He’s a striker and at 15 years of age to play for the first team sometimes is something special.’

Wenger also had this to say about the English kids,


‘I believe once the English kids get up to the level of Europe technically they will win trophies because they have a mental side that is usually stronger. You have the same problems in England that people have everywhere in the world. You just become naturally a bit softer.’

Exciting stuff eh? The article also had this to say,

‘Wenger even said that Arsenal had two English 13-year-olds who were so gifted that “technically” they have “nothing to learn”.’

If people were a little more long sighted and took the time to investigate what Arsene is doing with his academy maybe they wouldn’t be so judgmental every time England lost a game. Catch the whole article here.

So I noticed that the comments section was a bit down in the dumps yesterday.

Read on,

  • We are top of the league
  • We are still in the Champions League
  • We are still in the Carling Cup and our reserves are unbeaten against the Spuds
  • We have solved our keeping crisis
  • We have 2 of the best creative midfielders in the World
  • Flamini is the best holding midfielder in the Premiership
  • We have the best full backs in the Premiership
  • William Gallas has been a revelation as Captain
  • We play the best football in the World
  • We have a plan B
  • We are nearly the richest club in the world
  • We are British owned for the next 5 years
  • Arsene Wenger, the best manager in world football is retiring with us

Think positive guys, things have not been better in 3 years!

Like Bud said in the comments yesterday, sing… ‘We are top of the league, say we are top of the league!’

Feeling better? I thought so!

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  1. Lbug

    I’ll be really interested to see how good these english boys turn out to be. It’s about time this side of North London turned out a couple of top quality young footballers. I was beginning to doubt that the academy coaching was up to standard.

  2. Phobia

    Obviously Arsene Wenger and his scouting network have got a great eye for sppotting potential.
    Only time will tell I guess,Worth having a go with him,he won’t cost a fortune and you never know we may have the next Wayne Rooney on our hands.
    Wenger rates him highly as he’s English and is already playing in the first team at such a young age.
    The guy is a class .!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mike (the neighbour )

    well said geoff -I still feel however when things are going well its the time to question and challenge to make sure underneath you aint building up future problems .But when you summarise it as you have the comments can only be in a very positive environment .After all if you were a spuds fan you’d be slitting your wrists -well if not now -after the 22nd

  4. Steve

    Wenger has said before that you should be ‘technically complete’ by the age of 12. From 12 to 18 its the physical side then 18-21 is the mental development. That is why it has taken so long for lads to break through-Wenger needs talented kids from the age of 5 to practise technique. Im not surprised that there are lads who have nothing to learn; they are on course according to Wenger’s developmental beliefs

  5. Marcus

    What a bunch of bottlers. no wonder we have not won a league title in 3 years coming on 4…
    shit performance vs a relegation shit side. crap strikers and midfielders who couldnt hit a barn door. pathetic. manu will win this league in their fucking sleep cos our lot are such bottlers. this is the best chance we have had in 3 years and we are chucking it away. basically our trophy record should be about 1 league title every 5 years now. is that good enough for a big club? you get wot you pay for end of the day. manu sign quality and have wingers. top range strikers. we have inconsistent wasters who look good one week shit the next. so much for all this cash we have. unbelievable that a team with as much cash as us has such a thin squad. oh well. far as i’m concerned it be season done and fight for 2nd place with chelski. didnt need to be this way. could have been clear. shake up needed. wenger is a top boss but some his players eg diarra, diaby, traore, senderos, djourou….all utter garbage.

  6. Phobia

    Arsenal squad needs reinforcements whether Wenger like it or not.Wenger the excuses is getting too much.Please bring in one or two world class players to help us win cups.The money is there I don’t see ”WHY”Wenger is not spending.

  7. Azza

    Marcus shut the fuck up you cunt faced cunting cunt. Wengers statement has got walcott fucked then he didn’t start playin til 13