Gilberto wants to stay, Diarra wanted to be dropped.

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So Diarra asked to be dropped as his head wasn’t right for the spuds game??? Can you imagine saying to your boss, ‘my head isn’t right can I have the week off and keep my £30k a week salary? It’s unbelievable!

Gilberto wants to stay and fight and although I’m not too fussed, it’s admirable and it’s the Arsenal way, so well done Bertie.

Denilson is looking to break into the National side and he wants Dunga to see that him and Gilberto work, what the fuck is he smoking?

Did he not watch the Spurs game again? I did, almost every time he had the ball, he gave it away, if these guys can’t see that for most of that game they were rubbish, then we’re in big trouble for the replay.

Emperor’s clothes I think.

Gallas says it’s in our hands this season and he’s right.

Robin is a crock so we need to get someone in to play the 9 months of the year when he’s injured, sorry Robin, but it’s true.

Center back situation calls for Hoyte to show why he could do a Kolo and become our third center back.

Not a lot else happening Grovers until the pre match blog tomorrow.

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  1. Steve

    The fact that Van Persie’s injuries will ensure that Dudududuudududu is loaded with games is a blessing in disguise. He’d soon get fucked off scoring every game and being dropped for the next. I really think this kid is going to be something very special. How many players get as few chances as him and score that often? I’m not saying that it’s good that the white van man is a perma-crock but ‘silver linings and all that. My cup is half full today.

  2. Pedro

    Some good points raised Geoff.

    Diarra is a fucking idiot. If thats what happened, he is a delusional spoilt brat. Asking for an £18million contract? My god, you’d think he’d been guiding clubs to Premiership trophies on his own!

    The fact is, he has never held down a first team position. Blowing some of Denilsons smoke up his own ass!

    Well played Gilberto. You have to admire him for staying. We’re going to need our whole squad for the run in.

    RvP has a virus now? I just think he doesn’t like working for his wages! haha! Robin Anderton! Like Steve said, if that means Dudu playing and banging in goals, i’m happy. I wonder when Ade is back?

  3. eduard...0

    anyone else more than impressed with young justin hoyte AFTER johan went off? i thought he was proper. anyone agree or disagree? gavin H is a CB no?

  4. odub

    I didnt see the point of dropping Dudu for the spurs game in favour of RVP to be honest, he’s on fire at the mo! So we’ve managed to lose 2 centre backs before tomorrow’s game, which means Gilberto might just get a game at centre back! Good on him for coming out to state he’s wish to stay and fight for a place!

  5. Geoff

    Hoyte as a center back would be a great move, he has pace and he’s tall, give him a run, Senderos is embarrassing.

    Robin has a virus is pathetic I’m afraid, shit, don’t they know the difference between a virus and yesterdays excuse, a muscle strain???

    Don’t get me wrong because I think he is the finest forward in the world, but fuck me, I think there comes a time where you have to start paying your salary back, or charge the Dutch, that’s where he got it.

  6. odub

    Diarra – get rid of the little turd
    RVP – have a word, and bench him for Dudu for a month or so.
    Hoyte/Gilberto – take your pick on which one will partner Gallas
    3 points against Birmingham is a must.

  7. eduard...0

    yeah geoff, justin fits the toure mould of very versatile and mobile for a CB…unlike fucking ponderos. trouble is,. i actually like the big lump its justy i cant defend him anymore. but thats down to complete lack of consistency. we cant play 4 -5 -1 against the bloody brummies…..can we??!

  8. Pedro

    I think teams do get compensation for injuries that happen on international duty. I know that Newcastle hit the FA with a massive bill for Owen.

    Hoyte at Centre back could be a good move. I’d prefer somone with pace there as appose to Gilberto.

    I bet Diarra ends up staying.

    Ade’s fit? Oh good news. I think I’d prefer Nikki B and Eduardo up front tomorrow. If Ade was scoring, we’d all say you can’t drop a scoring striker… same applies to the crozillian and the great dane.

  9. eduard...0

    whoooa “odub” why bench RVP for a month? i get that he a bit iof a sicknote at the mo but taht is the sodding arsenal medical team (gary lewin withstanding). the player doesnt make the call, they do

  10. chris GOONA

    Yea.. i think Hoyte done really well, impressed me more wen he moved to CB,. when hes at right back he doesnt look as comfortable and hesitates in decisions alot.

    I luv weneger an wot hes done.. but i was extremely pissed wiv the decision to start V. Persie from the start of the Spurs game.. why chuck him into such a fierce game wen we all know he is prone to injury, and hes tryin to find his feet again. He shuld hav been used at a Sub in my eyes, Bad decision for me.

    Senderos was shockin for me,. he is amazin in the air,. but we cannot afford to hav him in the team wiv his lack of pace and judgement can cost us, he was caught out on a number of occasions. Id prefer Hoyte or even Gilberto to play next to Gallas on the weekend anyday..

    Walcott again dissapointed me, becos u can see how gd a playa he can be, he just needs 2 be more aware of the playas around him an hell be an amazin playa for us,. Well done wenger keep sticking wiv him!!..

  11. eduard...0

    apologies, that last statement looks like it was written by a five a year old!
    even though gilberto is making the right noises they havent translated onto the pitch…at all…is he done OR is h simply not up the match sharpness? my head says the former my heart says the latter

  12. Odub

    RVP hasnt been fit for more than 2 months anyway, Dudu get’s a run and starts scoring, so why drop him? Ade & Dudu for the brummie game! The only position I can’t call is CB next to WG. Has Flamini served his one match ban yet?

  13. Steve

    Gotta be Ade and Dududududuudududududu up front tomorrow. Geoff and Pedro, i’ve given up my S.T tomorrow to sit in a corporate box, if you like I can take some pics on my phone if you have the capacity to recieve them somehow?

  14. Rainham Red

    I would mind giving Hoyte a run as Gallass` partner until Toure returns.As for Diarrhoea let him go to Newcastle and and after a couple of months it will be his turn to be their manager.

  15. Geoff

    Yes Steve you can email them I think, Pedro will know.

    Not sure you’ll like the boxes though, my mate has one and they’re great for before and after the game but during the game there doesn’t appear to be any segregation, so you end up wanting to kill the people in the area to your left, or right.

    Anyway I can’t see many Brummies being there so have a great time.

  16. Steve

    I have been in there once before (Villa, first league games at The Emirates) and it was superb. Anyway, i’ll take some pictures on my phone and try to e-mail them to you. Last time we had a beautiful Latvian bird serving the drinks, so i’ll try to get one of her doing squat thrusts (preferably naked).

  17. Pedro

    Yeah, that would be great Steve, the e-mail is in the side bar!

    Hoyte seems to be the choice amongst everyone to takeover CB duties. Don’t you think he’ll put Sagna there? He looked a beast in that position the other day. He is quite tall as well… and scary.

    I think we’ll spank the brummies tomorrow. I nice 4-0 victory i think.

    We haven’t turned over a team big style for a while (Champs league I think?)?

  18. jimmyfingers

    I’d love Wenger to pick Hoyte at CB……..which means Gilberto will be staing there. Nice to hear him saying what he did, very professional, but it would be nicer if he had turned in some meaningful performances. If he’s happy at the club, then he needs to play like it.

    As for Diarra, the French have a wonderfully dismissive saying, ‘va ta couche’, literally ‘go to bed’ or ‘go to sleep, when someone’s talking nonsense, and Diarra is talking nonsense. He has to look at just how much merely being on the perfiery of the Arsenal team has raised his profile. We picked him up for next to nothing, no-one else seemed to want him, he plays a few games for us and now everyone and their aunt wants him, and his value has at least doubled. He’s desperate to play at Euro 2008 then show you’re capable of competing for a place with your closest rivals for those places (I’m thinking Sagna and Flamini) rather than have to move clubs to get on the park. If I was the French manager I’d be asking what the fuck he is smoking.

    Oh, and then the move stalls because of his wage demands! After all that, he’s asking for ridiculous sums of money. I swear some footballers come from some alternate reality. Diarra needs weekly cockpunches just to remind him he walks the same earth as the rest of us. I’m writing to the club to volunteer to adminster them

  19. Steve

    Wenger had stated that Sagna can play centre back Pedro, but when he is over our side of the pitch he looks tiny. Mind you I always thought Song looked short too. It can be deceptive sometimes, I once read that Shay Given is 6’2 or something and i thought he was a dwarf.

  20. Steve

    I know. I sit in the east lower normally. It’s like a fucking morgue most of the time, but i have plum seats right on the halfway line.

  21. Steve

    On a side issue, when are they going to give the stands proper names? I get fucked off telling people I sit in the Green Quadrant. The tunnel side should be the Wenger stand.

  22. Goofle

    Gilberto is not good enough for Arsenal. it is fully because I felt that last season aswell. i was the only one who thought that he was totally crap and made us lose or draw when we should have won. If he did not have the armband nobody would have said he was good.

  23. Geoff

    We’re over the North Bank but we get nothing but shit from the stewards, they are like parking wardens, sit down, don’t swear, don’t sing, they are killing the game for the fans, and then managers like red nose have the cheek to complain there’s no atmosphere.

    We’re in the front row so our seats are the bollocks too!

    The stewards even get to jump the queue by the police, I think you have to be a certain type of person to do that job.

    The stewards we used to have at Highbury were top blokes, that’s all changed.

    I have to say I felt for our fans near the Spuds end on Wednesday, I couldn’t hear them but I could see them, the horrible cunts.

  24. Odub

    Good point Steve, the whole colour quadrant thing and the gate numbers dont work!! The Herbert Chapman end, or the Rocky Rocastle stand sound better!

  25. Steve

    Wenger Stand, New North Bank, Rocastle Stand and the Herbert Chapman End would get my vote. When Spertz visit in the cup the Herbert Chapman End would automatically be affectionately known as the ‘full of cunts’ End.

  26. Odub

    lol!!yeah the stewards at Highbury were alright, these new guys seem to think they’re the old bill or something! I saw 3 of them throw a bloke out last season for smoking!! Proper manhandled him as well!

  27. Steve

    They were supposed to warn you last year for that, but it’s instant ejection now with the nationwide ban. I got told to ‘stub it out’ a couple of times last season when pissed. Fucking little Hitlers when the get the day-glo jackets on.

  28. Bud

    A lot of whinging again today Grovers……… Everyone sing “We are Top of the League, Say we are Top of the League” 3 times and see how good it makes you feel !

    Honestly, give it a go…….. its amazing, and stops you f********* moaning !!!!!

  29. Odub

    One of the stewards at the Man City game earlier this season was a fucking Fulham fan! the tosser had a key ring on his belt hoop with a fucking fulham crest!! Tell me to sit down in my fucking stadium when I have to walk through a grave yard to get to your ground!! T**t

  30. Steve

    I’m quite happy today. Just a moaning cunt by nature. Anyway I’m off to attempt death by red wine, so you boys have fun.

  31. Pedro

    Cerny says,

    ‘In my experience, if a club do not extend your contract six months before it expires they are not interested,’ Cerny told

    I hope your reading Arsene! Offer a new contract to the flamster!

    I wonder what happened to the naming of the corners? I thought that was on the clubs agenda last year? I don’t even know which colour I sit in? Did they name the corners at Wembley?


    Hoyte is 5″11 (Same as Willy G and Toure)
    Sagna is 5″9


  32. Phobia

    Subs:Fabianski,Bendtner,Diarra,Hoyte and Diaby.
    Arsenal 4 -Birmingham 0

  33. Pedro

    Larsson told the Daily Mail: “I don’t regret leaving. The reason was because I was not good enough. Simple as that. I am really grateful for my time there. I would not have got a better education anywhere else. I always believed in myself and I thought I was good enough, but at the same time you look around and see all the players in competition with you.

    “I was not playing as much as I wanted to and you just have to be honest with yourself and take the next step.

    “Many people in Sweden ask me why I failed at Arsenal. I don’t see it like that at all. They helped make me the player I am today. I had the option to stay on, but I was not getting first-team football and I ran out of patience. I could not wait any longer.

    “I had to draw a line under it and move on. That was one step in my career. Now this is the next one.”

    You gotta admire honesty like that!

    Phobia, I think Big Phil is injured?

  34. gunner

    I say let us get a long-term replacement for Diarra NOW (we have just Flamini, him and Bert as defensive midfielders so that is really thin) AND SEND DIARRA TO SUNDERLAND SO THAT HE CAN CHECK OUT DIFFERENT MANAGEMENT STILES!!! AS A PUNISHEMENT :-)))))

  35. Odub

    Chelsea can buy whoever they fucking want they still aint catching us! Anelka’s past it anyway, I’d rather have our 4 strikers anyway!!

  36. agentmorris

    Diarra is definately appearing more trouble than he’s worth. A shame, to be honest. What a waste of potential. He should be displacing Gilberto’s place by now if he wasn’t single-handedly sabotaging himself.

  37. Geoff

    I’m amazed that anyone can have damaged knee ligaments and recover in 3 days, couldn’t have had ligament trouble then could he?

    Anyway enough of the negativity, Diarra and Lehmann do enough of that.

    It’s time to start the Arsenal love in again! Tomorrow we’ll have most of our team back to choose from so I expect us to give the Brummies a good seeing too, I’m thinking that long awaited 5 nil to the Arsenal scoreline is forthcoming.

    And if Newcastle and the spuds can force respective draws, we’re back in wonderland again.

  38. Pedro

    Well said Geoff!

    THis is a site for happiness! Why is everyone so down beat!

    Top of the league, in the both the cups and in the Semi’s of the Champions league!

    Things couldn’t be better!

    Your right geoff, only Big Phill could recover from ligament damage in 3 days!

  39. Odub

    Gents, like Geoff and Pedro said let’s start counting down to another 3 points! Does anyone know (or care) who’s managing the Toon against ManUre tomorrow?

  40. Pedro

    Courtesy of Sky Sports, for all you Hoyte at CB fans:

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger insists he is no rush to bring in defensive cover during the January transfer window.

    The Gunners boss has been left short of options after Kolo Toure left the squad to represent Ivory Coast in the African Cup of Nations.

    The experienced William Gallas remains available, but Johan Djourou (knee) is sidelined and Alexandre Song has flown out to Ghana with the Cameroon squad.

    Philippe Senderos, who has been passed fit for the Birmingham City encounter, remains the only other natural centre-back at Wenger’s disposal.


    And the Frenchman has explained that he will leave it three games before deciding on whether to draft in some cover.

    “There is not much choice [in defence] but I think Justin Hoyte did well at centre back in the second half [against Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday],” he told the club’s official website.

    “Gilberto can play there even if he doesn’t really enjoy it. He is an important player in the squad.

    “Let’s first see how it goes in the next three games. There will be a few days left even after the Tottenham game; we can still do something then if it was needed.”

    Lehmann and Diarra

    On Jens Lehmann’s potential transfer to Borussia Dortmund, Wenger expects a conclusion in the next few days.

    “Lehmann will be on the bench [against Birmingham]. I don’t expect anything to happen today. I think he has told me he will make up his mind over the weekend,” he continued.

    When quizzed on Lassana Diarra’s future at the club, Wenger remained coy.

    “[There is] nothing [to announce] at the moment. When we have some news will give it to you, don’t worry,” he concluded.

  41. Jon

    loyalty shmoyalty. footballers arent loyal anymore, they just want what’s best for their careers and wallets just like most workers who move from job to job for better money or better location. gilberto’s words are nice to hear and whatever the reason for diarra not playing, as an Arsenal fan I want to win trophies and we have a better chance this year with a Diarra than a Gilberto in my humble opinion!

    Gilberto for me is the only Arsenal player this year to not have put in at least one great performance for us and for that reason alone i think he is past his sell by date. Diarra on the other hand, in spite of sporadic appearances and not being able to settle, has shown his quality and the type of ability that fits in to the way AW wants us to play! If that means keeping him to help us win at least 1 trophy this year, and selling someone who for me (despite his “experience”) has become a liability who may be the reason we dont win something due to his poor passing and poor tackling around the box!

    controversial i know but this is how strongly i feel about gilberto’s position in the team these days.

  42. agentmorris

    Geoff: I would take even a 2-0 to the Arsenal scoreline if it meant they played really well.

    As in: 60% of the possession, 20 shots, beautiful passing and runs in counter attack. I want some comfort tomorrow.

    This the Arsenal FC we love. Come on Arsenal!

  43. Odub

    Yes people the count down begins to another weekend of good football, alcohol, and good company ( if you call a bunch of middle to old aged blokes with replica red and white kits pissed out of their fucking heads good company!!) will be down the grove tomorrow, after the traditional trip to Au Lac for some top nosh!!! 4-0 to the Arsenal (Gallas, Dudux2, Ade) Come on you reds!!!

  44. Geoff

    No, we all are! that’s why we don’t care anymore, if he goes he goes, he’ll regret it, who is he anyway?

    Onto tomorrow and as many have said today, a good spanking, a few beers and some good company!

    Go, go Arsenal!!!

  45. john quinn

    gilberto is a class guy to come out and say he will fight for his place i sincerly hope the fans at the birmingham game give him a really good reception what a great role model for younger players i hope he plays on sat even if it is at centre half i think he would play anywhere for us i love gilberto and what he stands for well done gilberto……………….