Sneak peak at Diarra’s future training facilities – Theo shoulders responsibility – Lehmann tribute

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So Diarra managed to sulk his way out of the squad last night. Wenger apparently said on ATVO that only Jen’s would be able to leave the club this window, so a move to Newcastle is looking increasingly unlikely unless Wenger lets him leave on loan. If you’re reading this Diarra, take a look at the inferior facilities on offer at Newcastle.

Newcastle training facilities
Even the Coach couldn’t believe how small the goals were.

You won’t get it better than you have it at Arsenal Diarra, ask Lupoli, PV04, TH14, Pires, Overmars, Petit and Glen Helder. The fans have taken to you but it won’t last long if you keep up the sulk. Show some grit and make this move work!

Off the tedium that is transfer exit talk and onto the first leg of the Carling Cup Semi finals!

My pre match Thoughts (I hope this doesn’t make me look too silly!)

I am writing this well before kick off (1745 if your reading this boss, I start at 0800). I am nervous because we have a weakened back 4. What is making me more nervous is that this weakened back four is the back four we will be playing in the Premiership when Monsieur Gallas injures himself in the next two weeks (Come on guys, you know it will happen!). However, I am predicting a resurgent Senderos. The pressure is slightly off as it is the Carling cup and if they keep a clean sheet and put in a good performance against two of the deadliest strikers in the Prem it will boost their confidence massively.

I am also worried Wenger is going to play Denilson and Gilberto in centre midfield, which is an improvement on Diarra and Gilberto, but I would like to see Diaby in his true position.

Match Review (Brief as usual Grovers!)

So I says to the the kebab man, ‘listen up fucko, if you delivered, you’d earn more dough!’… He said, ‘There is no market for it; eat up and fuck off!’… I retorted, ‘Fuck you kebab man, your business acumen is poor and your kebabs; though tasty are derived from dog meat!’… ‘Sorry…Oh, I’ll have it wrapped!’.

Its what happened, I swear!

Anyway, onto Arsenal stuff…

Our reserves against their first team. My Spud mate asked how we could call that team a reserve team. I said that’s how much depth we have and it was true! There weren’t many first teamers on show last night.

So in summation.

Big Phil had a shocker (Bar his humorous flick out of his ass to knock Berbabtov over which resulted in a free kick just outside the box), JD got injured but didn’t play to well. Bendtner was non existent all game, but that was due to the lack of creativity in midfield (Denilson was quiet). Traore was much better than he was at the weekend. Fabianski played very well, making some a couple of great saves. Theo played well but lacked a strikers instinct until he cleverly shouldered the ball in (England call up Fabio) for our equaliser, Hoyte played well (England call up Fabio?), Sagna looked powerful at CB, Eduardo looked like he set up the goal and it looked to me like the Arsenal reserves pulled off a draw against one of the best attacking units in the Prem, oh and Fabio got busted by Sky picking his nose… gross.

One of my Spud mates said to me after the game they should have won 3-0, then when I asked him to tell me why he couldn’t answer. Sure, Spurs carved us open at will during the game, but they didn’t test the keeper to many times.

So well played to the second string, you were great.

Remember chaps, that was a reserve team out there against a side that many people predicted would finish in the top 4. To get a draw after going a goal down is a great achievement.

If there are any people out there that think Arsene is going to field a stronger side in the next leg, think on!

“No, we have made decisions that will stand for the second leg. I am convinced we can do it”

Jen’s appears to be off, once again… Jen’s, we loved you and will never forget that save from Ole Gunnar.

Good luck old boy!

So onward and upwards! I just want to make a quick point before I fuck off to work… Who do Spurs have in their team who would get into the England team now? No one… Hoyte and Walcott have more chance than Defoe (Nice hair cut + nice miss), Dawson, Robinson, King, Danny Zucko (I mean Jenas) and Bent because they are all shite… Fuck buying English if that’s what it gets you… Read this if my point needs any more clarification that buying English is generally an expensive and bad idea.

Happy Wednesday Grovers, and remember to post your suggestions for Le Chump (Jermaine Jenas’s stylist?) and Le Champ (Jermain Defoe for spooning that shot?) of the week in the comments section!


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  1. Henry

    it’s Thursday Pedro! I thought we were crap, and we picked up 3 injuries, one of them Robin, he’s becoming Darren Anderton.

    It’s a depressing morning and I can’t get worked up over anything, buying Micah Richards or Jolean Lescott might help though and I think we might need them now.

  2. Steve

    I’m fucked. Had to walk from Euston because of the fucking trains. Wish I hadn’t bothered. On the plus side though, if Spurs can’t beat our reserve team who were playing shit then they really do have problems. If Barbie wasn’t such a lazy cunt he’d have had a field day against Djourou and Lumberos.

  3. Steve

    I suggested that we should splash out on another centre half the other day Henry and got the response “it’s not fucking Championship manager”. I still believe that if we have genuine title ambitions THIS year then we need to have cover for Gallas and Toure. The amount of games we play you need 3 top centre backs. Toure could always be pushed into centre midfield if needed too. The fact that no other position really needs strengthening I’m sure that you wouldn’t bankrupt the club to achieve it.

  4. jimmyfingers

    It’s official: RvP is a crock. If we didn’t know it before we know it now

    Thank fuck for Eduardo

    I said the back line would be weak, but wondering if the mdfield was worse. What happened to our strength in depth? Go past Cesc and Flamini and we don’t seem to have much. Denilson and Diaby aren’t playing well, Bertie’s not interested and Diarra wants to fuck off

    Didn’t get to see the game thanks to work committments (try the Crittenden Sauvignon Semillon Mike, or a Guy Allion Touraine) but managed to listen to the second half. That sparse info melded with the comments here leaves me to one conclusion: we won’t sell Hoyte. Good times

  5. jimmyfingers

    Steve you’ll find some cheerleaders for that sentiment on this blog. A few notables, myself included (and now you), have been calling for cover at centre back. If Gallas stays fit we might scrap through, if not then it’ll be Big Phil with any one of the following: Djourou (already injured?), Hoyte, Sagna and Silva. Chances are we might see the kitchen sink in defense before long (and I like the look of him: versatile, good left foot, strong in the air). Just beware of the Swiss Faction: they preach trust in Phil and Johan, in the style of the snake in Jungle Book. I’m not suggesting they’re going to try to eat you at the end of it, but you never know

  6. gunnerodub

    Morning chaps!
    What a debacle last night! So glad I didnt bother going all the way to the emirates to watch our 3rd worst performance of the season! I have to agree with previous comments if we play that team at shyte hart lane, we’ll lose handsomely! See my ratings below and let me know if you concur.
    Fabianski 6, Hoyte 6, Senderos 5, Djourou 5, Traore 7, Denilson 5, Gilberto 6, Walcott 6, Diaby 5, Bendtner 5, RVP 5, Eduardo 6 , Sagna 7. Average all round.

    I’m also beginning to think Steve was right in saying we need a new centre back and winger!

  7. Pedro

    My god I am depressed…

    7 injuries in 2 days, this is going to be a bad month…

    Sagna for Centre half? Gilberto? Nordveit!

    What to do, what to do…

  8. Steve

    We have been waiting 3 years to be in a position to fight for the title again and the team have done fantastic to get into this position. But, if we don’t strenghten in 1 area (centre Back) we’ll drop silly points and lose out. Not being defeatist, just realistic. I repeat what I have said many times…Djourou and Lumberos are not good enough for a team fighting for the Premiership. Walcott needs to go out on loan too, he isn’t ready for us at the moment. We bought him as a knee jerk reaction and he can’t go round a fucking dustbin.

  9. gunnerodub

    Steve have to agree with you again ! last night’s back 4 only had one decent performer before Sagna came on and that was Traore! Hoyte,JD and Sendhimoff just scared the shit out of me everytime they were on the ball, because they just kept giving the damn thing away!!

  10. Duncan

    I thought we were quite poor last night. big positive was that Hoyte played very well at centre back, perhaps a young good english man should play with Gallas at the back, looked strong and quick againts Berbatov, and rescued Senders a couple of times.
    Think we should buy a new defender as you say as this is our weakest department for cover, shouldn’t have sold Upson all those years ago!

  11. Steve

    I disagree Duncan regarding Upson. Another good player for a team with mid-table aspirations but never going to win you the league. Sorry, i’m feeling rather obstinate and aggressive today. Might have something to do with the London Underground charging exorbitant prices and getting you nowhere near your cunting destination. Maybe if somebody had told me they’d delayed the kick off i wouldn’t have run 3 fucking miles to get there for 7.45. Fuckers.

  12. gunnerodub

    Steve I have to get the fucking tube to the fucking city every bloody morning so I share your sentiments!! Back to more pressing matters, our defensive cover suddenly looks shit, and by the time Toure comes back from the ACN we will be so far behind ManUre, we might as well start thinking about battling with Chelsea for 2nd place!! Djourou,Senderos and Hoyte do not belong in a team with designs of winning the premiership end of!

  13. Geoff

    Funny that, I went to a pub in Kings Cross for a few, got on the train and it was packed but I got there allright.

    Wish I hadn’t though, we were shit.

    We need a great center back, not just an all right one and Senderos is shocking, he made poor decisions all night and is too slow, I just don’t see what Wenger sees in him.

    Hoyte, Fabianski and Sagna were good and I thought Theo tried hard and will only get better but the rest were shit.

    It’s true, if they can’t beat us on that showing, they’re even worse than us.

    It’s a semi Arsene, we want to win it Arsene, fuck the development process, what will they learn from losing?

    You gave them a chance so now bring on the big boys and let’s try and win something, the other teams are for fucks sake.

    Please don’t be so stubborn, Denilson and Diaby are not ready yet, at least not together.

  14. Steve

    True Geoff, i agree entirely. Kings Cross was shut when i tried to get through there at about 6.45 due to overcrowding. Hence having to get to Euston (which shut just after) and walking all the way down Caledonian Road and Holloway Road.

  15. jimmyfingers

    Nah, Gilberto is demotivated, and that’s down to Wenger

    I’ll second Geoff on Walcott: everyone was rubbish last night soshouldn’t focus on him. He’s gret weapon to throw on in the second half to scare tired defenders. Put him upfront from the start in front of misfiring midfeild and he’ll struggle, like any striker would.

    Re: defensive problems, this is a tired refrain and one me and few others have been beating for a long time now, hence the almost continuous calls to sign Micah. Wenger isn’t, at least not this January, unless injuries forces his hand. Could someone pop round to Big Phil’s and nobble him? Ta

  16. Duncan

    Jimmy gets my vote, some should take out Senders, why did DJoure come back from Birmingham? i think Wenge wont sign anyone and rely on what we have, hopefully some one will pull there finger out and play the way they should, or the way Wenge see the y can play. Theo for England

  17. Big Johan

    Agree with Geoff – Fabianski and Hoyte were good – and Sagna excellent, what a player, won every header, he’s an animal (in the best possible sense). Strangely Hoyte looked better in the centre than at right back, but perhaps that was Sagna’s influence. Djourou looked nervous, but he does have potential – whereas im afraid time is up for Big Phil. I thought he was OK in H2 but only because my expectations were so low.

    Gilberto and Diaby were very poor – am i alone in thinking Denilson was way better than them and he even won some 50:50 balls.

    And no-one seems to be giving Bendtner any credit for the last 15 minutes of the game when he suddenly seemed to raise his game and show some great ball control and dynamism which had been lacking (from the whole team in fact) until then.

    Midfield spent too much time strolling when we needed to hassle – i fear Diarra would have made a big difference, hope he stays and gets his act together

  18. jimmyfingers

    I do think there shouldn’t be too much gnashing of teeth after this game: it was properly second string (RvP doesn’t count). The defence even with Senderos in will look more solid with Gallas, Sagna and Clichy.

    For the second game I don’t think Wenger should abandon the kids like some (although I wasn’t there so I say this with due deference to Geoff and Steve) but I think he shouldn’t strengthen the backline with some seniors, and bring at least one into the centre of the park. However cram the bench with the big boys to send on in the second half and scare the shit out of the spuds

  19. Big Johan

    I would just put Gallas in as captain, and play Diarra or Flamini in place of Gilberto to add some edge to midfield. must stick to our principles or it wouldnt be the Carling

  20. gunnerodub

    I do think it’s worrying that Wenger is till adamant about using the same squad of players. he needs to accept that two of Gallas/Flamini/Fabregas/Adebayor need to play in 2 weeks time or we can kiss our chances of getting to the final again goodbye! There was no urgency or drive last night, and the showboating from some of the midfield was not only needless but also lacked any end product.

  21. Steve

    I’m not saying he should abandon the kids altogether for the 2nd leg jimmy, just add a few regulars to the starting 11. Gallas, Sagna, Adebayor and Hleb have all had decent rest lately. Bearing in mind it’s cost me 90 odd quid for the 2 games I wouldn’t mind playing as tho’ we actually want to win it.

  22. Pedro

    Last night was poor, but it was our reserves. Big Phil is going to be rubbish, I don’t think there is going to be a miracle with that man.

    He will need to purchase, but you know he won’t, he’s going to put Sagna in at centre back or Gilberto.

    Gilberto and Denilson don’t really work together and Diaby wasn’t great last night. We still drew and hopefully they won’t play that badly in the next round. Restor Eduardo and Bendtner up front and maybe bring in Hleb or Cesc?

    Birmingham is the big worry for Saturday! All those ex arsenal boys will be lining up to shoot!

    Fabianski looks a great buy, no need for a keeper this transfer window.

  23. Geoff

    We need a credible center back, Senderos is not it, Hoyte I feel could be the answer, he’s quite big for a right back and there’s no way he’ll shift Sagna or Eboue.

    Denilson, Gilberto and Diaby were crap, individually they can play, but together there’s no cohesion, you need Flamini or Cesc to bind them.

    Wenger’s sulking with Diarra could cost us, so play him or sell him, and if you sell him, sell him to Lyon and bring one of their players in, which one I’m not fussed.

    Send Robin to see a specialist and ban him from playing for Holland, that has really cost us.

    Buy Anelka until Robin is fit, by then Anelka will be in his thirties and be too old so job done.

  24. Steve

    Now the MPC have left rates unchanged. I didn’t think my mood could get any worse today. Cunts. I’m going for a fucking drink. Ciao fellas.

  25. jimmyfingers

    Hoyte being transformed into centre back as a result of this game could be the blessing in disguise. At this juncture I’d prefer to see him starting with Gallas than the Swiss duo (who are both injured anyway)

  26. Bud

    Hoyte for England. Pace, Energy and at last he has shown Power and Composure lastr night…….. well done young man !

  27. Pedro

    Who could we get?

    I can’t think of anyone? City wouldn’t sell now and bar richards I can’t think of anyone?! I guess thats what the boss is paid for. Lets hope he can pull a rabbit out of the hat.

    Medial ligaments, is that serious?

  28. Jon

    Once again, I have to say it Bud, but that old loyal dog Gilberto has got to go. Everything he does is poor poor poor! He is weak in the tackle, looks lethargic (compared to the machine that is the Flamster), gives the ball away (when he is supposed to be the experience one on the pitch retaining possession) and to be honest, other than his goals (mainly from the pen spot!!) last year has always been my least favourite player in the last few years. He’s the only Brazilian who cant pass!!!!!
    The people who sit around me know what my opinion is of him and I still say keep Diarra, make him work to get in the side (give the kid a pep talk or something Le Boss) and sell Gilberto as he is becoming a liability more than anything else and experience means nothing if you mope around the pitch constantly giving the ball away and going half heartedly into tackles. He disrupts the flow of our play by slowing everything down.

    On another note, and I dont like slagging off players as i’m generally positive about 95% of our players, but Philip Senderos is not good enough! Too slow, poor decision making and generally more of a liability than the rock we thought he was gonna be. He’s a poor man’s TOny Adams and gets found out at least twice in every game he ever plays (Kolo carried him throughout our CL campain 05/06)!

    Everyone else I love .. it’s just those 2 i have a problem with Bud

  29. Jon

    Agree with you on Hoyte. We need energy and pace in this team which is exactly what Hoyte gives and the opposite of what Gilby offers!

  30. gunnerodub

    The problem with Gilberto is he doesnt look intrested, and he’s still got the hump re the captaincy and its expecting a lot of a player who was the mutts nuts last season to drop down to the Carlinc Cup. I think we should just accept he’ll be off in June. Hoyte does look better at centre back, but so did Song, so which one would we rather move to that position and keep there?

  31. Duncan

    Gilberto: Great servent and some to look at when your not playing, take note Diarra, but the time has come to let him leave and take his place next to the other old timer in Paddy at inter. with him and Denilson playing together it dosen’t work, hopefully we’ll keep diarra, but if he wants to leave let him, as if he keeps moaning he’ll only upset more people. agree with a lot of you we do need to sign a class centre back, even if its for 1 year or on loan, even heaven forbid he’s over 25, just as a stop gap until the great kolo comes back. but as we know this does not happen at our club. Hoyte for me every time at mo, on form a natural cenre back and will compliment Willy well.

    best thing about last night as said already the Scum couldn’t beat our 2nd string which aren’t playing well, HA HA HA

  32. Bud

    I say fuck the lot of you, friendly site my arse, you’re all a bunch of whinging c**** that have never had it so good and are all about as grateful as a dog with a Lettuce !!!!

    Just joking Grovers………

    Do remember though, squad players will never be as good as the first 11, unless you want Rafa sysndrome and end up with the same circus as they have up at Anfield with switching and swapping !

    Our success this year has been built on stability of the core players. Anyone too good on the bench or not in the squad and you get dissatisfaction and unsettling C**** like Diarra and thats bad for my Karma !!!!

    Hopefully we should have 2 new guest on Le-Grove today, first one hopefully is the policewoman that me and Geoff fluffed last night, the second is my old friend BIG NOSE……… looking forward to you blogging hombre !!!

  33. gunnerodub

    I’m done moaning!! We’re still top of the league, and in all 3 cup competitions! I’d rather be us than any other team in England at the mo, even if last night was almost as bad as watching Cricket….Painful!

  34. Steve

    I have a mate called ‘Big Nose’ Bud. He does have a fucking big nose. He is also known as Noseybonk and Conkface. I have a;so heard him referred to as a cunt.

  35. Pedro

    Guys can you stop talking about my big nose…

    Its amazing that we’re all bitching about the Carling cup semi final that we didnt lose!

    We’re top of the league and still in all competitions, things could be worse… your could be a spud.

  36. Geoff

    Got to say the reason we’re all bitching is because if we had played the first team, we would have won.

    I never heard of a manager that plays in a competition knowing he’s going to lose, just to give some youngsters an experience. The boss is pretty unique there.

    Give US an experience instead and win the Carling fucking cup.

    My apologies to the Policewomen for the bad language, it’s just not me, I’m a little frustrated.

  37. andy c

    What do you all think of Steven Taylor? i believe his contract is up in the summer and hasnt signed a new one? I certainly wouldnt mind taking him on a bosman

  38. Doyle

    think Gilby gotta go…. im’m all for giving Diarra the chance tho (as long as he sorts his Big pretentious head out)…

    Think Wenger got it wrong last night with Benter and RVP together. Both like to come deep and collect the ball. Eduardo should have started. Especially in his form.

    Djourou looked shaken up BIG time. No confidence there whatsoever. no suprise tho when your partnering the equally inept Senderos. This boy is a liability.

    Thought Diaby looked particularly bad. He is the most infuriating player to watch. He always over does it and confuses people.

    Enough of the negative stuff. Wenger definately needs a CB asap. Not convinced with Hoyte. Again he’s not strong or influential enough…

    Taylor from Newcastle is a good shout tho. I agree Upson is having a good season but he’s not World Class. We need another Gallas.

    Can Diarra play CB? ?

  39. Doyle

    lol….. given – he is on the small side, but then so’s Puyol.

    Just think he’s quick in the tackle, and more determined/driven then Djourou.

    Whats the score with Eboue recently.. He’s been pretty bad. Seems to always be overhitting his passes and playacting.

    Was hoping that Randall would get a buit more of a run out. He looks Class !!

  40. Phobia

    Micah Richards is a very good solid and excellent defender and he has a lot of experience.
    What Arsenal need is to buy new an experienced central defender who could do a solid and excellent job for Arsenal until the return of Toure then be used as cover in the event of injuries and suspensions.

  41. gunnerodub

    Why the hell would we buy someone who isnt 1st team quality and just for cover for Toure? We need a Micah Richards or a Steven Taylor at the least! Get rid of fucking Senderos, the guy reminds me of a cross between Pascal Cygan and Igor Stepanovs! 2 of the”world-class” centre backs Monsieur Wenger has got us in the past!

  42. Pedro

    I think you guys need to give up the Micah Richards dream. He is tied to Man City who are doing well and not in a position where they need to sell. So dream on.

    Taylor? Newcastle have hardly been water tight this year, even with the most defensive long ball manager to grace the land.

    Wenger may have a shuffle about and put a midfielder in there, or Sagna. He wont buy anyone because then when all the defence are fit, we’ll have too many players. I don’t know how anyone can write off Djourrou after one game back, that’s ridiculous. Write off Senderos by all means because he has been bad for ages, but JD was good last year.

    I’m getting a bit bored of everyone slagging us off.


    Not only that, it was against the spuds first team. Tell me a reserve team that could get this far against Prem opposition? Even First Div opposition.

    Lets get real and stop moaning about the worthless cup, we didn’t even lose!

    I’m never eating a kebab again…

  43. Geoff

    But we didn’t pay reserve team money did we? perhaps we should get a rebate each year for going into a cup we’re never going to win.

    As far as having too many players when they’re all fit, when was that? August each year?

  44. gunnerodub

    Whether last night’s team was a reserve one or not, it still doesnt mask the fact we are short at centre back as JD is not the finished article yet, and Senderos ain’t ever going to be Arsenal class! I’d like to see how many of you are confident of beating Milan next month with the centre backs we’ve currently got, becasue Kolo’s def not going to be back for that is he?

  45. Pedro

    It was a reserve team bar RVP.

    None of the team were regulars if everyone is fit.

    Everyone knows what the Carling cup is used for at the start of the season, so there can’t be any complaints after drawing the first leg of the Semi’s. If we win, aren’t you all going to love bragging about the kids beating the spuds… again?

    We were pretty close to winning it last year and no one complained about the kids then.

    The league and Champs league is the priority… not the worthless cup.

    I’m off to face the M4…

    Till tomorrow!

  46. jimmyfingers

    Geoff, wasn’t the entire squad fit just before kick off last night? By the end of ninety minutes, three crocked

  47. Geoff

    yes but with no Kolo, Eboue or Song it’s like having injuries, we’ve always suffered from no decent center back cover, last time we didn’t was under George, when we had Keown, Adams, Bould and O’leary.

    One of those would do me!

  48. Duncan

    The problem with the reserves is that they should eventualy come into the first team, and last nights performance none of the players mentioned above should, thats why we are getiing aresy with them. Gunnerodub is right we won’t get anything out of milan with a defence short of a quality central defender. perhaps we should drop this idea of playing 5 in midfield and 1 upfront (which it looks like we have) and perhaps look at playing 5 in midfield with 3 at the back, as we have a plentiful luxury of quality midfielders? worth a shout and would suprise everybody including me

  49. gunnerodub

    Wenger will never play 3 at the back! Ever! There’s more chance of Newcastle winning something than that happening!

  50. Duncan

    LOL very true, but worth considering whilst Kolo and co are away, and with Birmingham on saturday, might have been worth trying.
    If Kolo is back for the Milan games then WOOHOO

  51. jimmyfingers

    People seem to forget that it was the team that went toe to toe with Blackburn and humiliated Newcastle. Tottenham came to the Grove and ran the first team close recently: under Ramos they have improved. Plus the Carling Cuprepresents their most realisitic chance of a trophy, plus we did last year, so they’ll be itching for some payback. Our lads haven’t become bad over night, just delivered a below par performance. I think Wenger needs to work on the balance of the side and as has been suggested draft in a wee dram of senior players

  52. gunnerodub

    Re Birmingham, JD is def out, and Senderos has a ‘minor’ injusry. RVP is out again by the way!! While the ACN boys are away we face Newcastle twice, and Man City away those are the dodgy ones.

  53. Mike (the neighbour )

    Jimmyfingers thanks for the wine recommendation -i’ll try and get some at the weekend .Afraid I went on to a reserve bourbon which didnt help with trying to see the finer points of the game -as you experts view it and not like me as a novice .However it seemed to me that everyone knows its a second string team -Arsenal played well in the first 30 mins -Spurs stepped up a gear cos its the only trophy they have a chance at .After their goal Arsenal showed some resiliance which paid off .After all they didnt lose did they .But like Geoff and others who supported his views -This aint the time to fuck around when youre so close -there seems little point being in a competition other than to win so bring on some big guns -maybe wenger has a cunning plan and lulling the spuds into thinking theyre gonna field the same side -but not! -God my head still hurts fucking yank hillbilly stilled shite

  54. Bud

    Duncan, its all very well saying the reserves should eventually com into the first team, but who are they going to oust in the next 2 years. I would swap one of our firat 11 for anyone !!!!

  55. Duncan

    what i ment was that they would be there to cover for injuries and to rotate with the slightly older players so we get more use out of them for the so called bigger games. i agree Bud, they wouldn’t put pressure on the first team, but in two years they should as they are young and improving, and thats what they are ment to do in the reserves to push there way into the first team, which is why Wenger spends money on young kids to bring them through the Arsenal way and not spend on big players, we create stars not buy them, but soon we may have to buy a big player if the reserves are not playing to the potential Wenger first saw to bring them to the club

  56. odub

    Gentlemen have a good evening, don’t get too depressed, still top of the league and gunning for 3 cups! I’ll still sleep easy tonight!

  57. Bud

    Exactly Odub.

    I did in fact mean wouldn’t.

    But my point was, if they were good enough to get in the Arsenal first team, but could not as the first team was performing so well, they will get the hump and want to play elsewhere……. its like day follows night, its just one of those things in football, thats why we are not Footy Managers !!!!!!!

  58. EVO in OZ

    I agree, dont go too overboard with the negatives on this latest performance, its the same result, so far, as last years cup run (a draw after the first leg). We also achieved this draw (1-1) in the same manner as last years 1st leg (coming back to equalise after going behind first).

    The Semi was won in the 2nd leg (only in extra time) and relying on Aliadiere (who we know was shite) to score the game breaker! The only difference this time is the 2nd leg is at shite hart lane, whereas last year it was the reverse.

    Last year team in the 2nd leg was not too disimilar to this years team, as per below:

    Arsenal: Almunia, Hoyte, Toure, Senderos, Traore (Clichy 63),Walcott (Rosicky 63), Denilson, Silva, Diaby (Fabregas 79),Aliadiere, Adebayor.

    Subs Not Used: Poom, Flamini

    As i blogged yesterday, the difference in the 2nd leg last year (in my opinion) was having Cesc, Rosicky and Clichy on the bench. Wouldnt be suprised to see Clichy on the bench in the next leg and some kind of combo of either Rosicky or Kleb. One other point of note was Aliadiere playing a blinder (which never happened much), so maybe someone else will have to assume that role this year? Eduardo?

    For the game at the weekend against Birmingham, dare i say it, but look out for the selections at the back 4, i can see a huge discussion on that one coming up. Check the arsenal website for the news, i can see either Gilberto going back or Hoyte/Sanga going in there…..

    Ive also posted a good article below on Gilberto being committed, nice to see, wish Diarra would act like this a bit more!