We could have had Berbatov but opted for Eduardo the Fox, official!

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Arsene Wenger has now publicly stated he looked at Berbatov before the Spuds signed him but always wanted Eduardo, 14 starts and 11 goals, he says you can’t argue with that and you can’t, well done boss, great signing.

Berbatov has all the silky skills of a Thierry but isn’t as prolific a goal scorer, how many games did we dominate without scoring like West Ham last year? That one was 29 shots, no goals, Eduardo only needs one chance and it’s game over.

With the ‘demolition Dane‘ and Eduardo ‘the Fox’ beginning to form a deadly duo partnership, tonight looks good for the boys in red and white.

Also with Boy wonder and Theo coming on from the bench we have plenty of goals in us.

Midfield should see Diarra (Not if this is to be believed), Diaby and one of Cesc, Gilberto or Flamini with Hleb out wide and a back four of Hoyte, Djourou, Senderos and Traore to hold them back and Fabulous Fabianski in goal, promising to do the business tonight.

My only concern is do we have enough at the back? We’ll soon find out I guess.

Make no mistake, the spuds will be up for it from the off, with Ledley King back in defence they’ll be tough and don’t forget it may well be their only chance for glory tonight.

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Cracking days blogging yesterday Grovers, but no one answered my question (save big Johan) about the team tonight, so feel free.

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Have a great day, enjoy the new toys on the site and revel in the tonking we’re about to hand out to the scum up the road.

3-1, I reckon, with Robin and Theo to do something special.

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  1. grovedigger

    I just read that Diarra has had a £6mil price tag lumped on him, I’m unhappy that we would sell the next Makelele but if Lyon have shown an interest, perhaps a swap could be on the cards, isn’t Benzema from there? at least if he goes abroad he won’t come back to haunt us.

    Before I get shouted down If it isn’t Benzema it’s someone we fancied.

    I think Diarra will be a £15mil player if he had a full season somewhere, also what the fuck is a contract, another example of allowing an unhappy player to leave, who’s next.

  2. Pedro

    Good post Geoff, a nice positive outlook!

    Goodplaya reckons he’s not bothered about losing to the Spuds, he can’t have to many mates that are Spuds then!

    I received this at 0730 this morning:

    ‘Watching you making excuses about only fielding your kids when we run ring round you is going to make me so happy. Cunt.’

    He is going to be the smuggest cunt in town, not to mention many other spuds who have been in hibernation since Lasagne gate!

    Without Diarra, things could be a little tough! I could see him reverting to a 4-5-1 which would be criminal in my eyes. Especially against a shoddy keeper and back line. Against the spuds you have to out score them because they definitly have goals in them.

    Looks like Anelka is definitely off to Chavski, Avram wants him by Saturday… oh well! We have the deadliest finisher in the Prem these days! Lets hope he shows a bit of that tonight!


  3. Steve

    You’re right grovedigger regarding Benzema and if we are going to lose a potential top player like Diarra then a player of that calibre would be some consolation.

    I too have concerns tonight about our centre halves’ ability to restrain Barbie and Keane which is why I stated yesterday that we should play Gallas. I also have concerns getting there alive from the city after my experiences last season but that’s another story.

  4. Rico

    No Diarra tonight, great shame he can’t follow the boss’s advice and knuckle down – hope he doesnt go. Sadly Gilberto is in line to play, and I dont think he is quck enough especially against Spurs – who will be very motivated for tonights challenge.

    We need a much better performance than against Burnley, but hopefully the minds will be focused and get a goal or two early on.

    Good luck boys

  5. Steve

    Another thing, having a match winner like RVP on the bench if all is not going well is a fantastic plus for us. He is a great ‘impact’ player and will be itching to get involved.

  6. eduard...0

    morning gooners,
    anyone else less than convinced by denilson and gilberto?? seemed to give us no link up play between defense and the boys up front. i would much rather try diaby through the mid with denilson. what do you think?

  7. Steve

    I’ve always been an advocate of giving Diaby a go in a Vieira type position eduard….O. It’s just that Flam and Cesc have been so good this year opportunities have been at a premium.

  8. grovedigger

    yes me I’m not at all convinced with Denilson playing tonight, great potential, but we need a bit of grit and I would sooner have Cesc or Flamini in tonight than against Birmingham at the weekend, it’s a semi final for gods sake!

    Also I worry that Senderos could get skinned, he needs a massive game to convince me, he has it in him though, let’s just hope it’s tonight, onwards Grovers!

  9. GunnerPete

    If Diarra does not play, I would prefer Diaby with Flamini, Walcott, and Gibbs. Not bad when you can say that three of thoses are reserves as are Senderos & Dujrou, Traore, Fabianski, Hoyte, Bentner, So its going to be a great measure for AFC to see if Spuds first team is as good as our reserves.

    As for Diarra, I do not like the attitude at all and would prefer him to be swapped for ben Arfa or Benzema…soon. It is also time to release Jens and sell Gilberto. We have thrre good alternative goalies, and many midfielders to pick from too.

    Good luck you kids.

  10. Pedro

    I think Denilson lacks the physicality at the moment. He is very weak on the ball. I think he is lacking a bit of creativity this season. A lot of the young player get second season blues, Rooney certainly did.

    I’m in agreement Steve and Eduard…o, Diaby in that central position would be just like Gilberto and Vieria back in the day! It would be a better option that Diarra or Denilson. I wouldn’t write off Gilberto though, I think the attacks on him this year have been unfair. Remember, he was fast enought to lead Brazil to the Copa America, and they are hardly renowned for their sluggish football are they?

    It should be Nikki B and Eduardo up front without any shadow of a doubt! If its working, don’t change it.

  11. Steve

    I don’t see that Eduardo and RVP could play together number bloke. Both left footed and both have that selfishness that great forwards need but far too similar to start together. Both need a target man alongside i.e Bendtner or Adebayor.

  12. eduard...0

    123456789 nooooooooo NOT big phil and johan please. trouble is spelt s.e.n.d.e.r.o.s!
    J hoyte sagna? johan traore
    theooo denilson diaby tomas
    DUDU Niklas

    with RVP to come and knock in a beautiful left hooker freekick
    (yep, im living the dream!)

  13. eduard...0

    trouble with my line up is that minus diaby its a bit lightweight. didnt arsene say taht sagna could play CB when he signed him?

  14. Steve

    Gilberto has been getting too much stick this year, people have short memories. You can’t expect a player in central midfield (one of the hardest positions on the pitch regarding fitness) to come in for 1 game every few weeks and be match fit. I don’t think a lot of people realise the intensity of the games they have to play at the top level. He is still a top player and if we needed him for a run of games he would still be the great player we saw last season.

  15. eduard...0

    pedro, appreciate you sticking up for gilberto and yes he did lead them with brazil but against burnley would you not agree he (seems) to continually pass teh ball backwards and when its forwatrds it is invariably off target…..nosebleed player…,..with 12 goals last season admitedly. see how i cleverly contradict myself? saves someone else doing it!

  16. gunnerodub

    Morning gunners. Me thinks boy wonder will start tonight and then get subbed for Nick Bendtner in the 2nd half. Not sure about the Denilson/Gilberto partnership, but even more worried about Senderos/Djourou. Traore,Hoyte in FB postitons should be fine, Eddie Wa Do up front with boy wonder and Theo/Diaby on the wings. A repeat of last seasons 3-1 will do just fine (my 1st derby at the emirates!) Ahhh fund memories!!!

  17. gooner for life

    i have nighmares coupled with heart attacks when Senderos plays.

    Diarra is a very good player and well worth the money we payed but his attitude reminds me of Anelka and if we can pull Ben Arfa for him that would be fantastic… we could do with some extra wide players and have too many central players so it would make perfect sense… and Ben Arfa really impresses me… almost reminds me of Thierry

  18. Pedro

    Why does everyone want to swap Diarra for a Striker? We have an abundance of Strikers! It’ll be Defensive midfielders we lack if we let Diarra go and Flamini sign elsewhere!

    Senderos will have a storming game tonight, I have a feeling this is the game to kick start his career! Come on Big Phil!

    Gilberto hasn’t been great, but like Steve said, he hasn’t had a long enough run in the team. He’ll be fine tonight, the invisible wall shall return! He’ll need to if Barbie is firing on all cylinders again…!

  19. Henry

    I think they’re looking at wingers Pedro, we have an abundance of midfielders though, that’s for sure, so losing one for a winger could be the solution..

  20. gunnerodub

    Diarra going or not does not create a problem to be honest, with the amount of youngsters chumping at the bit in the reserves/youth team, we’ve got enough cover. and am I right in thinking that we have 2 players for every position at the mo, once the African players are back?

    Goalies – Almunia/Lehmann/Fabianski/Manone
    Left backs – Clichy/Traore
    Right Backs – Sagna/J Hoyte/Gilbert
    CB – Gallas/Toure/Senderos/Djourou/G Hoyte
    Def Mid – Flamini/Gilberto/Song
    Mid – Fabregas/Denilson/Diaby/Randall/Merida/Barazite
    Wings – Hleb/Rosicky/Walcott/Gibbs/Eboue
    Forwards – RVP/Adebayor/Eduardo/Nick Bendtner

    So as I was saying, if he goes he goes, and to be honest we’ve never been keen on doing business in the jan transfer window so i doubt we’ll be looking to replace him!

  21. Phobia

    Why every premier league club want Diarra?They didn’t rush him when Jose Mourinho wanted to kick Diarra out. (Arsene Wenger is a very good manager)

  22. Bud

    16 man squad for tonight…….. No Diarra (bye bye Mr Whinger) !!!!

    2 Abou DIABY
    3 Bacary SAGNA
    6 Philippe SENDEROS
    11 Robin VAN PERSIE
    20 Johan DJOUROU
    21 Lukasz FABIANSKI (GK)
    26 Nicklas BENDTNER
    30 Armand TRAORE
    31 Justin HOYTE
    32 Theo WALCOTT
    36 Mark RANDALL
    40 Vito MANNONE (GK)
    41 Gavin HOYTE

  23. Bud

    Good to see Merida will be getting first team footbal in Spain….. got high hopes for that boy…….. will be like 2 new young skillful signings when him and Vela come back for the start of next season……… our sqaud is getting so chocka will skillful young things…. why ever buy again?!!!!!

  24. gunner

    i saw wenger saying today on arsenaltv, after being asked about lehmann QUOTE: NO CHANCE FOR ANYBODY ELSE GETTING OUT.

    So maybe he is showing diarra that no, he is not getting out, and no, if he does not behave, then no, he will not even be in the squad for the carling cup.

  25. gunnerodub

    I 2nd that Bud, we don’t need anymore billy big boot players like Diarrhoea I mean Diarra! Joins the club and starts mouthing off within 3 months! He can sod right of back to Chelski!

  26. Geoff

    I would still like a center back and a winger, I don’t care if the winger is not a big name as we have plenty of big names ourselves now.

    I would be happier if we made an example of Diarra though.

    Anelka has never had a major injury has he?…

  27. gunnerodub

    A whole blooming bag of spuds more like!! Geoff looking at the market, what centre back would be worth getting?

  28. Gunnersaurus

    Morning all!

    Where did you see that Gunner? That would be good news if he is being punished. I think he should be loaned out to Pompey till the end of the season, that will teach him a lesson.

    Petulant bitch.

    I don’t think we need a winger. Theo can play out there and I think Vela will play out wide next year. Well, that’s if the videos are to be believed. I think Fran likes to play out wide as well and don’t forget Robert Barazite!

    I’d go along with Buds assessment, who needs signings!

  29. gunner

    gunnersaurus: i saw that on arsenaltvonline – i am a subscriber, so i listen to the preachings of the gaffer every other day (press conferences and interviews)

  30. gunnerodub

    Speaking of centre backs, Steven taylor at Newcastle is a free agent at the end of the season, would he be a worthy addition to the squad?

  31. Pedro

    That is interesting then… your statement about him having fever is even more interesting!

    I wonder why it hasn’t been confirmed on the website?

    I hope he stays, we’ll be weaker without him.

    Bud, we like signings… I thought thats why we moved into a bigger stadium!

    I’m happy with the squad though.

  32. Geoff

    Gunneroub I think the center back is Richards, though we should have signed Lescott when we had a chance, I thought apart from the second goal, he was their best player, the goal was the keepers fault.

    As for a winger, yes I know we have Vela etc but we need one now, like the Bulgarian or like one of the Lyon players and quite right we like new players, what are we doing, just becoming the worlds richest club?

    I don’t need a new car, but I’ll still get one (analogy)

    The other thing is players always need 6 months, so whoever we get next season will take time, including Vela.

  33. Bud

    But Geoff, we all know you replaced you old Mazerati with the new one, which anyone will tell you is not as good as the old one……….. Geoff, you bought a new car for the sake of it and you know it !!!!!!!!

  34. gunnerodub

    Agreed Geoff, Richards would fit straight in as well. Vela (of what I’ve seen of him online) looks like he could be one for next season, but again we shouldnt expect much until after xmas ( a la Eduardo). what playes are Lyon getting rid of?

  35. Bud

    Here you go Geoff – Wenger signing a 15 year old English Starlet !!!!!

    Quotes Below –

    Mark Stimson has confirmed Arsenal are the ‘front-runners’ to sign Gillingham starlet Luke Freeman.

    The young striker has trained with the Gunners, and has also visited Premier League rivals Newcastle United and West Ham United.

    The 15-year-old has already made his first-team debut for the Gills, but Stimson is resigned to losing Freeman in the coming weeks.

    “As we speak, Arsenal are the front-runners for Luke Freeman and they are talking to the chairman,” Stimson told the club’s official website. “We are trying to negotiate a deal, but that could take a day, a week or a month.

    Special talent

    “We realise now that we are going to lose him. It is sad that is going to happen because he is a special talent.

    “We have got to get the best deal for the club and when that is done, we’ll let everyone know.

    “It wouldn’t be right to stand in the boy’s way if the deal is right for Gillingham.

    “The good thing about it is he realises that and so do his parents. They know he will only go to a Premier League club if the deal is right for our club and that is what we are trying to negotiate.”

  36. Geoff

    gunnerodub Lyon aren’t getting rid of anyone, they just made an enquiry for Diarra so I suggested a swap, Benzema say.

    Bud, I don’t have a Maserati, don’t be vulger, Luke Freeman was in my weekends post he is a result of the IVF programme we have, we’ll get all excited about him for 4 years, then we’ll sell him.

    Don’t forget, Barca weren’t after him, it was fat Sam!

    Sometimes you need to get a finished article, sometimes. Having Robin back will be like buying a top, top player.

  37. gunner

    geoff – remember lat year when the gaffer said that he would not need to buy new strikers but that all he needed was to have henry and robin back fit? well, henry is gone but not fit, and robin is here and not fit. will robin have groundhog seasons all the time?

  38. Mark

    Hi guys,

    I don’t normally comment, but Benzema has had half a good season in Ligue 1 and I want to know why anyone wants to sign him?

    He wouldn’t fit in. We have Eduardo scoring, Ade scoring, RVP (Potential to be one of the best), Bendtner starting to shine + Theo who Wenger has said he wants to play central and Vela who is naturally a striker.

    Where does he go? For £25 million it would have to be straight in the first team.

    If you want a striker, you would want someone who is doing it already, not another young player with ‘Potential’. How about Santa Cruz, Fabiano or Ibrahimovic?

    At least they have pedigree.

  39. Geoff

    Well Mark welcome aboard we hope to see you more often on the webs friendliest blog!

    The point about having a new striker is like ‘gunner’ just said, RVP has now been injured for 9 months out of the last 12, so you can’t always rely on having so many good strikers available.

    Ade’s been injured as has Walcott and Eduardo, having a finished product striker is also a good idea, look at Larson last season with ManU, that worked.

  40. gunnerodub

    Understand your point Geoff but we’ll then end up with the Diarra situation again once all are fit, disgruntled players moaning to the red tops about not getting as many games as they want. ….By the way wht makes you think this is the friendliest blog on the web?

  41. Mark

    Thanks for the welcome Geoff.

    Did you read this?

    “We have Nicklas Bendtner, Eduardo and Robin Van Persie as well as Emmanuel Adebayor up front,” said Wenger. “Then we have Theo Walcott who can play there, too.

    “Then we have Carlos Vela don’t forget for next season. At the moment we are not interested in any other strikers.”

    The imminent return of Van Persie, who has featured for less than 90 minutes in total since picking up a knee injury on international duty in October, is a boost to a side that in truth hasn’t looked like they have missed him as they compete for honours on four fronts.

    “Robin had a little set-back from his knee injury,” said Wenger. “It was a muscle problem. But the positive side is he could forget about his knee and work on his fitness.”

    I think overcrowding a position would cause us Diarra like issues next year. I’d also like to point out that Clichy was injured for the best part of 2-3 years and now look at him!

    I must get back to work before I get the sack, blogging is banned here don’t you know!

  42. Mike (the neighbour )

    The bookies best odds are
    11/10 arsenal
    12/5 Draw
    11/4 Spuds
    and here are some of their comments
    “The Gunners, despite using this competition to develop their youngsters, knocked Spurs out at this stage last season and Tottenham haven’t beaten Arsenal since 1999…………
    ………….The 11/4 about them (spuds) winning on Wednesday is tempting but those eight years of failure against Arsenal have built up some psychological blocks and can they really be trusted to keep hold of a lead?

    So what we have is Special People Under Doctors Supervision with blocks so lets use this game to kick their friggin BLOCKS over

    …and hang on BUd geoff doesnt have a Maserati anymore he’s got an Aston -and as an Aston owner we all know theyre better than that hairdresers car !!!!

  43. Bud

    Gunnerrodub – Was that a loaded question on the friendliest site???

    If so, a bit unnessessary wouldn’t you say, and would make you an unfriendly person on Le-Grove, hence you personally are inflicting any chance we have as an Arsenal Blog of becoming the frienliest site, because you are being unfriendly !!!!!!

    So if it was loaded, **** off, and if it wasn’t, “we love ya man/woman” !!!!!!

  44. gunnerodub

    Eh Bud, make sure you dont’ leave home without your pills next time!!! Blogging with my fellow reds on a blog site solely populated by fellow like minded gooners makes my day go quicker at work, so yes t’was a tongue in cheek Q!! And I’m as friendly as they come (straight male friendly that is!!) There are however a group of people I can’t stand….the scum from down the road!!

  45. anon

    Well that wasn’t very friendly was it bud!

    We’re gonna tank the scum 3-1, tank the scum 3-1!

    (We’re not keeping a clean sheet with Sederos at the back!)

    Work sucks for me to gunnerodub, if only they knew

  46. gunnerodub

    Bud, hate to say it but you’re a weird freak!! No one loves work, talk less of tremedously!! Roll on 7.45!! Suddenly wish I’d bought tickets now, just never get home until almost midnight when I see a 7.45 game!

  47. Geoff

    everyone, you’re all right, Bud is a little strange, but very lovable, in a man hug kind of way.

    We’re the friendliest site because the published research says we are, if you want proof go to Mori ‘friendliest blog sites on the internet 2007′ and you’ll find we got 83.7% of the vote and I’m very proud of that.

    I’m off soon to begin my pub crawl to the ground, so hopefully we’ll stuff ’em and I’ll be back, pissed late tonight to blog again!

  48. Bud

    Geoff, catch up with you shortly !

    Gunnerodub, I’m fortunate enough to own my own Recruitment Company, and whilst my consultants make the beans, I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. gunnerodub

    Bud 1 word…GIT! I on the other hand I’m a poxy accountant who has to stare at bloody figures all day!! Anyway people, enjoy the game tonight, off to my local to wind up the Landlord!! (he’s a sp*rs fan – the prick)!! To the arsenal 3-0, to the arsenal 3-0!!

  50. Pedro

    I’m off for a run… I mean to go and get shit faced down my local and fight a pack of spuds!

    Come on you reds!

  51. Mike (the neighbour )

    come on Pedro -dont be too pissed as you need to write tomorrows blogg and beat geoffs record despite the cheating .Last bottle of recommended jimmyfingers gonna savour this as the spuds are thrashed
    good luck every-one

  52. jimmyfingers

    Just got from work: a definate second string then! 0-1 down but you can see why with a back four like that. Think there should been a couple more experienced players in the mix, particularly in defense. I did say Gallas should play the other day. However Geoff’s prediction is still on, just requires Arsenal not to be shit. Hmmmm

  53. gunnerodoub

    1-1! not what I expected, but it will do, we’ll them in their fucking gaff anyway!! Still confident for the final!

  54. EVO in OZ

    So what was everyone’s analysis on tonights defensive players? I thought hoyte and Traore caused us the most headaches, when Big phil and Djourou were caught on the break the 2 wing backs were nowhere to be seen? When Sanga came on, things were a bit more settled i thought?

    We were lucky Dafoe didnt pop that goal in with the net wide open, but he is shite, so no wonder…we will stitch them up in the return, im sure!

  55. Mike (the neighbour )

    well said Jimmyfingers -Got through your last bottle of recommended before kick off due to the delay .Hope Geoff wasnt stuck on the tube .looks like 5000 didnt make it .The spuds have fuck all else to play for so theyre gonna go for it arnt they .Arsenal was a bit of a curates egg good in places and RVP is for sure off the pace maybe not unexpectedly .However its all to play for and well done Theo ……!!!!!

  56. gunnerodoub

    Lehmann – Good luck, cheers for a decent 2 seasons including the run to the CL final, although he will be remembered for being a nut job! Next we get ri dof Diarra!

  57. andy c

    well now, djourou really didnt perform, perhaps due to time away from the squad. Senderos seemed quite steady with everything he had to deal with. Diaby was ..well Diaby, kept the ball to long, didnt really stay on the left and was somewhat ineffective. Walcott was marked out of the game by pyo and malbranque and after good movement was quite lucky with the goal. The forwards didnt get much service. The spuds outplayed us which is hard to admit and should have scored at least one more. They just seemed to want it more. Id like to see a slightly stronger line up for the next leg to ensure qualification.

  58. EVO in OZ

    yeah the team were a bit under done in this one, Wenger says the game at Burnley took a bit out of them.

    I thought it was good to see Big Phil as captain, he definitely tried to make an impact in his style of play, hopefully better things to come there!

    I think RVP as a bit underdone, hopefully it holds him in good stead to play against Birmingham on the weekend. Eduardo is the pass master, so many of his thru balls and passes are weighted beautifully, the one to Walcott was spot on, shame about the finishing, but the ball was in the back of the net nonetheless!

    I liked Denilson’s game tonight, he was way better than Gilberto or any of the other midfield…anyone else have thoughts on that?

    As for Lehmann, the sky sports article actually states a quote from Wenger saying the he knows nothing about a deal and its false (not to say they wont work out a deal), but he is definitely not off as of yet!

  59. Geoff

    I was major league disappointed tonight, didn’t think that Denilson had it, and thought that Diaby was slow as fuck, no doubt people will tell you I left 10 minutes early, I did, I was so pissed off.

    We need to play our first team in the second leg or we’re out, simple as that.

    I may be a little pissed, but I AM PISSED OFF, I want to win the occasional trophy. Not prove how good our kids are.

    You should have seen those stinking Spuds celebrate, it turned me right over.

    Enough said, I’m going to get pissed, well more pissed.

    Good night grovers, it’s over to Pedro.

  60. EVO in OZ

    hahahah…fair enough Geoff, get right on it, i hope you dont have a massive hangover tomorrow!

    They always celebrate wildly when they score against us, bet we always know an equaliser is coming!

    We did play poorley and i would hope for a better team in the return leg!

  61. EVO in OZ

    By the way, ive checked the team from last season when we beat them 3-1 in the return leg and it was basically the same players, only difference was, Fabregas, Rosicky and Clichy came on in the 2nd half, so i dare say we would need the same quality on the bench again this time round to progress to the final!

  62. Geoff

    well it’s morning and I tried to get on it last night but found myself watching Sky sports and ended up falling asleep in front of the telly.

    I still feel sick because I can’t see us winning with that team, the spuds have us worked out.

    I really don’t understand why he played the same team as in the FA cup four days before.

    I feel a little empty, the only thing that cheered me up was seeing that fat bastard leaving Newcastle again, ha, ha, ha.