Van Den Berg off, Anelka in? Larson Loves Wenger and Eduardo promises goals tomorrow!

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Ok I promised a ‘Wenger and Cesc to leave Arsenal’ headline to get some interest, but I couldn’t bring myself to write such heresy for a few extra hits! So this will have to do.

Some interesting things today, Van Den Berg, the promising youngster from Holland has gone back to his homeland on loan, which should be good for his development, so good luck to him.

Anelka could re join Arsenal for £14 million? sorry guys I can’t see it, with Bendtner and Eduardo on fire, Adebayor top scorer, boy wonder back this weekend and Theo knocking on the door, I can’t see where he would fit in and I certainly couldn’t see the boss spending that sort of money on anyone, so that story I think, is a dead duck.

Larson has heaped masses of praise on Wenger and says it was him and Muamba that asked to leave, so I take back what I said about those two and of course the boss.

We need to win in style tomorrow and now that Berbatov has said he is staying (tosser) expect a fired up Spurs at the Grove.

I wouldn’t fancy going to Shite Hart lane needing to win, though we do seem to play better at their gaff, than our own.

I think that Cesc should play with Diarra or Flamini in the middle, but his FA cup selection did puzzle me a tad, he seemed to play his Carling cup side which could mean the first team for the semi.

Odd one that because he always maintains his kids will always play in the Carling cup.

What do you think the team will be?

The Diarra question that Pedro put yesterday stirred up a big reaction, but I think on the whole you all wanted him to stay, after a good bitch slapping of course.

I can’t see Wenger letting him go unless he has a swap plus cash deal in mind for say …Richards! now that would make sense and neither side would lose face.

I know we have Senderos and Djourou but Richards is more like Kolo and would fit in well.

I really can’t see the boss getting shot of Diarra unless he has a cunning plan though.

We have a reasonable January and early February fixtures wise, so I think the kids can hold the fort, I do however feel there is a Wenger sting in the tail this month.

Great days comments yesterday Grovers, our best yet, you are a good crowd so please keep it up.

Oh and don’t worry about Pedro, I fired him yesterday, Prince, what next!

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  1. Azza

    That made me laugh – which is wrong but the vitriol that it was delivered with was hilarious. You’re still a racist prick though.

  2. Steve

    I thought the schools were back this week. For your information fuckwit, the caps lock button is on the left of your keyboard. Appearing to shout your comment just makes you come across as more retarded. The Anelka story would carry more weight if Eduardo had flopped, but as it stands the last thing we need is another forward.

  3. JC

    do you really want racist tossers like the above polluting your blog? Agree we don’t want Nic back, and with FOUR top class strikers we don’t need him, equally Diarra needs to grow up, but we can do summat with him, but still less do we need racist arseholes like the above anywhere at all

  4. Vinafc

    Hi Le Grove,
    Enjoy your blog but I’ll not be back if you don’t get rid of racist remarks, like those above.
    You will be consigned to my “Shit list” and many other readers, no doubt, if you condone these attitudes.

  5. Steve

    So you don’t cheer half our side then prick? Last time I checked Gallas, Toure, Sagna, Clichy, Eboue, Walcott, Adebayor, Diaby were all black. You must have also looked a bit of a cunt being the only person still in your seat when Henry was wheeling away celebrating another goal. Plastic racist.

  6. Pedro

    The person who posted early this morning has been removed.

    We try our best to remove pricks who post derogatory comments, but can’t monitor the comments section 24/7.

    We apologise sincerely for anyone who took offence to the earlier comment.

    Kind regards

    Le Grove

  7. Som

    Thanks for getting rid of that offensive comment. Now i think Anelka will be a good addition to our team. Yeah he was silly in the past but everyone deserves a asecond chance especially if that second chance will benefit us. I’m still not convinced with Bendtner and Adebayor.

  8. Geoff

    Guys as the comments section is open to anyone I can’t stop people blogging, we check as often as we can and will always remove anything offensive, but don’t let that stop you, don’t let them win.

    Ignore comments like that and we’ll get to them when we can, this is your site so don’t let a few odd people ruin it for you.

    Last week we had a couple of persistent Spuds on, but they soon got fed up, so bear with us.

    We are a non religious, non political and non racist site, we do however hate Spuds and Chavs!

  9. Jezza

    Well played Pedro.

    Its nice to post on a blog where you deal with people who don’t have anything constructive to say, and I’m not just talking about racism, i’m talking about pricks on the whole.

    Onto what matters. Soccer.

    Anelka would be a great addition, but not at the moment! We have way to many great goal scorers playing well at the moment. I wouldnt mind buying him just so the others couldnt. Dont be to down, look what chelsea did to SWP!

  10. Gunnersaurus

    Great post Geoff, good to have you back and I’m glad you fired Pedro… I kid, I kid!

    I heard Ven Den Beerg was a Bergkamp recommendation who was so bad he could barely make the reserves! Good riddance!

    Anelka would be great, you can’t have too many good strikers right?

    It doesn’t look like diarra is going now, which can only be a good thing! What would be a better thing would be a hat trick from him on Wednesday! Come on your reds!

  11. grovedigger

    what’s soccer Jezza?

    Ian Wright, Wright, Wright has just said that Eduardo will be the difference and can’t understand why he isn’t played more, I guess we’ll know more tomorrow.

    …soccer, my arse!

  12. weirdo`

    after this eduardo will automatically for gunners firs eleven…
    Geoff.. thanks for your support.. even my english bad… 🙂
    Feel free visit: The-Gunners-1886
    Discuss and get match-event for Gunners… All the best…Gunners…thanks

  13. Gunnersaurus


    No speculation, no quotes, no nothing!

    If the sun can’t muster up a Diarra leaving story, he must be staying.

    Fair conclusion?

  14. Big Johan

    Noone has answered the question

    Jens (farewell parformance, if Arsene is feeling sentimental)

    Hoyte Big Phil Djourou Clichy

    Walcott Diarra Cesc/Flamini (c) Diaby

    Eduardo Bendtner

    subs Fabianski G Hoyte Rosicky/Denilson Lansbury Randall

  15. Mike (the neighbour )

    Current odds are
    Arsenal 11/10
    Draw 23/10
    Tottenham 5/2
    FRom what I read there is a chance Tottenham is gonna field
    as near as dammit First team -If so Is this the time to have a mix of arsenals
    1st and second string .Maybe a good time for RVP to return assuming he is match fit ?
    Regarding the racist bastards in this case shoot the messenger not the
    forum .Dont rise to their bait and allow Geoff and Pedro to “terminate” them .They have both stated the forums ethos quite clearly so please allow them to manage it through and not have to keep apologising every time a cunt posts .Starve the racists of verbal Oxygen and eventually they will die -hopefully in pain !!!!!!!

  16. eduard...0

    morning fellas. this has nothibng to do with the actual blog but i trawl through most of teh blogs through newsnow on a hourly nee minute by minute basis and Le Grove is probably the most enjoyable read! anyway, ANYONE know ANYTHING about flammers contract problems? understand he turned down 40k PW and since talks have stalled. any news?

  17. Big Johan

    All descended from apes i believe – and proud of it.

    Has anyone seen the Flamster “almost drive his car off the road” recently (a nice black porsche i believe) – perhaps he is £5k a week short

  18. Steve

    Gallas has to play, as does Hleb. Hleb didn’t start against West Ham and Burnley so he is due a run out. I think we’ll see a mixture of first team and kids. (Although most of the first team are kids too). I also think Cesc and the Flamster could start given the fact they were rested at Burnley and we have Birmingham (not the most difficult) at home at the weekend. Fabianski, Hoyte, Gallas, Senderos, Traore, Diaby, Cesc, Flamster, Hleb, Eddie and Bendtner.

    Come on you Gunners!!!

  19. Big Johan

    Dont want too senior a team as it spoils the fun – what makes the Carling so enjoyable is that we ought to lose but win – if we field too many first team players it makes a nerve-wracking must win game like all the others!!

  20. Steve

    Whenever we play those tossers it is a nerve-wracking must win game. I’ve been telling anyone that’ll listen that it doesn’t mean so much but when I take my seat tomorrow night i’ll be as nervous as ever.

  21. Geoff

    Sorry about the delay, we’re monitoring it for a while but it won’t be for long, the wanker will get bored and go and annoy someone else.

  22. Gunnersaurus

    This prick is disrupting the flow a bit today.

    My opinion, being the right opinion is this.

    Wenger wouldn’t play Flamini if he thought he was going to leave. Flamini’s agent hasn’t been making noises. Flamini is playing in the best side in the world at the moment so Flamini wont leave.

    Where is he going to go and play that will give him more?

    He is rich already and he knows the pitfuls of leaving Arsenal. This is a little different to Thierrys contract saga as Terry was flirting with all the big clubs.

    I think now the flam

  23. Geoff

    sorry grovers, it won’t be for much longer, I think we nipped it in the bud.

    No eduard…O it’s not you! I really don’t know whether Flamini has been offered a new contract but I hope so, I also hope he’s playing tomorrow as I think it will be blood and guts.

  24. Geoff

    I got in the middle of that one didn’t I? we’ll go back on soon, we got his IP so if he has a brain he’ll fuck off.

  25. gunnerodub

    Pedro/Geoff, long time reader first time blogger. Think you guys do a blinding job, and must mention how impressed I am with the way the racist blog was dealt with. Also, as far as I’m concerned, we don’t need any new players (Anelka,Richards,Maradona,Pele,WHOEVER!), we also need to keep the squad as it is even if Diarra has been moaning, I still think with the African boys away, he will get games, and eventually shut up and get on with it. Jens Lehmann still provides half decent cover for another 5 months, and Eboue as useless as we think he is, does still provide 2/3 decent crosses per game so let’s not get on his case too much. Just one last note. With all 4 strikers fit, which 2 would you start with against AC Milan next month? Answers on a postcard pleeaase!!

  26. eduard...0

    lollll “long time reader, first time writer!” indo agree on flammers and again over the last couple of seasons he has gone from bit part player to a major cog in our engone room, of that there is no doubt BUT i understand (and shoot me down if im wrong) cant he now talk to other clubs and sign a pre contract? would that pave the way for diarra?could we handle our old irish hero gilbert O’silva leaving around the same time>? lol i love january, like bloody eastenders!

  27. gunnerodub

    I seem to remember hearing/reading somewhere that Diarra was bought as a replacement for Gilberto, but Flamini is now playing so well that Wenger is left with a big headache on who is replacing who!

  28. Henry

    Flamini can talk to other clubs, Diarra can’t, it has to be the final year of their contract after January I think, that’s why it was dumb not to sign him before Christmas, we did the same with Edu and Wiltord, unfortunately Flamini’s still only 23 though, still I think he’ll stay.

    Funny, last season we all wanted him to go!

  29. jimmyfingers

    There’s always the danger on message boards and blogs you’re get trolls, like this kid. To echo what big Johan said, the oldest human fossils have been found in the Rift Valley, Ethiopia. Riddle me that one batman

    On to the spuds, hope Wenger sticks with the kids against them, makes beating them all the sweeter. Sure Arsene may put a couple of the seniors in the mix, Cesc, Hleb, either starting or on the bench. Up front it’ll be Eduardo and Bendtner again, who are hardly second string anyway. Fabianski should get the nod but in front the senior pair of Gallas and Senderos should start, with Troare and Hoyte

    As for gunnerodub’s Q, if they’re fit we have to go with the senior pair of RvP and Ade, but a lot could happen between now and then

  30. eduard...0

    lol yeah i kniow henry but a year is a long time in football……gilbert was legendry last year, well compared against some others contributions anyway. i read that wenger said that ” he worked really hard to bring him here so why would he let him go”. good point but if he wants away then frankly hes not the sort of player we want. his play is good but if its true his attitude stinks! long live wengerball!

  31. Henry

    don’t know about you but I thought Traore had a stinker against Burnley, also I don’t understand why we don’t expect teams to get at us, like Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Burnley did, I thought we played well against Burnley but Diaby and Traore gave the ball away a lot, do that tomorrow and we’ll struggle.

  32. Henry

    yeah but Flamini was talking about leaving and buying himself out of his contract last year, can’t understand how Diarra plays for France ahead of the Flamster though, can you?

  33. gunnerodub

    Playing for France is not that much of a big deal to be honest, Gouvou,Barthez, Cisse, Boumsong spring to mind, and considering the manager is Raymond Dumass, Diarra getting in the team ahead of Flamini doesnt surprise me! They always seem to have 1/2 players in the team that leave you baffled!

  34. eduard...0

    henry its wierd huh? surely flattuso has earned the right? but doesnt it make you think that raymond and arsene MUST have seen something in him>? i dunno, sometimes i think he looks mustard and others like the game is passing him by… we have to keep cesc,flammers,helb and lil mozart together they really get on outside of football and they could recreate the graet midfield combos of yesteryear. what do you reckon?

  35. eduard...0

    anyway I REALLY REALLY need to do some wiork of which i am catually paid to do! till tomorrow gooners. milk cup semi against the yids? gunnerific!

  36. Som

    I do agree that Traore was suspect against Burnley. He has always been. Always caught out of position. Chelsea used his wing againat us in the final last season and beat us. However i remember Gael Clichy when he was under study to cashley. He was weak too but the carling cup games did turn him into a star as we all can see now. I say play the kids. Win or loose (though i am 99% sure it will be a win) we love The Arsenal!!

  37. Bud

    My my, seems I missed all the action this morning with the racist penis……. just as well, anyway, on to Flamini…. why won’t any of the interviewers after the game ask Wenger anything decent these days, like is Flamini signing for instance ?!!!!!!

    Would like to see Merida again at some point tomorrow !

  38. gunnerodub

    As much as I agree young Traore had a ‘mare against Burnley, I think we need to remember the lad is only 17, and gets a game every 3 weeks or so, I still think he’ll end up going out on loan to gain experience, as Gael (force) Clichy is not going to lose his staring postiton anytime soon! To be honest I think left back has been a blessing over the last few years Winterburn-Silvinho-Cashley-Clichy (let’s just igonore Nelson Vivas for a sec!)

  39. Geoff

    I agree with that, he’ll have bad games now again and going out on loan should eradicate that, but I’ll still be nervous playing him in the semis, they are games we need to win, can you imagine life if we don’t?

    Why don’t we loan Traore to the Chavs, or even the Spuds?

    That would be funny!

  40. Som

    Life sure will be less pleasant for the rest of the season if we loose this semi but frankly i don’t see that happening. Arsenal will be in the final again thats for sure. But i think the kids need to play these so called big players for our long term benefit. We will beat Spurs and pray everton beats cocks chelsea. The kids sure deserve the trophy this season.

  41. Bud

    Nuradiin, are you off your rocker……… Anton “Uselss” Ferdinand……… he is awful and any West Ham fan will tell you is the most inconsistent player in their squad, which by my reckoning must be well hard to achieve !!!!!!!!

    Djourou or Anton Ferdinand…….. no contest hombre !!!!!!

  42. Steve

    If we signed Anton Ferdinand i’d boil my bollox. He is shit, arrogant, slow, thick and oh, did I mention shit? The Flamster will sign a new contract, he and the manager just have a bust schedule at the moment. Fear not fellow Gooners.

  43. gunnerodub

    Yeah Nuradiin what the deal with that one squire? Anton ferdinand?! The only reason he’s back in the hammers team is becasu Gabiddon is out! and what does that say about Anton?!

  44. Big Johan

    I see that Big Gav, Randall and Merida were omitted from the reserve team last night because of the Carling game – so that sorts out the bench as AN Goalkeeper, 3 kids and AN Experienced player. I still fancy Jens for a sentimental farewell performance in goal.

  45. Henry

    boil your bollocks? ouch, I might use him as a sub before I did that, but I do take your point!

    Got to say I didn’t think anyone could be as ugly as Rio, but he does run him close!

  46. Bud

    Can I start a petition to stop commenting on todays blog, so Geoff can’t beat Pedro’s record breaking 85 comments……… would be funny hey ?!!!

  47. Steve

    But the racist prick had a few so they won’t count. And some were just telling the prick to cunt off so omit those too.:)

  48. Bud

    I’d love to answer you Steve, but I am abstaining from posting to maintain Pedro as King of Le-Grove. (This is just a note to Steve, so does not count on the Geoffrey Scoreometer).

    No cheating Geoff……….. have noticed a lot of new names today……. naaaaaaa, couldn’t be, Geoff wouldn’t……….. would he………?

  49. andy c

    hi all,
    just moved back from germany, not been to a game since 1998! got a red memb sorted and tickets to newcastle next week. where is the nearest best gooner pub and whats the best tube to get off at? any other info welcome, come on you reds!!!

  50. Geoff

    Pedro who? thanks for giving me the opportunity to add to the comments bud. the racist twat got removed so the comment numbers went down as well.

    Andy, go to Arsenal station on the Piccadilly line, turn left and go to the end of the road, there you’ll find the Tavern and a whole bunch of Arsenal pubs.

    For the ground you turn right.

    Good luck!

  51. Steve

    Depends where you come in pal. I go to Highbury and Islington and drink in the Wig + Gown on Holloway Road. Loads of pubs down there. Over the Blackstock Road side come into Arsenal Station and have a couple in the Arsenal Tavern or The Gunners. Happy hunting andy. FYG the closest Statiion to the ground is Drayton Park but you’d end up walking away from the ground to get a drink anyway, unless you have an inclination to share your air space with a load of fat bare chested morons shouting Tooon arrrmy.

  52. andy c

    no ill be avoiding the fat sam lookalikes! ill be getting the tube from waterloo, been looking forward to this for last 6 months, watching borrussia dortmund just aint the same!

  53. gunnerodub

    Andy C, welcome home mate! I’ll have to agree with Steve, Arsenal Tavern and the Gunners is the best way to start a match day/night! If you’re lucky you’ll learn a few choruses in time for kick off! Some choice sp*rs ones spring to mind!

  54. grovedigger

    the problem with stations other than Arsenal is the long walk to the ground on a full bladder.

    Fat Sam’s after Diarra apparently, we should tell him to fuck right off, the horrible cunt.

    What a good job we didn’t buy Owen or Martins.

  55. gunnerodub

    Fat Sam – the most overrated English manager since Kevin Keegan! And they’ve both ended up at the most overated club of all times….Newcastle! On the Diarra note, I can’t actually think of any players that have played for both Arsenal and Newcastle?! Anyone?

  56. andy c

    just seen the headlines on sports news, i hope wenger tells the fat headed northern walrus lookalike to choke on his gum! the boy has got serious potential and he is at the right place to realise it, needs to bide his time and work hard, with eboue gone there will no doubt be more chances especially if we return to 4-5-1 formation for away games, lets hope he plays this week and runs rings round alan smith cos he is a horrible cunt!

  57. Pedro

    Just to keep you informed guys, the prick from earlier is still trying to get onto the site… using as his sign in address.

    What a cunt.

    Do yourself a favour and give up you childish little prick.

  58. Bud

    OK Pedro, 95 to beat, but come on mate, you know your time as King of Le-Grove is nearing its end, only 5 more comments to screw you into the annals of history………. be magnanamous about it buddy, your time will come again !!!!!

  59. Bud

    “Lukasz Fabianski will play in goal again, Theo Walcott is available while Johan Djourou and Philippe Senderos will play at the back,” he said. “Apart from that it will be the players who played in the last [Carling Cup] game. Basically it will be a young side maybe with one or two experienced players.”

    Quote Wenger !

  60. gunnerodub

    So team will prob be Fabianski/Hoyle,Seneros,Djourou,Traore/Walcott,Diarra,Walcott,Denilson/Eduardo,Bendtner. Yes?

  61. Steve

    I had heard that RVP wouldn’t be back until after Birmingham. Great news. Athough he won’t be able to drop Dudu for the Spertz game.

  62. Pedro

    Its not about records on here Bud, its about the developing Le Grove community!

    RvP playing against fatty Robinson is a mouth watering prospect!

    That sounds like a strong line up, and the back two pairing is probably going to happen at some point in Feb! So lets see how it works out!

    2-0 to the gooners I reckon!

  63. Mike (the neighbour )

    THats not fair Bud your 1 to 9 posts shouldnt count towards the record as it sets a precedent .I could do that on pedros next blog however I do have some difficulty in counting beyond 20 once Ive got through my fingers an toes .As it wasnt that long ago that 63 was the record its great to be part of an expanding forum
    Good news re RVP

  64. Bud

    Of course its fair…….. today I give Geoff his glory, tomorroe I taketh away, when I count online to 150……….. ooooooooooooo the power !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Mike (the neighbour )

    You see yove just added another post -it aint fair -oh shit so have I ! bollocks !!!!!gonna open another bottle of jimmy fingers recommended wine and sit back and count the hours til tomorrows match

  66. gunner

    good afternoon all of you -maybe some good news for us (and bad news for the flamster???): seems juventus have an agreement with liverpool to buy sissoko for 10m. source: calciomercato. would be nice if that´s right

  67. Geoff

    Flamini won’t leave, if he does, he’ll have the same problem he had getting into our team and he knows it.

    The great thing about getting a lot of comments is you’re all having fun, and that’s what blogging is all about, something that wanker this morning would do well to comprehend.

    If of course I can pick up a world record along the way, then all well and good.

    Have a great night and let’s hope that Everton will stuff the Chavs!

  68. gogogunners

    I hope the kids come up with a confortable margine tommorow so that AW can field the entire team with reserve!

    i wonder if you share a view i have towards spurs! i really don’t see them as big rival as man utd! For those of us who live outside uk, i think man utd is bitter rival than anyother team in EPL. I hate man utd more than anythingelse !