Jens going, Diarra gone… Oh and we beat Burnley!

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Good morning my free thinking Grover Chums! A busy old morning for Arsenal news so lets get started on today’s action packed Le Grove match report!

The first noticeable thing about the Arsenal line up was that there was no Lassana Diarra. This means one of two things:

1) He is negotiating a move away from the club with Man City or the Spuds.

2) He is being rested (I know… its the best second option I could muster!) for the Spuds.

I’m going to have a wild guess here but I’m thinking if Jens was playing and he is rumoured to be off, Diarra must be missing because he is involved in Option 1.

Me and Geoff had a bit of a to do over the whole situation. My view is that he has only been here 3 months and should respect that the Flamster is playing a blinder – Geoff’s view is that Diarra should be rotated with Flamini like the Strikers are. Its a toughy and one that can only be decided in the comments section with a word battle between the warring factions…

Jens played possibly his last game for the Ars, and what a faultless performance he had (Yeah, I stole that line from Wenger). The cross bar did all the hard work for him, which must have been nice in his last game! Still, if he is off, well played Jens, we loved ya…!

The game was a pretty dull affair if truth be told. Burnley were never really a threat although; as Geoff pointed out… If you were a Burnley season ticket holder you’d be pretty pissed they don’t play like that every week.

The first goal came from Kolo jinking past a defender in the centre circle, dashing forward, then playing a sublime chip (The type of chipped pass that normally infuriates me) into the path of Eduardo who waited, and waited and wait… bang! The Purple rain singer had put us one up!

Eduardo goads Burnley fans after first goal.

The rest of the half went on in mundane fashion, they had a few chance but never really troubled us. I thought big Phil played ok despite a few shaky clearances!

The second half came and we had to soak up more pressure. Diaby’s passing was off, as was the fluency of the team in general. Traore was having a torrid time at left back and was taken off and replaced by Hoyte. Gilberto was lunged at studs showing and their player saw red. He couldn’t really complain although it did look like he turned his leg to avoid the crunch… tough shit I say.

The red card galvanized Burnley who continued to press without any end product. One particularly hairy moment was a cross that was fizzed in from the left, but it was knocked out of the path of their on coming striker by Big Phil.

The second goal came against the run of play when Eduardo received the ball about twenty yards past the centre circle, he held the ball and threaded a ‘Hleb’ like pass between three Burnley players, Nikki Big Bollocks latched onto it, took it past Kiraly and buried it in the bottom corner!

Game over, you fought hard but game over.

So that was that, a boring fiddly game but we won. Did anyone else get pissed off by the commentators?

“You’d have to agree with the Burnley texter, one down but the better team.”

What a bunch of Arsenal hating cunts the BBC are! Can we ask for a rebate on our T.V licenses?

So we’re still in all the cups and going strong, happy days!

Just a quick thanks to Mike (The Neighbour) for pointing out that if you type ‘spuds’ into google you get ‘Special People Under Doctors Supervision’, I’ll say no more!

See you in the comments section!

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  1. Redtop

    Diarra not being included doesn’t mean he is actually on his way at all. It may well be that Wenger doesn’t want to cup tie him incase he does insist on leaving.

  2. Goofle

    Wenger said in an interview that he will be resting players for the Carling Cup. Does that mean he will play the likes of Hleb and Rosicky on the wings to get through? Rather than looking at it as “he played Diaby and Denilson so why not Diarra?” lets look at it as “he is resting him for the big game”

    Diarra is the best defensive midfielder we have at the club.

  3. Steve

    “Everyone watching will be hoping that Burnley can score”. Another gem from the commentator. Not me you manc loving anal intruding shister.

  4. Gunnersaurus

    Resting Diarra who has played about 2 games this year seems a little crazy to me! I’d like to hope that we haven’t just sold the closest thing to a Makelele clone we could get! He is fast, skilfull and tenacious, he would undoubtedly be a big loss.

    I don’t think we should be letting our players go, tell him to fuck off and fight for his place. I understand that no one likes an unhappy player, but players can be fickle – ala Flamini.

    BBC commentators were a joke yesterday, they were itching for an upset!

  5. richmac

    The worst comments from the commentators came after the sending off. They both agreed that the tackle was dangerous and worthy of a red card because of this. They also both agreed that the tackle was not malicious. Gavin Peacock then suggested that maybe the rules should be changed. Suggesting the rules of the game should be changed just because you prefer Burnley to do well in one match is ridiculous. And how would they change it? If you break/almost break an opponents legs with a challenge the ref only punishes you if you admit you were trying to break his leg?

    I know Sky Sports have always been biased to Man Utd fans in their commentary and news reports. Recently ITV have shown a similar bias to Man Utd in the way they broadcast mainly Man Utd Champions League games on ITV1. I suppose they just cater to the fans who offer the highest revenue, which kind of makes sense. But at the BBC (where their revenue is guaranteed regardless of the match they show,) you would have thought comentators would offer the most impartial opinions. But yesterday they certainly favoured one side. I know that part of the glory of the FA cup is that the lower league teams can beat higher league opposition, and Burnley did play extremely good football, that is no reason to be so biased.

  6. Goofle

    I do a media course at College and we have noticed that the BBC has started to have major bias in a large amounts of programming. Even the likes of panorama start off with opinions and bias rather than facts.

  7. Pedro

    I have also noticed, that bar Ian Wright… If you are an ex arsenal player/Manager it is not particularly fashionable to support your old club. Alan Smith is the biggest offender in my eyes. I remember him deploring us after the Infamous pizzagate game and ManU, that seemed to have kick started his career with sky.

    The draw for the next round is at 1330 today, here is a list of the teams we could face:

    1.Preston North End
    2.Cardiff City
    3.Peterborough United
    4.Sheffield United
    5.Coventry City
    6.Mansfield Town
    7.Walsall or Millwall
    8.Charlton Athletic or West Bromwich Albion
    10.Luton Town or Liverpool
    11.Plymouth Argyle
    12.Manchester United
    13.Tranmere Rovers or Hereford United
    14.Tottenham Hotspur or Reading
    17.Fulham or Bristol Rovers
    18.Huddersfield Town
    19.Swansea City or Havant & Waterlooville
    20.Wigan Athletic
    21.Southend United
    22.Oldham Athletic
    23.Derby County or Sheffield Wednesday
    25.West Ham United or Manchester City
    27.,Wolverhampton Wanderers
    30.Stoke City or Newcastle United
    31.Swindon Town or Barnet
    32.Norwich City or Bury

    Whose for Chelsea?

  8. Steve

    I think the BBC forget that Arsenal have a massive fan base all over this country/world and only had 3,000 tickets for Turf Moor. I’m fortunate enough to attend most Arsenal games, but next time I have the misfortune to watch one on BBc i’m turning the radio commentary on. You’d have thought yesterday’s game was being broadcast on Burnley t.v.

  9. Geoff

    Nice blog Pedro and it seems the early Grovers are with me on the Diarra subject, we’ll see how the day goes.

    I can’t see how a commentator can decide if a tackle was malicious or not, I’ve done plenty of things in my life that I intended, but my facial expression never showed it, his studs were up so he’s off, when Eboue put Terry to sleep, his studs were 2 inches off the ground and we never heard the end of it.

    They hate us and I love it!

  10. Jezza

    Pedro, I’m probably with you on the Diarra front. The guy has done an average job when he has come in, but no better than average (Bar Newcastle). He has talent and he could be a big player for us.

    Someone should tell him this though. If you go to Spurs or Everton or Man City, you will not get into the French national team. He needs Champions League football otherwise he wont figure. What planet is he on?

    I thought Big Phil was ok against weak opposition yesterday, I’d still prefer the other swiss guy in defence. Traore looked weak yesterday. Good to see Lansbury on the bench, high hopes for him until we sell him.

    I agree with all the comments about the BBC, it was embarrassing how bias they were. At the end of the match they couldn’t wait to show Dixon the Eduardo miss.

  11. drgooner

    I agree with option 1. I immediately noticed this yesterday when he was not even on the bench and made me worry. He would have been at least on the bench if he were rested and being rested does not carry logic given he has not played much. After yesterday’s performances in midfield, I would choose Diarra ahead of Gilberto, Denilson, Diaby and even Eboue on the right hand side. “Arsene knows” but may be wrong occasionally. Diarra should have made many more starts.

  12. Steve

    Southend away for me Pedro. Also, Alan Smith was barred from Highbury for a while after his comments regarding the Van Horseface penalty fracas. He has a short memory as it was his reaction at home to Norwich in 1990 that resulted in us being put on a suspended sentence (which ultimately meant we were deducted 2 points for the previous fight at Old Trafford in the 90-91 season – Limpar 1-0).

  13. Pedro

    It does seem most people don’t agree with me… Do they not know this is a blog where you get an opinion not have one? Cheeky bloggers…

    I didn’t know Alan Smith was banned from Arsenal? He damn well deserved it. He told me and my mates off for chanting his name during a Sky interview once… Its never been the same between us since.

    Interesting point that Diarra may not have played due to being cup tied. I hope it was a case of being rested for the Spuds. Gilberto and Diarra can’t play together so maybe it was a case of one or the other.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I still can’t work out what Denilson’s position is? Holding/attacking…

    I hope we draw Southend Steve! That would be a nice trip on the C2C!

  14. femi odunayo

    When i saw the starting line up against Burnley, I was surprised that Diarra’s name missing. immediately, I immediately concluded he was leaving. But when i realized there is a carling cup semi final match against local rival;spurs then i thought he was rested and believe he will play in the match since he was part of the squad that delivered the semi final ticket. I so much admire Diarra’s game. It will be so painful if he leaves .He is one the best defensive midfielders in the premier league and will be a big boost for any club that grabs him.
    I believe Chelsea are still ruining his loss to Arsenal.Fellow Gunners,let us fight for Diarra and make LeGaffer give him some playing time even though Flamini is in the best form of his life.

  15. Charlie

    Morning one and all!

    First thing i noticed too was the absence of Diarra from the squad, sorry if this is a prelude to his exit cause he has loads to offer the team and i hope he stays and plays a bit more.

    Our mad Jens situation got me to thinking and wanted to gauge other’s reaction to a somewhat heretical idea.

    Id suggest we offer him on loan to the spuds! First it would enable him to play and stay in London thus not disrupting his family. More importantly spuds have a league run in of games against our competitors for the title and the spuds would stand a much greater chance of winning points against united, chelski and pool with jens in goal as to their current occupant. Thoughts?

  16. Gunnersaurus

    Mischevious plan Charlie, I like it.

    The only problem I have is that if the Spuds start beating the top 4 teams we’re going to be hearing about how great they are gonna be and how next year will be the year etc etc etc.

    Plus, I do quite like watching Robbo fucking up on a regular basis. He seems to be the only player in the Spud squad who is undroppable! Long may that continue!

    I can see that game being very tough. Make shift defence against on of the best attacking team in the Prem. It will be fun though, because with Eduardo in such fine form, we know we have goals in us!

    Will it be the kids or will he mix it up with a bit of experience?

  17. Bud

    I say if Diarra is gonna moan and want a move already after 3 months, he can fuck off…… little c***, who the fuck does he think he is, ex chelsea whinging, ungrateful up his own arse wanker !!!!

  18. Goonoo

    Diarra’s only been at the club a few months and is already whingeing about lack of opportunities. Better players than him have had to wait their turn and does he really expect to displace Flamini who’s been one of our very best players this season? Diarra’s potentially a top player but if he can’t shut up and show a bit of commitment to the greater cause then let’s get rid of him with a nice tidy profit please.

  19. Geoff

    So you don’t like him then? what happens if Flamini signs for Juve to get £10 mil in his back pocket eh?

    It’s high time Wenger showed a player the meaning of the word contract, it seems to me when a player wants out, he goes, why give them a contract in the first place?

    Henry had 3 years left, yet it was his decision to go, if Wenger said to Diarra ‘you have 3 years left on your contract, you can spend it by trying to get in the first team, or the reserves, but you’ll do your 3 years’ then maybe Cesc may think twice before he says he wants to go.

    If swearing and spitting sets a bad example to young kids, what does breaking a contract do?

    Think about that Mr Wenger.

  20. gunner

    we have a problem: flamini is free to negotiate with other clubs on his own now and out of contract in june. it is his once in a lifetime opportunity to the equivalent of getting the transfer fee himself. diarra is an unsettled player who thinks has not yet found the right club for himself. we must be ruthless and not have illusions. those two have their personal interests in mind like everybody else.

  21. gazzap

    diarra has to give it one season. a player that is unsettled after half a season loses my respect. its not like he hasn’t played. he must have 10 appearances for us at least.

  22. Pedro

    I think we could be in trouble as well. I’d like to think that Diarra wants to leave because he know the Flamster is staying… but I don’t know if Flamini knows what he is doing yet? Hopefully Diarra will see the light and stay and fight for his place. Our injury list in midfield is has been unbelievably light this year… can anyone remember not having a star player out for at least three months before? Paddy… Viera… Gilberto… Edu all used to be perma injured!

    Now we have an abundance of competition, no one is getting crocked! Funny that?

    Diarra should be made to honour his contract, or be given a loan move if he so desires. I think the situation would have been different had the Euro’s not been round the corner… the same with Jens.

  23. Bud

    Diarra is a seperate issue to Flamini…….. I’m sure Flamini will stay, but Diarra is being an upstart and if he is whinging already, what does that say about the man…..

  24. jimmyfingers

    As I said yesterday, I don’t think we should worry too much about Diarra. He hasn’t shown enough when he has played to suggest he’s anywhere near the finished article (wasn’t he in midfield for Newcastle and Boro?) and we have an embarrassement of riches in the centre of the park. If he wants to stay and fight for his place at one of the finest footballing sides on the planet let him. If he wants to walk away and scrabble about for tidbits thrown from the top table with the likes of Tottenham rather than the main course of League title and pudding of Champions League, let him.

    Whatever his potential (and it is still potential), I don’t like the cut of his jib

  25. Simon

    This is a good report, agree with the sentiments regrding Lehman, not sure about Diarra, perhaps he is copying Gallas from last year, you know, he who shouts loudest… Thanks for the comments on the BBC commentary, they were truly terrible. It is as iftheywere only interested in being there if there was a major upset to be had. In truth, Burnley were enthusiastic and epitomised the expression ‘honest endeavour’. I felt as if I was the only person in the universe who noticed that their first effort hit the bar and Lehmann had it completely covered. Had the ball been slightly lower it would have hit Lehmann. The Beeb boys saw it as almost a denial of what should have been a goal. In truth we were not great but we had 5 really good moves. Note to the Beeb, Arsenal were not lucky, had we been, the score would have been higher. The fact is Arsenal defended really well with the odd abberaton. In the final third we were far uperir, that is why we won. I could comment on the very narrow pitch which was in poor condition. Had we drawn and gone back to the Emirates, Burnley woul have been embarrassed.

  26. Jon


    Please please please can we sell Gilberto and keep Diarra. Gilby is now a liability in midfield .. unable to make a tackle, a pass or generally keep up with the pace of the game. Whereas Diarra is quick, with good feet, can tackle and if only he could be motivated to play for a place, he could be a great Arsenal player!

  27. Bud

    Thats a bit harsh Jon !!!!

    I bet you are one of those people that throws his dog out on the street once it gets older and starts to smell a bit !!!

  28. chris GOONA

    i think diarra wuld be terrific for us,. wenger aint stupid he will try his best to keep him. But if your wondering why flamini is getting so much playing time its a bit obvious, everyone who has the slightest bit of sense wuld choose to make flamini happy and get him to sign a new deal, rather than keeping a potentially good player happy. Flamini has dug deep over the years, i can never rememba a game where he hasnt gave everything, reminds me a bit of ray parlour!! His signature would be our most important siging over the last few years.
    To the geeza sayin we have been lucky wiv injuries…. mmm V Persie out, Fabregas was out for a month, Rosicky in and out, and many many other little injuries. For me Man Utd have had it the easiest, and i think once they get a few more, they will struggle for form. Imagine of Rooney and Ronaldo were out. they wuld have big big problems where we seem to be able to deal with it, as we dont rely so much on a few individuals.

  29. Bud

    That poor loyal dog, loved you man, you were its life, he did everything for you and never once moaned, stood loyally by your side through the shit times and you are just too shallow to care, you want it out, you want to replace him with a bouncy young puppy that shits in his own front room………… could be talking about Gilberto and Diarra there couldn’t I !!!!

  30. Jon

    Bud .. you and i both know that monsieur Wenger let’s the old dogs go when they dont have the legs to go for long walks anymore and that the young pups always prove to be a better companion!

  31. Jon

    we can train the young shitting puppy to crap in the right places! the older one however is just gonna start losing control of all bowel movements and will cost us!

  32. jimmyfingers

    Strange that a player that has played so sparingly for us, has been with us for such a sort space of time and like to wash his dirty linen in public, embaressing the club and effecting their ability to negotiate a transfer porvokes so much loyalty from the club’s fans

  33. gunner

    jimmyfingers it is just that we would short of defensive midfielders if we do not hold on to them. flamini will be with us at least til the end of the season (and beyond if he gets what he wants from le gaffer), diarra we can tell shut the fungus up you are staying right where you are and if you have a problem then you sit in the stands and train with the ladies (they are european champions, right)

  34. Bill

    Diarra was pursued by Wenger for 2 years at the French international games where Wenger is a match pundit for French TV. He sold Arsenal two Diarra on the basis he would get a fair few games about 15-20 matches in the Prem if fit. This was because Chelsea at the time was not playing him in the Prem. Also, I think that the new directors that do the contracts are not in the league of Dein and they messed up. He realises that what he was told to get him to join has not happened and wants out. That is my take on it from one of his friends. He loves the club and was desperate to stay but it is clear that is not the case coming from the club so time to move on. Pity because he is already an established French International that needs to play each week. Flamini is nowhere near the French team and has made 1 subs appearance.

  35. gunner

    established french international only as right back because sagnol was injured and because he plyed that role at chelsea. but with sagna playing so well that is gone as well.

  36. Family Enclosure Man

    1. I’m pretty sure Diarra is on his way out; he’s not played enough footie recently to need a ‘rest’. A real shame, because I think he is better than Diaby and (now) Gilberto; whilst I wouldn’t go so far as to alternate him and Flamini, as someone suggested, I’d like to see the two of them competing long-term for that position. But then again, if they guy is brain-dead, what can you do? His punt seems to me to be very risky. It is essentially that:

    a. He’ll get a regular place in a a lower-ranked team and make such an impression that he’ll
    b. be picked up by a top ranked team, where he’ll then
    c. become a regular member of the starting line-up.

    The risks are that:

    a. Any lower-ranked club he goes to may not be willing to be treated as a stepping-stone in this way, and might not have such an understanding manager as Wenger when Diarra decides it is time to move on again.

    b. He might fail to hold to a regular place at even a lower-ranked club. (It could happen, especially if he goes to the rapidly improving Man City.)

    c. Even if he does win a regular starting place, he might not get picked up by one of Europe’s elite clubs (meaning the remaining members of hte English ‘Big 4’ – ‘cos AFC/CFC aren’t going to touch him with a barge-pole in future -, Real or Barca in Spain, Juve, Inter or Milan in Italy, and maybe Bayern in Germany). No other club can virtually guarantee Champions League football season after season and have much chance of winning the trophy.

    d. Even if he DOES then move to an elite club, he is then faced with the same level of competition for a place that he currently faces at AFC and formerly faced at CFC. So what’s the point?

    Strikes me that there are lots of places where his chain of logic could break down. Surely, it would be easier to stay at Arsenal for at least a season and fight for a place?

    2. I’ve doubted Diaby is Arsenal class for some time, and it is interesting how many people are criticising his performance yesterday. Funnily enough, I didn’t think it was so bad by his standards, but I don’t think his touch or passing is generally slick enough for Arsenal. My concern is that much the same may be true of Walcott and Bendtner, though they are young enough to deserve more time.

    3. A word of defence for Smudger! First, don’t forget what he contributed to our cause: top scorer in 2 championship seasons, vital goals in the title-decider at Anfield ’89 and Copenhagen ’94, and – a rare thing among modern footballers – something of a gent. Second, he did not do anything to provoke the brawl against Norwich in Nov ’89: I was in the North Bank right behind the goal where it happened that day and Smith was an entirely blameless victim; along with Lee Dixon, he simply followed up Dixon’s last-minute penalty when it was saved, and ended up in the back of the net with the ball when Dixon rammed home the rebound. Before he had a chance to turn away he was attacked by a couple of Norwich defenders who were gutted at losing a match they’d looked like winning for most of the afternoon. All hell then broke loose, while Smith did his best to escape the carnage. I reckon the man was and is a class act, even if he makes a very dull commentator.

  37. Pedro

    Bill, I highly doubt Wenger promised him 15-20 games. I am sure he said that in an interview the other week? As for contracts, how did the directors mess up? He would never have had a ‘play me’ clause in his contract! I agree with Gunner, if its to much of a risk, just say no.

    I also agree with Family Enclosure… about Diarra anyway. There are so many variables involved in him leaving. It seems to me that he has wimped out! And Bill, Flamini is in the French squad already, and waiting to take Makelele’s position. He is the best holding midfielder in the prem at the moment.

    People criticise Diaby because they can see he is capable of so much more, I think he could be a real star for us. The way he drives the ball forward. Wait until he gets a bit more product and cuts out the sloppy passes! He has more product than eboue already!

    Bud, I like your analogy for Gilberto. For me, if the dog stinks get rid of it or put it in the garden…

  38. Mark

    Dont worry too much about Diarra.

    Was Walcott rested as well? Of course he should have been on the bench but Wenger choose to have 2 young players there instead.

    Diarra will start on Wednesday, and I think we need one of Fabregas, Hleb or Rosicky in the team to sort the Spuds out.

  39. jimmyfingers

    Second time of typing! I hate it when you lose a load of stuff

    Firstly the relative positions of Flamini and Diarra in the French pecking order aren’t relavent. As pointed out Diarra is right back,a position he moans about playing anyway. Even without the emergence of Famini this season, coming to Arsenal he faced the expected club captain for competition for the defensive midfield slot, so he was second choice at best. With Flamini taking his choice there three players competing for the same position.

    I think one of the reasons we are so concerned about Diarra is that there are question marks aver the future of all three of them. Gilberto is almost certain to move, although maybe not until the summer. Flamini situation reminds us all of Edu, which was a genuinely gutting situation. Its really hard to read Flamini’s intentions: is he playing so well to put himself in the shop window and get a dream move and huuuuuge payout, or to establish himself at Arsenal, get a payrise and regular football? There aren’t many noises coming from the club or player concerning the situation which worries me.

    And then there’s Diarra. For me if its a straight choice between him and Flamini I’d choose Flamini. Diarra has had chances this season but for me hasn’t taken them. Flamini has and has rightly claimed the central role as his own, and after several years as a utility player deserves it. For me Diarra should be deployed on the right, ahead of Eboue. I think Eboue must have some compromising pictures of Le Boss, because I can’t fathom his continued involvement in the first team

    So we are faced with losing all three of our main defensive midfielders, which I’ll concur is an extremely bad situation to be in and someone is guilty of mis-management (sorry Boss). Gilberto got a few more seasons in him but doesn’t look interested anymore, after his treament by Wenger. For me someone at the club needs to sit down with Flamini and tell him sign or we can’t play you anymore. For the glory part of the season he can play in the reserves if he’s planning a move away. That’s not cruel, just realistic. If we’re going to lose him on a free in the summer, drop him and give his place to Diarra, and get him onside. If he is going to sign, let Diarra leave

  40. clockendjim

    I agree with your article entirely. Much more observed than the stupid BBC commentators who consistently tried to talk up Burnley when really we strolled it.
    However there were some minus points, the greatest one being the useless display by Eboue. I wished he wouldn’t bring out the occasional piece of brilliance because it disguises his overall ineptness of running up blind alleys and giving the ball away.
    I would much rather see Diarra in the team and although I think he would be stupid to leave the best club in England after such a short time, I can understand his frustration of not having more opportunity than a waster like Eboue.
    Hopefully everyone will see sense and I really hope to see him turn out against Spurs on Wednesday.
    Sadly Gilberto looks a spent force – an even greater reason to try to keep Diarra.

  41. Bud

    Ignorant Blog Mark? – Tell you what then, fuck off and read something else you small minded prick !

    None of us deep down want anyone to go, know if anyone is going or if anyone will come in……… we are all just blog buddies having a laugh and a bit of fun light hearted banter and debate………..

    Some people are such Tossers…….. really !!!

  42. Pedro

    Mark, where did you source any of your information from?

    Diarra is the last player he’d let go, where did you read that? RvP, Fab, Flamini, Clichy, Sagna, Ade… and a whole other load of players probably figure higher in Wengers priority list than a player we have only had 3 months.

    Gilberto was being sold in Jan… where did you find that little nugget of info?

    Diarra being rested? He hasn’t played any games!

    Please don’t comment if you don’t have anything constructive to say.

  43. Highbury Spy

    I agree wholeheartedly with Jimmyfingers. Eboue should NEVER get in the first team at the expense of Diarra. The latter is a much better player all round. If Wenger sells Diarra and keeps Eboue there must be something seriously wrong with his head. I don’t condone Diarra’s public outbursts about not being picked but if you were as good as him, wouldn’t it irk you that Eboue, whose contribution is minimal at best, was being chosen ahead of you for virtually every match? With Flamini’s future uncertain, Gilberto too old and not apparently committed to the club and Eboue stinking the place out every week, it would be monumental stupididy by Wenger to sell Diarra.

  44. Gunnersaurus

    I’m not even going to comment on what that guy said earlier. No one else seemed to agree with our small minded visitor.

    Jimmy I have to agree with you as well, another great point. Diarra would be more effective on the right than Eboue could ever hope to be. His short passing is much better and he is very nimble on the ball. He’d also act as good cover Sagna. He should get more opps now the poor eboue is off.

    I thought we’d hear something official from Wenger about Diarra today, but nothing has come up. Not even on Libel football! Maybe he was just rested and we’ve jumped the gun a bit?

  45. Rainham Red

    For the moment forget Diarra and Gilberto on whether they will be leaving,what about Eboue`s performence yesterday.I never thought he was much cop anyway but against Burnley he was awful,surely Arsene can see he is not up to standard.

  46. Pedro

    I’d rather they both stayed! Remember the injury crisis we had when Matty Upson left… Its bound to happen again!

    Berbatov has said he is staying to the reserves have got to deal with him. Will Nikki B start up top with Eduardo or will he go for somone even younger? Its a shame Jay Simpson isn’t back, I would like to see him play! I’d also like to see Gibbs play, maybe a head of Randall.

    No news on Diarra so hopefully he’ll start with Denilson.

    I want to see a barn storming performance from him, he has been relatively quiet this season!

    I can’t wait to see Lansbury… what a barnet! haha! Oh and did Merida go out on loan in the end?

  47. Bud

    Is Colin Arsene in disguise – thats what I want to know ?!!!

    In defense of our esteemed Ivorian, I thought he was our best player against West Ham !!!

  48. Gunnersaurus

    Eboue is great!

    Elaborate Colin! Lets get the debate going!

    No more Arsene knows bud… its a cop out… like, ‘It was gods will!’.

    Ooooh religion and football, there’s a dangerous topic!

    Are football and religion effectively the same thing?

  49. Bud

    As is preached time and time again………….. tis a site for opinions, not a site where you’ll give me one, so lets agree to differ and you go on thinking you know best and I’ll go on putting my trust in Arsene who I see knows much more about the players than I do, much the same as I am probably better than Arsene at doing the right thing that I do for my profession…. you think???

  50. Gunnersaurus

    ‘Arsene knows’ isn’t an opinion it is a statement. We all know that Arsene mostly knows best, but like previous posts have pointed out, sometimes he gets it wrong, after all, he is only human.

    People go on blogs to express their opinion on which players are good, which are bad and how they would like them to fit into Arsene’s formation.

    If we left the team selection to an ‘Arsene knows’ statement and just spoke about contracts and possible transfers, things would get a touch boring.

    Its not a case of knowing best, its a case of seeing something you dislike and voicing your disapproval.

    If you don’t like something the government is doing and you discuss it amongst your friends and someone said, ‘Brown knows best don’t question him’, you’d think that person was crazy.

    The same goes for football.

  51. Queen of Suburbia

    I don’t understand why Diarra would be complaining about playing time now?

    Surely with us losing the trio to the ANC.. and us still being in the two domestic cups, his playing time is about to ramp up?

  52. Bud

    I thought we agreed to disagree ???

    Eboue is not the most effective player in the team if you look at it as a unit, but Wenger obviously feels he is the best available in that position, whilst Hleb has been cover for RVP or whilst injuries halted the obvious front 4 of Hleb, RVP, Ade and Rosicky !

    I think when we are one game beaten all season and top of the league and in all the cups still, its churlish to look for a scapegoat to take our frustration out on……. especially when we have f all to be frustrated with…….. Christ, Man U, Chelsea, the power and the money and we are not only above them, have beaten and drawn against them, but are taking the plaudits for being the countries best ever footballing side (a side incidentally that has included a certain Mr Eboue) !!!

  53. John

    look at the centre of excellence column on, no not at the 12 yr old girls !!!!!!!!!!

    but Diarra’s no 8 shirt is still hanging there, maybe he didnt play at burnley cause they left the shirt back at the Emirates ??

    I dont want him to go as he is quality and is actually better then flamini but you cant take him out as he equally has proved how good he is but if hes gonna be a prick then bollocks piss off !!

  54. helldeathray

    yeah Diarra, stay put. I love Eboue though. Can’t believe all this crap against him. OK so he miakes a few mistakes, but his constant running and apparently unquenchable optimism are a boon. Loved the Purple Rain picture, he’s a dead ringer I had not realised. Have we got any other lookalikes? Apart from Diaby.

  55. Gunnersaurus

    I’m not scapegoating him, I am just saying I happen to dislike him and I would prefer Diarra in that position!

    I make the Queen right, now the africans are off he has a chance to make an impact. Although I fear Diaby will take the right midfield position if we play a 4-5-1, he does score a few and he is quite exciting.

    Hey, who knows, maybe we’ll appreciate Eboue now he has gone. Remember when we lost Gilberto a few years back and we missed him really badly even though many didnt rate him? It could happen with eboue.

    We are having a blinder this year, I hear Kaka has already started the mind games a sign of fear.

  56. Bud

    I don’t see Diarra playing as a winger. Good player that he is, he is possibly the worst passer in our squad and more often than not passes to the opposition, so crossing and intricate close play and overlapping could be a problem

  57. haile

    I critisize the France National Team coach for the case of Diarra.He didn’t expected to have international dutey before getting a place in a club.Why The France coach called him for is not clear.May be not to play for his country in Africa.Even I’M not clear with the call up of Diaby for France.He shall give a call for Clechy before this guy started for other country.

  58. nzekwe, joburg south africa

    It is amazing that Eboue is still in the team after a series of woeful performances. I trust our coach, but i think eboue has already imbibed a stupid sense of complacency, believing that no matter what he produces, he must get a regular place each week.
    I like DIARRA, but he must have some respect and patience. No club will offer him a greater oppurtunity of development like arsenal, look at anelka, he would have been world player of the year if he had stayed, today, he is changing clubs like a confused drunk. You need to be in one place to write your name in the golden book of one of football great. Let him take it easy, his time will come, he has a lot of chance to play for the french team, he will regret an early exit from the best club in the world.

  59. Pedro

    I’m agreeing with bud here, Diarra is quite sloppy. Sometimes he only looks good because he loses it, gets it back, runs into a tight spot then managed to get out.

    It would be nice to put a real right midfielder in the right midfield position, I dont think we have any of those do we? Barzite maybe (Or is he left?)?

    We’ll just have to wait and see what Wenger has up his sleave on Wednesday!

    I’m off! Till tomorrow Grovers!

  60. Avendesorax

    Eboue, I just can’t understand how this guy gets a game in front of Diarra week in week out, maybe now that he’s gone off to the Acn Diarra will get his chance and it will be Eboue fighting to get a place in the first team upon his return.

    Diaby, now there is a player I just don’t understand, he’s got it all pace, power, skill, but he looks just so bloody lazy, it appears to me that the problem with Diaby may be Diarra’s bitching about not being in the team every week, it could be having an effect on Diabys game.

    If we loose Diarra and Le Flam during the transfer window or the summer we could have a problem as the only holding player we have left is Song or would Dorjorou be the in the frame as a replacement? he’s always claimed that midfield is his best postion.

    Well roll on to the next match a win against the spuds makes just about everything ok!

  61. Geoff

    Hi Guys, 85 comments, that’s a record, thanks!

    Why is it that you all blog more for Pedro?

    Tomorrow I’ll do a great blog and it will be far better than his one.

    Just kidding Grover’s! thanks for supporting what is now the biggest supported blog with the most intelligent bloggers!

    I hope you all see that when we get arseholes on our site we dump them real quick and always will, this is your place not theirs.

    Go Arsenal and go, go Grovers!!!

  62. ManorHouseGooner

    First up, I would not say that I am not a HUGE Eboue fan, his diving is embarrassing, he is undoubtably inconsistent and definitely very frustrating but…….. in the games prior to Burnley he has actually played well recently. He offers far far more of a threat on the right of midfield than Diarra ever could in that position. So all this talk of Diarra perhaps being pissed off that Eboue gets in the team in front of him is a red herring. The only reason why they could ever be compared to one and other is that they can both play fullback. Apart from that they are completely different. Diarra is a Makelele clone in the making who still needs to improve his distribution a lot. Eboue is very quick and skillfull right sided player who can beat a man with trickery and acceleration. This is why Wenger continues playing him because, much as some of you moan about his passing, he is far more reliable in that respect than Theo. (Helb and Rosicky both being better through the middle).

    Now, whether or not Diarra will go I am not sure. Perhaps loaning him out is a good idea as he might at last realise that the grass is not always greener on the other side and that hard work is just as important as talent when it comes to making it at the top. Just look at Flamini!!

    Now to Flamini. I think he probably has a figure in his head about what he is worth and as long as Arsenal meet it he will sign. Otherwise what would be the point of working so hard for so long to establish himself only to pack his bags and go. It would make no sense and given that he seems like an intelligent player hope and expect him to stay once his negotiations have progressed.

  63. Mike (the neighbour )

    Nothing to say on transfers/eboue/ Beckham or wenger just wanted to be part of a record day at Le grove after drinking 2 bottles of Jimmyfingers recommended wine -and sir I had to pay the full recommended price …and by the way its good and yes geoff its now a competition between you and Pedro -wot gems are you gonna come up with tomorrow -PEDRO RULES !!!!
    Oh and by the way Diara (albeit with one R means gift in latin !!


    When ITV sold there shares in arsenal they never knew then we would become one of the richest clubs in the world, shares have gone up through the roof and ITV could of made a killing!

    That’s why they fail to show our champions league games on ITV because they do not want to give us any more revenue, i can guarantee that if they would of still held on to the shares they would be allot more interested in putting our games on the premium channel (assholes lol… but we have the last laugh as they screwed themselfs!!!!).

    BBC commentary was dire, but you can understand the people wanting the under dogs to win… everyone likes a happy ending!

  65. john quinn

    i thought gilberto had a fine game v burnley his link up play was excellent here we have aman who badly wants to get back into the team no shouting no crying he is being super professional i feel sometimes we move our senior players on a little too soon i know mr wenger is normally right in these matters but in the position he plays gilberto is invaluable to us he is a credit to our club and himself and his family does anyone else see what i see when it comes to gilberto??

  66. EVO - OZ

    The 2 funniest things today were the Prince – Purple rain photo – lookalike with Eduardo and Almunia – Jean Reno – i was in stitches with both those calls! Great Stuff!

    I love Almunia in the crossbar challenge by the way, his spanish accent is awesome (ive been practising my impersonations ever since), not to mention hitting the crossbar!

    If Eboue could cut out the dodgey diving and complaining of fouls, i reckon everyone would love him. Even Wenger knows he has a bad temperament for that (i remember reading a few quotes on that). Wenger made him a project player by buying Sanga to shift Eboue up to a more attacking role as he was making so many surging runs from full back the previous season, so lets see what happens there.

    Just a word on Bendtner – someone mentioned that they had a worry on his lack slick passing (along with Walcotts and Diaby’s). I see nothing wrong with it, he may be young, but the games he has come on as a sub (or even started), i have seen little to make me worried. I think his skill is even better that Kanu no.2’s, but kanu has the runs on the board at the minute, so he deserves to continue to start. Anyway, its good to have an opinion hey?!

    By they way, what happened with Mark, was his blog edited out, i couldnt find the entry you were all angry about?


  67. Ruski10

    diarra cant play for another team this season under FIFA regulations so what is all this crap about him laving? End of chat Game over Good night!!!

  68. Bill

    Some things on here are wrong. Diarra actually played in front of Sanga on 2 occasions because Domenech trusted him more for crucial games. Diarra started all the qualifying games that France had in 2008 and they won all but one and qualified for Euro 2008. Flamini has come on once from the bench in a game of no importance. He is two years older than Diarra and generally in France is not thought to be close in terms of quality. I am angry if we loose him.