Simpson hailed as boy wonder, Cesc honoured and Luke Freeman aged 15, signed.

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Ok, so Jay Simpson hits a wonder strike from 20 yards and was inches wide with another effort from the edge of the box and the media can see why Millwall are desperate to keep him on loan, well done Jay, they’re the reports we love to read. (well that and the roasting one’s)Cesc says ‘at my age it’s difficult for me to say whether I am going to go or stay, I’m very happy, but you never know what might happen, that a legend like Schuster might be interested in me, is an honour.’Well Cesc after 2014 you can make that decision, until then you have play for us.Arsenal beat off competition from Newcastle and West Ham (must have been tough) to sign 15 year old super kid Luke Freeman, a left sided striker, so well done Luke, another product of the Arsenal IVF programme arrives.

On the conclusion of the Beckham story, if any of you get to read the Sunday Times, read the sport section and ex England rugby hero Stuart Barnes writes a column on the subject, frankly it could have been written by me, please give it a go.

The Cesc story is just a re-hash of what’s been going on all summer and Cesc can only say fuck off so many times without actually saying fuck off, but I do think Arsenal should make a complaint to FIFA as this goes on all too often with our players and frankly it’s bollocks.

Good to see another couple of English kids have there 15 minutes, we won’t see them again will we? but who knows, these two may break the mould.

A few big teams went down yesterday and I was pleased to see the Spuds earned a replay, as that will make them have to play more games than they wanted in between our semi finals.

I am looking forward to the game today and expect nothing other than a pasting, a ‘let’s show them who we are’ game.

I’ve upgraded my score to 5-0 as I woke up feeling particularly confident and will top it off tonight with one of Jimmy’s fine wine recommendations, sorry Bud I don’t like Blue Nun.

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  1. Henry

    So why would Capello make him captain just to get his hundreth cap? hasn’t he been showered with enough honours?

    I can’t see Bendtner and Eduardo playing today if they’re playing on Wednesday, unless he plans to play Ade and Theo on Wednesday, now that would be interesting wouldn’t it?

  2. jimmyfingers

    Odd the Beckham thing: just the club after some free publicity? Beckham flashed all round the world in Arsenal kit. Should do wonders for our fanbase in the Far East

    But do we care? Might swell the coffers a bit but Arsenal seem to have got to an admittedly enviable position of achieving massive revenue, but with Wenger at the reigns the available profit isn’t getting spent. Rafa, Mourinho, Fergie and now Grant would be spaffing it on some past-it Euro trash looking for a retirement fund, or some no-mark glamourboy English cunt looking for column inches in Heat magazine and some WAG-trained slut to hang off his arm while Wenger as always will spent a tiny fraction on some 3 year pospect from the Gobi desert. All this while us fans waste ours debating the merits of various superstars Arsenal will never sign.

    At least Chelsea fans getting the pleasure of conjecturing how the latest batch of all-star mercenary twats the mighty Russsian ruble has bought them will fit into the team. Another 50million spaffed on Anelka and Berbatov and Jesus and the Dali Lama so the hooting hordes of chavs can fawn and marvel at their wonderful team, in complete denial at the utter classness of it all.

    Grant spends 50million, Wengers spends 50p, which gives us 69,999,999.50 pound to instigate my recently suggested transfer policy of buying every Tottenham target then loaning them out to teams around them in the table. Let’s use our money not for Arsenal’s ascendancy, but to get the spuds relegated

    Oh, I was drinking Murdoch James 2004 Martinborough Sauvignon Blanc last night. Fucking lovely with a stir fry. For red I suggest a 1997 Sarget. Drinking wonderfully just about now.

  3. Goofle

    Arsenal: Lehmann, Sagna, Toure, Senderos, Traore, Eboue, Silva, Denilson, Diaby, Bendtner, Eduardo

    Subs: Djourou, Fabianski, Justin Hoyte, Randall, Lansbury

  4. Henry

    I like the team, but what happened to the first team, does that mean Bendtner and Eduardo don’t play Wednesday?

  5. jimmyfingers

    Right only a few minutes into the game and I feel like re-opening the Senderos debate. He looks rubbish, and it’s the Burnley attack

  6. Henry

    In fairness Senderos has only made 2 howlers this half, not bad for him, great Eduardo goal though, hopefully we’ll see a better passing side in the second half eh? good wine recommendation!

  7. Ryan

    Senderos played fine today. He’s had his share of bad games this season but give him credit when he plays well too. Especially in the second half where he was flawless. The real sinkers came from Eboue (who might have guessed?! That’s what his 15 or so appearance this season and what… his 15th or so utterly inconsistent- but mostly shite performance!) and Diaby who did some great things, but in between his great things (about one good thing for every 25 minutes) he was very poor. If he’s on the left wing he needs to actually stay out on the left hand side of the field- that’s where a left winger plays 🙂

    Traore was disappointing in the first half, but improved a lot in the second before being replaced and Hoyte was fine when he came on. Sagna was mostly great again today, seriously what a steal of a buy by Wenger! And Bendtner’s first touch wasn’t always perfect but his work rate and some of his contributions were very impressive today, especially in the second half. Nice goal :p

    @ Jimmyfingers: LOL! I laughed a lot at your comment. Namely spending all our spare cash on Spurs targets, then loaning them out just to get Spurs relegated. Hahaha, that was genius.

  8. jimmyfingers

    Fair enough, Senderos improved (I think). Mine was a knee jerk reaction to a couple of early howlers that come from him being a bit ring rusty. Still a cause for concern though: this was only Burnley, and they had plenty of chances

  9. jimmyfingers

    Fuck me, a Tottenham fan. And he can type. That’s a rare combination. Mostly they just throw poo at each other. You know they say give a thousand chimpanzees a thousand typewriters and eventually they will write the completed works of Shakespeare. Ossie, I think you have a way to go but chin chin, do carry on with your mud pies

  10. The Prophet

    Like the idea Jimmy but re the spud targets is that what the wankers chelski tried to do to us except just kept them on the bench!

    Eboue was utter shite today and killed off attack after attack with wrong decsions and poor passes.

    Diaby feels he has to beat the entire defence before he passes, hwoever on pthe positives in the 2nd half saw Eduardo actually bring some players into the game and great pass fro 2nd goal

    I agree Senderos bad first half but gotmuch better 2nd just does not look as silky as Toure or Gallas

  11. Yankee Goonah

    Thats awful honest Ossie, we’re gonna tank the spuds next week. This has gotta be the biggest game of your season!

    Sad times.

  12. Henry

    calls himself a knob cheese, he really is a cunt, I think god made Tottenham fans so we’d have someone to laugh at! thank you god.

    Oh and thank you for making Paul Robinson, that really is funny! and Berbatov, that’s even funnier!!!

  13. Mike (the neighbour )

    JUst got back on line -jimmyfingers your early posting was so funny and you must be rich as the murdoch james 2006 retails at £13.99 a bottle -the 2004 must be a couple of quid more -nice to know le-grove is going posh .As wine seems to becoming a regular topic Maybe geoff should organise a guest sommelier to recommend a wine to give the opposition at each Arsenal match -any suggestion for tottenham ??
    Geoff hope your wine was as promising as your optimistic prediction for todays match and not 2/5ths as good as you expected .
    By the way as Burnley seemed to rise to the occasion when down to 10 men as did arsenal recently is it against FA rules to start with 10 men and only bring on the 11th if it suits ?
    By the way if you type in spuds to google you get Special People Under Doctors Supervision and we all know what special people are -says a lot about the team methinks !

  14. EVO - OZ

    Big Phil will be fine guys, just give him a chance to get the rust out! I too worry about Eboue, he gives me the shits a lot, although i have seen some lovely crosses of his in the past (right onto Henry’s head in the Man U game last season 2-1).

    I think Diaby needs time as well, i like him and he does hold onto the ball, but thats the idea behind Wenger’s style of play – hold onto the ball and try to dribble into the box or pass it into the box. So yes he probably does lose the ball and he could stay out on the left wing a bit more, but lets see what happens over time?

    Good to see Denilson get a start and play a good game, he has been missing for a while.

    I think the 2 strikers will play again midweek against the spuds and then kanu no.2 will be back for Birmingham on the weekend (hopefully with RVP along side), although as long as whoever is playing puts the ball in the back of the net, its all good!

  15. jimmyfingers

    Cheers Mike. Was still a little worse for wear from the night before so decided to go on a rant (and Murdoch James isn’t that much when you’re in the trade). Interesting the google search on spuds: mu first response was going to be ‘are you on a day out from a special school’, before rejecting it because I thought it was unfair to special schools.

    Re: Diaby, I swear when he goes forward he’s like the ghost of Arsenal past, all the swagger of those lolloping runs from Paddy. Unlike Vieira he still hasn’t learnt when to offload tho

  16. EVO - OZ

    Diaby will learn, i just wish Diarra would learn, he is my no.1 offender for not passing the ball and being dispossed or tackled whilst holding on it!!!

  17. jimmyfingers

    Given that he wasn’t in the team or on the bench means you might not have to worry about Diarra for very long. The Carling Cup teamsheet may bring more illumination, but his absence today is damning: either he is being punished for his attitude, or he is being prepared for sale (no danger of any injury). Given the wealth of talent we have in midfield we should shed no tear, despite the potential he shows in flashes. Not valued at Chelsea he came to us, and now seems to want to walk away from a club with genuine title aspirations, and a real chance of European glory. Fine, let him go to a lesser club, let him prove himself there, rather than show real character and force himself into Le Boss’ thoughts at one of the finest clubs on the planet. He has been measured, and has been found wanting

  18. posh

    I do not know whether that we shall take premier league cup.First of all we have bad like Philippe Senderos and my appeal is that Wenger you should by some new defenders so that we can take the premier league cup this season.As you see Man U is now a head of us…..

  19. posh

    I do not know whether that we shall take premier league cup.First of all we have bad defenders like Philippe Senderos and my appeal is that Wenger you should by some new defenders so that we can take the premier league cup this season.As you see Man U is now a head of us…..