Beckham loves Arsenal

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It’s true, the Times quotes Arsene Wenger as saying ‘this will not become a circus, Beckham lives nearby and he has always loved Arsenal, so he trains with us’

Fantastic, if that’s the criteria, I’m off to train with Arsenal then.

I think the boss is playing with fire here, the media circus surrounding Beckham could seriously distract our young team, although he is mainly training with the reserves it makes no sense to me at all, all he’s after is 100 caps, he’s too old for England and can offer nothing to our world cup qualification chances, did we learn nothing from Sven!

I for one wish he’d go home to Disneyland or where ever he lives, the egotistical tosser.

I know the British people are celebrity struck, but I for one am not, and don’t welcome it at Arsenal, look at how well we’ve played since Thierry went.

Other news is depressing like Anelka going to the Chavs, I really rate him and that news upset me, if it is indeed true, I know we won’t sign him, but the Chavs or the Mancs having him is not right.

Berbatov to Man City is quite funny, but I can’t see him leaving, as Spurs are a big team…not!

Onto Burnley, a fixture that we should comfortably win, but I still remember Oxford, Wrexham and York City so I take nothing for granted, but I reckon it will be the swan song for Kolo and Eboue and maybe even Song will get a run and and save Gallas for the Spurs game, I would, that’s for sure.

I’m still predicting an easy win here though – 3 nil or more but Wednesday’s game will be much, much harder, it’s the only game where the spuds can win something this season and maybe Berbatov’s last game, so beware!

Interesting comments day yesterday, it finished with some stellar advice on wines, so we all know who to ask when we need a deal now eh!

Have a good day Grovers.

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  1. Spaghetti Gooner

    Beckham training with us is a masterstroke. How many No 23 Beckham shirts will the club sell? Quite a few I bet and more than enough to make it worthwhile for us financially. If he behaves and trains like it’s always been reported he does it will give a very good, professional example to our young squad.

    I think it’s win-win. I know it won’t happen but I’d even like to see him play in a game or two for us. Today at Burnley would be ideal.

    As for Anelka I couldn’t care less what he does. We don’t want or need someone like that. They say he’s mellowed and become more mature but he’s still looking for his next big move. Any big club that picks him up now is mad, he’d do best to stay at Bolton and drag them out of the pooh. That way, at least, he’d look like he’s got some loyalty.

  2. JT

    I have to agree with the last comment. Having a winner of premierships, Euro Cups and La Ligas in your squad can be no bad thing. The criteria for him training with us was convenience for him living close to us and us having young players who would benefit from training with a good professional.

    If the Chavs get Anelka, so be it. He is a great striker but he is knocking on 30’s door as well. So fuck him!

    I think take burnly to pieces today, I can’t even see it being close. There recent form has been poor, they don’t have any star players and we’ll be playing a young hungry team! 0-4!

  3. The Prophet

    I never thought of the comercial reasons so giving Beckham a game in the rserves and perhaps a couple of camio appearences the shirt sales alone in the far East and the exposure for Arsenal in those countries who will experience the best football in the world

  4. Henry

    how does that mean shirt sales? he’s not registered to us, we gave him the 23 top for training, unless you think people will have shirts made with 23 on it.

    Anelka is 27 by the way.

  5. Bud

    Jimmy is back on top of my Le-Grove Appreciation Society again……. education, wine and football…………. this is one hell of a site………. where else can you get football, booze and improve your knowledge??!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The Prophet

    I know Beckam has to be registered. However the thought of Beckham playing a game for Arsenal will wind up at least two regular contributors to this (very good ) site.

  7. Phobia

    Beckham signed for LA Galaxy,he is trainning with Arsenal to keep his fitness and sharpness to try to get picked for the next England game until the mls starts again.
    2.Fair enough it is only a training kit but with Beckham having the number 23 on his shirt there will be rumours that he could yet play for Arsenal.Why have a squad number if he isn’t going to play for Arsenal.
    I Love Arsenal

  8. Goofle

    Beckham is a great football player. In terms of his ability to do nothing all match long, run very little, at a slow pace and then do a cross to win the game.

  9. Geoff

    Beckham is contracted to another team, he’s not registered with us and I see little point in him being there and causing speculation.

    This Bulgarian kid seems interesting especially as he has been compared to Robben, but if Vela is the dogs and he joins us next season it probably won’t happen, so it looks like another transfer speculation dud I’m afraid.

    I can’t wait for tomorrow, playing a team we expect to beat easily for a change!

    Then we’ll all start wondering who will play against the spuds. I hope Ade and Eduardo play or Walcott and Bendtner, either way if they’re all fit we should have 2 blinders on the cards.

  10. Pedro

    I can’t see any harm in an old man joining up with us for a month or so? Maybe he can teach Kolo how to take the free kicks he seems to have grown so fond of!

    Anelka is getting on a bit, Thierry was fine until he hit 29, then he was fucked for the year! I hope they do sign him, I’d prefer them sign him that David Villa or Sammy Eto’o. Whoever they sign wont make a difference to there league form! They won’t catch us!

    I didnt enjoy Cescs interview, its like hearing your bird talking about Brad Pitt who she knows is interested… its makes me uneasy…! Still, thats what 8 year contracts are for! We should be more worried about the flamsters contract! What happens if he leaves and Diarra leaves! We’ll be in trouble!

    We’re gonna spank Burnley!

  11. jimmyfingers

    I talk wine 12 hours a day, then football the other 12. The twin pillars of society, booze and football. Best when they’re mixed!

    I said before about Anelka: he’s the poisoned chalice of strikers. Absolute genius, guaranteed to bang them in, but an utter cunt, no matter if age may have mellowed him. RvP is the only concern of our strikers, and his fitness the only concern of his game. Bendtner, eduardo and Walcott are such great prospects, I don’t like theidea of buying a senior striker that will only push them further down the pecking order. The same applies to midfield, which IMO rules out a move for Modric. Only in defense I’ll argue we have a lack of strength in depth, but I won’t open that debate again, instead deferring to the Swiss Faction and trusting in the cover we have, because that is what Wenger will do.

    Ironic tomorrow we will be resting junior players to make sure they’re fit for the Carling Cup. It has got to the point where we have no reserves, just the very best and the best. Arsenal are the full fat milk of football

  12. EVO - OZ


    I love your quote “we have no reserves, just the best and the very best”!

    thats gold my friend, i reckon you have hit the nail on the head! The Carling Cup team definitely has two incarnations now after todays game at Burnley. Carling Cup team A and B or 1 and 2 whichever way you prefer it!