Lehmann off, Modric in?

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There are conflicting stories surrounding the Lehmann affair, reliable sources such as ‘Libel football’ say he’s priced himself out of a move by demanding £40k a week, I find that hard to believe and Borrussia Dortmund have arranged a press conference later today, so I can’t see them arranging a press conference to say they’re not signing Lehmann, can you?

Eduardo urges Wenger to sign Modric says ‘Libel Football’, this I see as more of a prospect as the story refuses to go away, Eduardo sees him as the
finest footballer of his generation and with the midfield looking uncertain, Modric a Johnny foreigner and the want aways – wanting away, maybe Wenger will act sooner, rather than later.

If Vela is the answer at left wing next term all we then need is a center back and a back up keeper.

Maybe our young Norwegian will be ready to step up or maybe he has Song ready, a bit like he had Kolo move from midfield to defence.

I don’t believe he hasn’t something up his sleeve, he’s been too quiet on the Diarra and Flamini front not to be scheming and as we all have come to expect, the boss does move in mysterious ways …well sometimes.

Good news is the Burnley game is live on BBC1 so we get to see the first team in action before the Spurs game on Wednesday, I think that game is a
huge ask for the young ‘uns but still very winnable and I for one can’t wait.

I think we’ve done the English bit to death, well I have anyway so we’ll say no more on that subject, save this.

Last night it was mentioned on Le-Grove that Aliadiere and Lupoli have made mistakes by leaving, I made this point about Aliadiere.

Loaned to Celtic, West Ham and Wolves, played in every first team game including Semi finals of the FA Cup, Charity Shields, Champions league,
Carling Cup and of course the premier league over a 9 year period with the first team, and the boss never gave up on him.

Then he wants away and even then Wenger tried to keep him, on that note I’m mostly resting my case!

Good blogging Grovers and let’s hope there’s some transfer activity today, we had a boring summer let’s hope for something to lick our lips over in January!

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  1. henry

    It will be good to see the back of him if it’s true and interesting to see if we do buy anyone.

    I haven’t seen Modric but I like Benzema.

  2. Steve

    I don’t think we need Modric. A very good player though he is, is he any different/better to what we have in that position? He seems to be a Rosicky/Hleb type player from what I have seen and I wouldn’t replace either of them. We need to splash out on a top class Central Defender and maybe sign a back up goalkeeper if he doesn’t think that Fabianski is ready to make the step up. No major transformation need in my opinion.

  3. John

    Geoff you said,

    “Last night it was mentioned on Le-Grove that Aliadiere and Lupoli have made mistakes by leaving, I made this point about Aliadiere.

    Loaned to Celtic, West Ham and Wolves, played in every first team game including Semi finals of the FA Cup, Charity Shields, Champions league,
    Carling Cup and of course the premier league over a 9 year period with the first team, and the boss never gave up on him.

    Then he wants away and even then Wenger tried to keep him, on that note I’m mostly resting my case!”

    Whats your case? Aliadiere did make a mistake, or he didn’t? It doesn’t really make sense?

  4. Kevin

    Hey Guys,

    Good news on the Flamini front.

    Juventus are about to offer £17 million for Mascherano. Not the sort of move you make before signing the Flamster in the summer. My guess? Well Juve would rather wait 6 months and get a better player on a bosman. I reckon they sounded the flamster out and he told them to get lost.

    You failed to give a mention about RvP who is nearing a return! Thats big news!

    Oh and you also failed to mention that we have to play our A team this weekend so our B team wont be knackered for the Spud game! Oh that makes me chuckle!

    It could be a cricket score this weekend!

  5. Goofle

    Why do we need a top class centre back?

    We have Toure and Gallas. Backed up by Djourou, Senderos and Song. Why would a top class centre back want to be added to that list? Manchester United do not have three top class centre backs. They have Rio and Vidic, backed up by Brown and O’shea both of which have been rumoured to want to leave.

    This is not “Football Manager” so to expect this top class centre back ti just sit on the bench at most for the rest of the season is a bit too much (or less…whatever) for the guy to put up with.

    You look at Diarra in the same position in another area of the pitch. It would be the same situation for the new top class centre back in an area that NEVER gets rotated!

    Have some common sense!

  6. titi

    Agreed dude.

    We don’t need a centre back and we don’t need a keeper. You can’t sign a Micah Richards, because he isn’t going to wait behind Toure and Gallas for 3 seasons. And for me, Djourrou and Senderos are equal to O’shea and Brown, Ben Haim and Alex whoever the fuck the liverpool back ups are.

    We don’t need a keeper. We have a 22 year old reserve, what would be the point in buying him if you’re going to block his path?

  7. gazzap

    I dont see how dortmund calling a press conference means lehmann is signing for them. talk about adding 2 and 2 together and coming up with 5.
    do you really think if Lehmann was on the verge of a move wenger would play him against Burnley? what about the reports saying Dortmund wont match lehmanns wage demands? could it be that Dortmund are announcing the signing of a keeper who is not Jens Lehmann?

    on the defender front, I just dont think Senderos is good enough for Arsenal and thats who I think needs replacing though I would not do that bit of business until the summer. when he comes into the team, Arsenal concede sloppy goals and he gets sent off! whats more he just does not look comfortable on the ball and lacks pace. its not about numbers, but quality.

  8. Pedro

    A lot of people who vent their defender anger on here tar Djourrou with the same brush as Senderos? It isn’t just a few people either! For me, JD is a far superior defender to Senderos and has never let us down. For someone who is so young, I think he is a cracking defender.

    Senderos on the other hand is not. He is living of past glories and I wouldnt be surprised to see wenger get shot of him in the summer because he is becoming our very own Titus Bramble (Bar the goals against the Scousers!).

    If he let Senderos go in the summer, it would be too early for a Nordveit promotion, but maybe the purchase of Richards could be on the cards?

    You would think if Dortmund have called press conference for Jens, Jens would have the decency to be there!

    When are Arsenal announcing the return of Vela!

  9. Bud

    Senderos as much as I hate him (currently!), was good enough, but got the confidence knocked out of him and has yet to bounce back. He will be good enough, that I have no doubt. If you watch him play for Switzerland he is inspirational, but for some reason the red and white shirt of arsenal inhibits him at the moment……. he’ll come good !

    Djourou is good enough also. What you have to remember is, we are looking at back up players here. You are not going to get Micah Richards to come to Arsenal to play FA & Carling Cup and occassional cover for Gallas and Toure !!!

    Look at Man U, they have Brown as there centre back cover, not exactly world class…… which by listening to you lot, is what you want as a cover player…… not gonna happen, so leave it be, STOP FUCKIN MOANING and lets talk positive things. We are top of the league, playing well again after getting over our mini blip and you lot are bitching like a bunch of Spurts fans over Nationality and quality of reserve players…… unbelievably spoilt me thinks !!!!!!!!

  10. Pedro

    Bud… I swear… no wait… you did just defend Senderos!

    Good for you I say! You are right about the confidence thing, it does feel like 2 seasons he has been playing poorly though…

    Do your reckon a good world cup could reignite his form? He’s still only 23!

    I agree about the bitching with regards to nationality. I dont know what people are trying to get at… that Wenger would rather get rid of an English player than give him a go? It illogical. He is paid to do the best for the team. His ego wouldn’t allow him to get rid of a good player and get slated in the papers for having poor judgement.

    Aliadiere for all that was wrong with him, was a prodigious talent. Heralded as one of the top 3 players to leave the Clairefontaine school of excellence in France. It just didnt work out for him due to injuries… He is incomparable to Connelly.

    As for Lupoli, he has come out and admitted his mistake, he said he shouldn’t have left. Good for him I say!

  11. Gunnersaurus

    Hey Weirdo, your sites shite, stop advertising it!

    Guys, I like Senderos, but I think he is damaged goods. Its been ages since the Drogba incident. I read that he is super intelligent and overly critical of himself. I think the best sportsmen are generally dim, they don’t think about anything other than the ball. I fear that Senderos is constantly worrying during a game and it fucks him.

    He is a good back up, but nothing more.

    Now JD, what a fucking player! He is going to be great, anyone who slates him is a damn fool.

    Gazzap, I would hardly say Dortmund calling a press conference is like 2+2=5. Dortmund sent someone over to negotiate with him, there has been no official announcement so it could be a press conference to say he will be joining after he plays his final game at Burnley.

    As for quality and numbers, you can’t have 22 world class players. You need the guys learning their trade, the fill in players and your old heads. I agree with the premise of what you are saying, but I hope you don’t mean we need a world class back up, because like Bud said, your not going to get Micah playing second fiddle, or Connelly for that matter!

  12. Bud

    Good point there Pedro, I hadn’t given that consideration, but to start a nice positive discussion, YES, I do hop he has a good Euro Champioship (not World Cup Pedros !!!) and that as you rightly state, it could reignite his confidence so he can once again realise his potential…..

    After all, the last World Cup that Switzerland had to qualify for, they had the best defensive record of all qualifiers, with Big Phil at Centre back and ultimately only went out of the tournament on Penalties……. so that actually contradicts someones comment yesterday that playing for Switzerland is no big thing as they are second rate…….. I love correcting people !!!!!!

  13. jimmyfingers

    Ahoy me hearty blogheads!

    Right, first off to goofle and others who think we’ve got all we need at the back. While he has been having an extended run in the team, up until this point Gallas has been a crock. Love him, but are you confident he’s going to stay fit? With Toure off did his bit for King and Country, if we lose Gallas we’ve got Senderos and Djourou shielding Almunia. Crickey. Yes that’s a short-term but short-term may determine whether we win the title or not. Nothing wrong with spending all this cash we’ve got and strengthening our backline. It is, after all, the weakest part of our squad: Senderos is error prone,and Djourou is far from the finshed article.

    Heard we knocked back a 4mill offer for Diarra off Spurs. Good times

  14. Bud

    OK Jimmy, Gallas gets injure out for 4 weeks, then we draft in our £10million central defensive cover (say Micah), then when our CAPTAIN and most influential player thus far this season (Gallas) returnsd, we obviously put him back in the team, and our £10,000,000 new centre back signing goes back in the stiffs…….. yeah, gonna happen !!!!!

  15. Pedro

    Jimmy you could say that about any part of our team! Theo isn’t the finished article, nor Eduardo or Bendtner… doesn’t mean we need to go out and buy Berbatov!

    JD may not be the finished article, but if he was we’d be in trouble because he is going to be a top player!

    Good stuff about the Diarra story, what a sorry bunch of Cunts spurs are…


    Speaking to Arsenal.com on Thursday, Wenger said: “Jens at the moment is still with us. I think he will be involved on Sunday at Burnley. As far as I am concerned he is an Arsenal player.”

    Wenger added he has no plans to bring Mexican striker Carlos Vela into the fold until the end of the season.

    Vela signed for Arsenal as a 16-year-old in November 2005 but is currently out on loan at Osasuna.

  17. jimmyfingers

    You don’t think there’s room for three players in two positions, what with Carling Cup, FA Cup, CL and the Prem? The fixtures list’s going to get crowded as we march to an historic quadruple

    Seriously tho, I don’t see why we can’t accomodate him. Toure seems practically invincible: I can’t remember the last time he had a knock but Gallas has spent far more time injured at Arsenal than fit, hence his position as president of Le List. We love RvP, we love Gallas but would the club be wrong to look around for cover? And I don’t mean cover as in a squad player, Carling Cup sort of way, but a young tyro, world-class-in-waiting sort of way, and someone that could lead the line for Arsenal for more than a decade (unlike Gallas). Plus he’s a massive Arsenal fan, is stalling on his contract, has repeatedly said he wants to play for us and supposedly even asked for a release clause in his contract that would be triggered by an Arsenal bid. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the future of Arsenal defending (big a nod to the past) Big Micah Richards

  18. Bud

    Didn’t he blow his chance to play for Wenger by appearing on the the front page of the news of the world in a 3am Roasting sensation recently???

    As I see it, thats the very attribute that Wenger avoids and rightly so !!!!!

  19. jimmyfingers

    Actually not sure why we’re debating it, because its not going to happen. I do think it will happen in the summer, but not this January. This January Wenger will mostly be signing a feotus from Cameroon, probably

  20. Gunnersaurus

    Jimmy, I am with you!

    Roasting king Micah is who I want in my team!

    When you say roasting bud, you do mean roasting defenders to nip in with a near post header, right?

    I don’t see why we couldn’t accommodate him? Gallas isn’t El Presidente of le list for nothing! I think Le Grove should consider making Walcott President, weedy little girl he is!

    Or shall we wait for Nordveit?

    Geoff I think you should stop putting Modric in your headline, people will think you are his agent!

  21. Bud

    Consider it elaborated below:

    ENGLAND ace Micah Richards has been caught ‘roasting’ a young girl fan in a sick sex video passed to the News of the World.
    The Manchester City star and a Premier League pal filmed themselves on a mobile phone during the depraved hotel toilet romp in the latest scandal to rock English soccer.

    Richards is today exposed as a vile animal captured on video “roasting” a teenage fan in a toilet with a pal.

    The star player and his Premier League friend, grinning broadly with debauched pleasure, have sex with the girl at the same time while filming themselves on a mobile phone.

    The sickening video of Manchester City defender Richards was handed to the News of the World in the week that soccer’s reputation hit rock bottom after allegations of rape and roasting at rival club Man United’s Christmas party.

    The film of Richards’ roasting—a sick act which involves one man having sex with a woman from behind while she gives a second oral sex—was passed on to friends’ mobiles by the swaggering pair.

    In the clip, the 19-year-old player, one of England’s brightest young stars, smiles directly at the camera over the girl’s back.

    Dressed in a white T-shirt, jeans and a leather jacket, he shakes his head around as his pal films him with his trousers down behind the girl.

    Richards is wearing distinctive jewellery including a silver ring, earrings and necklace.

    Then the other smiling soccer player, who is naked from the waist up, moves the phone lens onto his own private parts in the most sickening footage —and also films the girl giving him oral sex, reflected in a large mirror in what appears to be a hotel’s disabled toilet.

    The girl—a brunette naked from the waist down—moans with pleasure as the players shout: “Does that feel good?” Wearing just a black wool jumper and expensive black earrings, she doesn’t stop pleasuring the men—even when a mobile phone rings.

    Both players then burst into laughter and one of them says: “Who’s ringing you at this time?” Towards the end of the 87 seconds of footage one of the men mumbles something to the other, causing him to shout “F*** that!”

    Then as the sleazy session ends, one of the players says something that forces the girl to yell an indignant “Hey!”

    Sources who have seen the video reveal the man with Richards—who played for his team against Aston Villa yesterday—is another Premier League player.

    The footage is believed to have been shot in Manchester city centre in the last five weeks, near the time England embarrassingly failed to qualify for the European Championships with their defeat to Croatia at Wembley.

    One pal told us: “Micah and his mate have been boasting about what they got up to with the girl, they think it is hilarious. You can tell they are both loving it.

    “Most of my friends have now got it on their phones. But you can’t help thinking they are treating the girl like a piece of meat.

    “Even when one of their phones rings they don’t stop, they just have a laugh and carry on. They don’t really care to be honest, it’s just another girl.”

    Another pal said Richards— said to be seeking an improved £14 million contract at City—is regularly seen in Manchester bars with his roasting accomplice.

    He said: “They are so tight it is unbelievable, they do everything together. They have got a lot of money and they know it.

    “They dress in flash jewellery and rap star clothes. To be honest they wind a lot of people up but the girls seem to love it.”


    Richards might care more when he realises how the scandal will put his budding England career at risk under new coach Fabio Capello—a renowned disciplinarian who demands the best behaviour from his players.

    Italian Capello has warned that he will subject all England players to a month of intense scrutiny before deciding whether they are deserving of a place in his first squad.

    He said: “A place in the national squad has to be deserved, and it will be based on behaviour, play on the field and attitude.”

    Richards was the youngest defender ever to be called up for England and is now a team regular alongside captain John Terry.

    His behaviour will be particularly heartbreaking for his proud dad Lincoln who came to Britain from the West Indies 40 years ago as a seven-year-old. Despite bringing Micah up in the tough Chapeltown area of Leeds, he was sure his son would make a success of his life.

    Earlier this year Lincoln said: “There are two roads you can go down, bad or good. I was never concerned about Micah, it was not in his nature.”

    The player even sees himself as a role model, saying: “To anyone from my area, I always give the advice that if you really want something, just concentrate on it and try to fulfil your dreams.”

    But our sordid footage reveals the Aston Martin-driving Micah has been drawn into the depraved lifestyle that is tarnishing our national game—and which erupted onto front pages all last week.

    Budding Manchester United star Jonny Evans was arrested on Tuesday after a 26-year-old nurse claimed she had been raped at the team’s party in the swish Great John Street Hotel. He denies the accusation.

    Then it was claimed another girl was roasted at the bash by around five or six revellers—including three Man United players. Girls mingling with players in the hotel complained of being groped “like pieces of meat” by boozed-up stars.

    Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson is now attempting to call time on the behaviour of his overpaid stars.

    He has banned any repeat of last week’s party where more than 100 carefully selected pretty girls were invited, but wives and girlfriends were banned.

    Organisers are understood to have trawled the social networking site Facebook to find attractive young women to attend the party. But at the last minute it was feared there were not enough girls and calls were made to local lap dancing clubs to make up the numbers.

    All United’s players were at the party apart from Ronaldo, who was at an awards ceremony.

    Roasting was first highlighted in 2003 when a 17-year-old girl claimed she was gang-raped by four men— including two Premiership stars—at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

    The two stars were interviewed by detectives but the case was dropped because of lack of evidence.

    And in January 2004, three Leicester City players were questioned about the alleged assault and rape of three prostitutes at Spain’s luxury La Manga hotel complex. Paul Dickov, 32, Keith Gillespie, 30, and Frank Sinclair, 34, spent six days in jail before they were all cleared by a Spanish court.

  22. Bud

    Gunnersaurus – Why are you whinging about our players…….. will everyone stop digging, its getting embarrassing…….. you’re all acting like spoilt little brats and spurts fans.

    We are top of the league for one reason, our team and squad have got us there, so leave it for F’s sake, its all getting sooooooooooooooo boring !!!!!!

  23. jimmyfingers

    Fair play, there’s elaboration and then there’s Bud’s elaboration

    Not the worst thing in the world. Sounds like he needs a good missus, a wise manager and a dressing room full of sensible heads.

    Ooh sounds like Arsenal

  24. Pedro

    So what you’re saying bud is Micah should roast in private? I mean its a bit gross in a toilet…

    Very funny Jimmy… Funny and right… Lets sign him up and make his life better!

    Wouldn’t it be nice to sign a superstar for once!

    Like I said yesterday though, I don’t think we are desperate! Trust in the swiss ones!

  25. Bud

    Thats right, TRUST, not just in the Swiss Ones, but in WENGER……… and stop making this site a Spurs Blog with all this ungrateful digging and whinging !!!!

  26. jimmyfingers

    I agree Pedro, we’re not desperate. I talked of Chelsea playing ‘chequebook football’ since Abramovich took over in a forum and all the Chelsea fans got very antsy, yet we’ll be sitting back and watching them spend 50million again this January. Anelka, Berbatov, Ivanovic to name but a few all to try to keep up with us. The Chavs are like school on Sunday: no class

  27. Bud

    And yeah, filming it and then letting it out is kinda stupid, and I do not like stupid people, and his form has dipped anyway……….

    On this matter of form, does anyone remember that young centre half we had called Senderos, was awsome, was touted as the best young centre back in the world, Man U, Liverpool, Real Madris, Barcelona, AC Milan even tried to sign him but he joined Arsenal and was the new Tony Adams….. had a cracking first few seasons, especially in the Champions League, but having a common drop in form as do a lot of young uns……….

  28. Roman

    i think Vela i going to be one to watch
    Wenger likes young and non experianced so he can work with them]i dont think we need another fabregas, keep on to Denilson he will become the bet player in the world one day.
    Is Vela coming in January?
    Also i saw his name is now on he arsenal players list……….but on the reserves???!!!???

  29. Bud

    No, in his press conference yesterday, Wenger said he did not intend bringing him back till the end of teh season

  30. Goofle

    Bud Says:
    January 4, 2008 at 12:23 pm

    First of all, the lad is like 19 years old and is having a good old shag with a girl that, in my personal opinion, may have wanted to suck his dick because he is a bit famous and rich….just an idea. There is a possibility that she may have said to him “Lets have a christmas ROAST Micha…you and your mate…you get it?” and they roasted in the toilet.

    Be realistic about the centre back positions. Gallas has not been injured all season and when he or Toure are out we have Djourou coming in their place and when the other is out we have Song. Sounds bad but it is the same situation at most clubs except Chelsea who thrive on defensive cover) and to be honest, Song and Djourou may well become top players.

  31. femi odunayo

    as for me, phillipe senderos is not reliable at the back in the sense that he is prone to mistakes which leads to goals. djourou and gallas are my best pair for the central derence when toure goes for the african nations cup.

  32. Bud

    Good post Geoff, alythough I do have to comment that Ben Haim is not what I would call good central defensive cover !

    And Terrry may be out all season……. all together now “oh Eboue’s a jolly good fella, oh Eboue’s a jolly good fella…………”

  33. jimmyfingers

    I heard that about Terry. As I said at the time: Eboue, instant hero

    As I said, the point is moot as Wenger won’t buy Richards this January, so our present cover will have to do. I’m uessing Senderos will have seniority and so will start, Djourou as back. He hasn’t shone out on loan at Birmingham but hopefully with better players around him he’ll make less errors

    Damn shame Vela isn’t joining us

  34. Geoff

    Ok I’m a bit late today but to clear up the questions and add to some comments.

    1) I wasn’t saying anything about Aliadiere other than he wasn’t good enough but he had 9 years worth of fist team chances, and only left because he wanted to, the English kids just get sold straight off with no chances.

    2) Unless you don’t like girls, what’s wrong with roasting? why would Arsene care, let he who has never sinned cast the first stone …(life of Brian)

    3) Senderos makes too many mistakes, too often, but still gets played, too often.

    4) We need another world class center back because Gallas is 30 and Wenger outs players when they reach 31, see Henry, Pires, Viera and Gilberto, the days of Adams, Dixon and Keown are long gone (yes I know PV4 and TH14 were not quite 31).

    5) I can’t see why Dortmund would hold a press conference if they weren’t signing someone as no fucker would be interested in what they had to say.

    In summary, I believe you need top class cover in every position, so that means 4 center backs, we need it so when a sub comes on we don’t say…oh fuck, like we used to with players like Cygan.

    I think that sums it up for me.

  35. jimmyfingers

    Ooh, almost forgot. Was chatting to a chum (Everton fan from Jersey. Go figure) and he said the one thing Arsenal never do is buy to stop a rival getting a player. He made the point in reference to Berbatov, but I came up with a better transfer policy. On the basis on that I propose we buy Hutton (you may by now be getting an inkling of what my policy is)

    We got money to burn but don’t really need players, so I say buy all of Tottenham targets. They make an offer, we make a better one, they come to us. Better yet we wait till they reject the offer from Spuds, they make the spuds watch as they bite our hand to come to play for the Arse. Then the coup de gras: loan the players out to teams like Villa and Fulham, rivals for table places. I reckon if we did this right we could get them relegated if not this season, definately next

  36. Goofle

    Djourou was sent out on loan ahead of Senderos and Song because Arsene rated him ahead of then. As for the ridiculous statement by Geoff on English players, what an idiotic remark. “English players are sold with no chances” are you telling me that Justin hoyte and Theo Walcott have been given less chances than Merida, Barazite and Traore?

    In all honesty, those three players may hagve had a bigger impact than Theo or Justin due to their excellent levels of technique. The only real Arsenal players who have skill are those who have been at Arsenal for the Wenger reign from a young age. Is it a coincidence that Lansbury, Randall, Hoyte (G) and others have just started to look quality 11 years since Arsene has taken over? That is why we have foreign p[layers, the ones at the academy were not good enough. I feel that Wenger sees the academy as the production for the English contingent of the squad and he will buy in foreign players as they already have the skill needed.

    If he were to buy an English player they take more time to settle in than a foreigner because they do not have the nescessary requirements needed to play “Wenger-Ball”. Look at Walcott for example. He is two years into his training and he still needs much of an improvement to his game. If the English player is not as good as the foreign player in terms of skill, he will be sold to another English club that do not require those talents, just the ability to hoof it up front.

  37. Bud

    Yeah Geoff……. put that in your pipe and smoke it !

    I’m sorry Jimmyfingers, you are no longer my champion on Le-Grove…….. your place in the Marble Halls of Bud appreciation has firmly and rightly gone to the man they call Goofle !!!!!!!!!

  38. phatrick

    Lets take a look at Senderos and Djourou in the next cup games. They both know they will be judged on those performances – if they look way out of their depth I suspect the scouting network will get a call to organise something for the end of the transfer window. We cannot afford to be patching up our defence in the 4-5 week period Toure will be missing for….

    That said, Djourou and Senderos have performed well in the past and may do so again.

  39. Bud

    Lehmann Report:

    Wenger went on to reject claims that Jens Lehmann is set to rejoin his former club Borussia Dortmund.

    “I know nothing about it; the player is under contract here. He is playing against Burnley [on Sunday]” he explained.

  40. gav

    we don’t need a centre back its just senderos needs to stop making mistakes and improve then we’ll be fine. since vela’s coming next season and i think a midfielder from reserve will be ready to step up aswell next season (probably randall or merida someone like that) we don’t really need anything maybe 3rd choice keeper as lehmann’s going we’re ganna have almunia , fabianski and why not heinze muller or our reserve guy vito mannone. BUT i in the summer we might just need 1 world class player because the other teams will improve so we need to keep gettin better.

  41. Pedro

    You are such a blog whore bud…

    Beckham rocks the number 23 track suit better than Sol Campbell, maybe he should teach our players how to hit a corner past the front post!

    I think people the sooner people realise Micah ain’t coming the better. JD and Senderos will be alright, I would prefer JD at CB though. I wonder who he will pick?

    I doubt he’ll sign anyone in the summer either, our production line is too good at the moment. Its boring, but I remember how excited I was about the beast, what a waste of time that excitement was!

  42. Bud

    Pedro, you long ago fell of the perch of my loyalties when you refused to play ball when I was banging on about Willy !!!!


  43. jimmyfingers

    Bud, some words cut

    Anyway, onwards and upwards. We know Micah isn’t coming, we just wish he would, that’s all. We face a few weeks of told you so’s: Me and Goeff and other Micah cheerleaders if Senderos and JD drop some clangers, and what I affectionately call the Swiss Faction: Bud, Pedro and those that believe in Pinky and the Brain. Cockpunches all round for the losing team.

    Sod it, if the defense stays solid I’ll be as happy as Larry anyway and quite willing to take whatever gloating may come. In fact I’d prefer the Swiss Faction to be right because it should mean we’re still top or there abouts when Toure comes back from his African jaunt. I’d love it if one of the cheesemunchers was doing so good Toure really had to fight to get his place back

    But I’m really not sure,and think we face some nervous games. But then, when don’t we?

    There’s always beer. Gin’s good too

  44. Pedro

    I like the sound of the Swiss faction…

    ‘Dont fuck with that guy, he’s from the Swiss Faction’

    Mafia sounding.

    I hope that I am right as well. The only issue we are going to have is that they will both be rusty… you’d hope JD wasn’t, but he will be rusty playing for us!

    It’ll be fine, tis the year of the gun and all that is red and white.

  45. Gunnersaurus


    I dont see how dortmund calling a press conference means lehmann is signing for them. talk about adding 2 and 2 together and coming up with 5.
    do you really think if Lehmann was on the verge of a move wenger would play him against Burnley? what about the reports saying Dortmund wont match lehmanns wage demands? could it be that Dortmund are announcing the signing of a keeper who is not Jens Lehmann?


    Gazzap, I would hardly say Dortmund calling a press conference is like 2+2=5. Dortmund sent someone over to negotiate with him, there has been no official announcement so it could be a press conference to say he will be joining after he plays his final game at Burnley.

    Dortmund General Manager:

    “In my view it was a very positive chat. Jens said he would think about (the offer), but also asked that he not be put under pressure to make a decision, which is fine by us,” managing director Hans-Joachim Watzke told a news conference.

    “I don’t know when a decision will come … but I can say that we are cautiously optimistic about both the talks and the decision.”

    I know wenger said he would be suprised if an under contract player spoke with the opposition team as he is with Arsenal.


    You never know when your players are chatting with other clubs!

    Cole, Paddy, Adebayor (Mancs this summer), Cesc (Madrid this summer)!

    He probably used a phone.

    2+2 usually equals 4

  46. Geoff

    the only ridiculous comment was yours goofle, the last time I looked, Hoyte and Walcott hadn’t been sold, and they get more chances than Merida Barazite and Traore because Barazite and Merida are 17 and Traore is 18 but all 3 of them got more chances than Connolly did, and if you read my comment properly, you’ll see that’s what I’m saying.

    Obviously you didn’t.

  47. grovedigger

    what the fuck is David Beckham and his bastard media circus doing at our gaff? he should fuck off to America or wherever they are stupid enough to pay him and put up with that ugly wife of his, she looks like a bloke in drag.

  48. Bud

    Geoff – Do not get me started on the last time we met.

    The truth must come out…….

    You spent the entire 2nd half sitting at a table drinking the free half time beer with a Manchester United fan that has never actually been to Old Trafford and didn’t/couldn’t be bothered with watching the 2nd half of Arsenal v West Ham……………. You are a disgrace Geoff !!!!!!!!!!!

    By my book, better to be drinking coke when you are driving the day after a gut full and watching the game, then talking bollocks to a Manc drinking warm flat half time lager…….. and you were carrying semi naked photos of yourself from 40 years ago when you had hair and a 6 pack………….. Ooooooooohhhhhh spiteful, oh well, touchee as they say !!!

    And P.S> Red Wine nice also…………. just tucking into a nice Chatteau Tremelet St Emillion 1999 Grand Cru…………. I believe Wengers favourite tipple as it goes, or so his book says, although i’m sure he drinks premier !!!!!!!!

  49. Geoff

    well you would like wine wouldn’t you you’re from Belgium. Me I prefer beer and always get the train to football matches, so I can drink.

  50. Bud

    No trains New Years Day from where we live, especially so as Liverpool Street was closed, so i’d have to drive 35 miles to a tube station………….. whats your excuse for ignoring the 2nd half????

    Anyway Geoffrey, i understand you yourself have rather a penchant for expensive wines and champagne or am I misunderstood???

  51. jimmyfingers

    Without sounding like a wine twat, there are no Premier Cru St Emilion. First growths are strictly left bank

    Now my working class credentials are shot to hell, have people seen piccies of Sir David of the Beckham? Did anyone else get a funny feeling inside?

    Put the shit up a few mancs, which is always a bonus

  52. Bud

    Chateau Angelus, Saint-Emilion Premier Grand Cru Classe is just one of my collection and are the Figeac Premier Grand Cru which I recently parted with a hefty price for, and my 1996 Convent des Jacobins which is my old favourite and which of the 12 bottles purchased I now have just 2 left……….. but hey, what do I know ?!!!!!!!

    Interesting point though Jimmy, although the word Premier in my previous email was in fact a play on words, what with Wenger being a manager in the PREMIERship……… but on the wine front, if you wish to correct me, please do.

    I am under no illusioon, although I have a heavy interest in Red wines and those from the Bordeaux region (St Emillion in particular !), I am still very much a philistine when it comes to the world of wine knowledge. So much so that that during the closed season i am throwing me, my wife, the boy and my fluent french speaking, foriegn driving, babysitting Mum into the the Environment screwing 4 wheel drive and heading for a weeks break in of all places St Emilion, through round and up Bordeaux !

  53. Geoff

    On that note my wine chugging Grovers, I wish you all a pleasant evenings drinking, until the morrow and hopefully some transfer gossip!

  54. jimmyfingers

    If they’re slapping a ‘Premier’ in front of a Grand Cru, then they’re pulling fast one. Only left bank wines (or the Medoc) got afforded Cru Classe in the 1855 classification of Bordeaux, and only five got given the ‘Premier Cru’ or first growth status (there are five growths in all). Lafite-Rothschild, Latour, Chateau Margaux, Haut-Brion Pessac and Mouton-Rothschild to name them. The right bank, which includes the great wines of St Emilion and its neighbour Pommerol, weren’t even given Grand Cru status until much later, despute many of them being of similar, if not greater, status (i.e. Petrus or Le Pin). Many of the great sweet wines of Bordeaux, Sauternes and Barsacs, were given first growth status, but only one, the legendary D’Yquem (pronounced D-kem) is given the classification Premier Cru Superieur.

    Sorry, I’m a wine merchant by trade

    Not that anyone is going to read this