Arsene hates English Players – Gallas makes Cryptic clue – Flamster free to talk

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So its January and after half a season we are top of the league (Say we are top of the league!) and still in all the cups. The transfer window is now well and truly open, but it seems Arsene is unlikely to purchase… boooooo!

We thrive on transfer gossip, and I would love us to sign a Benzema or a Michah Richards but if i’m honest, I don’t think Wenger really needs anyone.

Almunia is now our established number one after putting in some solid performances. The defence seems to trust him and I think the crowd has warmed to him.

Eduardo may have just extinguished any chance of Anelka returning with some ice cold finishing (Did you see what I did with that one?) and putting ten goals to his name. Left back and right back are sorted. Senderos and JD look likely to cover Kolo’s absence, pending injury to one of those two Gilberto could slot in there (Heaven forbid) and we are suitably stacked out in midfield!

I think I’ve covered every position?

Quiet already! I hear you… LEFT WINGER you scream! We need wingers!

Do we really though? It seems to be the in thing with Gooners this year. The need for a left winger who can stretch defences. Don’t you think we are creating enough chances anyway? We have a pretty good goal difference, so as much as I’d like to see a nippy winger in there, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Anyway who would you sign on the wing? Who could make a difference halfway through a season? And please, lets not have any chants of Messi or Ronaldo in the comments section! Oh and Dimitriov or whatever his name is would not be bought for now, so forget him for a quick fix!

My worry at the moment is the Flamster. He is in the same position as Edu was a few years back, except Edu was 28 and very injury prone. The Flamster is 24 and about to hit is prime. Arsene, if you’re reading (He does according to Geoff’s inside source)… pay him whatever he wants because ManU paid £17 million for Hargreaves who isn’t half the player Flamini is! We don’t want another ‘Soleduwiltordpires’ type scenario!

Connelly has just left, fully justifying his billing as the next John Terry… cue outrage… cue media bleatings of Arsenal hate English players… cue ‘bore me later’ retorts from me.

People are saying he wasn’t given a chance, unlike Flamini and Song. Well, my belief is that if a player is going to make the grade, he will be loaned to a big Championship club (Birmingham – Nikki B) or a Premiership club (Song – Charlton).

For me, if you get loaned out to Colchester, you are being put in the shop window (Kerrea Gilbert – Southend). If you go to Colchester as a centre back and get played as a right back because you are struggling, you are probably not good enough and finally, if you get sold and the only bidder is QPR… you are not good enough. Be under no illusion guys, Premiership clubs scout our reserve team (Harry Redknapp said so a few months back and Roeder said he was looking at Traore for Newcastle here).

My last word on the subject is the ‘He is an England Under-21’, he must be good! Let me run some names past you before we get into that argument… Carl Cort, Francis Jeffers, Shola Ameobi, Matt Jansen, Daniel Cadamateri and Andy Impey! I’m not saying great players come through for the Under 21’s, I’m just saying it means nothing and remember the players I mentioned received the caps, Connelly hasn’t yet.

Gallas made a cryptic statement in an interview yesterday, he said,

I don’t really expect us to sign anyone. I think everything is fine. Perhaps if one player does leave then we have to buy, but if that is not the case then I think everything is okay as we are.

Who would that one player be Mr Gallas? Diarra, Gilberto or are you talking about Jens (Maybe he is talking about the rock that was Connelly… Saviour of English football… King amongst men!)? Who knows!

So, January is the month of the Cup game!

Sunday: Burnley (a) (FAC R3)
9 Jan: Tottenham (h) (CC SF1)
12 Jan: Birmingham (h)
19 Jan: Fulham (a)
22 Jan: Tottenham (a) (CC SF2).
26 Jan: ??? (FAC R4)
29 Jan: Newcastle (H)

Hopefully we’ll still be in all of them come Feb without any serious injuries! Its not a bad run of games before the build up to Meeelan is it?!

Have a good day Grovers!

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  1. east at the grove

    Not a bad run of games to be missing Toure and Eboue to be honest. Bearing in mind that Kolo would have been unlikely to play in the CC anyway. Could have been a lot worse.

  2. George

    left winger??? – see some videos of carlos vela mate: he can really be the best overmars and pires all into the same person (i.e. see the videos of this season when playing with osasuna, as he is now playing left wing)

  3. Pedro

    You know, I was going to write that but I couldn’t find any evidence he was back!

    I think its been mentioned in the telegraph today that he has won a work permit? It has also been mentioned that Hleb is Barca’s number one target this summer… do they ever give up?

    Laporta, you’ll get hleb when he is ready, maybe after a car accident or something? Then you can have him for a bargain 20 million and we’ll all laugh at you!

  4. George

    ive read it mainly on blogs….but would wenger anyway buy a left winger, knowing that vela will surely come at the end of the season, if not now?

  5. Gunnersaurus

    That headline got my back up, then I realised it was tongue in cheek!

    Connelly has either been told he is not good enough, or he is mental. Who feels they need first team football at 18? Its ridiculous? Who would leave for QPR at 18 instead of staying at Arsenal until they are 21 and fight for there first team space! I read on ANR squad players start on £15k a week, he was hardly going to be skint was he!

    The month of Jan looks like a good one, so providing we stay injury free and defeat free we’ll be alright! I still couldnt bare to lose to the scum up the road, but you have to fear the worse with the goal scoring form they’ve been in.

    With regards to Flamini, sign him the fuck up.

  6. geoff

    good blog Pedro and I agree regarding the Flamster, but Wenger’s had all season to sort that out, so I’m not impressed.

    I will leave one final comment on Connolly and your view that a big club would have snapped him up.

    Bentley was up for sale, no one wanted him so he had a further spell at Norwich, enough said, also QPR are not a small club anymore, they are the worlds richest, according to Sky, and I think they are doing a Blackburn of years gone by.

    I hope you’re right but I think this one may come back and bite us where it hurts.

  7. Pedro

    Bentley was on loan at Norwich the season they were in the premiership, then he came back in the summer and requested a transfer and was loaned to Blackburn where he got his perm deal.

    I don’t reckon this one will bite us in the ass, just like the Sidwell deal hasn’t… I’ve heard Sunderland are after him! Fall from grace or what?

    I thought Carlos Vela was an out and out Striker? Didn’t wenger say he wanted to play him in the middle? He has been good on the wing for Osasuna… did anyone see the video of the other night… not madrid, the other one?

  8. LB

    Gunnersaurus says it all for me. Who the heck thinks “at their age they need first team football” when they are 18? That’s an English sickness which is why the foreigners make it at Arsenal and the English not.

    The Flamini situation is very worrying because he will hold out for an astronomical salary which Wenger may not be willing to pay. THen there’s the parallel Diarra problem and suddenly we have an issue with the holding midfielders.

  9. geoff

    It’s good to see you did your google research on Bentely, I’m in a service station and did mine from my memory, the point is no one wanted him just like no one wanted Connolly, look at Bentley now.

  10. marcus

    bang on about connelly. I too saw the link and thought you’d lost it. Interesting Gallas point…hmm I am kinda guessing he must mean the keeps. It is only midfield players that have been apparently moaning. (Mainly agent talk I reckon though) It is always tricky signing in the window. What if (god forbid) Almunia gets injured. I really don’t think FabII is ready for champions league and many of the obvious choices may well be cup tied in europe. Perhaps Boss will try the classic no keeper on the bench and put Big Phil in goal! lol

  11. Anthony

    Re: Pedro, for references sake Hleb has been in a serious car crash, in which a man in the other car died, hleb was cleared of any wrongdoing, tho ur comment is perhaps an accidental clue, a sign if you will,

    i for one hope not 😛

  12. George

    yes yes….thats the video you should see of vela….of last night. madrid wasnt bad too…took sergio ramos for a ride a couple of times too (though not always), but is hardworking, and traces the ball back on losing it too….his passing is good too it seems.

  13. ?

    About Flamini, I doubt he’s holding off for a big salary, more likely Wenger was outsmarted by Wenger: I think he wanted to keep Flamini for just one more year, because Fabregas felt confortable with him and ease Diarra gently in the starting eleven during his first year so he can take up his place next season.
    However, Flamini hit it off big time and Diarra started moaning, and he put off his resigning with Flamini far too late.
    Or maybe there’s no problem at all and Wenger is being his mysterious self.

  14. Gunnersaurus

    Service station blogging Geoff? Commitment to the cause.

    I don’t think anyone wanted Bentley because he was decidedly shite for Norwich but at least he was getting attention from Prem clubs, and I am pretty sure Bentley was older than 18 before he fucked off? 22 or something? At least he gave it a shot unlike our jumped up little friend Connelly.

    LB I hope that Flamini wouldn’t hold the club to ransom, he doesn’t seem the sort does he? If there were murmerings that he was off, I think Diarra would be keeping his mouth shut! So just say the Flamster is off, and Wenger know it will Wenger continue to play him? He dropped him last year when he refused to sign, like Edu.

  15. Pedro

    Foot in mouth or what? I didn’t know about that? Lets say we sell him on the verge of and Achilles break down , you wouldn’t wish a second crash on anyone would you?!

    I am not a fan of Bentley now I have to say. He doesn’t have much of a wow factor? Still, I did read the Manc’s were after him and he does have a nice cross. Probably the only player who would fit into our team now that we have let go. He could be as effective as Rosicky I reckon.

    If Flamini did go, you’d like to think it wouldn’t be an Italian club, what a down grade that would be…

  16. weirdo`

    we have all great player in all position.. that why i think Wenger did not bring anyone in than out.. what Wenger need is patient from the player and improve them self… not just talk incessantly.

  17. Dan

    I thought Connelly was 20 now, signed for Arsenal at 18? Can’t really blame him for wanting more games, he is well down the pecking order at Arsenal and would likely just be on loan or playing reserves. Don’t think QPR is a bad move, they are up to some good stuff and really look like a club with big ambitions. New Chel$ki, but starting in the Championship? 🙂

    Hope the Flamini thing will be sorted quickly. He has really come good this season and I would hate to see him go on a free in the summer. Why does Arsenal so often find themselves in this situation? We have lost a few on a free, just cause we couldn’t extened contracts early enough.

  18. jimmyfingers

    Having just watched the youtube of Vela against Madrid, I think our search for a left-winger is over, as long as the paperwork is sorted

  19. Pedro

    Is it just a rumour or is it true? I can’t find official verdict anywhere!

    The boy has some skill! Not sure how he will feel about the weather though!

  20. Harlan

    So what has come for Senderos as a CB. If we can still keep Senderos even though crap, why can’t we hold on to Connolly and see how he develops? Yes, Senderos is excellent because he was involved in CL in 2006? Oh! that period when we played 4-5-1 and Gilberto was more or less an additional CB? Stiil did you notice Senderos clearances against Juve, Real and Villareal games? Senderos lost us the CC finals, FA Cup with Blackburn, CL with Servilla and nearly cost us with Blackburn but for Song. In between, Portsmouth and last season Boro sending off because of his lack of pace come to mind.

    Why do we keep a player tried several times and not successful and still hoping that he’ll come good while selling off an untried player? Have you seen Connolly play to judge him? Arsene has given so many opportnities to Djourou and Senderos but fail to try one English player in that position, why?

  21. Toby

    I heard that the rumours were driven by Vela coming to Arsenal during the Spanish winter break to get to know the team but that he will see out the season in Spain, joining for good in the summer. He’s getting great experience out there and would probably not get in the team here right now.

  22. Bud

    First things first Kerrei Gilbert could not get a game for Southend Pedro….. another English Legend with a bad attitude that faced off with their manager…..

    Harlan – As much as I hate Senderos, he is still a full swiss international and their first choice centre back. Whilst he is more often than not suffering in the premier league from his bout of Drogbaritus, you cannot doubt his pedigree, although I would like to see him go out on loan and get 3 or 6 months first team football under his belt so he can work his illness out of him…

    Djourou will be a legend !!!!!!

  23. Toby

    Harlan – you don’t see them in trainign every single day. No one (English or foreign) that Arsene has let go would be a serious challenger for the first team with the possible exception of Bentley – who was desperate to leave because he did not know Freddie would suffer so many injuries. The number of times I have seen websites baying for English players to get in the team (Vernazza, Hughes, Ricketts, Pennant etc – but where are they now?). I agree that Senderos’ form varies wildly with his confidence, but he is still an accomplished Swiss international in a different league (now literally) to Connolly.

  24. Harlan

    I’m not Arsene but he should’ve offloaded Senderos because he’ll never come good. Song is doing better at CB than him and hold on to Connolly who joined the club at 8 and will be leaving at 20. Connolly has never been tried and given chances so are many English players who have been sold like Muamba and others like Simpson, Gilbert, Gibbs, Lansbury Randall, Hoyte Jnr., Murphy, Rodgers being prepared for sale in the near future.

    Policy, no time for English players, sell them immediately they complain; keep freigners as much as possibe whether crap or bad attitude like Eboue.

  25. Harlan


    He’s still full Swiss international because Swiss don’t have anybody and the Swiss national team come nowhere near Arsenal. The guy is crap and being in the Swiss national team is nothing to hold on to.

  26. Gunnersaurus

    I don’t think you can say, Senderos has played some shit games, lets put Connelly in and let him play some shit games because at least he is english?

    I saw Connelly play in Bergys Testimonial, but he was so young you couldn’t tell what he was going to be like. I think on this occassion it is best to trust Arsene. He hasn’t got any wrong yet has he (I know about Bentley, but he hasn’t set the world on fire at Blackburn has he?)?

    I agree with Bud on this, you can’t knock a player who has been to the world cup, played in the champions league and was touted as potential Arsenal captain by Wenger. He has had some storming games for us. You only have to look at Connellys frame to see he would struggle in the Prem.

    Johann is going to be an immense player! I can’t understand people doubting him? Can anyone remember him letting us down last year?

    I heard on the grapevine Gilbert did something pretty serious in Cardiff, I have never found out what it was but it was very hush hush

  27. Bud

    Harlan – Are you anti jonny foriegner or something???

    Me thinks you have got yourself in a tizz over this English lark. Look at Hoyte – Not the best player, but an exemplary attitude and likewise an ambassador for the club.

    Walcott – In fairness, more often crap than good (SO FAR !), but the right attitude so he gets more chances….

  28. marcus

    we have all got to stop this arsene hates english players, arsene doesn’t give young english players a chance, he gives foreigners a chance malarky. You are not comparing like with like. The foreigners who are ahead of english players are usually full international players. Although I do not doubt the talented careers ahead of many of our youngsters randall etc.. they are youngsters! To say arsene should play them instead of the international players is folly. I agree Senderos is a bleedin nightmare but we have little choice at the moment what with the ACN. Eboue has flashes of brilliance and many incidents where he is quite frankly an embarassment. However unlike phil many of his “performances” are just annoying to the fans cos they know we are better than that. He annoys other teams, he successfully wastes time in vital games, and although I am not condoning it takes out vital defenders in other title challengers! If the youngsters have patience they will be used when their time comes like walcott.

  29. George

    well at least senderos can use his head to get the ball away. after being given a run in the side (which at first is hopeless), he then seems to settle in, and arielly he does well. just try and remember the villareal game for one, and possibly the real game too….senderos dealing with the ariel balls, and toure those mostly which were played low. even got some goals with switzerland using his head from dead balls.

  30. Bud

    ahhhhhhh George, there is where we differ. I think for such a lump Senderos is possibly the worst judge of an ariel ball in our squad (AT THE MOMENT – DUE TO CONFIDENCE ISSUES !!!!), but i’m sure he will come good……… after all, and this is what all the wingy winers need to remember, English or not, ARSENE KNOWS !!!!

  31. Harlan


    Have you rewatch the Servilla and recent Blackburn games? also Newcastle CC game. He lost aerial battles with Kanoute, Obefemi Martins and Santa Cruz. For Newcastle, it was embarrasing to see a big, tall man being beaten by Martins.

    Senderos is crap and whether a Swiss international or not is below Arsenal quality. He survived in the CL competition because of our tatics, 4-5-1, very defensive with Gilberto helping out almost as a supporting CB so his weaknesses even though obvious were covered.

    With Arsenal normally playing an attacking game his lack of pace become evident so resorts to holding players when beaten with pace hence the red cards against Portsmouth and Boro.

    Now we have a young CB who joined the team at 8 and just called into the U21 so it means he has something. Banfield, the reserve manager also spoke well of him recently and Colchester were not happy when recalled.

    What to do, Arsene, give him chances like you gave to Djourou and Senderos who were 19 then and you say no I’ve sold him?

  32. Kiwi FC

    At the start of the season I was absolutely steaming that we didnt buy a left winger. But lets think about it now…the guys who can play left wing at the moment, Rosicky, Diaby, Hleb (with Walcott or Eboue on the RM), then next year we will have Merida, Vela, Bulgarian bloke. Swwweeeeeet.

    Plus id love to see Traore get some games there. Id hate to lose him because he was stuck behind Clichy for too long. Imagine those 2 bombing up and down the wing.

  33. Bud

    Harlan – He didn’t give him a go because he is English of course………… if you believe that, you really have a problem……… truth is, he was not good enough or at best not as good as XYZ…….. do you really believe you know better than Arsene and that Arsene is that Xenophobic ???????

    Winston Churchill give me strength !!!!!!!

  34. George

    no wait, lets get this straight: senderos is crap when low on confidence or lacking games. with that i agree. but after a run in the side (and a couple of shitty performances) that is his positive side i think…

  35. Pedro

    You can’t pin us getting to the Champs League final on Gilberto acting as the 5th CB! Senderos played well and looked a man mountain of a player that year!

    I don’t believe you should worry about how many English players are in the squad, its pretty irrelevant. We have a good crop of them coming through the ranks and this new lot have pedigree, they are getting to the semi’s of World Under 17 championships (don’t quote me on that!)! They are future world beaters unlike the current crop of youngsters.

    Remember that the only reason we don’t have as many English players as the rest is because we get gazumped! Who could we realistically have afforded to sign who is English lately? Would you have taken £8million crouch over RvP, £21 million SWP over Hleb or £28 million Rooney over Adebayor?

    A few might pip for Rooney, but in my eyes, Ade is doing just as good a job.

    And plenty of players hold on to shirts and get away with it! Terry and Carragher particularly prone to a bit of that!

  36. Bud

    Right grovers, i’m off home now. Going out for an early dinner tonight with the wife and son and like Wenger I too am Xenephobic and wont be eating English……… a nice Indian me thinks !!!!!

  37. geoff

    I think you are missing my point guys.

    It doesn’t matter how good, bad or indifferent the English kids are, the facts speak for themselves.

    Two English kids – 1) Muamba – 1 carling cup game 2) Conolley 1 Carling cup game, 1 pre season friendly.

    Song – straight into the team from somewhere in Corsica, tons of Premier league games, Carling cups and even Champions league and eventually looks mediocre, he has had a ton of chances.

    One last thing, Kerrea Gilbert came in at a crucial time for Lauren, looked great, his reward, banishment to Cardiff, then Southend, no wonder he’s gone off the boil.

    Point is we persevere with Jonny foreigner but don’t even give the English kids one premier league game, not one.

    Finally how many mistakes has Senderos made eh? at least one howler a match. That’s more than Lehmann did.

  38. Howard

    Geoff, true, no chance for English players but tons of chances for foreigners. Craps like Djourou and Senderos are still in but like an English prospect comes and he’s quickly disposed of for peanuts.

    When not sold they continuously bring in young foreigners to stifle their development. Why Connolly is not being entertained? Arsene brought in Haarvard Nortveld, a 17 year old Norwegian so Connolly has to go.

    Gibbs, Randall, Lansbury are all being prepared for sale in their place will be Africans, South Americans etc.

    Arsene worked with Monaco before moving to Japan and I don’t know if Monaco and Japanese sports offiials would have agreed for him to have a team of XI all foreigners; its not done anywhere.

  39. Yankee Goonah

    Kerrea Gilbert has since been kicked out of two clubs for a bad attitude? He may have looked ok when he came in but he has plenty of competition.

    Have you guys ever thought that maybe he didn’t persevere with the English players because they were bad players? If he is persevering with players like Senderos over Connelly, don’t you think that means that Connelly would be doing a poorer job?

    Wenger doesn’t have to show us that he would do a worse job does he? That why he is the manager and we are mere spectators. I don’t want to see Connelly come in and cost us a game to justify himself as a poor player, I spent most of last season watching Hoyte do that.

    Muamba should have taken a leaf out of Flamini’s book. Stay and fight for your position if you think you are good enough. Who’s position was he going to take? Perhaps if he’d stuck it out we wouldn’t have bought Lassana? Does he look better than Diaby now he’s at Birmingham? No way.

    Have you guys ever watched Connelly? Because you sound like Connelly’s biggest fans, I’d like to know what you can see that Arsene can’t?

    Geoff, I have heard you talking about purchasing Benzema (20), Quaresma (24) and Messi (19). If they came in they would be stifling English players especially Theo (Another English guy not doing it) for years to come. How can you champion the purchase of young superstars who would be around for ten years, then moan when we ship out youngsters who are a) Probably not good enough and b) Don’t want to stay past 20 to fight?

  40. geoff

    Yankee, you need to read my email, properly. I’m not suggesting we don’t buy the best, that’s why I said Messi, Quaresma and potentially Benzema, Song was shit when he arrived as was Flamini, but Wenger gave them a go, Connolly nor Muamba got any sort of chance, that’s my point.

    Song wasn’t a Messi, he was very ordinary, but he has had chance after chance after chance, all I’m saying is why didn’t Muamba or Connolly.

    If they were crap, they shouldn’t have been at Arsenal for so long.

    I personally don’t give a rats arse what nationality they are, I merely asked why?

  41. Yankee Goonah

    So what your saying, is if you are shit you shouldn’t be here regardless? That cool then because I think that Song is shite and I think Senderos is poor too. But they both play for their national teams, so who am i to judge!

  42. jimmyfingers

    I think Geoff has a point, grudgingly. There are players wenger clearly preseveres with that at first don’t appear up to the grade, and not many of them have been English. I say not many because he certainly tried with Jeffers.

    A lot has been said about the English players presently coming though the ranks. Think we should wait and see if they get given a good chance. If not then I may start to subscribe to Geoff’s point of view more.

    If the English players aren’t good enough then fair play, but at least show us by starting them more

  43. EVO - OZ

    I guess it comes down to training games and friendlies, etc that Wenger also uses to assess his team, these games we obviously dont see on TV or at the ground, so maybe we’re forgetting that?

    The squad can only be so big for the amount of cash we have at hand to pay them all, so whilst i didnt mind Muamba from some of the games i saw him play, i think Song and others were in front of him, so he had to move on.

    The players definitely rate themselves whether they’re English or not, its just that some speak out more than others. Another one being Lupoli – i see he has stated today that he made a mistake going to Fiorentina (as he hasnt played a solitary game) – So once again, Wenger knows!

    Take our old friend – Aliadiere – didnt he go to West Ham, Celtic and every other club under the sun because he thought he deserved to be no.1 striker, he couldnt even get on the bench for some of the games. I know he did well in the game against us this season for boro, but i dont see his name up in lights on the top scorers list for the league and boro are definitely in the running for relegation!

    I dont see why Connolly should have been given a chance either, however good luck to him. I think Nordviet being purchased crushed his chances of success, Wenger knows, as he would have purchased a 16 year old and made him reserves captain if he wasnt the next no.1 CB in the league to come through to the Seniors!

  44. geoff

    That is precisely my point EVO – Aliadiere was around the first team, not for the odd friendly, but for 9 long years, he loaned him out to Celtic, West Ham and Wollves, then brought him back and paired him with Baptista, he refused to give up on him, and even when Middlesbrough came in, he was reluctant to let him go.

    Do you see what I’m saying?