Eduardo clicks, as Arsenal Hammer the Hammers

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Eduardo took about a minute to score a wonder goal yesterday and Adebayor scored from an angle with the deftest of touches to make the ‘banana skin’ game a stroll.

We spent the second half giving a lesson in passing and never looked liked conceding to the team that beat the Mancs.

So that’s 13 points from our last 15, with wins over Chelsea, Spurs, Everton and West Ham with a tricky away point at Portsmouth, what a run! We never reached top gear and had our best player missing all but 20 minutes of those games, what are we going to be like when the boy wonder gets back?

We’ll miss Kolo and Eboue for a while, but all those games are very winnable, so by the time our first choice team is available we should be in great shape.

I looked at Clichy yesterday and thought, we got Gallas and him for Ashley Cole, what a piece of business that was! So thanks a lot Kenyon.

ManU and Chelsea looked far from convincing and with Liverpool a way back it’s in our hands.

The thing about this team is it will only get better, they’re young and eager, the other teams are as good as they’ll get, so as a back 9 team, the future looks very rosy.

I thought Rosicky looked great yesterday and although Theo was rusty, he looks like the player England have been waiting for, so it all bodes well for the team and the future.

Funny, but I’m starting to look forward to the Milan game.

I hope our two young centre backs step up and I’m sure they will, apart from Benzema I can’t see the boss buying anyone, I say Benzema because I think at the end of the season, he will cost vastly more and if Wenger likes him, and I think he does, he’ll sign him.

Before anyone asks me why I think that, it’s because he looks like a Wenger type signing and the Babel we never got this season because we waited too long.

Just my opinion, that’s all.

A great start to 2008 and as someone said yesterday, we never lose on New Years day, that makes 8 years now, I hope that stat was right or I’ll find out in a heartbeat today.

Have a great few days Grovers.

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  1. Pedro

    I think we will be mostly purchasing no one in the transfer window. Benzema is now out of the equation as we have bought Vela back… which is very interesting? He tore the madrid defence a new ass hole a while back and he looks quite tricky. Maybe he will be deployed in the vacant right midfield position Eboue has left?

    I think Jens is off as well, I have read he rejected Barca! Good move jens, you saw what happened to Terry!

    How adebayors goal went in yesterday is beyond me! He had no right to put that on in! Still, that’s ten for the season now, a good return you have to say! I wonder if Eduardo can get 15 in his first season? Has anyone else noticed that there is an air of calm around the keeping position now? Almunia has been great! The only thing that bothered me yesterday was the sliding out to defend through balls that he didn’t need to. He got to them yesterday, but on another day he could have a manc moment.

    Talking about the Mancs… I was listening to talk shite this morning and apparently the fans were getting on Carricks back. They reckon he is hugely out of his depth and the rest of the team are covering for him which is costing them.

    So much for buying the best English players… £17million on someone who has been poor.

    Top of the league and starting to play well again! Here’s to a good January!

  2. jimmyfingers

    United fans have been widely predicting their ascension by the New Year. I was told how difficult November was going to be, with all these away games. Then I was told how difficult December was going to be. Now they’re pushing it on to Easter. They’re waiting for us to drop points, to fade away and to b honest a lot of Arsenal fans were to, as the hysteria on this blog after the ‘Castle, ‘Boro and ‘Mouth games is testiment to.

    Yes we have dropped points, but then so has United. After losing to the hammers, they apparently very ropey yesterday. Bottom line is they are beatable, and this Arsenal team is capable of doing that.

    Because there is a real solidity to the side, a collective will to triumph and finally the long awaited Plan B, as evidenced by the Everton win.

    We now lose Eboue and Toure. While many will be pleased to see the back of Eboue, he and Toure bring a lot of defensive strength to the side. How we cope without them may be pivotal. The noises coming from Arsene is no buying in January, which means all of transfer debate is shot to hell, and no further defensive cover. We’ll have to rely on a combination of Senderos/Djourou/Song to back Gallas. Hmmmmm

  3. Mike (the neighbour )

    Geoff as you know I am a novice to all of this so to try and add value by doing some background research on the internet .The stats came from googling -I have a crap memory so have to rely on that .Glad to see the non constructive grovers are in the minority -after all whether youre a fan or a supporter or both everyones comments are valid but insulting fellow grovers achieves nothing ! If you are gonna give out insults concetrate on the opposition after all theyre fair game

  4. Pedro

    No stat of the day today Mike?

    Its pretty shocking that Song is off too! He looks more assured than Senderos has of late. I guess the question is, will Senderos start or will Johann?

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see him purchase an older defender on a 6 month contract… he’d have to be Prem based though. I can’t think of any names that immediately spring to mind though?

    I think the Mancs perceived invincibility has been crushed. I just can’t wait for Ronaldo to get injured… the guy never seems to does he? ManU are still odds on for the title though, surprising.

    This season is a lot like the 98 season, no one expected us to win then did they(We weren’t top at that point though!)?

    Did anyone else enjoy the 85th minute header against the spuds? Very amusing!

  5. gazzap

    I think if we win this title it will be our greatest ever triumph. In 1998, it was special because of the long wait and same for 1989 but I think this team is better than both those teams and we have to finish above 2 other teams rather than just one. I think in 2004, the Arsenal fans were a bit spoilt. we had won our third title in a few years and it seemed like we were taking it in turns with united. now things seem a lot tougher to win the premier league again and I think we need to aim for 90 points rather than the old 80 to win it.

  6. Geoff

    I agree, the great thing with this team is it will get better next term, reminds a bit of the young ManU team of 93, then they dominated for years, now wouldn’t that be good?

  7. Pedro

    It would be great. I just wonder if a team will ever dominate like Liverpool and ManU did? There is so much money in the game nowadays and the top 4 are all capable of winning it and if they don’t, all capable of investing £50million in the summer to change that.

    Chelsea are having a shocker this year, but in the summer they will spend £80 million and probably challenge next year. The same goes for the Mancs.

    I agree with you Gazzap, this year will be special. We were written off in a big way at the start of the season and have been getting written off weekly.

    Lets hope the loss off Kolo wont be too noticeable!

  8. Mike (the neighbour )

    Sorry Pedro packing up to come to uk for 3 weeks so no stat today however i´ll try and dig out a useful stat on every match day and maybe the average betting odds -you know them bookie bastards dont like paying cash out so the odds will at least strip out the emotional bit !

  9. Bud

    Good Morning and happy New Year to all Grovers !

    Right, I understand that during my 2 week sabatical that a number of (quote) “fuckin knobheads” have been disrupting the harmony of my beloved Le-Grove……. this is simply not acceptable and can assure Geoff that I am now back full time to join the likes of Senor Jimmyfingers in putting these anal spunk infested cock sucking leg humping rubber jonnies firmly back in their place and at the foot of lifes chain !!!!!!

    Pedro – Is Vela back already then, I thought at the end of the season wasn’t it?

    P.S> Geoff, how did you manage to coment on the comfortable nature of the second half from the comfort of your seat with your beer in the Club Lounge….. perhaps Pedro told you as he joined me for the full 2nd half ????

  10. Arsenaldo

    Good game Guns! First after Villa game ,that we R playing our way again.Good to see Sesc is coming back to form,and Eduardo soon could be hard to be benched:)
    As for the new signings, I guess Lehman is going 4 sure ,and the only buy will be a goallie replacement.
    Now Song is going to ACN, senderos and Djorou should be enough as a cover, allthough Connoly is called back as well.Hope to see the young lad get some minutes on the pitch.
    As 4 Vela -it would be exciting to see him too ,but R U sure he is coming or its just a rumour ,because I didnt see any official info about that.
    I hope Diarra stays ,because I like him ,but if he is stubborn and wants to go-cant keep him against hes will. Just dont sell him for less than 8m, even though we bought him for a bargain 2.
    Dont think jilberto will go now-in the summer 4 sure. And Diaby will stay as well.:))
    Thats the predictions from my cristal ball 4 now:)))

    Happy New Year To All You Guns Friends!

  11. jimmyfingers

    Ah a nice civil blog: that’s what I like to see

    Not sure Chelsea will wait until the summer to spend 80million. They’ve got injury issues, key personnel buggering of to the African Nations and unrest in the dressing room post-Mourinho. Modric, Anelka, Berbatov you name ’em, Chelsea wants them. They may be a different team in the remainder of the season and make a renewed tilt at the title.

    Its good to be talking about the title now. November and December were tough months, and it’s great credit to the side that they’ve come out top of the pile. It’s an important psycological blow to be leading at New Year, Fergie and others will be scratching their collective heads, realising this team isn’t going to go away. Glorious feeling that.

    Get in the Gunners!

  12. Arsenaldo

    “Everyone at Arsenal would like to thank Matthew for his contribution during his time at the Club and wish him the best of luck with Queen’s Park Rangers”


    I hate to just read this in the AFC Site.
    maybe they should change it to: thanks mate but your not good enough and your english so see you next year play against us in some top 10 Premier Club………

  13. Arsenaldo

    It is not true Arsenal dont contribute in finding and developing English talent ,but it is true they dont last much in the club.Whats the point fo doing this???
    Im sure the Club has invested much more in these young players during the years ,than the 1 milion they eventually get when selling them. UNless there is percentage of next possible sale they receive later. Anyway something is wrong and doesnt make much sense to me. What do U thing guys?

  14. grovedigger

    But you can stay Song, as you were signed on the basis of exceptional talent! and loaned out to Charlton who got relegated.

    I just don’t understand it.

  15. Bud

    Come come all……….. Connelly was a decent but hardly spectacular defender for Colchester. If he cannot shine for the Mighty U’s, then he is obviously no good for Arsenal. Song on the other hand, shone in a shit Charlton side, and has so far in his appearences this season shown his worth as good enough to be a squad player !

    If your not good enough, you are not good enough, simple. Lots of people show promise but ultimately do not quite make the grade. Like in my business, I have recruited about 12 Trainee Consultants to work for me this year, all sufficiently promising enough for me to offer a contract to, of those 12, 5 showed real promise, but only 1 has made it……… tis life !!!!

  16. geoff

    Okay according to reports he left because he wanted first team football, but so did Upson, Pennant, Sidwell and Bentley. It seems to be the standard when someone young and English leaves us.

    I also think it’s madness to let Flamini be in a position to talk to other clubs and leave on a free, Juve could offer him the £10mil they would have to pay Arsenal if he was contracted, I think I would be hugely tempted if I were he.

    We shouldn’t have allowed ourselves to get in that position, it’s bad business, simple as that.

    Bud, I wasn’t in the bar drinking, I was talking to Edelman about stuff you wouldn’t understand.

  17. Pedro

    I don’t think Vela did come back did he? I think that maybe some bullshit?

    I wont be losing any sleep over Connoly. If he was that good I am pretty sure a Prem team would have snapped him up. Young English players have to patience and believe their own hype. Good point Bud, about Song. He has been good this year.

    Worried about the Flamster… I’d probably be tempted! We should offer him what he is worth, because if we dont, someone else will do!

  18. Bud

    Just researched my question above…. Djourou is not cup tied so can play.

    Am a little more comfortable now, as I was not sure how a makeshift defence would have coped with Spurts forward line, still only one way to find out !!!

  19. geoff

    Now you see that’s my point, Song was shockingly bad when he first played, and when he first played he came into the first team, he also played in the cups and the Champions league, after many, many games he starts to come good.

    Connolly gets a Worthington cup and a pre season friendly and that’s it, fuck off my son.

    Wenger won’t persevere with the English kids, Song though got chance after chance and like I said, he was shit for a long time.

    Edelman and I were Grove talking.

  20. Bud

    No Geoff, SONG got his chance after shining for Charlton……. CONNELLY, was in and out of the team at Colchester, and whilst the fans liked him as he scored on his debut, he was shunted in and out of the team and after not shining at centre back, was put out as a right back, where my esteemed Col U season ticket holding employee tells me, he was caught out a lot….. and lets face it, with Sagna, Eboue, Hoyte, Diarra and young Paul Rogers coming through, do we need another full back, when QPR were prepared to pay £1million pound for a player that could not cut the mustard in the Championship ?!!!

    You was talking Politics with a Manc……… very dissapointed in you Geoffrey !!!!

  21. Phobia

    In my opinion Clichy is the best left backs outside of the premier league and would be one of the best in it.
    He is young but is probably playing the best football of his career.I would say Clichy is ten times better than Evra according to current form.Believe it or not,that’s fact.He’s the most improved player this season.
    Thank you Cole and happy days at Chelsea.All the best Clichy and all Gunners as well.
    Thank you Asley Cole for your leaving has been a beneficial to Clichy.

  22. henry

    William Gallas does make me smirk, he said he cannot understand why anyone would want to leave a team that’s top of the league, and those that aren’t playing should be patient as the season is long.

    Didn’t he leave Chelsea when they were Champions???

    Anyway he’s spot on and I agree with him so it doesn’t matter!

    Other news I read is Barca want to spend £100mil on Cesc and Ronaldo, I guess they could fund it by selling Ronaldhino but why would those two want to go there?

    Why would anyone want to leave Arsenal?

    I think we should make an inquiry for Ronaldo (the Manc one) and Messi, I would think every great player in world football would fancy playing for us right now, under Wenger and at a great stadium like the Grove, what say you fellow Grovers?

  23. henry

    Jay Simpson, just extended his stay at the Den, scored the first ever hat trick at the Grove and we’ll never see him in an Arsenal shirt again.

    I’ll have money on it.

    Oh yes he’s English.

    Is Keiran Gibbs English or has he qualified for Ireland? anyone know?

  24. Bud

    Again though, Jay Simpson is hardly setting Millwall on fire. Had 3 good games a month or so ago, but got mediocre again………. more foriegners please !

  25. jimmyfingers

    Don’t even joke about making a bid for Ronaldo. Don’t care how good he is, or how good he’ll become, wouldn’t ever want him at Arsenal.

    Don’t think we should indulge in the anti-English bollocks that the rest of English football levels at us. Think Wenger has had his fingers burnt with mugs like Jeffers but that doesn’t mean he won’t give English players a chance. They just have to be good enough. Don’t think Connolly would have made the grade.

    On a brighter note, the absence of Eboue should give Hoyte more of chance to play.

  26. Bud

    But Eboue was outstanding yesterday!!!!

    Glad Hoyte got through the game unscathed……. he looked bloody nervous in the first half though got better as the game went on !

    More foriegners please

  27. The prophet

    Traveling back from France so recpetion was poor and it seemed abit of a stroll howver Hoyte Looked weak on MOTD and it seemed Arsenal onl had two chances in the first half or was it BBC editing!!!?

  28. Bud

    Prophet, we didn’t need to make any more chances, it was just a training game. The second 45 minutes were just an exhibition from our midfiled of how to keep the ball and make your opposition look like useless c****, it was awsome !!!!!!!!

  29. The prophet

    Yeah Bud thats sort of what the after match conversation wentwith the panel. It pisses me off the way they make a match look even when reality is so different.

  30. Pedro

    Listen guys, if Connelly was good enough for the prem a team like reading would have signed him… or Portsmouth who are in desperate need of players.

    He signed for QPR… not even the best team in Div one! He wasn’t good enough, just like Ryan Smith wasn’t good enough.

    If you sold Song today, he’d go to a prem club… just like if you sold Merida or Bendtner. Lots of clubs scout our reserve team so he clearly wasn’t rated by anyone. No big loss, I don’t care about his nationality. English, Brazillian or french…. who cares if they are shit?

    Hoyte wasn’t great but he put in a good back up right back performance. I thought eboue was better than normal but still very average!

  31. Bud

    I disagree Pedro, on this fine blog of opinions. After his nervous (not crap) first half, I thought Hoyte was as good as any in the second half that Geoff didn’t watch because he was talking Politics and Religion with a Manc !

    Also, I thought Eboue was Excellent yesterday and put in his finest performance of the season !

  32. Pedro

    Jeez… everyone is disagreeing with me today!

    I thought Ronaldinho scored in the Champs league final… shows how fucked I was! I have never seen the goals sober… it hurts to much…

    Hoyte is a solid right back and I like him. I don’t like Eboue much, but he does a job… albeit a very average one.

    I can’t believe I missed a politics and religion debate… I should have come and sat with you!

  33. Bud

    Oh No Pedro, I was sitting 7 rows behind you watching the 2nd half in its entirety, Geoff was talking Politics and Religion in the Club Lounge with the Manc…… the other party a certain Mr Snowball was also with them it seems although claims they had the 2nd half on TV…….. its just not soccer if you ask me !!!!!!

  34. geoff

    Ok you are all in denial, Song, Flamini, Freddie and Senderos all got played in the first team and they were all average for some considerable time, I remember even Freddie we all thought was hopeless, even thoigh he scored on his debut.

    Connolly has never been given the chance, straight to QPR, my point is if he persevered with him like he did the latter, he may have a player on his hands, if he is no good, then he was no good before he went out on loan, so he should have got rid of him before.

    We all get excited about the young English kids coming through and they all end up going.

    Song was shit for at least his first season, but he got chance after chance after chance.

    Eboue you could see was good from his first game.

  35. The prophet

    I agree Eboue looked first game and Song only in his last two has looked OK. So is Wenger anti English and will he sell Walcot

  36. Bud

    BUt Geoff, you are missing the point, SONG was the stand out player for Charlton when he went there on loan. If an Arsenal player cannot achieve that STAND OUT status at a lesser team, he’s flogged, simple as that and right by my reckoning.

    Besides, any player he wants to sell, he can put a buy back clause in the deal if he wants, its not uncommon to put a buy back cap on a young player when he is sold on !

    Besides, Wenger obviously feels someone else in the stiffs is better !!!!

  37. Bud

    I’m going over to Arse-Hanger…….. this English bollocks is boring me……

    If they ain’t good enough which they clearly ain’t, get rid of. The reason the foriegn younsters are good is because we sign the best youngsters from youth teams all over the world. In England, we can only pick them out of a catchment area where we have to compete with every other London Club…….

    Anyway, not bothered, more foriegners please !!!!!

  38. jimmyfingers

    Seriously, who have we let leave that would be good enough to play for us? As someone pointed out, Connelly went to QPR. Sidwell, Pennant and Bentley all went to good homes. If he was a prospect, Connelly surely would have been snapped up by a Premiership side. He is 20 as well, so really beyond youth team status. Plus he wanted to go, for first team football.

    Sidwell got taken off at half-time for Chelsea and was generally shocking. He’s out of his depth there, so would be even more so at the Arse. Pennant is rubbish, and seems to be actually getting worse. Plus he’s a gigantic cock. I’m with you on Bentley, he should have played more for us, but he too made the decision to leave. Now he’s good, perhaps we should buy him back?

  39. Vuja De

    I completely agree with those posters on this site who believe that, in the final
    analysis, Connelly simply isn’t good enough to break into our senior first team.

    As has been already stated, if he was that good, there would have been a que of premiership clubs lining up to offer him a deal and a place in their first teams once it had become known that he was up for grabs.

    But the real issue here is the not-fully-spelt-out -assertion in some of the comments above that, somehow, Arsene Wenger is making decisions on who to keep and on who to let go on purely non-footballing grounds.

    In other words, Arsene is apparently operating on the basis of “if you’re home grown, you can leave, and if you’re an overseas player, you can stay”.

    This is clearly nonsense of the highest order, and reveals much more about those who put forward such beliefs than it does about the decision making & planning of Arsene Wenger.

    Arsene has repeatedly said that he is not concerned with a player’s nationality, only with whether they are good enough & of sufficient quality to play the kind of football that he dreams about.

    I believe Arsene when he says this.

  40. evo

    Pennant was rubbish i agree! He thought he was Henry after scoring that hat-trick against Southampton in his debut game and funnilly enough those were his only goals for us in the 1’s.
    Its a clear cut decision for Wenger every time someone comes along where he has to make an assessment. Nearly every single time the decision is right. Bentley was a trouble maker as well early on, not being able to stay out of trouble outside of football like pennant, so he had to go for more reasons than one.
    Laarsson would never have made the cut, Muamba and Song were too alike, so 1 had to go! I like Song, his assist to Eduardo in the game against Blackburn in the CC was a cracker! 1 assist doesnt make a player, but it shows his skill and he is versatile in being able to play defence and midfield.
    Djourou is 50/50 at the moment to make it, i hope he does as he seems versatile as well and the Swiss wouldnt be playing him and Senderos as the no.1s if the didnt have faith in them.
    Wait and see hey!

  41. ATL_Gooner

    “I looked at Clichy yesterday and thought, we got Gallas and him for Ashley Cole, what a piece of business that was! So thanks a lot Kenyon.”

    Errm, we actually had Clichy all along really.
    We got Gallas and five million for Cashley 2 summers back so it was still a great bit of business and then this year we got Diarra for two Mill off the chavs as well.

    So basically we got Gallas, Diarra and three mill for off loading a mouthy cellphonophile.

    Can’t get enough chelski deals at those rates.

  42. jimmyfingers

    I think he meant that losing Cole cleared the way for Clichy at left back, not that we got Clichy as part of the deal

  43. geoff

    You know what ATL, I knew that… what I meant was if Cole hadn’t hadn’t gone we wouldn’t have Clichy in the team playing left back, sometimes you have to read between the lines!