Wonder kid in potential wonder kid out?

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First of all a Happy New Year to all you Grovers, let’s hope we can win the league in our debut blogging season!

The story of Dani Parejo (Real Madrid) is getting stronger on the rumour mill but with a £10 million buy out clause I really can’t see it, though he did buy Theo for a lot of money.

Matthew Connolly going to QPR (rumour) upsets me as I was told he is the next John Terry, it’s the bit that does frustrate me, we seem to fight hard to keep the overseas kids, Merida, Vela and Song for instance but we don’t with the young English talent like Bentley, Upson and Sidwell.

Now for anyone who wants to start calling me a heretic for not agreeing with all things Arsenal please read no further and go to arsenal.com immediately, you’ll be much happier there and you’ll like what they say.

I happen to feel that all those English kids could have blossomed in our team, and yes I know Upson was injury prone, but so is Robin and Bentley was want away but so was Flamini, and Flamini was awful when he first came to Arsenal, let’s not forget.

Anyway it seems that Eduardo will start today so that must mean our favoured 4-4-2 with Ade up top as I believe Bendtner is suspended.

Hoyte comes in for Sagna and I guess Eboue is in for Hleb, though I would rather see Theo out wide.

I think an early goal is what we’ll be looking for and our passing game will return as we play on a football pitch and not a pasture like at Everton.

Some good supportive comments yesterday Grovers, but as today is match day it will probably be a little quiet, but we post regardless, let’s hope tomorrow we have something to crow about.

I think we will and 3 nil seems about right.

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  1. LB

    Sorry but you talk nonsense. Arsenal have not had to try to keep the foreign kids at all. They are professional, conduct themselves well, and wait their turn. The English think they are superstars, party all the time, and want to leave to get play time elsewhere as soon as they reach 18. Upson should not have been sold, I’m the first to admit that, but there is no philosophy that drives how the kids are handled. Arsenal had no problem selling Larsson or Owusu-Abeiye any more than they did selling Ryan Smith. You must think before you make such inflammatory statements. We get enough rubbish from the British Gods like Shearer and Ferguson without having to deal with the same from our own ranks. Like you I hope Connolly makes it at Arsenal but I’ve never seen him play a senior game so I don’t know how good he is. Have you seen him??????????

  2. Mike (the neighbour )

    Bloody hell Geoff either you went to bed early or didnt go to bed at all -enjoy the game today -as its not televised gonna have to rely on sky for up dates in Spain .Suspect west ham will be riding high after the United defeat however according to Stats West Ham have only won one New Year’s Day fixture in the Premier League- on January 1st 1994 when they beat Everton 1-0 at Goodison.
    Arsenal havnt lost on New Year’s Day in seven years -lets hope this run continues

  3. segujja

    i sure want Connoly to stay, used to read about his leadership skills with the reserves and if he is the next Terry we need that in our team. we need some homegrown british players in the team coz they will fight for it. i like Hoyte he is Arsenal born and bread and still respects the coache’s decision. i still like Bentley but was disappointed with the way he left. i hope connolly stays. we are winning today


    i just wenger to dont fcuk with fabregas and hleb, he can gamble on other players and some other people to be considered are toure, flamini, clichy, gallas and almunia. he can bring any player but it must not affect the above listed players.

  5. Geoff

    Hi Mike, yes I’m going today so I’ll be leaving soon.

    LB disagree by all means but don’t tell me I’m making inflammatory statements or talking nonesense, check your facts before.

    Viera, Henry, Flamini, Diaby, Diarra, Cesc, Adebayor and Captain William Gallas have all threatened to leave at some stage, and Diaby and Diarra are still doing it, why did they not get sold the first time they moaned?

    And yes, I have seen Connelly, in last years Carling Cup and in pre season and I think he has potential, but Senderos on the other hand has never been loaned out, isn’t highly rated but continues to get selected.

  6. Geoff

    Mike did you get a book of stats for Christmas, how did you know we haven’t lost on New Years day for 7 years?

  7. jimmyfingers

    Bloody hell, everytime I’m not aound all hell breaks lose! Haven’t read all the comments of the last couple of blogs (woken up still a bit drunk, concentration not all there) but I will say this:

    In my opinion this is the best Arsenal blog. Which is why I reply and debate and banter here. So thank you Geoff and Pedro.

    And so I read comments like LB’s above and others in previous blogs and they strike as being plain rude. We all have opinions on Arsenal but we all supportthe same team. If you want to argue go to a football message board and there’ll be loads of chavs, mancs, scousers and yids lining up to slag you off.

    If you disagree with the content of the blog, do it civilly. For me dismissing it as nonsense is not the beginning of a healthy debate. LB, you make a good point but you make it in the manner of a twat which means it difficult to engage with you.

    However this is my take on things: firstly we should wait to see if these rumours come to fruition before venting our frustration as Geoff has. However I do share that frustration: as much as I’m ok with very few English players in the team I do want to see faith being shown in our young players, and similar perseverance from Le Boss in developing them and affording them first team opportunities as he does the foreign youngsters. I will say of the three players Geoff mentions only Bentley for me comes close to Arsenal standards and he left of his own accord. For me Justin Hoyte is a real source of frustration, with him seemingly destined for Villa at present. There’s a player I think would have made the grade.

    As much as I love Le Boss, I do wonder sometimes at the players he shows faith in (like Eboue) and the ones he is willing to offload (like Hoyte). I will say that most of the time the players he allows to leave usually go on to a fairly mediocre career elsewhere (i.e. Pennant, Sidwell)

  8. Stuart

    Not sure that you have looked deeply enough at this. The only British player that Arsene has let go who looks capable of truly making the grade at the very top is Bentley [and Arsene did not want him to go, did he?]. The rest have made decent careers without really setting the EPL on fire. Thomas, Smith, Sidwell, Harper, Stack, Pennant and Upson [error prone still] spring to mind.

    As for Bentley, well, he is beginning to blossom but I do not think that the tag of ‘the next Bergkamp’ will stick. He’s good, though, and might have fitted into the Gunners’ side eventually.

    You mention Flamini and his early months but Arsene has proved correct as he is a very good player now and I have a feeling that he will be right about Song, too. Keiron Gibbs looks good to me as does Henri Lansbury, amongs others. Fingers crossed that they reach the very high standards required to be in a top team and not just able to hold their on in an average team.

  9. John W

    I don’t think Mathiew connolly will be sold. Have you considered the fact that even after Kolo and Eboue come back, they will need atleast two weeks of rest before they come back in the team? And therefore, Arsene will have to rely on Hoyte, Song and Djolou as cover at the back?
    So if we go further in the Carling cup, FA cup and any one of the above gets injured, don’t you think Connolly will then be thrown in at the deep end? I also don’t think you’re right as far as Bentley is concerned. I remember vividly, David wanted first team football, even demanded it and yet at that time he was still a bit raw, we had good wingers like Pires infront of him. He demanded his transfer. Had he been patient, i feel he would be playing in Eboue’s number and the African might have moved on.

  10. GunnerPete

    Well Jimmy & Stuart got it about right. This is a good site and deserves answers from real supporters not from know nothings who just air their biasness.

    As UK players…I am and always will be a champion of the minimum of 4 UK players in the first team squad. I would love Arsene to buy a couple of very good players like Richards & Hennersey (Wolves Goalie) to add to Walcott & Hoyte. Then with players coming through who will make it ie; Lansbury, Gibbs, Randall, we will have a nucleus of a great side that will help the UK teams. I have watched our youth teams a lot and can see a lot of players who are better than a lot of players who are in other premeirship squads already. Fingpong, Murphy, Hoyte etc.

    Sad to say though Arsene does not seem to have the same quality of scouts in the UK to snatch potential as he does abroad. The stupid distance from home rule also stunts this option.

    As for January, I really believe that AW will only buy IF he sells Jens, Gilberto, and probably Diarra. If that happens he may buy one player. My hoenst opinion is he will wait until June and but Benzema and hopefully Richards….both are the best in their positions Ive seen for years.

  11. Geoff

    First of all thanks Jimmy for what you said, we appreciate you being on board!

    Stuart says that Arsene was right with Flamini because he persevered and look at him now, as he will no doubt with Song and possibly Senderos, all true.

    My point is what would Bentley and Sidwell have been like had he persevered in the same manner as them? they could have been twice what they are today, look at Henry, when he joined us he was an average winger who could not get into Juventus on a regular basis and look at what happened to him.

    Hoyte for me could be a really good defender, good cover at center back and a good right back but again he didn’t get the time the others had.

  12. Phobia

    Happy 2008 to you all
    Subs:Lehmann,Walcott,Senderos,Diarra and Eboue.
    Arsenal 4 – West Ham 0

  13. henry

    Happy New Year to you too!

    I think 4 nil sounds like a good score to me.

    Almunia Hoyte Toure Gallas Clichy

    Eboue Cesc Diarra Diaby

    Adebayor Eduadro

    Fabianski Walcott Senderos Rosiicky Hleb

    I know he’s playing Eboue as Wenger said he would but I have a feeling he’ll play Diarra and Diaby today.

    Go, go gunners!

  14. matt

    Hoyte toure gallas clichy

    eboue cesc flamster hleb

    eduardo ade

    not sure if it will be hleb or rosicky…. one probly will come on for another and theo for eboue. Maybe we will see theo up front towards the end… hope so!!!

  15. Doug

    Good to find a site talking sense, albeit a tad politely.
    There’s nothing wrong in the good old Italian Debating society rules being applied on boards and sites, just don’t be too sensitive.
    As far as the topic of players getting/not getting the opportunities we feel or even they feel they deserve (regardless of race as is AW style)I, a long time since, decided that however many games I attend, or opinions I hear it will still only ever amount to a small fraction of the information and experience at AWs disposal, he working with these boys daily with god knows how many profiles on them from other professionals.
    The term/creed Arsene Knows is never more true than with respect to this kind of discussion and I’m a believer.
    Up the Arse and time to put the upton park upstarts back in their place.

  16. jimmyfingers

    Its an interesting paradigm (ooh, get me) that if Bentley/Sidwell/a wealth of others had gotten the kind of nurturing that Henry/Vieira/Walcott got/is getting would they have turned out genius the way the others have?

    Arsenal seems to be a team that flatters the players that play for it. Those that move invariably seem to shine a little dimmer. I’m thinking Overmars/Henry/Anelka/Petit (apologies for the slashing) that have gone elsewhere and done fuck all. How’s Vieira doing?

    Under Wenger there is a style of play and teamsmanship (is that a word?) that show the best of a player and it appears that in other systems suddenly the player seems lessened somewhat. Without doubt that player brings something to the system, but the team is often more than the sum of its parts. One of the problems with henry at the end was the team revolved around him: its the Terry ‘Enry show and the rest were merely the support act. He goes and team starts to play as a team again. Genius transferring from Wenger.

    And I think that in the end is key: Arsene knows. We say it maybe a little tongue in cheek, and certainly aren’t afraid to criticise him when we think he gets it wrong, but when it comes to offloading players I believe he doesn’t, or the ones he did you could count on one hand (I’m thinking Overmars and in particular Petit). Bentley wasn’t down to him, but he is the one player who would have made the grade currently playing in the Prem IMO. Sidwell? No, Upson? No, Pennant? Hell no.

    We all want English Arsenal players but not to the detriment of the team. There can’t be positive discrimination in their favour: they fight for their place like everyone else. But think on this: when they do make the grade, what sort of players will they be? English players worthy of an Arsenal starting position, awesome. And hopefully they will be of greater charactor than the current crop of English players. The clubs, the women and the paperazzi lifestyle preferred by utter twats like Rio and Ashley is one of the reasons I think Arsene is unwilling to put his faith in them. Compare that to lads from Africa who are just grateful to play, or the consumate proffesionalism of Cesc and previously Henry

  17. The prophet

    This is a great site and happy new year to all bloggers
    As much as I love Arsene and the current side it would be so much better if a couple of English players were regulars but the fact is who in the England team would make the grade? Gerrard would be an asset but he will never leave Liverpool (which I admire) Richards is probably the only one or dare I say the wanker Ferdinand. So Arsene is probably right I just hope the young English guns make the grade because if they do England will be predominantly Arsenal and perhaps once again I will get enthused about International matches.

    Good thing is I am nervouse about today

  18. charlie

    Happy and prosperous 2008 to all!

    I must say I find it difficult to draw conclusions about how players are nurtured or not based on news reports. Unless im around the club to see what happens, as oppossed to what the press reports, i simply dont know. As such I have to trust the manager in his man management, and with the arsene we are blessed to have the best.

    As a comment, arsene is educated as an economist. As such he is fully aware of the inflated prices english players command on the transfer market. If nothing else, economics will dictate to him to fully develop and nurture as much english talent as he possibly can, so i would think that the belief that he doesnt do this isnt accurate.

    Anyway, thx for a great site and look forward to much more this year.

  19. jimmyfingers

    Hoyte starts! Sagna rested so Justin gets his chance. Hope its a sign that Wenger has faith in him, rather than putting him in the shop window. I’m sure that Eboue will start in fromt of him to give him cover rather than Walcott. Theo has been strangley absent from the team. I know he had a bug and was out for a while but I hope he’s involved today in someway, either upfront or impact sub

  20. Bergs

    Flamini – awful? Hardly a challenger for Gilberto, Edu & Vieira at the time I agree, but never Grimandi/Baptista/Song type awful. Right from the off, I saw the Romford Pele II. And Champions League Final run? And what play a whining Chav instead for the final?

    Connolly played in the CCup – Poo demolition last season didn’t he?

    I think he’ll be around.

  21. Nater

    whats wrong with trying Sagna in the middle with Gallas, and pushing Hoyte out onto the right back position. Dont see any reason why that wouldnt work? anyone else?

  22. Phobia

    Fabregas looking sharp again.Eduardo is looking lethal and Rosicky was great today.
    How the hell did Adebayor goal go in from such an impossible angle.(This is wonderful)
    Arsenal transfer in January
    Micah Richards,Benzema,Nikolay Dimitrov and Berbatov.
    Happy 2008 to all gooners.

  23. eduardo

    Its a lie put out there by the media that Wenger favours foreign kids over the English ones, the big difference is that the foreign lads who are in the Arsenal squad work harder and are more willing to wait for their chance. Any youth who does not want to wait is let go, be he English or foreign, those who say we sold Bentley cos he was English are mad, Bentley was awarded a 5 year – yes FIVE YEAR CONTRACT – at Arsenal and it went to his head along with his one FAC goal v Boro and all the media attention and he demanded to leave, Wenger asked him to stay and fight for his place but he refused so he was sold and may I add with a buy back clause in the deal, now compare that with Flamini, he wanted to leave, Wenger asked him to stay and fight for his place and he did, now he is a regular and is now a French International, pity the English lads did not show his desire and brains to know that when Wenger asks you to stay then you should stay.
    And to the muppet who said that the lads in the youth team are better than those in the first team squad at the moment, do you know anything at all about football, its all well and good looking good in U18’s, its a whole different level at first team status, both in speed and power and maybe in a year or two when they do some growing they will be great first team men but as of now they are still only kids.

  24. Isaac

    To me it’s really quite simple why there aren’t that many English players: They’re expensive. The rate of academy players making it into the first team squad in Arsenal is not that much different from the rates of other EPL clubs (read it somewhere, but not quite sure). With the standard of Arsenal’s first team today, no academy in the world could turn out even one fully home-grown player a year who can make the grade at Arsenal. Also, with the ridiculous price-tags of English players, Wenger doesn’t seem to buy too many English players. So overall I think it is Wenger’s buy cheap transfer policy that led to our small number in English players in squad, rather than him letting young English talents go easily. I mean, why would he?

    Another thing that perhaps contribute to this is our exellent scouting network. The fact that we can spot a 18 year-old Brazilian who had just started one game for his club, or a 16 year-old talent playing in the scadinavian, means that we can find talent from around the globe. Since England is not THAT big compared to the whole world with not THAT many talents, I think it is quite (sadly) logical that our young talents from overseas are more often than not better than most of the local youngsters, leading to a seemingly inclination towards the overseas youngsters.

  25. kobe

    arsenal is nt the English national team, wenger will fill who he thinks is best for the team and get ur stats right before talking. a lot of foreign players have left arsenal but you choose to talk nonsense.

  26. HK gunner

    I’m glad AW has finally found his fox in the box.These are early days but the way Eduardo drilled the ball into the net does to a certain extent confirm
    his status.
    The defence when Kolo leaves could be cause for concern.At least AW mixes the long ball and the short passes.
    Sterner tests await but I’m hopeful the days when the the defenders were ball watching are hopefully coming to an end.

  27. marcus

    Isaac has hit the nail on the head. The Premier League is the richest league going therefore everyone in the world wants to play in it. The population of the UK is a tiny fraction of the world. All the talk of favouring foreigners / Arsenal are to blame for england not qualifying etc etc is total rubbish. It is simple maths. Everyone just makes a big deal if the player is english. It shouldn’t matter where they are from it is whether they want to play for arsenal. If they like it here and want to live in the UK then they become english in my book. Take Almunia next year he has benn here so long he is English – and a lot more english than Owen Hargreaves who has only been here 5 minutes, the bloke is Canadian/German everyone just gets fooled because he has a very english name.

  28. ATL_Goon

    I am sorry to say I find this site excellent but this topic is universally over-discussed. The need for English players at Arsenal…WHY? Ask yourself this instead, Why aren’t Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juve and the 2 Milans snapping up young English players?

    If indeed they are good enough for the big 4 of the prem then why aren’t the scouts for these big European teams fighting for them also?

    We hear loads about Barca being upset over Wenger’s “steals” but never have I heard that a European team stole a british starlet. Once we start hearing that and still haven’t got many English players then I’ll question whether we should have looked at some home grown talent a little longer ourselves.

    Currently we sell even our best prospects to relegation bound or mid table dross sides. The captain of the U17 England team Muamba goes from Arsenal not to Man U or Barca but to Birmingham. I firmly believe Arsene sells players only when he has to (I.E. not good enough – Upson, not civilized enough – Pennant, not willing/too arrogant – Bentley, or some combination of the above). Once that is done speculating on what could have been with these players is just that – pure speculation.

    There is no discrimination at Arsenal and forcing inadequate players into the squad because of their passports is discrimination. Someone already made the point in a different way but if only 1 out of 10,000 kids ever has enough talent to be a professional, and only 1 out of 100,000 kids is good enough to be a top level pro, then only about 1 out of 1,000,000 will make it at an Arsenal or Man U or Barca. England has a small population in relation to the population of the world, so we are blessed that Arsene can find them wherever they are.

    Happy New Year all

  29. evo

    Matthew Connolly has been on our list for several years, but he is actually now listed in the senior team as of August 21, 2007. He has played a couple of CC games since 2006 and is only 20 years of age, so im thinking he might have a chance to improve and make some kind of mark. Upson was ok, however if you wanted English players, i reckon we should have taken a punt on Woodgate when he was available before resigning at boro, otherwise im happy with the current set up and i think Senderos will outwit you all and prove his worth (once again – remember Champions league run of 10 unbeaten games) in Jan and Feb!

  30. Damian

    English players what a joke Arsenal could never have out bid Man U 4 Rooney so he looked else where ie.Van P if thats not the case then its all money Chelsea 1st Man u 2nd Arsenal left overs this 1 i,m glad we missed SWP Chelsea never wanted right price about 12+m Arsene offered 15m Chelsea payed 25 just so arsenal never got him ok that was the end of that keep looking find rosiky

  31. Rich

    Regardless of the English v Others debate at Arsenal, what we do with any player should be determined by what they do in training and on loan. As we don’t see training we can only go on loan performances alone and very few of our players have actually performed significantly well to deserve call up into the first team. Connolly for instance has been nothing more than ok at Colchester so to attack Arsene for letting him go seems a bit odd.

    In fact in recent times the only players who have excelled on loan have been Bendtner and Larsson at Birmingham, and out of those two Larsson was the one Brum fans thought we would keep because he rarely lost his place. Now compare that to the loans of Pennant and Hoyte because they consistently failed to play well yet Arsene had given them chance after chance before finally giving up on Pennant and rightly so. Hoyte remains and fights for a position (and credit to him) but if yesterday was anything to go by then he’ll need to find something special because he was well short of the other players out there.

    We all want to see young English players do well and prove themselves on loan but instead of looking at the passport for whether they should get a chance, actually look at how they perform before saying whether Arsene should be letting them go. He doesn’t get a lot wrong after all.

  32. Howard

    I’m also really concerned at the way Arsene allow English players to leave easily while he does verything to retain foreign players. Diarra and Diaby has been complaining weeks for wanting to leave and yet he tries hard to keep them.

    Muamba cried to leave and he let him, watching Muamba now, he’s better than both Diarra and Diaby in the defensive midfield position. Senderos has been crap, tried him several times and still crap but still in the team being given chances. Djourou is nothing to write home about.

    Matthew Connolly went on loan, first to Bournemouth and now Colchester; he’s been a revelation there culminating with a call to the U21 team. Arsene has recalled him and wants to sell him to QPR? Don’t think so, it will be a great diservice to the Arsenal.

  33. Rich

    Connolly – a revelation? Muamba – better than Diarra or Diaby? Sorry but that just isn’t true. Connolly failed to improve a frankly awful Bournemouth defence and at Colchester has done little to lead the team out of trouble. This isn’t all his fault but he just hasn’t stood out from the masses there either.

    As for Muamba, he like Bentley and Diarra and Flamini, was given the choice about whether to stay and decided he would get more opportunities elsewhere. Fair play to him but as yet he has not proved that his game is beyond simply running around and tackling anything that moves and Arsenal need more than that.

  34. Pedro

    I don’t think anyone could say Muamba has been a star performer for Birmingham. You don’t read much about him controlling games. He is definitely not better than Diarra in a defensive midfield position and I doubt he would out perform Diaby!

    I used to live in Colchester and work with a season ticket holder there, which means my opinion on Connolly is definitive (Joke). He reckons he is no better than average. I would still like to see him given a chance though, because Senderos has been sub standard of late and he seems to get plenty of opps.

    Wenger rarely gets it wrong though, so I guess we have to trust his judgement on these things (So cliché…)!

  35. Harlan


    So is Diaby who dribbles everything in sight and loses the ball. Arsene talks about English players coming through, who is coming through? They are selling everybody name them and bringing in every average foreigner in ala Senderos, Haarvard, Sunu, name them. Senderos? Losing us Carling Cup, FA cup match with Blackburn, Servilla and others. Even last game with Blackburn, without Song we would have lost, and yet this guy is being propped up and being given games.

    Connolly crap? Is Stuart Pearce so stupid to call him into the U21 team recently? Are you happy with our policy of not shopping for English talents in the Championship and yet having scouts all over the world looking for young foreigners?

    In a years time players like Simpson, lansbury, Gibbs, Rhys Murphy and the rest will all be gone, sold. In will come, Mputu, Lucik and the rest. Arsenal will continue to keep players like Eboue, Senderos, Diaby, Diarra because they claim they are better than any English youngster in their position.

    The club has now become a trainee ground for future French national team players. You want to play for France team? See Wenger and go to Arsenal. That’s why all French players are rushing here. Its business and public relations disaster.

  36. Pedro

    A business disaster? Have you seen our figures of late? We will replace Madrid as the number on club in the world next year!

    We have some great players coming through! Henri Lansbury is the name on everybodys lips at the moment.

    Stuart Pearce is hardly the best person to judge a player! I would say the fact that he didn’t get sold to another prem club says a lot about Connolly.

  37. kixzon

    The problem is that England doesn’t play the continental style which is adopted by Arsenal albeit finetuned to compete in Premiership.

    What good does it do if any English players churned out by Arsenal have to reprogram themselves when training with the England national side. And to reprogram themselves when returning to the club side.

    The only way to see more English players at Arsenal is when England starts to play with more skill & techniques instead of thunder & blood.

    If you think out of the box or view things from various angles, England’s recent failures had little to do with Arsenal cos there are no Arsenal players to be blamed in the first place! The media really need to blame the rest of the 19premiership clubs where their players were involved in the England’s team & embarassment!

    It has been 40 long years since a prestigious football trophy landed on its shores. Le Professor was around for the last 10years & the first time Arsenal fielded a 100% foreign players was around 6yrs ago. Obviously the problem with the National Team started some 40 years back & had declined ever since. To blame it on Le Professor for the current standard of England’s football is nonsensical. There are more than 100clubs in all divisions. If talent can’t be found, something must be wrong somewhere.

    To rebuild the England Team with skills, techniques & panache, has to start from the very young U12, U16, U18.

    There’s little you can change when you’re past a certain age. That’s why Le Professor like to seek young talents with the appropriate skills & techniques & mould them into the Arsenal’s way.

    Of course, being educated as an economists, he certainly knew that these young talents are really a value for money rather to compete for established talents with Chelski, MU, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Milans, Juventus etc….etc..
    So, why compete & waste money. Why not develop & earn money from all the cash rich clubs? That’s plain prudent. Any clubs will be dying for a manager who is as astute as Le Professor but there aren’t many or should I say…there isn’t any.

    Of course, the media may say that he is blind when it comes to local talents. Firstly, there aren’t many local talents around. Secondly, any clubs who owns them would have guarded such diamonds vigorously & to take them away may usually cost a bomb.

    Thirdly, if you look at different viewpoint……any local clubs should be glad that Arsenal isn’t barging or fighting for their players. Or you can say….there would one less club to compete for their players as many knew that Arsenal has a worldwide scouting network.

    So what’s the problem with that?

  38. Harlan


    Business disaster I mean because the foreign players rarely promote shirt sales and advert income. Spurs Mansion gets them 8 million and Arsenal’s fly Emirates bring in 6 million. AIG pays MANU 14 million and Chelsea get 7 million from Samsung.

    Djourou was a flop at Birmingham and as for Senderos and Eboue I think even Spurs won’t take them yet the mantra is ‘If you have quality you’ll play for Arsenal’ What quality is Senderos who leaks at least once in every game and yet being held while English prospects are sold every season? Tell me?

  39. evo

    I still cant believe you guys are giving Senderos a hard time, people forget seasons gone by so easily these days. For the 2nd time, i would like to mention that he played most (if not all) of the 10 games unbeaten in the CL when we made that final in 2006, surely he was ok during those games? What about that infamous International of the Swiss vs Turkey, i think he did pretty well then (with blood streaming down his head).

    Anyway, i give up on that topic! The next topic we can wipe off the discussion list is Connolly signing with QPR, so no more need to talk about that one!

  40. Pedro

    Harlan, I fully agree with you on Senderos. I don’t think he has been great this year, or last but he was pretty good in the run up to the Champions League final wasn’t he (A point I like to flog as well Evo)? I think Wenger is seeing if he can reignite that form. JD was solid for us last season as well. I like the look of him, and you are probably right about Eboue.

    I just don’t think Connelly should have been given a chance if he wasn’t good enough, but you can read more about my views tomorrow!

    Its going to be a good un’!

  41. Veggis

    So Connoly is off, and we have sold another English talent. A lot of people are unhappy about it, but I am pretty sure that if Wenger thaught that what he saw every day in training, in reserve league games etc was the talent of the new Terry, he Matthew would still be an Arsenal player. Besides, Wenger is very good at having buy back clauses when he does sell young players.
    As for favouring foreign talent.. I don’t know.. If you think about it, these last few years have not exactly been the glory days of the English national team. Is this because Wenger chooses to buy foreign players? No. I believe there is something fundamentally wrong with the attitude of English players. I know this has been mentioned before, but I don’t think it can be said too many times. It seems that ones an english player gets picked up by one of the big teams, he is a superstar already. It seemingly doesn’t matter what kind of performances they put it; they are a part of a very big club and therefor they get money thrown at them. How often are there scandals involving african or french footballers? I’m sure they exist, but they are far outweighed by those “enjoyed” by their english colleagues.
    Besides, for all the leadership abilities apparantley shown by Connolly (must admit I do not know much about him as I have never seen him play), he was not elected captain of the reserves. That honour is currently enjoyed by a Norwegian defender named Nordtveit. Now there is a name to start looking for in the coming months! He has been injured for a while now, but hopefully he is not to far away.

    And at Arsenal, it is not enough to be good, you have to be great or brilliant. It is not enough to be John Terry, you have to be able to pass the ball. The very basic technique must be able to rival that of most midfielders in the Premiership even for defenders! Wenger it seems prides himself on creating a unity; when they employ the kind of football they, everyone must be able to take part in that. Maybe Connolly didn’t have sufficient qualities in that department? I don’t know.. I just know that after seeing what the team is able to do after the transfer dealings of recent years I have only one thought; God bless Arsene Wenger, and God bless the mighty Gunners!

  42. kixzon

    There are clubs out there who would not even want to consider `Gambling’ & `Casino’ sponsorship even if they offer big money as they do not want their club to tie up with vice.
    There were debate a few years ago when such tie ups are just starting to heat up. Most people then were concerned about the younger generations of fans & footballers may have their view altered about the vice of gambling. And many clubs at that time do not want to be associated with gambling.

    So as you mentioned that Spurs have more sponsorship dough coming from MANSION is really NOT something to brag about. It’s the principles of certain big clubs to reject any association with gambling.

    More importantly, due to Arsenal’s prudent transfer activities, this advantage of being sponsored by vice for that extra dough is completely NON EXISTENCE. Remember a certain Darren Bent & how much it cost Spurs to buy him over?

    So as reported by media t& pointed out by Pedro hat Arsenal may, and I repeat may, replace Real as the biggest earners is not completely untrue. What is vital is that Arsenal’s sponsorship or should I say `most BIG clubs’ sponsorship is not associated with vice (gambling & casinos).

    Probably by now, you should know where Spurs stands & their bragging about being a BIG CLUB is fallen onto deaf ears. Spurs’ principles went out the window the moment they associate themselves with Mansion.

  43. coca-gooner

    a buy back clause is the same as first refusal.clubs sell a player that they are forced to under certain circumstances like bentley who wanted more playing time at a time when pires,lungjberg were at the club.

    clauses like this are put in the deals with the buying club which,if any such thing existed in the sale of bentley,will give arsenal the right to match offers or talk to the player about a return to the arsenal.i sure hope there wasn’t one in bentley’s tho.y? may be your question but stop and think”who the hell will he kick out of the arsenal team?”

    and to some of the points made already.l don’t think wenger sets out to sell english players in his team.the simple facts are the most english players are too cocky to wait for their chance and a typical example is bentley.a fair comparison is with rv persie.he is definately better than bentley but was as patient as anyone for his chance.

    song has been here for two or more years and after all the abuse from our own corners,he’s still here and finally peaple have seen why wenger brought him here.if connollly is not patient and man enough to wait for his chance,then good luck to him on his journey.we do not have a terry now and i don’t think we will ever need one at this club.

    what we have is a soldier in kolo.
    with djourou,song,nordveit,gavin hoyte and abu ogogo,we definetely have a new kolo toure coming up in the next few yrs.

    long live the gooner family.