Easier in January?

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Ok, so December was tough, we all knew it would be, but January looks like a welcome break from the nail biters of late.
With West Ham, Birmingham, Newcastle at home and Fulham away in the premier league, it’s not too bad, in theory that’s 12 points or it should be if we are to win the league.

We’ll soon lose Kolo and Eboue, but it’s not for long, something like the 7th of Jan to the 10th of February and that’s only if Ivory Coast go all the way. We don’t get what I would call a hard one until March 22nd – away to the chavs, so I think we’ll manage with Djourou and big Phil.

West Ham are probably the toughest test so I would expect the side that finished against Everton to start tomorrow, plus Eduardo or Theo as the 11th man.

Wenger is beginning to smell blood, so I expect him to go for it from the off, so my guess is 4-4-2, he probably guesses that West Ham will start with Cole or Ashton alone up front, so will want to try and get an early lead.

I thought about a non contentious headline to appease other blogs, I hope you like it.

Happy New year!

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  1. Howard

    Big Phil? Still having hope in Sendy after all these trials and failures? I will go for Song not Big Phil. Even Titus Bramble of Wigan and formerly a crap at Newcastle has developed. Big Phil meanwhile going down and down since CL. Can’t tackle well, big and tall, yet beaten in the air. Poor at clearances. Should be sent on loan or sold, not good for the Arsenal.

  2. Geoff

    Can’t say I disagree but he’s still there and captain of the spare side so I’m guessing Wenger will keep him.

    I remember Titus Bramble marking TH14 out of the game at Ipswich many years ago and said we should sign him… …imagine!

  3. henry

    we do have a few Cup games though, I have a feeling that we’ll play the Carling cup side for the Cups this year as we are still seriously in the Premier league and the champions league.

    It could give us the edge as the chavs, and scousers will play their top teams in all of them and the Mancs will in the FA cup, well that’s what I think anyway.

  4. LB

    Man U have to play strong teams in the FA Cup because they did so badly in the Carling Cup. That’s certainly good for us. Also, does anyone notice that we in fact now have the best strike force in the EPL after all the noise about Sopurs and the Teves/Rooney combo? It doesn’t matter which two we play, they score.

  5. Arsenaldo

    Nowadays teams R getting stronger and we shouldn’t take 3points for granted even against “lesser” teams. 12 points would be perfect but we have 2 be very concentrated and now IS the time Venger should do The talking of the season. I think we really played very nervously against everton, and most of the games in december it wasn’t our game for this reason. Thoughts of being champs R now really getting into the boys heads which is really bad. AW -use meditation or your psychologysts if U have to-just stop them thinking about trophys but playing football game by game. Tiredness is the other problem ,and my opinion is to play the “B” team for the cups and get even more youngsters from reserves to help out, and play” A” team in CL and Premiership, as Henry said.

  6. Arsenaldo

    And Geoff-don’t try to appeasy people by inserting new topic. I don’t think the previous headline was contentious at all. Just the blog was used by 2 grumpy fellas to sort out their big egos.:)

  7. Geoff

    Thanks for the support Arsenaldo.

    I’m doing this blog to air not only my views and the views of the Arsenal fans I sit with, but hopefully all fans that are like minded.

    We won’t always agree, but we should have fun debating, when you get people that are only interested in agreeing with anything Arsene, it defeats the object of blogging, you may as well only visit arsenal.com, they won’t argue with the boss.

    Anyway that last blog got over 4000 hits and three people out of those 4,000 didn’t agree, one of those incidentally was from another blog, it’s their prerogative to disagree, but when they start to insult my bloggers, it’s time to move on, so I did! but its bloggers like you that make it worthwhile, keep blogging

  8. Dave

    I reckon that Arsenalodo is right – the lads shouldn´t take any game for granted if we want to win the league. Which was the last team to beat us at Emirates? The same team that beat us in the 1979/1980 F.A. Cup Final! Inferior then and inferior now, BUT, if we take them for granted we´ll lose again. I´ll be a really happy Hector if we take all points from those games (and really p….d off if we don´t).
    As to the Everton game, I was glad to see Arteta sent off – he was too damned good for my liking, but I was a bit miffed by Cesc rolling around as though he had a broken jaw. T


    i agree with what this is the time for easy work, but i don’t support the issue that west ham is the toughest game of the month(january). Lets handle all games that comes our way with serioousness plsssss. i luv ARSENAL, i dont know how i feel when ARSNAL plays draw or looose (UP ARSENAL…. enjoy ur money with good product.