Are you a sheep or an Arsenal fan?

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I get really fed up when some articles I read says things like ‘we’re now top but after the Pompey game you would think we were bottom listening to some supporters’.

I have to say some blogs think it’s unthinkable to criticise the team when they play badly, we don’t, if a surgeon has a bad day, the patient dies, if a fighter pilot has a bad day, he dies, so when you see salaries of between £50 and £110k a week paid to our team week, and they play like a pub team, we the supporters are allowed to get pissed off when we don’t win.

If I was a Derby County fan fair enough, they are not good enough and they don’t get paid as much, but we are and we do, so if we want to moan, we can.

Work out the ratio to what you the fans earn and how much it costs per game, and that should include food, drink and the cost to get to each game, then you’ll see you have the right to comment, you paid for it.

Players even get their food paid for, when was the last time your company paid for your lunch or dinner, Christmas I bet.

So my point is, I don’t begrudge what my team earns or eats or even how many days a week they work, but if they have a bad day at the office, we all have the right to be a little fed up, and that my friends doesn’t make us heretics.

Having an opinion stops you being a sheep, that’s all.

Onto football matters, it’s now common knowledge that we beat Everton by employing the long ball, which in my book is plan ‘C’ with 4-5-1 plan ‘A’ and 4-4-2 plan ‘B’ so I was delighted that we scored 4 away and at the ‘Home of the Bullies’

If we can mix some of all the previous plans at certain games, we can beat any team on the day.

By that I mean if we start say 4-5-1 and it’s not working, why can’t we just adapt another formation when needed and drift back if we need to?

We decided to show you a clip of Samir Nasri to give you as taste of what could be coming our way next year, enjoy!

West Ham tomorrow and revenge for our only defeat at the Grove.

Happy New Year to all.

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  1. Mike (the neighbour )

    Great video geoff !
    Everyone must be out excersising and getting fit for the New year -their silence is deafening .Actually I am unclear as to what a good or bad day at the office is .Is it just the result ? -a win or loss or is it the way they play -change tactics if not working -or the team playing as a team whether or not they win or lose -A fluke goal by the opposition can make the difference and change a result but doesnt reflect necessarily the way a team performs .Constructive critisism should apply whether they win or lose .Emhasing the word constructive .Youre all a bunch of wankers is just an emotional outburst-it doesnt provide solutions .What is great is grovers not only have an opinion but usually have solutions as well -so that helps a novice like me .In business from my experience its when its going well its the time to drill down and make sure youre not heading for a diaster or worse complacency !When its going bad -it always seems to be because of the bleedin obvious
    Good luck tomorrow and a Happy new year to all arsenal spporters wherever they may be

  2. Baller

    There was some utter bollocks spouted out on many a blog after the pompey game – i think this blog refered to wenger as delusional and stubborn.
    I mean we didnt loose, were second going into christmas and had lost one game all season but some of the reaction from fans was shamefull!!

    Having an opionion is one thing, but speaking as an authority with out anything constructive and comming out with “wenger is a twat or ade is a cunt or we should buy this and that” is bullshit!! esp after losing one game in 19.

    liverpool fans have not one the league for 17 yrs, the spuds even longer and the likes of villa, newcastle, man city have not had a chance recently but they offer much better support to their teams and dont give them as hard a time for not wining the league, while our fans bitch cause we havent won a trophy in 2 yrs(despite getting to 2 finals in that time), and we drew a game that took us off top spot for a week??? – i have said it before and will say it again – WE HAVE THE WORST FANS IN THE LEAGUE other fans offer better support that ours!!!

  3. JanjaWeed

    What a plonker!

    Some of the criticism after the draw with Pompey WAS over the top and you’d have thought we were in crisis and that United were gonna run away with the title.


    And 4-5-1 Plan A?

    Bollocks it is.

    Shit, who do you support again?

  4. grovedigger

    I watched the City game yesterday and saw empty seats all over the ground, so I fail to see what you’re talking about baller, our ground is full every game, so how can we have the worst fans in the league?

    Having an opinion means you’re a leader not a follower, if Arsenal play badly it’s my right to say what I feel.

  5. Akbar

    What a great video of this dude. I hope you mean by next year that he’s coming to Arsenal. All I wanna say is that yes Wenger has a total diffferent strategy of buying players and stuff, but I really have faith in him and I know we have to be patient. There is only One Arsene Wenger! Guys be patient.

  6. henry

    Me I’m an Arsenal fan, and I would love to sign Nasri, put a stone no him and it’s Zidane, if we don’t sign him quickly, someone else will, that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it!

    I also like route one now and again, the chavs do it all the time as do Liverpool, it doesn’t hurt when you need a quick goal.

    Should have done it against Portsmouth.

  7. Paul

    Grovedigger – its also our right to tell you that you are speaking complete bollocks when you call Wenger ‘delusional’ after a draw away to Pompey – it doesn’t make you a leader it makes you an idiot. At least we didn’t lose to West Ham!

  8. TopCat

    Interesting point – you say Arsenal fans, but what constitutes a fan? Is it the same as a supporter?

    I don’t get to many games at the Emirates (am abroad), but have been an ardent “supporter” for 10 or more years – Ive seen, like many, the transition from “boring boring” Arsenal to “beautiful football” and have had the honour of seeing some of the best footballers of my generation play (henry, bergkamp, pires).

    However, there is a large percentage of Arsenal “fans” who have supported the team for 5 years or less and many of these “fans” are just that – “fans”. They love the way the team plays and take it for granted that we have always played that way – when the team fails to win, they are enraged and start ripping into the team.

    I am all for constructive critism, I have strong opinions on players, tactics and transfer dealings, but do not throw abuse at the players or manager as this is both disrespectful and only shows ignorance.

    My point here is that if you are a supporter, then support your team – and not just when they are flying high at the top of the league – many fans turn their back on a team the second it fails to live up to their impossibly high standards, but genuine supporters are behind a team whether they are top of the league or fighting relegation.

    Arsenal supporters/fans are blessed – in 11 years their team has never finished lower than 4th, has won 2 doubles, gone a season unbeaten and play beautiful breathtaking football.

    Any fan who critisizes the team after an away draw is an embarrisment to genuine supporters.

  9. Baller

    A few comments from OURS fans before everton game

    ” I think it is a joke if Arsenal win nothing this season. Be any other top club, the chairman would call the manager into the office and stating it isn’t good enough. ”

    During everton game

    “This team is an embarrassment and Wenger’s tactics are an embarrassment. Couldn’t care less if ManU lost today because Wenger is truly showing what a WANK tactician he is. Pathetic”

    “I am not saying sack AW but what i AM saying is that this is becoming ridiculous and its time we stopped talkin about how much cahs we have if we do not spend it on fucking QUALITY MEN. Not boys. MEN. Its a MAN’S GAME. Which would explain that we have not own a league title since we packed our team with kids. Its pathetic. It’ll never work. Never. The wide mid areas are so poor its a joke. Diaby is just an insult to the shirt. FABREGAS? Has his mind on Real but is the new undroppable. Ridiculous. Playing like wank. ”

    worst examples!

  10. TopCat

    Thanks Baller.

    Makes you sick to think the cancer smears that made those comments will be telling their scummy mates that they always believed in Wenger and Arsenal if we manage to win the league this season.

  11. grovedigger

    there’s a difference between constructive criticism and slagging off, the examples you seem to be showing are slagging and not criticism.

    The headline a few days ago was a question, it was asking if Wenger was being delusional and stubborn, it wasn’t saying he was.

    I was at the 2005 cup final, we won but it was a dreadful game, am I supposed to say nothing? it took me 5 hours to get there and 6 to get back, we played 4-5-1 and didn’t have 1 shot, the only good thing was our penalties.

  12. Baller

    Having an opinion is one thing but speaking as an authority takes the piss.

    Formations, players, tactics etc we all got an opinion but i find it tiring when an arm chair blogger suggests that he knows more than a man who has dedicated much of his life to football and has been successful all over the world and is respected by all his peers and admired the world over.

    Its like me giving tips to mayweather on how to beat ricky hatton!! having never fought a professional fight in my life. Even with ABA experience a pro like mayweathers class would not take me seriously and just laugh!!

  13. Baller

    Fact is Spurs have something to moan about. Newcastle, villa, everton etc.

    2005 cup final was horrible but contrast that to the one we lost to liverpool after outplaying them.

    or the shockers against shef wed!!

    my point is that some of you are moaning about 2 yrs without a trophy!!

    im not havin a go at you by the way, most fans are cool but its the ungratefull minority that get on my nerves.

    Like i said liverpool have gone 17 yrs, spuds even longer but they dont put down their team as much as some arsenal fans!!

  14. grovedigger

    I was at both finals! in fact I’ve been to every final under Wenger and both finals against Sheffield Wednesday.

    Still changing the subject, yes I would like to sign Nasri, he’s one for the future but I would hate him to go to Chelsea or Spurs.

    I still think we need a center back but it will be interesting to see how Djourou performs, if of course he plays him and not Senderos.

  15. clockendgooner

    Unfortunately in this day and age there is a bizarre acceptance as fact that the accessibility of media is tantamount to everyone having something worth listening to. This I’m afraid is not the case. Even the thickest, dullest person in the land may have an opinion. This does “make them a leader, not a follower”. It simply means they are likely to have an inflated opinion of their own worth.
    You are in danger of joining the myriad other “blogs” solely set up to attract clicks through providing outrageous or eye catching, rather than accurate or interesting, copy. Next time you feel like venting your spleen, sit back and count to ten. You might then come across as a grown up with something worth reading rather than a product of the me generation with a marginal facility for written English and IT.

  16. grovedigger

    go read another blog then arsewipe, one where someone gives a rats arse for your opinion. In fact read your own blog, no one else does, you may as well.

  17. grovedigger

    Also, if you are trying to sound articulate and intelligent you really need to check what you blog. You just said even the thickest dullest person in the land is a leader, and you know, I think you meant the opposite..

    That’s known as being hoisted by your own Petard. Either that or you have a marginal facility for written English.

  18. clockendgooner

    Great spot. Thanks. However the general tone of the mail made it clear even to you what I was trying to say. Just got a little carried away. That’s actually an editing fault on my part rather than a lack of ability in written English. A new concept to you, perhaps but feel free to take it up.
    By the way, no need to spell petard with a capital, while we’re being pedants.

  19. goon

    Is it just me or that samir nasri lad has a very weak shot! i can only see him score one goal in a youtube video! isn’t that disturbing?

    I haven’t seen much of him in the French league but i have seen him in action in the champs league and i must say we do not need to worry. I am pretty confident that at the level he is at, no European powerhouse will be after the lad anytime soon. He is very young and talented without a doubt but ribery was the real deal that Arsenal missed out on.

  20. grovedigger

    Don’t think I was being pedantic, you were, you can’t lecture people on written English is you can’t write it yourself.

    Like I said before go and blog on your own site and make it look like people read it.

  21. Arsenaldo

    Groovedigger and Clockendgooner- this is an Arsenal blog , my I say, and your argument got carryed away a bit. Swap your emails or phone numbers and sort it out between you , as it is more personal thing , and we dont wanna read your crap.

  22. Arsenaldo

    And BALLER- If you love totnam and other teams’ fans so much (and not us -Arsenals) just swap collors and become one of them then

  23. Geoff

    Arsenaldo thanks! I have tried to say that earlier but only you were listening, I’ve just posted a new story in the hope it stops, this is a blog where people have fun, not arguments.

    Happy new year!

  24. Baller

    Arsenaldo – if u read what i said – i havent got a problem with most fans – its just the ungratefull fans or supporters that do my head in.

    If youre speaking up for one of them feel free – but dont telll me wat to do!!

  25. Arsenaldo

    Baller-Im Arsenal supporter for 9 years in good and in bad times, and IM not one of THEM-whatever that means for U. I agree some of the fans R overcritical at times but if U get the emotions out of the context will see that there is true in almost every comment. Noone wants to say that he is better than AW, but I believe sometimes we might see some details from the game from different perspective and help the team( if AW reads this blog:-)
    Agree with Tomcat about the Fan -Suported issue.I will give you an example for the “TRUE” Chelski fans. I saw this from first hand experience as I live in Fulham close to the bridge(unfortunately). Before they became Champs 3 years ago I was hardly seeing fans with shirts on the streets. Then for 2 years they suddenly mushroomed and were everywhere around. SOmetimes I wish I had a GUN:)))) Surprisingly this year they dissapeared again.??? Hope won’t see them again soon:))

    Happy New Year all YOU TRUE GUNS and hope to see you around Emirates come this end of may with the trophy!!!

  26. Geoff

    Ok great, now that everyone has made up, take a look at the latest post, it’s all about January and our fixtures and we could really do with some confidence building, it’s a long month!

  27. ArthurD

    This is good real good.

    Arsenaldo and Geoff well done for sorting out this melachy here! Obviously some of us Arsenal fans have forgotten why we’re here. I think everyone has the right if they feel unhappy with the teams preformance and individuals making abuse comments about players and coach the they have no respect for eachother. We have done well this season and I’m off to see us play West Ham tomorrow!

    Happy new year to all you fucking Gooners stay loyal!

  28. Romford Pele

    shit vid, didnt show anyhting impressive, – and why do you think he’s coming to the grove? He’s not a patch on Vela. if AW buys anyone in the summer it will be a goalkeeper, centre back or centre forward, not a tricky midfielder

  29. iqwoo

    West Ham down today they got too many injuries. lol.
    I hope Nasri comes to Arsenal i feel like we’ve been missing this trickiness.
    I hope Nordveit gets to play during January.

  30. uzo

    Wenger should do make all possible best to sign SAMIR NASRI,i am so much in love with the young guyhe is just 20.

  31. Ryan

    Nobody can get on their high horse because many people have called Wenger stubborn. He IS subborn. Sometimes it works in his favour for getting the best out of players and sometimes it simply costs us points. I really do hate those who say just because we have had so much success under Wenger that he and the players are immune from criticism. The important thing is if the points made are reasonable and true. We might have taken lots of points with the 4-5-1 for example, but we barely put in a single good performance in months of deploying it. Eboue played regularly, and was usually awful in that time and he didn’t lose his place in the side. That IS being stubborn. Thankfully Le Prof seems to have finally backed down on this issue and we’re back to a 4-4-2 and suddenly we’ve comfortably taken the 3 points again in the first game back.

    And whoever said the 4-5-1 is plan A I’m pretty sure that’s plan B. Besides the fact we’ve started the last game with a 4-4-2, we would never (or almost never) have even used the 4-5-1 if RvP wasn’t injured.