‘Route one’ Arsenal chew up toffees!

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Thanks Dave, (Moyes) yeah, that’s right David Moyes says we were route one, that they were the better team and even though we scored four goals away from home on a cold windswept night up north ,with ten men, they deserved the three points.

Ha fucking ha, you deluded ginger twat. You know, I think Arsene should get the game replayed as it wasn’t fair they lost.

He also sarcastically said the Cesc must have a broken jaw the way he went down, well the Everton midfield went down quicker than a gaggle of Russian hookers last night and Arteta was the worst tom of the lot, so pot and kettle spring to mind.

Sometimes route one is needed especially against a team with their height and a five man midfield, so good to see the long awaited plan ‘B’ again.

Eduardo showed why we bought him, he waited until he was ready until he shot, like a young Lord Nelson with the Polar bear some years ago, what coolness under pressure! and Ade and Rosicky took their chances straight off, last week Ade would have stopped and looked back for someone to pass to, so being dropped gave him a toe up the arse, good going boys.

Arsene finally gave us a 4-4-2 and we won, some may say it was a 4-4-1-1 but the team played 4-4-2 and despite a shaky start we soon got comfortable and when we went to 4-4-1, thanks to super Nick, we started to play!

So that’s the answer, start with 10 men.

Bit of transfer gossip today linking us with Samir Nasri and Benzema saying they would fit in with Wenger’s Academy signings.

The Times says ‘Arsenal as ever are being linked with virtually nobody, so expect some infant to arrive from Equatorial Guinea who will be a £20 million player in a couple of years’

They’re probably right, but I would have Nasri and Benzema in a heartbeat, and even the Bulgarian winger we trialled.

As for a keeper, you know, I’m really happy with Almunia, I think he’s done enough and no-one else floats my boat, I think bringing in another keeper would undermine team spirit, at the same time Lehmann has to go for the same reason, so bring in cover like a ‘Mart Poom’ and let Almunia and Fabianski develop.

So a great, great day for the men in red and white, that was a huge, huge win, we can go all the way now, it’s in our hands and we’re on the back 9.

Another super comments day yesterday Grovers, keep it up!

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  1. jimmyfingers

    Didn’t enjoy the first half, we looked proper ropey and thought the foul weather would do us. Considering the state of the pitch and weather its no surprise we went route one. And even though I ain’t seen much of him yet, I’m prepared to pronounce Eduardo the best finisher I have ever seen. You get the sense he just picks his spot, and then the ball goes there. Very impressed.

    Absolutely deserved the win, and Everton can bleat about Cesc and cheating and whatnot, but their players went down like flies. I particularly enjoyed Phil Neville’s comedy dive: ‘Oh I’m near him, I’ll go down……..ooh better stick out a leg’.

  2. Spike

    Its effin hilarious how Arsenal get slated when they win ‘ugly’. Sure if United had gone there and won 4-1 it’d been portrayed as the mark of potential champions. Ho hum, whi gives a shit that Moyes is moaninf. How many times have we come away from places like Everton and been kicked out of our normal free flowing game? So a few long balls and direct play won us the game, fantastic, more please!

    And what a surprise Cesc is being portrayed as a diver when the purer than pure Toffee twats are angels, obviously.

    Theres previous between this lot, Neville and particularly Cahill the twat in chief.

    Nice one lads.

  3. naga gooner

    Oh my goodness. If we go by moyes’ logic then we should have been champions in the last 2 seasons. It was one of the worst footballing games ever, but the one which gave us gooners the greatest joy. Nice to see that we were able to give moyes a taste of his own medicine (he has been doing this to us ever since he has been managing everton)

    Let me just say, they were the better team, they played better football, they were more handsome, they were saints in the field, they were more entertaining.


  4. Mike (the neighbour )

    The final result clearly flattered arsenals performance however even the Everton supporters who surrounded us in si bar in spain admitted the better side won .Great -Especially as they had smug bastard looks after the first goal -You cant fault the tenacity and determination they showed especially after they went down to ten .Geoff maybe Arsene did read the blog re 4 -4 -2 so well done to you ! .The goals may not have been top notch but hey ho they are after all Fuckin goals .Arsene apparantly said that they were nervous in the first half cos they knew what the united result was .I´d like to think professionals could rise above that .
    Top at Xmas Top at New year -looking forward to “the back nine ” we certainly live in interesting times
    great stuff

  5. grovedigger

    quite funny reading about how Moyes thought they deserved more, ho, ho, ho as Santa would say.

    Chelsea win against a hapless Newcastle with a goal that was four yards offside and that was ground out, we beat a side that is second in the premiership form sides, and we come from a goal behind to win 4-1 away from home with ten men ands we get called lucky.

    At least the bookies have made us 2-1 to win the league.

    Mike I hope you enjoyed the bar with the scousers after the game, did they nick your hub caps!

  6. jimmyfingers

    Everton were good first half, but rubbish second. Can claim they deserved the win, and Everton fans on a footy message board agreed, when they weren’t howling abuse at Cesc

    Interesting the change in attitude toward Arsenal and Cesc in particular. Early doors Arsenal were the plucky underdog playing good football, the neutrals choice, and Cesc was the lauded hero of that surprise start. No-one had expected Arsenal to be serious contenders and so their ascendancy wasn’t begrudged as it served to add entertainment to the title race. Now we’re up there and showing no signs of going away (despite what a lot of our own supporters thought after the Portsmouth result) the knives have been steadily coming out. First off the mark was the latent racists crying foul at our lack of English players. Heck even Fergie tried to score points this, which, being a Scot and demonstrably anti-England throughout his career, was truely bizarre. Then with the 70th red card of Wenger’s career, all of a sudden we’re thugs again, cue people wailing about Vieira’s disciplinary record, or calling Bergkamp dirty. Seriously you’re metal if you think that is relevant and if you watch Bergkamp play and come away with an impression of a dirty player then you’re not focusing on the right things.

    And the quickly on the heels of that comes the United fans telling us our players are faeries for wearing gloves in the winter (despite the fact their own players do). Fergie believes himself that our title challenge will come unstuck during Northern away-days over the winter and in the first half it looked like he would be right, playing crap while the monsoon hit. Lets face it, our style of play doesn’t suit wintry, waterlogged pitches. We need a summer’s day and a pitch so flat you could play snooker on it to truely shine. But we showed we can mix it too last night, and while those long balls may contradict our accepted ethos, they were a real tonic to my eyes, finally showing we have a plan B when passing the ball 50 times then doing a delicate chip isn’t working.

    And finally we’re cheats, despite the fact we were cheated against. Remarkable how little attention is given to Neville’s dive. MOTD didn’t show it, fans are ignoring it. Of course, English players don’t dive. Forgot

    So to recap: we’re foreign, we’re thugs, we’re faeries, we’re cheats…….we’re top of the league. Go figure

  7. palin

    Great blog article.

    Agree completely.

    This is why Wenger bought Eduardo instead of Torres. We dont need another looks good but needs 15 chances to score kind of striker. We needed a hitman, an assasin to take his oppurtunities in these kinds of tight games.

    Similarly with Sagna, who has helped our defence no end. 2 great non flashy important signings. Like Arsene of old when he bought in Lauren, Vieira etc.

    Another interesting thing was the ref giving us 5 yellows and them none, despite their tight marking, tackling and afters. The yellow cards to Cesc and Flamini were especially comical. You get the feeling that Everton can do everything but actually stamp on our players, but the moment we get anywhere near them, the ref blows for a foul.

    But despite the hostile crowd, the rain, the cold, poor form, going a goal down etc we found an inch of space and scored. And we gave them their own medicine with Flamini and Cesc not taking a backward step. And then showed them the real Arsenal with Rosicky’s goal.

    No wonder Moyes has gone crazy. This is like the group of bullies who find out their victim has teeth.

  8. lc

    Yes, AW reads these blogs; as on thursday I said this, that on our away games where we seem to have very few chance to score, he should play our natural finishers (I mentioned Bentner & Eduardo to start and Ade coming later). I predicted 2-1 for Arsenal . Almost the same team apart from Diaby for Eboue and Gallas (I thought he wouldn’t be able to play) for Song.
    Liverpool, United and Chelsea are the media Darling among the top 4; so we just have to support our team and let them say what they like.
    Welcome done Gooners!

  9. henry

    people forget we didn’t play Derby County, we played a team that has won the last 7 at home on the spin.

    Neville the dirty cheating cunt has been kicking our players all his career, remember Reyes when we went 49 unbeaten? then they get some back from big bollocks and they squeal like the fat bloke in deliverance.

    Fuck them, northern monkeys.

  10. Mike (the neighbour )

    Do you reckon Moyes used this as a training video for yesterdays game of course . I particularily liked the ending

  11. Geoff

    Very good Mike! didn’t like the Pires one though and the Lehman one against Bolton was him taking the piss for their time wasting, and he got booked for it.

    I thought the last one was a classic though!

  12. iqwoo

    Edurado is like the combination of 3 of Arsenal’s Greatest Strikers.
    He’s reluctant to head balls like Henry =D
    He has a touch like Bergkamp. ( His touch against Jagielka )
    Finishing Like Ian Wright.

  13. AFCNews

    I was dissapointed with the last Gunners match the other week, hopefully we can get the points coming and stay first in the premier league, Come on you gunners!