So it’s Micah Richards and Benzema then…?

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Okay yesterdays question on who do we sign, threw up some interesting scenarios.

I think the consensus was to let Lehmann go and reluctantly Gilberto, I say reluctantly because he’s been a great servant to the club, but is getting older and Diarra is in the wings behind Flamini so we have enough cover in that position.

Also it was a mixed bag on Eboue, you either love him or hate him.

Quaresma was either too big a name or just what we need, but I did hear Benzema and Micah Richards a lot, so boss if you’re reading, take note!

All in all, a good and constructive days blogging Grovers and very interesting to hear so many differing opinions, that’s what this blog is all about.

The biggest thing that came out however was universally we all hate 4-5-1 and believe it to be negative, so Arsene, go back to 4-4-2 and keep us here at Le Grove happy.

Big ask today, Everton are the form team, scoring goals at will and apart from losing to the Mancs (90 minute penalty) have swept all aside, including 2 wins in a week at Upton Park, coincidentally our next up opponents.

So who will play? And how will we play?

The back five pick themselves so.


Sagna Kolo Gallas Clichy

Midfield is a tougher one but I’m thinking one change there.

Hleb Cesc Flamini Rosicky

With Arteta playing Cesc will shine, with both being Spanish, as he did against Liverpool with Torres on show.

Up front I would really like him to be ballsy and try.

Bendtner Eduardo

He won’t though! so it will be Ade alone up front and Diaby, Gilberto or Diarra drafted into midfield.

I think he is waiting until he gets Boy Wonder back before he dares try 4-4-2 again.

So a tough game on the cards today, but then I thought Blackburn would be harder so who know? he may surprise us.

Go, go Arsenal, it’s games like this that win titles.

Checkout the talented Benzema…

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  1. henry

    Oooh I like him! Wenger says that Diaby and Diarra are in the squad today but that Diarra needs to grow up as he’s in a great team that gives its kids a chance.

    I agree with that, but I’m a bit upset that Connelly has gone to QPR, if it’s true, another example of an English talent let go, and Swiss Phil given chance after chance.

    I don’t understand it sometimes.

  2. iqwoo

    I really dont think that Arsene will revert back to 4-4-2 in THIS game maybe the next one.

    He will continue 4-5-1 with the same team as at Portsmouth.
    With the subs: Theo for Eboue and Bendtnar for Hleb.

    I hope Benzema comes and Micah Richards so that FA wont have to piss around Arsenal for not having English Players.

  3. iqwoo

    Dimitrov is possible cause he was invited for training sessions.
    Left Footed Left Winger? Coooool huh?

    You got keys to my Benzema?

  4. Richard

    Benzema looks good resembles anelka a bit looks quick and a very good first touch/shot
    But the one thng i would question is the defending in all of the clip is shocking in all of the clip the defenders leave him a good couple of yards Strickers dont get that much space in the EPL and would he beable to handle the rough stuff handed out by them close marking him.

  5. matty

    i really want to see the return of the 4-4-2 … i think wenger has realised that we r no good with 1 striker.
    However i wudnt b surprised if he stuck with the 4-5-1 with diaby taking the place of eboue. I would rather see Rosicky than Hleb playing just behind Ade.

    Sagna Kolo Gallas Clichy
    Diaby Cesc Flamini Hleb

    Thats the side that i think will play:


    Sagna kolo Gallas Clichy

    Hleb Cesc Flam Rosicky

    Bendtner Eduardo

    Thats the team i want!
    I think Eduardo and Bendtner are forming a good partnership!
    Cum on Arsenal!!

  6. drloysz

    i agree this is not an anti Ade blog, and would like bendtner to partner eduardo. But like most u say, wenger probably stays with 4-5-1 and wait for van persie to come back. I think van persie makes a good combination with Ade, and van persie takes his chances better than Ade, not afraid to blast from far out, while Ade likes to walk-the-ball into the net, or most of the time spending thoughts of how to break the off-side trap (which occasionally works).

    I don’t think micah will be coming, unless wenger manages to get a good bargain on him. With city flying higher than usual, sven might want to keep all his precious assests. Don’t u guys think arsenal is equipped with enough defenders?Just making sure they stay at the right place and the right time will make arsenal more water tight

    My 2 cents…..

  7. KC

    Micah???? For goodness sake. Buy him because he is English. Compare him to Sagna, 6 million against Micah for 25 million. It is utterly rediculous to pay 25 million for a youngster who is just starting to prove himself. Sagna is better all round player and he is more experienced.

  8. Anon

    I thought Arsene made it clear he would not be making any signings in this transfer window. I hope he is just bluffing. Benzema……I dont think he will be coming to the Arsenal, though he would fit very well with our style of play. As for Micah, I agree with KC

  9. Mike (the neighbour)

    Sunny here in spain so although nervous feeling optmistic
    Even though the on line bookies are stating the bleeding obvious the odds are still in Arsenals favour .This is what they say
    “The Everton v Arsenal odds for this vital Everton Arsenal bettting Premier league clash could well deterine the way the rest of the season is going to go. The online bookies make Arsenal the 11/10 favourites to beat Everton at Goodison Park and this looks a little skinny considering recent results. Arsenal could not manage to get past Portsmouth on Boxing day and played out a nil, nil draw and this exposed their attacking power against a well organised defence. Portsmouth set out their stall early in this game and Everton will also make things difficult for the London team ”
    And geoff also stating the bleeding obvious if Arsene really reads this blog HE HAS TO GO 4 -4 -2 doesnt he ?
    Good luck guys -it aint gonna be a piece of piss for sure !!

  10. Geoff

    Ok my point with Micah is he still hasn’t signed a contract and I’m really not sure when it runs out, he’s still very young so whatever he costs, he will be around for a while.

    Gallas won’t be and Senderos is not good enough. Djourou not sure about yet, though I like him.

    Richards though is good now, as for Sagna, another good piece of business, he wouldn’t cost 6 mil now!

    But it’s all relative, look how much the Mancs paid for Ferdinand, if we won 6 straight titles it would be worth it don’t you think?

  11. daniel

    arsene wont go back to the 4 4 2 and he has also sed he is not going to add to the arsenal sqaud so we can keep on dreamin about these players but they arent comin netime soon

  12. daniel

    i agree with anon arsene has sed he is not going to add to his sqaud … yh opefulli he is bluffing bt when does wenger do that usaully … i also do not no y he is resting walcott he has been out 4 3 to 4 games he needs to play not rest lol

  13. Gunnersaurus

    He is resting Eboue Daniel, so it looks like he is reverting back to the 4-4-2!

    Nikki B up front with Ade I think, lets hope they play well together!

    I’m not nervous about the game now, everton were expecting a 4-5-1, Wenger has shaken it up so it could be quite an interesting game for us!

    Arsenal to win by 2 goals – COME ON YOU GUNNERS!

  14. John

    At the moment we are fucking shit, i certainly hope we turn this round in the second half , am not happy at all , for fuck sake united have lost, fucking win the game Arsenal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Pedro

    I’ve always championed Dudu as the man to save us from the 4-5-1… haha!


    We are top of the league say we are top of the league!

  16. geoff

    3-1 thank fuck for that, I can’t take these games when we go one down but it proves we are more of a threat at 4-4-2 however badly we play.

  17. John

    Thank fuck for that, fucking scouse shite …have that !!!

    and highest praise for eduardo , what a finisher that bloke is, has he actually missed a chance infront of goal this year ????

    Van the man to come back , it can only mean good things to come !!

  18. timao

    agreed, Eduardo, the best finisher since Gerd Muller. give him the ball in the box and he’ll put it in the net. what great day for Arsene Wenger though – to put out an unchanged side for the second half was brave and brilliant.

  19. dan

    be a bit realistic people, they giften us at least 2 of the first 3 with poor defending ( you could also say we gifted them their goal) we probably deserved to win on the basis of them defending badly in the second half and it was great to watch the comeback and not trying to be negative as im sure most of us wouldnt have dreamed of a 4=1 at goodison even when we were playing well but you have to admit we were probably lucky they didnt get something out of the game, on a positive side we kept goin til the end and after our first mistake didnt make any others which cost us, great finishes from ed and rosicky and good to see adebayor chasing lost (or not so lost!) causes again as hed started to get a little lazy by many peoples accounts

  20. greg

    i like adebayer but he either gives the ball away cheaply or he is offside imagine if he could stay onside he would be unstoppable, my hope is that he is not yet the finished article because i am being honest here if he is i dont think he is good enough.

    i think he needed dropping to be honest, he came on and looked like he wanted to win with passion.

    bendtners tackle was a disgrace he was very lucky to get two yellows.

    i think fabregas made the most of the elbow but on countless times arteta was rolling around like he had been shot!

  21. Pedro

    Greg, he is only 21! He is far from the finished article! Thierry was 22 when we signed him, so fear not!

    Dan, I think we deserved to win overall, and who cares if we didn’t! A crappy game, but we won and we are top of the league! I agree with you about Ade, he was running around like a nutter… he can’t afford to be complacent with the great dane on his back (Sloppy challenge for a deserved red card in my opinion)!

    Eduardo’s finishing is superb, that second (Despite the handball) was out of this world! When he bulks up he will be some player!

    United were woeful and should have lost by more. Ronaldo’s penalty was shocking, but Gooner Upson banged in a superb header! How do you feel Tevez?

    Last post from me! I will slumber happy in the knowledge we are top of the league!

  22. Jay D

    that benzema guy looks alright

    ade does waste a few chances but he does chase balls and put in effort to put in a pass if he can…

    i agree with sticking to 442

    nice to see rosicky shooting on target for once lol

  23. Harry Barracuda

    Micah Richards is another spoilt English twat who likes getting drunk and roasting slappers. Not Wenger’s type of player is he?

  24. Geoff

    I think Wenger would calm him down as would the players, but he won’t sign him, there is some transfer gossip on todays Le Grove, have a look.

  25. iqwoo

    I just really want 1 more guy to come.

    We look like we’re gonna lose Modric so I’m suspecting Arsene will make a move for out-of-favour AC Milan Startlet claimed to be the next Zidane, Yoann Gourcuff. He’s been told by AC Milan that he has no future in the club and will be transfered out of the San Siro.

    I’ve dont some research on him and he is such a good sportsmen that he could play tennis professionaly.He has a really really mean right foot. i mean seriously.

    Here’s a little Vid Of Him: