Wenger delusional and stubborn with selection???

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I love Arsene and his brand of swash buckling football that’s so pleasing on the eye, but what is he looking at these days?

4-5-1 is boring, it doesn’t work (unless we’re playing Milan away), we have no shots and we rarely win doing it, so why does he persist?

Adebayor is like a little boy lost up front and the only time we look like a force is when we revert to 4-4-2 with Bendtner.

In fact, I think we are better with Bendtner than we are with Ade, Ade is fast taking the latter day Henry role, losing the ball, not making the killer pass at the right time and blaming everyone else.

Last night it was obvious what to do from the start, Portsmouth didn’t have to worry as we were never likely to score, Rosicky and Eboue are average at best at opening up defences and Pompey sat back because they knew what Arsenal would do, as did Newcastle, Middlesbrough and almost Tottenham.

We’re used to great football, so it seems trite to complain, but come on Arsene, don’t throw away all the good work when the title is in sight because you’re being stubborn.

We know it doesn’t work, other teams know it doesn’t work and so my leader, do you.

Eboue can cross all day, but if there’s no one on the end of them, why bother?

If RVP is going to be a crock, fine, keep him for a rainy day but go and buy a goal scorer, like Anelka.

We have a chance to put it right against Everton, but 4-5-1 won’t do it, they’ll sit back and pick us off.

Open your eyes boss, before it’s too late!!!

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  1. tony

    absolutely on spot, my friend. too bad Nick got only 10 minutes and when he came on he provided the width, drawn defenders in and created chances for others. it’s a shame that Le boss did not see this from previous games.

  2. Gunnin'


  3. Doublegooner

    Rosicky has not been making any real impression as he should. I’d not be suprised if Wenger sold him in the summer.

  4. bradski

    Rosicky is the only man playing well at the moment offensively. Absolutely right on the 4-4-2 thin gthough. I think it stems back to when RVP got injured I think Aresene showed little faith in his other strikers but not pairing one of them up top. Look at Theo his best game to date for us up front in champs league 2 goals and terrorised the oppo’. Reading away was our only win I can recall with one up front (sorry) Villa as well. SPurs we beat once Bendtner came on
    Get 2 up again PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Doublegooner

    AusGunner: Eboue earns no respest, he is quite possibly the least popular player for a very long time. Ade does struggle in this formation, he;s not a thinking ‘footballer’ yet. Young Bendtner shows real Shearer qualities. Play them together & start worrying defences.

  6. Mike (the neighbour)

    Totally on the mark guys -especially in view of Pompeys obvious game plan .Tony agree with you re Bendtner even as a novice (me that is ) you could see the difference he made in the short time he played .

  7. LAD

    4-5-1 is not threatening enough. With the style of Football that we play we should be creaming teams. With this formation we are becoming predictable to oyr apponents. Get RVP back into the team. Rotate with ADe & Bentdner. 4-4-2 is more suits our style of Football.

  8. Gunnin'

    4-5-1 only gives unnecessary pressure to Arsenal, for what? Develop Ade into ‘Moaning Henry’?
    No time for all that crap.
    Wenger should benched these trio: Ade, Senderos & Ebouse. For all technical and theatrical reasons.

    Damage control starts now.

  9. Desert_Gooner

    Pompey are trying to bounce back from their poor run, so even chelsea, man utd, and liverpool would have had a rough time yesterday. Don’t rush to such complete conclusions too soon.

  10. Steve duK

    Chill-out Stevo – Blogs are a forum meant to allow us armchair managers to view our opinions. If we weren’t passionate about the club, we wouldn’t bother!!

    Must disagree with the blogger on Rosicky – I thought he was our best attacking midfielder yesterday and I can’t understand why so many people have a go at him.

    On the other hand – Ade has not played well for a month now and he looks clueless at the moment. It’s all well and good saying he gets no service but I reckon he was offside about ten times yesterday, and if he’d held his run a second longer, the service would have been good. He doesn’t seem to have the control at the moment and can’t see other players. He shouldn’t be kept in the team if he’s going through a bad spell, as everyone does at some time. Give Nikki a go as he looks fresh and up for it.

    It’s not the end of the world – but we haven’t had a good December. Hopefully the team kicks-on in the New Year.

    Up the Arse!!

  11. Moh Safuddin( kelantan )

    Much as I admire and respect AW,his unshakaeble belief in playing attacking soccer aka pretty soccer,could prove to be his and Arsenal,s undoing.Teams are not going allow Arsenal to pass into the penalty area bf a shot is unleashed.
    Moreover he has no asst like MU’sQeiroz who brings with hime international soccer exposure unlike Pat Rice who is from English soccer.This is not meant to undervalue the work Rice has done.
    It’s no use crying anti socccer. The name of the game is winning.If you can win playing pretty soccer well and good.Even Mu have at times play anti soccer to nick a result. The result against Spurs is a foretaste of things to come.
    Everton presents a massive test.The toffes are challenging for a top 4 spot.
    Lose and the vultures will start hovering including yours truly.I know it’s impossibel to win all games but sometimes gameplan shd be to nick a win/draw. In this case the jury is still out.

  12. jimmyfingers

    A lot of fire and brimstone on this blog today

    Frustrating last night. Only caught the second half but thought I was watching a very British game of football i.e. a lot of mistakes. Whatever the formation there needs to be more slickness in the passing.

    But its not the end of the world: Gallas and Rosiscky had good chances to win the game and if they had we’d be talking about ‘resilience’ again.

    But despite this not being a ‘crisis’, ever since the Villa game the team have had the look of a slighty punch-drunk fighter. Teams have changed the way they are playing against them and there’s a real sense of deja-vu, because we don’t look like we know how to respond.

    Not bringing on the previous match-winning striker until the 80th minute isn’t the way. I rarely disagree with Le Boss but that I just don’t understand. He brings ambition, physicality, directness and hunger to our front line. Drop the idiot Eboue and play him upfront with Ade or even his Carling Cup buddy Eduardo. I’m not slagging Ade but dropping him won’t hurt: maybe he’s too complacent now his starting slot is garenteed. Think the team needs a bit of shaking up, a couple of changes of personnel that will give a few new ideas, and opponents new sets of problems that they won’t have studied on videos

  13. keevo

    Any formation’s good enough if the players’ r good enough. Adebayor is simply a joke when being compared to Kanu down the other end. There were enough chances to finish the game off with one over from Gallas and one wide from Rosicky so no excuses at the end, the mental blockages are beginning to creep through. Everton away? Fat hope if Adebayor starts.

  14. EYE

    It is Wenger’s stubborness that make us where we are today. He stick to his beliefs and ignore what you have to say. Whatever choices he make, I respect it.

  15. Highbury Spy

    I hate self righteous smug fans like Ausgooner and Stevo who crticise and slag off website hosts for daring to have an opinion different to theirs. If you’re so clever why don’t you start your own sites and see what people think of your sycophantic views? I happen to believe Stevo is clueless and an arrogant twat. 4-4-2 is the best way for Arsenal to play and anyone who cannot see that after we’ve struggled away from home for two months must be blind. Eboue is absolutely useless, January cannot come quick enough for me. And what crosses is Ausgooner talking about? Eboue hasn’t put in a decent cross in his life and he tires after fifteen minutes. Wenger has persisted with 4-5-1 ever since RVP got injured and we are beginning to miss his goals badly. Do not have a go at Ade because he has three players marking him all the time and is getting frustrated at the lack of support alongside him. Spurs and Chelsea and yesterday Pompey found it easy to defend against us with only one man up front and we need to play Bendtner or Eduardo alongside Ade from now on. The alternative is more draws and defeats and if Wenger does not or will not recognise that we do not deserve to be champions. Flamini has not played well since the Villa away game and I think we need Diarra in the middle instead of the Flamster but that’s an argument for another day.

  16. Manfred Szaman

    If Portsmouth had lost two games in arow,what did AW expect HR to do?Open up and get another defeat and be liable for the sack?
    He shd by now be aware of the game plans of teams and stop moaning. He shd analyse and devise a plan to to neutralize ( easier said than done ) the ten man ,eleven if you include the linesman/ref, tactics.g more crosses instead of attacking down the centre.

  17. CosmicGooner

    Exactly what I thougtht, given that AW knows we aren’t scoring as many goals in the first half, even if he were to Stick to the “4-5-1” combination he should try experimenting with Bendtner or RVP up front and introduce Ade right after the first half along side Bendtner if we haven’t scored or replace Bendtner/RVP if we have scored… and most of the time, we end up winning right at the end…. sometimes I feel we are playing like Chelsea, hoping for a goal… and piling pressure on to us… I really miss the Arsenal who used to make it a habit of scoring in the first 15min… makes the game so much so entertaining….

  18. Norman

    I am sick of people defending Adebayor with the 10 goals he has scored. They should instead be thinking that any other stiker that has got as many chances to score as Adebayor has had would have had about 20 goals to their name. He is the worst stiker I can remember playing constantly for Arsenal!

  19. Dan

    I agree with going with the 4-4-2. Its more direct and will probably be more effective with oppositions who park the bus in front of their goal. And Bendtner deserves a start. Not that Ade should be dropped, but Bendtner has better link up abilities and is the more complete striker. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to start both Ade and Bendtner up front against Everton.

    I also notice that Hleb’s slip in performance is more down to the other players not exactly making runs behind the defence that much. Bendtner is certainly one who can pop up at the right time.

    My two cents worth anyway.

  20. Cos

    Relax dudes…we have been playing with full throttle from the begining of the season. We re suffering with a dip in from thats all….every team has a dip in a season.its nothing to do with 4-5-1 or 4-4-2. i think AW is waitong for RVP to be fit, to spark the life back into the rest. u know..suffle the pack a bit to frshen it up.we re looking a bit stale at the minute.

    And im sure AW knows wat he is doing with Bendtner, he will start him when he feels he’s ready. And there’s no better judge in the world when it comes to young players than AW. .

    PS i really dont understand ur comments about Rosicky..i bet u were one of many who were slatting Hleb.

  21. Goonoo

    I agree 4-4-2 is a better bet but let’s face it, we’ve played 4-5-1 for most of the season and we ain’t done too bad off it have we? Adebayor is frustrating at times but when he’s on form (unlike last night) he’s as hard to handle as any striker in the league. Every one of us would have taken our current league position of 1 point off the top at this stage if we’d been offered it at the beginning of the season, so let’s stop whinging and enjoy. In Arsene I Trust!

  22. skins

    Ade is struggling with form at present and probably needs a rest. If he is to play Wenger must play Bentner along side him, Bentner is worthy of a start, his form coming off the bench has been nothing short of fantastic.
    I do not know why people knock Rosicky, he has been one of the few players creating anything lately.
    How Diarra, a quality player is not getting into this team at present is beyond me, perhaps Mr wenger knows something I don’t.

  23. marcus

    why is everyone saying we should play RVP? He is injured. You may as well say we should have played Henry. I agree with a lot of posts though. I think we all agree that some teams can organise against our 451 and break up the play between the midfield and ade. When it works it is great but when it isn’t it needs to be changed. I imagine HR sat his lads down and talked out how to stop the 451 with Ade up front. This should have been changed to 442 at half time not 10 mins towards the end. We do play well in 451 when our midfield are threading killer passes. Last night Cesc and Hleb were both having terrible touches which meant it needed to be changed sooner than later. We need different formations for different situations. Although I have full faith in Le Boss I agree with other that a switch to 442 with bendtner up front should of happened earlier. Ade played ok, Rosicky played well, dare I say it Fab had an average game, Hleb had a poor game, even Eboue played ok. We just didnt change it around quick enough when it wasn’t working.

  24. chalmers

    pompey defended well and we couldnt score. thats what the game is all about, competition. But why cant we score from free-kicks? AW must have the team to use those alternatives, free-kicks, corners etc to make a difference when the match is difficult

  25. marcus

    we can’t score from free kicks for two reasons:
    1. Direct free kicks – Only Cesc is good at taking them. RVP is probably better but he has been injured.
    2. We do not have two people to aim at. If we try and dink one over for someone to head in then we don’t stand a chance. Ade has about three players marking him and he is our only option. Just look at the few times it has worked. They have all come from Ade dragging defenders to him whilst the Gallas/Bendtner get on the end unmarked.

  26. marcus

    I am still chuckling about a post a few months back that suggested in the abscence of other players we should let Ade take free kicks. I was laughing so hard I nearly fell off my chair. I love Ade and think he is a great player and cool finisher but somehow I just can’t see him taking a calm precise free kick!

  27. diriba

    4-4-2 is been the best formation for the gunners. I love arsene but i thought if he wanted to play hleb behind the front man, then dudu can fill the midfield from the right. i agree with highbury spy and norman. -eboue and ade- what the hell are they doing?
    dudu needed time but is there anyone noticed his goals against blackburn? i thought he’s a deadly finisher. he loves to run behind defenders and with cesc, rosicky and helb around,and cambpell in defense- that game could have been something else.
    boss, pleeeeeeeeeease play up front with two players. 4-5-1 doesn’t work, it did against real madrid but not any more since there is no tt. ade wants someone beside him- that will be RVP but since he’s not around dudu will be our best and only option atleast untill ‘berbatov joins in january( diarra + 15 mil pounds will do????????????)’

  28. The Prophet

    When you read all the comments it has a calming effect. You should get a NHS grant Le Grove. On reflection if Rosicky put that chance away (inches wide) then life would be sweet. It does not help that every newsreader whatever channel seems so pleased that Manure are top of the league, yes this could be bias but even non Arsenal supporteres have commented they feel their is a bias aganints Arsenal. Ade was shit and clueless Cesc and Helb were well below par and Tony Adams I suspect worked overtime to drill the Pompey defence for this one. Remeber Manure drew there as well.
    Seeing Song warm up to possibly replace Galles scared me but I must admit Songs last couple of performances were better than expected. Howver it all seemed a bit clueless last night and not sure they know what to do.

  29. nzekwe, joburg south africa

    It is obvious that the competition has gotten to a very high peak. We need another proven goal scorer, not ade who misses ten and score one. Manu is up there and it is hard to stop them when they are on song. We will kiss the title bye bye if we dont enter the market by jan for a renowned striker, or drop ade and play bendtner. He is getting too complacent, make his position a bit competitive, the same way we did with the goal post, he will wake up from his slumber.

  30. lc

    I don’t think that team formation (4-5-1 0r 4-4-2) is the real issue with the current squad; as we’ve won most of our home games with one striker up front.
    The real concern for me is our poor away record which brings up the debate about the squad lightweight issue (we don’t seem mentally strong when playing away games).
    Some of our lightweight midfielders seem to have a bad day in office on a regular basis when playing away.
    But, yes Bentner deserves a start for me and Eduardo should play upfront with him, particularly when we play away with limited chance to score; we should use Eduardo, as he is in my opinion our best natural finisher. We can’t carry on like that with Ade, needing four chances before bedding in one with his poor assist.

  31. Gunner from Pakistan

    I am really frustrated after going 2nd. I don,t know what Bendt will have to do to geta start. During the match I was counting ade,s apologies to others when he lost and I got frustrated after 10 apologies of his.

  32. jamin gooner amin

    the reasons we failed to win are simple:

    1) portsmouth closed the space and defended very well
    2) too many of our players were not quite on top of their game (notably, fabregas & hleb)
    3) wenger’s stubbornness/confidence in the players and the system

    what should/could have been done during the game ?

    1) i would like to see players switch position i.e ronaldo and giggs regularly change wings – perhaps switching rosicky, hleb and fabregas around in the middle after 20/30 mins could spark something ? move hleb to the left, let rosicky roam etc

    2) I think arsenes substitutions have always been questionable i.e in a tight game like last night when chances are at a premium why not use all 3 substitutes ? are they not there to make a difference ?? when 60/70 mins of a game have elapsed and we dont look like scoring, why not do something about it a bit earlier ?

    I think 8 mins for a player to come on and make a difference is simply not enough especially as we don’t really have any impact players – i.e. somebody who can come on and make a big difference in a very short amount of time

    i would like to see have seen wenger make a triple substitution on 65 mins –

    diarra for fabregas
    diaby for hleb
    bendtner for eboue

    what should/could be done in general ?

    1) nobody NOBODY should be guaranteed a starting spot – im not suggesting a benitez style rotation policy but I would be happy to see eboue dropped for walcott (if available) and perhaps Adbeayor rested/dropped and Bendtner starting instead of him – I know its not always possible but some players are similar enough to do the same job but differently

    2) set piece practice – we really need to make more of free-kicks – I mean the effort from clichy was terrible – I think I could have done better from that distance !! apart from one lay off for toure against somebody earlier in the season we really don’t look like scoring and I would like a bit of creativity / imagination put into these things

    Its just really frustrating – dont get me wrong, im not freaking out or panicking as there is a long long way to go and 1 point is nothing but I think as I mentioned earlier wengers stubbornness/confidence can be a bit of a double edged sword and I feel a few slightly different decisions from the man we all trust could perhaps see us sitting a few points clear instead of one back but theres plenty more football to come and im very optimistic.

    come on you gooners

  33. jamin gooner amin

    ps – forgot to mention that i dont think 4-5-1 was the reason we failed to win – some of our best performances this season have been using the 4-5-1 system

  34. Maximus

    4-4-2 is the only way that Arsenal should play in England.

    Are we about winning the title or merely finishing in the top 4?

    Why is 4-4-2 and 4-4-3 good enough for Man Utd?

    What do we have to fear? Other than player deficiencies? And who must bear those? The manager.

    Wenger might be a genius in the transfer market (if still frugal and bloody-minded and stubborn for some people’s liking).

    Yet, when it comes to tactical imperatives, the man, it has to be said, is inept.

    For beginners, Ade cannot play alone up front. He sometimes gets away with it, but seldom does. His ball-possession skills and general passing are amateurish at best. Put him in the box and he’s a much better player.

    But, and it’s a big BUT, you need to get that ball into the box.

    And in a 4-5-1, that doesn’t happen as regularly as it needs to happen.

    He is invariably surrounded by players, needs to be freed up, an additional striker could easily absorb some of that heat

    Yes, 10 goals he has scored. But 6 of those have been against Derby and Spurs (and a penalty against Pompey.) He has not scored against any of the big three.

    As for Eboue, what a waste of space.

    Defending this guy is an exercise in stupidity.

    He couldn’t cut it as a right back, yet, suddenly, his good enough to be playing further forward.

    This despite not having scored a goal all season and, to my reckoning, not even come close!

    He goes missing for vast portions of the game, rarely helps out when Sagna needs him most, and simply tires too easily.

    I am baffled to my core.

    Keep playing 4-5-1 with the likes of Eboue in the middle and the season is as good as over.

    Defending the indefensible is like saying that you don’t love the Arsenal.

    Deficiencies need to be pointed out when and where they occur.

    There is no crime in that.

  35. Bohemond

    In a game like this when Arsenal is playing late and MU already won I would have dared and opened in 433 formation with Bentdner and Eduardo replacing Eboue and Hleb.
    Almost all the squad looked terrible last night. Maybe it’s the pressure or maybe fatigue but I do believe a change is needed before the Everton game.

  36. Smudger

    To the numpty above me – although Fabregas didn’t have his best game, suggesting we sub him on 65mins is absolutely ludicrous. Did you not watch the Spurs game? Fabregas was average but was instrumental in our goals, because he’s that good.

    I agree that 4-4-2 should be the Arsenal way, and I also think that Bendtner has really done enough to earn a starting spot in that 4-4-2. He’s been the shining light in our recent average performances.

    Buying Anelka would be ridiculous. Despite the injury problems, what happens when we get our full complement of strikers back? Van Persie and Adebayor are vital to our team, Anelka won’t be happy with a place on the bench, we have £7m Eduardo (who, don’t forget, Wenger said we’ll see the best of in the new year – looking forward to that!) and Bendtner will definitely be off as he won’t want to be 4th/5th choice. Not to mention the boss giving Walcott some time up front in recent months.

    All teams will have a sticky patch during the season. We’re in the middle of ours right now. And in said sticky patch, we’ve only lost once. Hardly the end of the world is it?

  37. david

    personally i would never like to see eboue start a game for arsenal again unless injuries require so because he is a squad player at best for this arsenal team.He is not good enough to merit a stating position, cant score rarily assists etc!poor st nic scored the winner against spurs then has to sit and watch from the bench, yet he created our best chances when he came on but ten minutes is simply not enough time to make a telling contributon altough he nearly did!4-4-2 pls arsene asap!

  38. greg

    lets just chill.
    eboue and rosicky were probably our best players last night.i feel that ade is a really good player but our formation doesnt do him justice.bentdner though is a potentially great player and also makes an impact every time he comes on.wen walcott is fit they should both be seriously considered for starting spots.
    othrwise i think we should revert back to 4-4-2.simply because teams know wat to expect from us.they pack their defence and midfield and we play into their hands.just a tweak of pace or class would put more pressure on other teams trying to do that.
    i trust arsene will know wat to do though and in the end we’ll be celebrating!
    have no fear!arsene is here!

  39. Geoff

    well said guys and I especially liked the comment from highbury spy regarding ausgunner and stevo, whoever they are.

    Perhaps they should stop blogging and instead go to arsenal.com where no one has an opinion.

    Listen both of you, we don’t care for your opinion when it’s as stupid and moronic as yours both are.

    Go bother another site, as you can see every one else on this is in agreement with Le Grove.

    The rest of you, thanks for blogging Grovers.

  40. john

    Ade’s bent and is for someone that is the same age as Torres is never going to be in the same class. Wenger missed a perfect replacement for Henry when Liverpool bought Torres. Ade can’t give a final ball, needs 4 chances to score 1 and is generally not an Arsenal Striker. He does offer a lot to the team but watch him closely and you’ll see that so many moves break down through him.

  41. Pedro

    Rosicky hasn’t really done it for me either? I think he is still living off those 2 screamers he scored in the world cup! Oh how I’d long for him to do that on a regular basis!

    Eboue is the most ineffective right midfielder we’ve ever had! Ray Parlour was twice the player he is. I just don’t see what he offers? He has been taken off quite a few time after 60 mins as well… Wengers favourite this year… and what the fuck was he doing when he scythed down that pompey player? Who was he praying to! Which god was going to let you off that tackle!

    4-4-2 is the way forward. The only thing i would say is that playing Nikki B up top with Ade could be like playing Diarra and Gilberto together… maybe they’d cancel each other out? In fairness though anything would be better than yesterdays midfield!

    Still, at least we can look forward to the ACN! (Bye Bye Eboue!)

  42. henry

    you get prats on all the sites, ignore them, they’re probably from another blog site anyway.

    4-4-2 and bring on the subs 30 minutes from time so they can at least try and influence the game.

    I hear Gallas may be out for the Everton game. Bollocks.

  43. Scott

    We’re suffering from a bad run of form, that’s all. Every team has had their dip in form, and it was inevitable that it would happen to us. Don’t panic!

    As for knocking the 4-5-1 formation – we’re 2nd in the league, one point behind United, and we’ve lost 1 game half-way through a season. Oh, and we lost our best player in the summer. It’s not that bad is it?

    Us Arsenal fans really are the most fickle fans in the world, and the most ungrateful. We cannot play the exciting one touch football all season, no team can maintain that. As for our recent run – we’ve had to play 3 very tough away games, and two home games against 2 top teams and won both.

  44. PRN

    this is correct we must dowhat we do best and that is to put the pressure on other teams offensively. i do not believe that we need another striker, ours are good enough to me. please do not put all of the blame on ade although he should have scored and his passes into the crowd when i think he should have tried to score were quite rediculous.however the offense also starts form the back – as for me Gallas was not a commanding presence on the field (you have to will ur team to wins – pump ur team up, thats what a captain does) also Toure needs to stop blasting the ball forwards, who knows what could happen if he stops that rubbish! there is most probably goals in those wasted passes!

    Arsenal will get bach to their best and it will be over!

    God Bless!

  45. arsenaldo

    I agree with most of you and just will add couple of things. First Im baffled of Eboues antics and poor performance . Clearly AW favourite,otherwise I dont know what is he doing in our team. I trust AW on finding cheap young talents but sometimes he has to act differently and buy established player even more expensive. Thing what would be if we had Ribery instead Eboue.Ridiculous difference and worth the 20mil Bayern paid for him.Or imagine Ben Arfa-he is magestic, even only on 19,but we will not buy him either.
    I really thing AW has too much patience with some players even though we all see that they ARE NOT and NEVER WILL be good enough for Arsenal FC. Note Jeffers,Senderos and now Eboue.
    Im really amazed with Ade as well.This boy has really buffled me with his comments how he is better than King Henry and is mixture between him and Eto’o(last month interview). I dont know if he is any good but from what I see this season he is not. And everyone in the team should fight for his place. He got his one last season ,when RVP and Henry got injured. And now he is irreplacable?How come AW? I dont know how he prooved himself to AW but hasn’t prooved anything to us -the FANS.
    Playing alone upfront is hard ,but he is like cane.the ball hits him and goes away. His passing is awfull and dont let me start with the OFFSIDE issue- horendous. I watch every Arsenal game -he is at least 5 times offsiede,thats 5 ruined team attacks. Berbatov played 2 or 3 games as a lone striker for totenscam and he was fabulous.You just cant get the ball from him. And his passing is sublime. ADE take note.
    Come on GUns!!!

  46. LB

    Bottom line, most of you said what I was thinking: 451 does not work and it’s a mystery how AW persists with it. Secondly, when you look at Man U, they have periodically rested Carrick, Hargreaves, etc. We have rested no one. So in January Cesc and Flamini will be finished. What then? I though AW said he would rotate in December because of the many games, but he didn’t!!! I see a very tired Flamini and Cesc right now and no signs that Diarra and Denilson will play. For goodness’ sake why did Denilson play more games last year? And why does Wenger have so little faith in his reserves? Why have 4 strikers and play one? After scoring 2 goals against Blackburn, why does Eduardo not even make the bench against Pompey? As for Ade, my God, I have never seen such a poor player at Arsenal. He will cost us the league through the many chances he misses and the simple goal-making passes he simply cannot make. Eboue, well, he is an upgrade on Parlour because he has more skill, but unless he fixes his head in a hurry, he must go next summer. And I want to see Hoyte get a game, not because there’s anything wrong with Sagna but no one can play every single EPL game surely. Why is AW doing this? I worry that Cesc, who has played non-stop since he was 16 will one day simply burn out. Arsene, you are going against your own principles, 451, playing young players too much, no rotation, dependence on one striker, etc. What’s going on???????????????

  47. stevie

    agree with much of this but ROSICKY has been class this season, you must be watching a different player than most of us

  48. jimmyfingers

    Wow, good blogging guys. Nice to see comments from Pakistan and SA among others.

    Strange that an away 0-0 draw against a top half team should provoke such debate. Perhaps it is the sight of United top that is so worrying. They didn’t drop enough points when they were rubbish at the start of the season and are starting to look their metronomic best. If we let them get away they will take a lot of catching.

    One wonders if the easy start for us (loads of home games) followed by a difficult middle section (loads of away games) is colouring our perception of the team i.e. thinking they’re genius and now worrying that they’re a bit rubbish. Think we need to mash together both our early and now our mid-season perception of the team to get a truer idea of this team and what they are capable of.

    Which is a lot. I’d be surprised if we didn’t walk away with some decent silverware this season. We’re in the middle of a difficult sequence of away games in the depths of an English winter (which doesn’t exactly suit our style of play). And we’re not struggling like say Liverpool, just having a bit of a wobble

  49. Geoff

    Yeah guys I agree with what you’re saying and we are second in the league after being top for most of it, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

    Rosicky is a great player, but for a great player I expect more goals, well at least more shots.

    We have some fantastic players up front but use them sparingly, why? maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to upset his midfield so plays 5 of them, either way we play better when we have two forwards and I guarantee that if RVP were fit, we would play 4-4-2 so I’m just puzzled as to why the other strikers don’t get a chance when he’s not fit.

    An yes if we got a nil – nil against Portsmouth last term we’d be happy, that shows how much we’ve moved on and that’s my point about negative tactics, when we clearly don’t need them.

  50. jimmyfingers

    Wenger must act eventually: he’s no mug, and once the 4-5-1 stops workig,as it seems to have done, we have to hope he reacts. He has a young tyro in Bendtner champing at the bit and he must give him his chance

  51. Gooner from Melbourne

    Can i just say that i agree with almost everything on here, but will add my snippits. I don’t think its an overreaction to the recent 0:0, on the contrary, it was a long time coming and the portsmouth result I believe only heightened our inner thoughts:

    Henry – Why is everyone slagging him? How quickly how people forget
    Clichy – Has no right foot and can’t cross a ball, but is very quick so the jury is out on him
    Sagna – Excellent
    Eboue – he was amazing as a right back, why does AW always feel he has to ‘convert’ players? We should have kept him at RB and we woudln’t need Sagna. He can’t cross or score and is a cheat, please leave or play at RB.
    Rosicky – Perhaps not being played in the correct position, but seriously, not good enough for Arsenal. Does not compare to Pires or Ljungberg
    Fabregas – What’s happened here? He looks lost of ideas
    Hleb – has done nothing lately, too shot shy, doesn’t cross and often tries to dribble too far, but when on song, he is amazing
    Flamini – can’t complain
    Diaby – Get him out there in the centre!
    Adebayor – Too big a gap between a good and a bad game, but agree he does need support.
    Bendtner – Give him a change from the start, a few games in a row and he will deliver
    Gallas – One of the players of the season so far
    Senderos – Sell him

    We are seriously struggling to score, especially from general play, I can’t believe we have been scoring headers from corners! That’s ironic. We are also too ‘small’ in the middle, we need a Vieira presence there and we don’t have it. We lost too many headers in the middle against Pompey. Why can’t we buy a marquee player? We have the money…but with this team we won’t win the title.

    AW is stubborn, bring back 442 even without RVP. I can’t remember the last time I watched free flowing Arsenal, we have played average and struggled to score in the following games:

    Liverpool, Manu, Chelsea, Tottenham, Borough, Portsmouth, Newcastle, second half at AV, so this is not an overeaction….

    My trail run team list….

    Eboue, Gallas, Toure, Clichy
    Rosicky, Fabregas, Diaby, Hleb
    Bentdner, Adebayor

  52. Remi

    Personally i think are problems still lie with our non goal scoring midfielders. Despite improvments over last season from some players i still feel that some players do not contribute enough goals ESPECIALLY Eboue.

    January transfer window is a few days away i would loove to see Wenger go out there and buy a proper right/left sided winger my vote goes for Ricardo Quaresma from porto but the chances of that happening are tiny but one can dream cant they?

  53. Stewie Griffin

    AysGunner is an utter TOOL. Seriously muppet. Stick to boomerang, Ozi rules or rugby. Your bollocks is not welcome round here you self-righteous mug. If you wanna act like a general plonker then go to Arseblog. That place is full of dickheads like you and Stevo. Right now I got that off me chest on to more important matters. We need 4-4-2 and most o all we need a new STRIKER. Ade simply won’t do. Would he get in the Braca team? nope. Real? Ha ha. AC Milan? No. Inter? No. Bayern? No. So why us then? His stats are misleading. He has scored as any as Anelkas of BOLTON but if we had Anelka or Santa Cruz as our main striker they woulda scored at least 15 by now playing for a sick team like ours. Totally agree our midfield goals have dried up. How do you address this? By signing a quality attacking mid in Jan. Will we though? Doubt it. It really is a shame. I reckon we are 2 top signings away from a league winning side. But if we stick with this side then imo there is no way we can win the league. Especially when you consider our thin squad and injury to Gallas or Fabregas. Eboue don’t contribute enough. Rosicky and Hleb need competition from a midfielder who can score goals. Once Kolo goes if we sign no one then the shit will truly hit the fan. I am actually gonna have a bet on Everton to beat us Saturday. If they win at leats it gets me money. If they lose? even happier! I really really want us to beat them but if Gallas is out then you may as well forget it. Oh and as for RVP i have all but given up on him. He is of no use to us always injured injured injured. Out until the new year now. Whats the point of having a top striker who is injured 3 quarts of the time? AW needs to get tactics better, drop ade, play Nicki way more as he is better than Ade.

  54. Mike (the neighbour)

    Geoff told me 64 is the record number of posts so pretty close especially if you take account of the 2 tossers who had been “terminated” .Just wanted to say you are all a great bunch of guys -and your opinions are helping me (as a newcomer ) to get a different perspective about what is obviously a great team even with their current shortcomings (manager driven or otherwise )-Keep them coming please

  55. PRN

    i think this an over reaction, no team can realistically play at top level at all times. the biggest problem i see is that since the loss in th champions league Arsenal have not looked at all the same(check it out), havent all these mediocre games been since that match? confidence is not the same since that so that was a mistakt to rest the players. we should have tried to murder sevilla to keep the confidence up (a loss is never good for the psyche to me). we have only lost once playing like this, playing some decent teamsand actually beating chelsea, we will be back and do not believe Man U will not drop points and they are also not playing great – so beating sunderland is now a big deal, wasn’t the everton game more of a gift than our totenham match?

    “oh ye of little faith” – has our confidence gone already after dropping behind by one point? come on gunners, we all know that at our best we r unstoppable! as Bob Marley sang “everythings gonna be alright”

    I believe do u?

    God bless!