Arsenal to bid for Spud, Nikki Pledges future and see the Beast wonder goal!

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Good morning!

Its a busy one on the news front, thats for sure.

Here begins my round-up!

Steven Gerrard tried to persuade Thierry to join the Rafaloution this summer, sadly Thierry chose Barca instead! I doubt he even considered Liverpool really, Terry was probably just humouring him! 

Adebayor is up for the BBC African player of the year, he needs your vote, so get voting Grovers!

Nikki Big Bollocks has pledged his immediate future to Arsenal, he said,

”I’ll do whatever I can and won’t rest until I get into the team,’ said the Denmark international. ‘That is all I have on my mind and all I think about.”

Good stuff Nik! He has come of age this year with some mature performances, he is certainly good value for a starting berth in the new year.

Adebayor talks about how tough the Spud’s game was here, Wenger backs Almunia for England here, Gilberto could be going up North here, and Diarra’s agent is working overtime here and here.

Portsmouth and Everton both tasted defeat this weekend which bodes well for a next few games. Portsmouth were on the receiving end of a spanking at the hands of Liverpool, something Fat Sol Campbell is keen to avoid when they play the Ars.

Arsene Wenger heaps praise on Berbatov here which has led many news outlets to suggest we could make a bid for the miserable figure in the new year. As much as I would like to see us sign a player of Berbatov’s calibre, I can’t see it happening? Where would he fit in? I don’t just mean his style of play either, I mean his massive ego!

Finally, one to keep you giggling the whole way through Christmas! Baptissssssttttttttaaaaaaa!

Merry Christmas Grovers!

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  1. Yankee Gooonah

    I wish he could do that for us man! What a strike! It still looked like the lay of mis a miss pass.

    Good to hear Bendtner saying the right things! I think he is going to be a big player for us, he is so damn good for someone so young! Only one year older than Theo. Whats happened to him? When is he going to be back?

    I’d like Berbatov! He is a class act, I reckon he could be the new Bergkamp if he joined up. Diarra isn’t after a move, thats for sure.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Gunnersaurus

    Who ever thought Nikki B was leaving? Just like Diarra wont be leaving! Wait for the impending injury crisis my friend, it will happen!

    Portsmouth up next, I think they could get a tonking. They only have 14 outfield players available, so we must take advantage.

    Almunia for England? Well, it could be on the cards! He is better than Robinson and Carson, oh and Green based on his last few performances!

    Anyone else read what cappello is planning to do with the england boys? Carry their own bags! My gosh, we have a revolution on our hands! I think they should be made to give there wages to charity, that would be a nice gesture.

  3. GunnerPete

    I think Diarra would be a great buy for Spuds, but we would have to get something back and the only two Spuds players good enough for our first team 22 are Berbatov & King. Do Diarra & £5 mill should get the first, and Senderos + 2lb of sugar should get the second.

    It was a very good match and Spuds learned a lesson that they will forget as soon as they can spend another £16 mill on someone ie; when you have to play your stiffs they can prove a better bet than ready made super stars. I thought Spuds were as good as Ive seen them in 15 years, but they were fortunate that our midfield were taking a rest.

    Good luck to all in the New Year except Manure and their repulsive supporters.

  4. Mike (the neighbour)

    Just finished reading saturdays telegraph sports section (I was otherwise engaged on saturday shouting Geoffs spanish obsceneties at the spurs supporters in Spain)
    Gunnersauras -It says
    An extended get together for the england team with Copello will take place at Arsenals training ground from May 23rd to June 4th .Presumably hoping Arsenals skills talent and training methods will pay off .look forward to seeing them carry their own bags though
    Geoff youre gonna love this -A small article re your favourite footballer headed “Beckham to train with Arsenal in New year “Apparantly in preparation for his 100th Cap. Wenger said “He has 99 caps and I hope he will get 100 if not 120 .At his age he needs to keep fit -If I see you near london colney with a baseball bat -i´ll know where youre going !!!!!!!!!