Saint Nick gives us an early Christmas present!

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It’s a long time since I saw someone do that to a corner, 10 defenders in the goal area and one Nicklas Bendtner leaps above them all and powers a header into the back of the net, well done super Nick!

Tottenham, like many before them, came to shut us down and get in our faces and very nearly succeeded, it really frustrates me when we stop getting at teams the way they get to us, that yesterday was the equivalent of a warning shot over our footballing bows!

Never play 4-5-1, why? It doesn’t work, we can’t play teams like Spurs defensively at home, it’s an insult, it’s inviting them on.

Like against the Chavs, the minute we go 4-4-2 we start to rip teams apart.

4-5-1 when we play Real Madrid away and we have TH14 to run the length of the pitch and score works, but Ade up front alone cuts a sad forlorn figure.

Super Nick is still only 19, Ade only 23 and when Croc Robin comes back and partners one of them we’ll have a forward line that can beat anyone, so Arsene, play them, pleeeeeease!

Rosicky and Eboue playing at the same time looks predictable, neither for me unpick defences like a forward pairing, so sacrifice one of them and go 4-4-2.

Other news is the average age of AC Milan is 31.7 which means what exactly? Didn’t they just win the Champions league? The only heartening thing is they are 22 points behind Inter, so perhaps they’re not the team they were.

Top marks to Almunia for the penalty save and although I thought he was at fault for the first, when I saw the replays there was a wicked deflection off Kolo, so well done the Spanish waiter.

Cesc wasn’t at his best but one moment of magic made up for that.

Spurs think they were hard done by missing a penalty, I think they were lucky getting one, so my simple logic says we were hard done by.

We’ll see how it goes with response on Le Grove over Christmas, but expect to see us post.

Let’s hope for a draw with the Mancs today, we don’t want Everton too far up themselves as we play them soon.

I’ve insulted nobody today and I won’t as it’s Christmas, but watching the Irish twins Robbie and Roy have such a shit day, warmed the cockles of my heart, thank you both you pair of nasty bastards.

I apologise unreservedly to any bastards out there.

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  1. Steve duK

    Top of the league and playing great football. Do you remember the 80s when the Spuds never shut up about their supposed attractive football. Even when we were winning the league, they slated us because our football was apparently ‘boring’. I hope they can now admit that we are the team that all neutrals want to watch and that their club has declined into a pitiful waste of money!!!

    Re. Tactics – I really think Ade was so isolated yesterday and we should have played 4 – 4 – 2, with Hleb on the right and Eboue in the changing room. I also think that Nik would offer more to the team than Ade. Ade maybe top scorer, but my granny could score with the service our midfield provides. Give Nik a chance with RVP and I’d bet anything that he’ll not only score but provide much more for the team than Ade does.

    I also think that Lehmann shouldn’t even be on the bench after his reaction to the penalty save yesterday. Fab mark 2 proved he is a good keeper against Blackburn and he should get the substitute spot. Al was great and he really seems to be improving with each game. I think he will be a world-class keeper in a season or two’s time.

    Nice double over the spuds – again – fingers crossed we can win the title again. Great song I heard for the first time last night (Where have I been you ask – Australia for the last couple of years, so that explains it) “You won the league – In black and white” etc – LMFAO)

    Up The Arse!!!!!!!! & Happy Christmas to you all.

  2. Pedro

    I haven’t seen the Jens reaction? I can imagine it was childish! He is really agitating for a move, I’m not surprised!

    I thought Berbatov was peripheral yesterday, i know he scored, but he reminded me of Henry last year. If he is after a move to the Mancs he should look to the example Anelka is showing at Bolton,,, his attitude has been spot on even though he is playing in a poor team!

    I think the whole team performance was poor yesterday, so I don’t think the 4-4-2 can be blamed can it? We’ve done pretty well up until now with the 4-5-1, Spurs just played well yesterday and got lucky with a deflected goal.

    I am looking forward to RVP coming back though, i prefer 4-4-2! People were talking about the need for a striker yesterday… I don’t think so, we need a back up defender! JD made a shocking gaffe yesterday… he set up Anelka with a throw in!

    The atmosphere was great yesterday, it was electric! I did get told to stop banging the hoardings though… over stewarding again! What a prick!

    Merry Xmas Everyone! Come on you Toffee’s!

  3. jimmyfingers

    Bottom line we beat the spuds…….again. They can piss and moan about the penalities they didn’t get (so can we), the penalty they did get (and missed) and how we didn’t play that well, how they deserved something from the game but they still lost

    Would have loved to have dominated them and won well, but still this is sweet. Imagining them when Robbie cunt Keane lined up the penalty, thinking that they’ve got a chance, that after 20 attempts and eight years they might just manage it, how they win might lead them marching back up the table and us spiralling down……then the twat misses it. Ha ha.

    Then Big Balls comes on, saunters into their penalty area and hammers the winner home! Good times had by all, part from of course our old chums the spuds

    Oh and my two bob on the 4-5-1 v 4-4-2 debate. I say bollocks to 4-5-1, in fact Bendtner big bollocks to 4-5-1. If RvP is poorly then Nick has done enough to start in his stead alongside Ade. Lets see if that works at least. Thing is just about everyone wants to see 4-4-2 apart from Wenger. We repeat our matra daily of Arsene knows which means its difficult to say bollocks to him. However while RvP was crocked we dealt with it, but he was back for the Chelsea game and we were at home yet he went 4-5-1. The form of Bendtner means we got options when RvP is crocked, yet again he gets left on the bench before being unleashed and winning the game. Its a shame Joe Cole didn’t go in harder and do more damage to Eboue.


    Arsene knows

  4. Yankee Gooonah

    Nice post, and nice that you took the time to watch the replay of the goal we conceded before slating Almunia. Bravo Le Grove.

    I also agree with you about the 4-4-2, it sucks ass man. We need to be playing the B-man up front with RVP, then we’re talking! I know Ade-eeee-oooorr scored yesterday, but he was sub standard yesterday and has been most of the season! I know he scores a lot of goals, but who wouldn’t with the service that guy has been getting?

    The B-man looks much better and has been playing his way into the team of late with his assists and goals!

    Go on Arsene! You know he’s worth the starting place!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Steve duK

    Good points Jimmy – LMAO re. Your Joe Cole/Eboue comment – how true though.

    Don’t know if you remember a move right at the end of the game yesterday, but it typifies what I’ve been seeing from Ade and why I vote for a change (not that my vote counts, but that’s what these forums are for is it not?)
    Ade picked up a ball and moved into the right hand side of the box, going diagonally away from goal towards the corner flag. Nik made a great near post run and was well ahead of his marker. Ade didn’t see hi and so tried an outrageous lob, which was never going to cause fatty Robinson any trouble. (Actually he may have seen Nik and decided to go alone – I also think Ade craves the limelight too much, whereas the rest of the team don’t care who scores)
    RVP in the same situation, would have probably seen and found Nik and we would have probably won 3 – 1. As it was, we lost possession and I got another grey hair before the final whistle went!!!
    That’s why I saw, give Nik and RVP and chance to shape a partnership. I’d also like to see Eddie with RVP or Nik (again) i.e. someone who’ll pass to him rather than go it alone like Ade too often does.

    On Berbatov – I was surprised; he just gave up at the end of the game. I can’t believe so many teams want a player with that attitude!!!

  6. The Prophet

    I agree with the Ade comments he plays on his own and does not have the vision that Henry used to have. BUT he is scoring vital goals. Its bit like Crouch and England, we all know he’s crap and probably at best and impact player for England but he scored vital goals, wich just prolonged the agony. Howver unlike Crouch, Ade I believ will improve perhaps he feels when he is playing on his own its up to hime to always try and score. I am also with you on 4.4.2 we just seem so much more fluid.