Kaka and Cesc in the same team?

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That’s what Wenger said, Kaka is not the complete forward and doesn’t come deep and build the game up and Fabregas is the complete midfielder, so they could play well together.

Do you think he’s trying to tell us something?

Either way, I think AC Milan are an ageing team, they’re 11th in their league and miles behind leaders Inter, so although they have done well in Europe, the have not sparkled at home, and they couldn’t even beat Celtic away!

As I said yesterday, if we want to win, we’ll have to beat them at some stage, and they’ll be more worried about us than we are about them.

Ok Spurs under Ramos have never been beaten by Arsenal, that’s because they haven’t yet played us, so by 2pm today we’ll put that right and 1 win out of 26 will become 1 win out of 27 under Wenger.

Now I don’t have my rose coloured Arsenal specs on today but I really think we’ll maul them, like by 3 or 4 goals.

Apart from their up front ability, the rest of their team is average at best.

After the midweek thumping of Blackburn and their bullies, I think the ‘A’ team will be out to show the ‘B’ team that they are the first team, if you know what I mean.

I think that Ade will now be looking over his shoulder as will Robin. Diarra and Diaby had almost the perfect game and Rosicky and Flamini will be doing likewise, so I think the game will be a swaggering display and an emphatic win.

I’m going to be a little controversial now, the red nose drunk was in the papers today spouting off about two footed tackles, I do agree with him but I feel there is a dig in there at Eboue somewhere. I think Fergie should be concerning himself with what his players get up to at Xmas parties rather than minor issues on the pitch, know what I mean Fergie?

He opens his cavernous gob and never thinks about what he is saying, does he?

His teams never do two footed tackles though so let’s forget Shrek, Brown and Ronaldo’s this season and not to mention Keane’s tackle on Haarland, or Hughes, goodness me, the list goes on.

Let’s also not forget when dim witted Terry and his thugs play the two footed game with players such as Mikel, Essian and the twat Terry himself often committing horrendous tackles.

Le-Grove says live by the sword gentlemen…

It’s a mans game so get on with it.

4 nil the Arsenal, have a great day fellow Grovers.

Finally I would like to apologise if I offended any of the following today – drunks especially those with red noses, dimwits, thugs, twats (any kind) and green people.

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  1. Pedro

    Could Wenger finally jumping on the ‘tapping up’ love train? Kaka has said he would like to play for a team like Arsenal and the Prem intrigues him! He also said the violence in Italy is putting him off staying! What a signing that would be!

    Heading out for the Emirates now, I am hoping for a mauling, I just hope we’re up for it and clinical!

    Come on you Gooners!

  2. grovedigger

    I think you’re right about the tapping up love train Pedro, or at least I want you to be.

    I’m on my way to the game now so this is my last post until I confirm the 7 nil thrashing later today!

  3. stecy

    Hello to all gooners fan all over the world. Stay cool the gooners of London will beat Ac millan in the recenet CL draw but the game will be tough and interresting as GATUSO facing Arsenal GATUSO(FLAMINI). It will be a big signing if when can sign Kaka

  4. LB

    Funny Grove digger! 7-0? But you know what, I was just on the phone with a friend telling him that we always look like we can beat Spurs 7-0 and today may be the day. Great minds, hey??

    As for the Kaka story, sure I don’t like the way clubs do this tapping up thing, but shit man, this is Kaka we’re talking about. And for Wenger to say something like this makes me wonder and dream.

  5. henry

    well as we are now the world’s richest club, I think we can afford to dream, with the way we play football, I would think everyone wants to sign for us now!

  6. henry

    well on that first half we’ll struggle to get anyone to play for us! 4-5-1 I don’t understand Wenger, I really don’t, we have one recognised striker on the pitch and every time he gets the ball, he’s on his own.

    Get Rosicky or Eboue off and get Eduardo or Bendtner on, or better still get them both off and get them both on.

    And stop taking for ever on the ball!

  7. Dinesh Kapur

    60,000 in attendance – another million quid ? Kaka – not out of budget ? WOW !! Well congratulations on beating the Hot-spurned-s, the english er spanish goalie did good eh ?
    I have no idea what I am doing in New Delhi – SHITE (and I’ve been using that word for so long) !!
    So that seems like my last comment on le-grove, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that I don’t belong here, certainly get that feeling. Go gunners (except against chelsea) !!

  8. Mike (the neighbour)

    Phew -bit of a rollercoaster that one .Geoff all I can say is your spanish phrases came in handy in Spain today although when Almunia saved the penalty -Una que estrella de mierda sprang to mind “Wot a fuckin star ” Bit of a turning point methinks
    Dinesh one million quid divided by 60,000 is 16.66 pounds -If you can get me a ticket at that price i´ll have one -OR MORE
    Le grovers have your Xmas lunch with the knowledge they are at the top-ENJOY !

  9. Dinesh Kapur

    Not the last comment, well I heard the great Sir Martin Tyler say 3 million, so that equals 50 pounds .. 50 POUNDS !! I thought I heard wrong !! I thought football was a game for the masses !! steep !!

  10. Geoff

    that’s what they’re there for Mike, to use in an emergency! good result though the performance was not, still last season we’d have lost that one.

    Dinesh, that’s an Elephant right? we actually make £3 million per game profit, but tickets are expensive, they’re cheap at Spurs, but the footballs shit.

    So it’s like choosing Beluga caviar over Heinz baked beans.

    Welcome to Le-Grove we hope to see you more often, Mike the penalty save was Muy Importante!

  11. Adam Nicholls

    Kaka would be a fantastic addition to Arsenal, but I doubt he’d come to England. I think he’s destined for a move to Spain. Anyway, good win by Arsenal today, I think Tottenham has some good players but they seem to have no clue how to build an actual squad. Until they figure that out, Tottenham aren’t going to compete on any substantial level any time soon, as usual.