Spanish lessons for Gooners (+ handy table) and A Christmas treat for you!

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Good morning Grove fans!

It’s a boring day on the feeds today; we’re all waiting to see who we get in the draw for the Champions league.

So to help you pass the time I thought I’d point you in the direction of an interesting quote from Juande ‘I want all the Arsenal players for Christmas’ Ramos.

‘Ramos has yet to fully master English, although he says neither he nor new England boss Fabio Capello – who he regards as a close friend – will be held back by the language barrier.

Although he reckons it also has its advantages, saying: “I can’t understand a word fans are saying!”‘

This is true! So when we’re all giving him some abuse (And breaching his human rights, sorry Sol) on Saturday he will be having the last laugh!

This is an unacceptable my friends! So in the name of Spud bashing I have compiled a list from some random site I found. And if you like pretty ladies, and have a thing for WAGS, click here for an exciting slide show (Its clean).

Read, learn, recite and enjoy! I’ll be back at 1200 with news of Arsenal drawing Barca!


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  1. Pedro

    I’ve had a fucking mare getting this post sorted today!

    Barca in the next round! The return of the king! I am sure of it, I certainly don’t want Porto!

  2. jimmyfingers

    Sorry Pedro, I should tahnk you for the table. So, cheers!

    I’ve already posted ‘suck my big balls’ on my Spanish speaking housemate’s (female) facebook wall. Might follow it up with something about arse butter

  3. Pedro

    ‘Cago en tu leche’ is what i said to a Spud fan after he had drunk his morning Tea I had so kindly prepared! Mwhahaha!

  4. Mike (the neighbour )

    THanks geoff this will come in handy when I visit Si Bar in Spain to watch the match on Saturday .There are bound to be some opposition present.As my neighbour is away do you have an liability cover if I have the shit beaten out of me .Come to think of it most spurs supporters dont understand Engrish so they for sure wont understand Espanol .I assume Laurie sanchez must have said a few of those phrases when he got the chop today !