Arsenal draw AC MILAN in Champs league!

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Arsenal have drawn the Italian big hitters and the current holders of the Champions league, AC MILAN!

What a draw, I fancy us… The new kids on the block teaching the old pro’s a lesson!

Arsenal VS Ac Milan
Celtic vs Barcelona
Lyon vs Manchester United
Schalke vs FC Porto
Liverpool vs Inter Milan
Olympiakos vs Chelsea
Fenerbahce vs Sevilla
Roma vs Madrid

Make sure you check out the Spanish translations and the wags!

What a draw, I’m so excited!!!

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  1. Gunnersaurus

    I’ll take that! They have been weak in Serie A this year!

    Its going to be some match up and certainly a game for the purists!

    How lucky did the Chavs and the Manc’s get?

    Poor old Celtic! hahaha!

  2. GunOz

    Shittin brick guys! They are a quality team, we’re gonna have to be on top form to match them.

    I’d have prefered porto myself!

  3. Tom

    I’ll take Meelan, please. Losing to Porto is unacceptable, losing to AC would be disappointing, but they’re, well AC. Beating them, on the other hand, which is quite possible since we’re actually a pretty decent side, would be absolutely fantastic. If you want to be the best, beat the best of the rest. Can’t wait.


    its about time, i really like that draw. two sides that are out to play the bautiful football, mouth watering right? i fancy the good ol’ cannon to blast through. the level and speed at wich we play with for 90 mins might be alittle bit too much for them to keep up with given their age, but with age comes wisdom so they might out witt my young guns. SWORDS DRAWN, MAKE YOUR MOVE ANCELOTTI.

  5. naga gooner

    Its a good draw, I would have hated it if we had drawn porto or inter. this will be a great test to see how far we have come. Though milan will be the favourites, I fancy us genuinely. I am happy because we get a fantastic game which if we win will give us the momentum to go all the way, and if we lose it eases a lot of stress on the squad by going out early and we can concentrate fully on the premiership campaign. We wont win both thats for sure, and it could derail our premiership campaign by us getting easy games and getting ousted in say, the semis and end the season with nothing. Its a great draw which will give us a brilliant perspective on our priorities for this season

  6. Pedro

    I spoke to an AC fan the other day who said in Serie A it is Pirlo who pulls all the strings, not Kaka! He is a classy player, so we’d better hope we have Gallas and Toure playing for that one otherwise we could find ourselves in a bit of trouble! I fancy Flamini to keep him quiet.

    Fabregas Vs Pirlo? Its a tough one to call! I’d be interested in seeing our pace vs their composure and ability to slow a game down to there speed. Could any team contain the Hlebinator? Will Flamini prove he is the new Gattuso? And can RVP do it on the European scene? So many exciting things to talk about!

    We are much more solid than we were 2 years ago and we despatched with Juventus quite comfortably, so imagine how much better we are now?

    I am absolutely over the moon! This is a real test of how far we have come!


  7. fabregas fan

    actually arsenal fan it will be flamini v kaka because kaka plays a attacking mid role and flamini is defensive midfeild

  8. diriba

    i have been dreaming this draw. imagine- flamini vs gattusso-cesc vs pirlo- what a draw!!
    the young vs the old- the son vs daddy- name it as you like.
    Now is the real test for the young gunners. All their enemies have been saying that they lack experience and as a result fail to win in the champs league when they meet such team of all the history, experience and talent of kaka.
    I can’t wait to see the first leg-especially since its very crucial to decide the winner.

  9. Geoff

    Milan will do, if we want to win it we’ll have to beat them, if not then we would have lost eventually, this way if we lose we can concentrate on the other silverware, if we win, we know we can beat anyone. They are an aging team, it’s reminiscent of the Juve game two years ago.

    Flamini against Gattuso? I know who I’d pick, Cesc against Pirlo? you’re having a laugh!

    Robin needs to stay injury free but I’m not sure if Kolo will be back, I thought the champions league games were in February???

  10. jimmyfingers

    AC Milan will be more pissed off at the draw than us: They’ve not been at their best (fromwhat I saw earlkier this season) and we’re playing for fun. At the moment we have to be favourites, although all can change between now and feb

  11. No. 1 Gooner !!!!

    Arsenal can and hopefully will beat AC Milan. If anybody thinks that Arsenal are going to be outplayed by a bunch of old men and that the main reason is because of Kaka then they are mistaken!!! AC Milan are 12th in Serie A and do not look like they are going to qulaify for the next champions league let alone get to the final of this one. Whereas Arsenal are top of the Premiership and have a fast and world class squad. SO COME ON YOU GOONERS SHOW THEM GRANDADS HOW ITS DONE!!!