Diaby IS the new Vieira!

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So that’s official then, Diaby looked and played like the PV4 we all remember, the ball was glued to his feet, what a player! With Diarra looking every bit like Makalele did in his prime, Bendtner leading the line like Smiffy did and special praise for Song, wait a minute, did I just say that??? The future looks like it’s in safe hands.

Song had a blinder, defensively and attacking wise, he really made the win last night, and Grovers this was no minnow we were playing, this was a tough Blackburn side.

And we did it without the incisiveness of young Theo and Barazite looked great until his unfortunate injury, Merida looked good and the front two were always a threat.

Fabianski had great handling skills and his decision making was first rate.

Shame about Spurs winning, but you know we’ll get the winners of Chelsea or Liverpool don’t you?

If I had a choice, it would be Everton, then Spurs, then Liverpool, not because I fear Chelsea, it’s because I couldn’t stand the constant whingeing that I got from stuffing them on Sunday from all the chavs I know again.

I did find a mate that supports the chavs and to his credit, he said they were never in it, well done that very honest man.

Without Gerrard though, Liverpool may struggle tonight.

Anyway back to us and our wonder kids, it would have been a cakewalk had they not got an offside goal, and that dirty bastard pair of Savage and Dunne should have been sent off for attacking Denilson, who I have to say like Randall, looked a little lightweight compared to the others.

Interesting that we didn’t hear from old sparky, I wanted to know what he thought of dodgy referees, when they give his team goals that were offside, but he was strangely missing!

10 man Arsenal do it again!!! the average age was 19 and a half last night and when the old boy (24) Eduardo went off and a 17 year old came on, it was even younger, work out that average!

Have a great day reading the papers Grovers and check out the match report by Pedro. We now have something to look forward to in January.

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  1. Geoff

    I also forgot to mention that Le Grove got the score margin correct, we said nick it 1 nil, it was 3-2 but the one goal was correct! I would have preferred 10 nil but I’ll settle for the one!

    And I got first comment today!

  2. Ole Gunner

    Diaby is awesome. Funny that when we had our midfield crisis, and he was injured too, nobody even counted him amongst those we were missing.

    I’ll always have at least one player like that in my squad.

  3. annonymous777

    Diaby had his ankle broken and had to be sidelined for more than a season. That’s why he tries to avoid hard tackles whenever he can ( which is understandable to anyone with any trace of sense).

    As for Eduwardo, how can he “turn in performances like that in the prem” if he does NOT play in the prem? I am sure if Wenger give him enough run in the prem, dudu will have no difficulty finishing the way he finished last night, because that was against the prem. club.

    I wonder how some of these people analyse their football.

  4. ash

    a fantastic win last night- something the first team couldn’t even do in the league this season or last! diaby has the potential to be even better than pv4. a controversial statement but he seems cool when finishing his chances where paddy never was. diaby just needs to get a chance to shine in central midfield which he won’t with flamini playing so well and diarra threatening to leave if he doesn’t play! fabianski had a good game but his kicking was awful. as for song- he was at fault for the second goal for losing santa cruz, and arguably the first when santa cruz got in between song and big phil. this kid could be good, he obviously has a lot of talent but for me he is too much like senderos when he has lapses of concentration. also gived the ball away a lot last night! all in all though the next generation could win it this year!!

  5. lennie g

    Last night the Gooners proves they can mix it with the best, and we can match anyone for beautiful football. The future really does look bright, having supported for 60 years that had to be my proudest moment, what a magnificent effort from our juniors.

  6. GunnerPete

    Good report again LG………..do me a favour now and publish the ratings given to our wonder kids by the prat in The Dailey Mirror. Apart from the obvious comments that he probably bought the details off another journo so he could have the night off, his northern bias soaked through.

    As for me……well I would give the whole team inc Denilson, a 9 . They were so good I cant find the words. Only problem I see is bent officials again…one gave them their goal and the other (who is a known pillock) sent off Denilson when he missed his opponent completely and that after being brutally fouled all night by ‘guess who’…yes big faced Dunn and the girly Lily Savage.

    Dont care who we get in the draw, but I fancy Chelski again.

  7. Pedro

    I have got to say the challenge wasn’t great but it wasn’t the worst. You could almost hear the excitment in the voices of the commentator…

    ‘The 70th red card of Wengers reign’

    They couldn’t wait to talk about Arsenal’s indiscipline costing us! Thank fuck for Eduardo!

    BTW annonymous777, you got taken to the cleaners by Gunnersaurus!

    I am excited about Eduardo… finally. He could make the difference in a champions league tie, his finishing is so clinical. He doesn’t do much else, but I guess that will come! RvP didn’t offer the team much in the old days, now look at him!

    Special praise to Song, he was great last night. I doff my cap…

  8. diGriz

    Was it just me or did Brian Marwood slag us off at every opportunity? Especially when diaby scored saying he got ‘a lucky touch’? What was that about Marwood you cunt? I’m really disapointed as he was one of my favourite players watching the goons as a youngster.

    Anyway, it was great to watch Mark Hugesc*nt face lose to our second team. Get on the phone sparky and complain about that with your mate Ferguson.haha

  9. Bud

    I thought MERIDA looked the best of the youngsters when he came on. He wanted the ball, looked comfortable on the ball, didn’t lose it and always made space and made a few lovely intricate Fab/Pires style passes……

  10. El Tommo

    Gunnersaurus is obviously a mouthy little prick. Refrain from arrogant assertions you child – the guy is just expressing his opinion … what makes you so fucking important?

  11. lc

    First of all, Diaby can’t be an holding midfield as he can’t hold , can’t tackle and holds too long on the ball, always at risk of losing the ball. That’s why AW went for Diarra, who is a great tackler and even tougher.
    Diaby can play as an attacking midfied, as he is tricky on ball and can create goal scoring opportunities, just like Hleb.
    For those tasking Denilson, as light weight, I think the lad is punching actually above his weight. He is actually in my opinion the best holding midfield we’ve got in term of winning, tackling and passing the ball. He’s technically very good as well. He’s got sent off, because we were too much under pression and I fought AW took too long to replace Randhall, I found quite impressive in his passing, but was lacking any sense of urgency (a bit naive in his positionning).
    Song was my man of the much; very impressive, great ball control; he doesn’t panic like Kolo Toure under pression; and this’s mad it very difficult for B’burn to have any control of the game. Blackburn’s first goal was an outside one for me; so accusing Song for not blocking the cross is simply misplaced for me. The second goal was a general tactical mistake AW usually makes, as a tall person should always be the first to stand in the direction of any cross. Cruz is taller than Song. It was a good cross, very difficult to defende against, as it wasn’t too high to allow the keeper to come off his line.
    Very good for the lads. I wish the first team could play away like that without any fear like the kids did yesterday.

  12. airydisc

    Time for a new excuse from Mark Hughes. First, last season, they tried to kick us off the park because they couldn’t match us for skill, then when we show strength as well as skill, its moans about the ‘Big four’ not getting enough yellow and red cards. He was reportedly surprised that there were not more yellow and red cards when we played Chavski. Well, Hughes, you moaning fouling twat, you manage the same as you played – fouling and gamesmanship. Last night Arsenal outplayed you in the first half, matched you for rough tactics in the second, had a player sent off (just what you asked the referrees for) and still beat you in your own manor with ten men. What’s next? You want a two goal start? We’d still stuff you.

  13. Pedro

    Am I correct in thinking Sparky didn’t speak to the press at all? Didn’t he look like a little boy lost!

    Very pleasing. How can someone with a team as dirty as Blackburn talk of ‘Dark arts’?

    Blackburn were beaten fair and square by our 10 man reserve team. For a team hoping to break into the top 4, it doesn’t bode very well does it?

    Barazite (Some form of precious metal) looked very good didn’t he? I hope he isn’t out for as long as Theo was, a dislocated should is bad news…

    I am remaining cautious this season. I do seem to remember we were in everything at this point last year (Maybe not the prem)? Then we had the week from hell!

    What’s everyone’s feelings on the Spud game? Is Robbie Keane back? I hope we spank them… Xmas is cancelled if we don’t!

  14. Bud

    Fuck me Ladies…… stop this squalbbling……… its all a bit Totteringham isn’t it, in-fighting and being critical……… WE WON, ENJOY IT and a VERY MERRY CHRISTAMS TO YOU ALL………….

    Gunnersaurus, I thought more of you my old school Le-Grover, don’t bite, you should just bask in your glory of being one of the original fantastic 5 bloggers.

    El Thomo, clam down you’re sounding like a scouser !!!!!!

  15. annonymous777

    Gunnersaurus, my facts are as straight as my middle finger upright!! Do you think 5 starts in 17 games really makes a difference? Comparing JT with Diaby was just plain stupid. John Terry is a freakin defender man, if he is not tackling then he is obviously not doing his job. Diaby on the other hand is not even a holding/defensive midfielder, thats why Wenger deploy him on the left. Wenger knew that he was less effective in the tackling department (if you think you know better than Le proffesor, may be the Arsenal board should fire him and appoint you as our new coach. It will than give you an opportunity to teach him the proper way to tackle and in the process satisfy your ego). Wether you appreciate it it or not, the fact is that Diaby is still recovering, psychologically, from that nasty injury. And if you a human being after all you will expect him to be caucious with them tackles(regardless whether he got injured “going into a tackle or somebody tackled him from behind).

    Soccer is a team sport. There are those who tackle, thse who pass the ball, those who dribble and create spaces, those who score the goals and those who mind the goals, every body concentrates on what he is best at. That’s exactly why I am at loss as to how some of you ‘I-supported-Arsenal-for-50-years’ people analyse your game.

  16. Geoff

    Ok Grovers don’t forget our mantra, a site where you can have an opinion, not get one! we’re all mates on this site, so let’s start again, and don’t forget it’s Christmas!

    Back to the game, I agree with all of you, we were awesome, don’t forget that was our reserves and you are spot on, Marwood hates us, he has since Graham slung him out (I think) you’re also right that the commentator almost shot his lot when they hit the post.

    He didn’t when we hit the post and they didn’t when we hit the bar either! Cunt.

  17. Bud

    777, it is only fair you get a personal berating also – wind down that middle finger man, calm down and be a gooner !

    Otherwise we’ll be sending the boys round to stick your impolite finger firmly up your arse !!!!!!!!!!

  18. annonymous777

    Bud, Ok, OK man. Not those boys, they scare the shit outa me. I put my finger down immediately.

    Damn Gunnersaurus, you are right. What the hell was I doing countering your mighty opinions? You know so much and every little word you said is so true.

    Plaese tell me that you are happy now.

  19. Gunnersaurus

    The other wise man said, “Get yourself a proof reader before you start being a smart ass”.

    Nice horse by the way.

  20. Pedro

    Who was the grove insider who said JD was off?


    Djourou to return to Arsenal

    Defender Johan Djourou will definitely return to Arsenal next month after spending the first four months of this season on loan at Birmingham.

    The 20-year-old Switzerland international followed the likes of Fabrice Muamba, Sebastian Larsson and Nicklas Bendtner in going on loan from the north London club to City, but Arsene Wenger now wants Djourou back, due to the absence of centre-back Kolo Toure.

    Blues boss Alex McLeish told the Birmingham Mail: “Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has told me he is taking him back in January. He will be a loss, for sure. It is disappointing that he is not going to be with us for much longer.”

    Djourou has started 12 of Birmingham’s 17 Barclays Premier League games to date and has impressed at times.

    “You have to respect Arsenal’s decision,” McLeish added. “Johan is a big presence of a boy, no doubt about that, and those kind of players seem to be a feature of many a squad in the Premier League.”

    Last season the Ivory Coast-born defender started 18 league games for the Gunners and was a substitute in a further three.

    He had earlier revealed he was not sure where his future lay in January.

    Djourou said on Sky Sports News: “Obviously I love my club Arsenal and if they want me back, hopefully it will be for a good reason.

    “I want to play there as well. It is a difficult choice but I have to accept what the manager (Arsene Wenger) is going to do.

    “I would be happy in both situations.”

  21. AusGunner

    I think that Diaby is less combative and more technical than PV4, but no doubt about it, he is some player. Very glad he’s back from injury.

  22. biniam - habtegrgsh

    i am biniam i am from eritrea i really so happy about the young stars on the carling cuo tie with the rovers , so thank you and praise for the young sters for all
    i am shure we win the cup this year i love all the players and on this newe year i wish sucess to my team

  23. Isaac

    they played so fucking well!!! seriously, that match was a better game than any of our first-team’s this season. this young play with such risk its a joy to watch.. they were pouring forward in 69minute like they were one down in injury time! let’s hope we can save Spurs for the final now….

  24. Anon

    Imagine, Big Bad Blackburn humbled in their own back yard by Arsenal’s reserve side. Arsenal has the 2 best teams in London by far, In fact there are many sides in the prem who would struggle to beat our youngsters. If this squad stays together, then everything is possible. Let us rejoice!! C,mon you Gunners

  25. jimmyfingers

    Man, I keep going to work and missing all the fun. I should get myself on the jam and be here all day

    I’m with the green one on Eduardo: he has starts and hasn’t yet shone in the league. That said it may be explained by Le Boss sticking him out on the left. And there he’s fucking rubbish. If it ain’t a 4-4-2, don’t play Eduardo

    Think on the balance of play it safe to say we nicked that one, but that shouldn’t detract from the performance of the lads, it was excellent. I’ve seen a TV interview with Sparky, he spoke to ITV on the highlights show. I will summarise: ‘first off I’m a twat. Now we’ve got that out the way….’ where upon he insisted that wasn’t our ‘kids’ or reserves or second string but a group of players as good as most first teams. The last bit is right but they are still essentially reserve players, whatever the talent. He then blamed our spending power over Blackburn as the reason for our superiority. Err, isn’t Wiltord still our record signing? What was that, 11mill? There are many reasons players come to Arsenal (a superb scouting network, the allure of working for Wenger and playing in a team of our calibre, and football of our quality, great facilities, a cosmopolitan city to live in, the fact that I’m a fan of the club) but it isn’t money. That’s Chelsea and United you Welsh cunt

  26. hlebinho

    18 years and 314 days in answer to your question of what was the average age of the team when eduardo was subbed off.

  27. Adam

    Eduardo plays much better up front with Bendtner, not Adebayor, which I think goes a long way to why he hasn’t yet performed in the Premiership – he is always getting paired with Ade and also often played out on the left wing.

  28. Valentin

    Diaby is not the new Viera as they do not play the same role. Flamini is the new Viera.
    Diaby is the new Hleb.
    Yes, Eduardo is very clinical, however he does not participate at all in the play.
    Against Blackburn, our chance had been to score early meaning that they had to chase the game. Against a better and more organized defense, we need somebody else to make the space for him.

  29. Aziz Ibrahim

    The top 4 English EPL teams:
    1) Arsenal’s 1st XI
    2) Arsenal’s ‘Carling Cup Team’
    … well just to complete there probably two ther teams around …
    CHEERS from Malaysia