Blackburn Losers 2 – Arsenal Youth 3 + Diarra shows why he wont be leaving

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Another match review from the slightly inebriated Pedro!

I was confident the youngsters could turn over Rovers tonight, but that was when I thought the team was going to contain players like Gilberto and maybe RvP. When I saw the line up though, I was pleased. I thought we’d give them a run for their money. The only worry I had was Denilson – because he had been out muscled against ‘Boro. I also wondered about Randall because I had no idea what the young lad was all about!

Again, I will warn that I am no journalist! Just an avid fan shooting from the hip!

So here goes!

Arsenal started with the same dominance the first team show. Pinging the ball round for fun, making Blackburn look second rate. Randall received the ball, touched it on to Nikki B, he took a touch, knocked it into the path of the awaiting Diaby who half volleyed it into the top corner with a looping shot!

1 up after only a few minutes! Fucking blinding! I think even Diaby was surprised to see it go in!

Arsenal Youth continued to knock it around in much the same vein as the first team. Fab2 was forced into a few fine saves, one from a Bentley freekick and the other from a snap shot from some thuggish player bearing the Blue and white of Blackburn.

Fab2 then claimed the ball, scuffed a kick 80 feet into the air (On purpose)… Hoyte headed it on, Diaby picked it up, passed it to Nikki B who threaded the ball through to Dudu who opened his body to finish in clinical fashion.

2 up against a team who were mooted to be pushing for a top four spot!

What a performance! Diarra was ruling the show and demonstrating why Arsenal lashed out a whopping £2million for him. He was fast, skillful and all over the place. He looked like a PV04 ‘nano’ that was super charged. Diaby was also showing a lot of class and skill.

Then came the Blackburn attack which was going to justify Blogger Geoff’s early thoughts.

‘This is what is was like against Villa and Newcastle’.

Some player from the opposition latched onto the ball in an offside position, crossed it, and Santa Cruz banged it in to give Blackburn a life line just before half time. The player was offside. The commentator said the player was offside, ‘but it didn’t matter’. Was that because it was a bunch of foreigners it was against?

The second half started and Blackburn dominated. By this time I had drunk way to many beers to be able to comment on what the fuck was going on. All I know it David Bentley crossed, Song missed, and Santa Cruz nodded home.

For the rest of the game the commentators were willing Blackburn on at every opportunity and the boys weren’t helping matters! It was a nervous finish to the game! But we held on.

By this time I had drunk even more beer. So was even more unqualified to comment.

All I know is Song (Who played a blinder by his standards) played Dudu through and with a casual near post finish Dudu made it 3-2! Get in my son!

Oh, and did I mention that Denilson got sent off because of a silly challenge at some point? Oh, and did I mention 2 British players championed his sending off? Very classy chaps… (Dunn and Savage for the record).

So in summation, I must say that my match facts may not stand up in court, but i hope it gave you an idea of what happened.

We played well, knocked out a team our first team could only manage a draw with and managed to do it with ten men.

Anyone who doubted Eduardo can do one. If you can finish, you can adapt. Simple as that. He will come good sooner rather than later, mark my words.

Barazite looks the most exciting prospect out of the latest crop. Big, young and full of confidence. I would mark him out for one to watch (An Arab looking Pires anyone?).

Senderos looked woeful at times tonight. I would like him to come good, but when you are being bailed out by Song time and time again… something is up!

Fabianski looks like a good keeper. He gives off and air of calm. He made some great saves tonight and started the move for the second goal. If i had one complaint about him, it would be the constant punching of the ball. Other than that, he looks like he could be a helluva keeper!

Nikki Big Bollock’s looked great tonight. My prediction is that he will replace Ade as the 2nd striker within the next 3 months. He has pace, skill and a cool head in front of goal… he also pops up with this assists. Well played!

Denilson is not in the starting line up (When the main players are injured) because he is weak. He will be a great player, but he gets knocked off the ball too easily in games. I thought he was poor tonight.

Diarra supposedly complained about assurances he was given by the Arsenal hierachy with regards to first team football and reckons he wants to leave. On tonights performance i would say those reports could be wide of the mark. Stick at it Diarra, you’re going to be a world beater if you stay at Arsenal!

So next up in the Cup? Its got to be the Spuds!

Merry Wednesday Grovers!

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  1. Bill

    Diarra is 2 inches taller than Makalele at 5’9″!

    He was in control of the midfield tonight. I am sure he would have been starting if Flamini had not had such an improvement from his previous 2 seasons!

    I really hope we can keep him but I think there is more to this than meets the eye. I think it is a French thing

  2. Geoff

    I think this season we have proved we need two teams as injuries are year round, I hope these good youngsters stay and fight, it would be real shame to lose one of them.

  3. Mo

    “Some player from the opposition latched onto the ball in an offside position, crossed it, and Santa Cruz banged it in to give Blackburn a life line just before half time. The player was offside. The commentator said the player was offside, ‘but it didn’t matter’. Was that because it was a bunch of foreigners it was against? ” – didn’t the commentator also say that Arsenal were lucky that they had conceded an offside goal !

  4. Sid

    Nice article. There does seem to be this media bias against the Arse but on the other hand they can’t stop praising the club due to results and style. Typical schizoid British self love/self hate thing.
    “The most exciting team in Europe are English” Self congratulatory warm glow!
    “but only three of the squad are from England and they’re not in the first team.” Nervous glance over the shoulder to see if any foreigners are laughing at us.
    Le Boss is more in control of himself these days, could be he’s knackered but more likely he realizes that everything he has done up to now has been in preparation for something special this season. United will take alot of beating but Arsene knows he has the resources to do it.


    It was great to expose how footballing bankrupt Hughes, Dunn and Savage are. They were exposed as nonentities in the first half and what cretinous behaviour in colluding to get Denilson sent off. So Hughes hows it feel this morning to get outplayed by the reserves ? Gonna moan to the papers again about the referees?

  6. jimmyfingers

    Older players and parts of the media seem to want a return to the ’80s with all this too much foreigner crap. I don’t: the ’80s was shit: long ball, 100mph football while we contented ourselves with smacking each other on the terraces for entertainment. The Premiership will plummet as a global product were we to return to that. They need to understand that an Arsenal playing in this manner and winning can only improve things: English kids want to play this way and so will English coaches

  7. casicky

    Has Song found his position and form??last nighthe was incredible he dealt with a World class striker with ease(Santa is that times) somehow i think if it were Senderos against Santa we would have lost

    but Song and Diarra were awesome jus cant say itenough they bossed their positons and Bentley agains Hoyte had no look in. Samba had a torrid time against Big Bollocks he jus didnt know what was going on…

    Big Bollocks looks to have come good and um sure he will come on and shine in one of the prem games.Dudu is a class finisher and its onlya matter of time til he starts bangin them in in the prem too

    We Gunner Gunn Em…

  8. Pedro

    I think I would give it to Diarra, he ran the midfield for the whole game!

    I thought Diaby let his foot of the gas in the second half, Song was slightly at fault for the second and Dudu was brilliant with his finishing by was quiet bar that.

    That said, they were all excellent, but if I was nit picking! I thought Fabianski looked good as well!

  9. charles

    Diara should be more chance and be made to believe in himself,he awesome, a skillful player. don’t lose him you might regret it. Diara should stay at the Gunners.

  10. Bill

    He’ll be off so he can play every match. He is a better player than Flamini that is why he has already 10 caps for France and over there they are already saying he is such a dominant character he will be their new captain in a few years. The only problem is that Wenger saw him playing with Cesc in midfield and told him so but the form of Flamini has blocked that progress. He will not wait because for him playing for France is the ultimate like all Frenchmen. Unlike the English where the club comes first. Domenech has told him he must be playing as much as possible to be in his side.