Arsenal kids to nick it 1 nil

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I have had so many emails from friends of mine that support the Chavs, it’s so funny, boy they think their money allows them not to lose, they’re banging on about Terry and the Wright Philips miss, but they forget we were all over them and should have scored 6.

Anyway, on to Blackburn, first of all they’ll be hurting a bit, which is good and we’ll be playing the youth team, which should be enough but they
are a tough call, don’t forget we didn’t beat the in the FA cup or the league this year and tonight has to finish on the night, so expect a tricky encounter.


Hoyte Senderos Song Traore

Walcott Diarra Gilberto Diaby

Eduardo Bendtner

Should be a good game and I for one can’t wait.

We have some tough games ahead, with Portsmouth, Spurs and Everton and all in form but if we can get through the next month we should be in position to clean up, then we’ll get Derby and Wigan for the next few games like ManU do!

I have to say I would like to see Gavin Hoyte, Barazite and Merida play a part tonight but we’ll have to wait and see.

I’m going for a 1 nil to the Arsenal, but I’d be happy to win it on penalties, if only to watch Bentley’s face!

Terry out for three months, that’ll teach the greedy bastard to mess with Eboue, my new hero!

It’s a short one today Grovers, but hopefully we will have plenty to talk about tomorrow!

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  1. John W

    I get the creeps when Song plays in central defence. And with Senderos pairing, we have to pray hard. But I think it will be 2-1 Arsenal, Bendtner and Edouado, Santa Cruz for the consolation.

  2. frichie

    I sh1t my pants when I see Senderos in CD. ANd will probably turn my tv…er computer off. Actually, Nah, I hope Diarra and Bert arent together, I suspect it will be a 4-5-1 with poor Dudu shunted on the left – Diaby – Gilberto – Diarra – Walcott. I would prefer to see the Midfield pairing from Newcastle!!! lets hope, Diarra and Denilson

  3. Pedro

    Diarra and Gilberto seem to cancel themselves out… I think he learnt from his mistake against ‘Boro when he bought on Denilson!

    I hope we beat Blackburn… there is no better time to!

    I’d like to see gibbs, he looked great in the emirates tournament! I’d like to see merida as well – see what he is all about! Oh, and Bendtner… because I love him

  4. Pedro

    He is a Malaysian blogger, go easy!

    Big Al earned his crust the other day Bud, but he is still not the long term solution. I think jusdging by what Wenger said yesterday, Fabianski is.

    How about a polish waiter?

  5. Geoff

    Good to see that Arsenal learn from their mistakes and have offered Flamini £40k a week, he turned it down, didn’t Cashley turn down £55k?

  6. jimmyfingers

    difficult to get up for this game, coming so soon after Sunday. Blackburn got hammered by Wigan, don’t know whether that’s a good or bad thing for us. Hughes has been babbling on, something about dark arts influencing referees i.e. Wenger and every other manager in the league calling them dirty. He then mentions the fact that they had someone sent off at the weekend, making that five for the season. No, not dirty at all then Mark. For someone nicknamed sparky he’s not very bright

    Blackburn are sort of that team you forget about in between games, then just as your team run out to play them its like ‘oh yeah’ and you remember just what gigantic cunts they are. Carling Cup it may be, but I would hate to lose to them

  7. EVO

    yeah Diarra and Gilberto has been a disaster combo so far, i cant see Denilson missing out, unless he is mysteriously injured…Definitely Bendtner will score, maybe he will do The Beast from last season and bag 5?

  8. The Prophet

    Was away yesterday so could not get on re the Sunday win. I had a totally unbiased customer with me on Sunday and apart from saying the grove was better than Wembley (he went to the Croatia game) he also got carried away and was celebrating the 3rd goal with everyone around us.
    After the match when everything calmed down he basically said that the ref was so bad he just he could not believe how unlucky we were. He also thought the Chavs had a couple of bad decisions but nothing as bad as we had and it was that that made him angry and start to support Arsenal.

    On different subject I listened to five live driving back down from the frozen north and they had the Reading goalkeeper they talked about the top four teams and without prompting he said the trouble with Chelsea is they turn up and just want a fight and the rest of the league are getting sick of it. We believe the are arrogant shits and so does the rest of the world!! But of course the media believe now Arsenal have lost one match that is it. Manure have the league in the bag. Good!!! Its so much sweeter proving so many people wrong.