3 nil, we stuffed the chavs 3 nil!

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We did, but the cheating git ref didn’t allow it.

Well for all those of you (and there weren’t many) that doubted we had the
inside track on team selection, we were right, trust in Le Grove!

I was a little disappointed to see Eboue selected as I think Diarra would have been pumped up big style, but with his whinging about wanting to leave and a sterling performance from Eboue, it worked out well in the end.

Surprised again to see Rosicky instead of Diaby, but again, he had blinder.

Great to see Bendtner come on and Gilberto did steady the ship, so I can’t fault the substitutions, what I can fault however is his obsession with 4-5-1, when he changed and brought the boy wonder on, we became an attacking force, then scored two more and should have had 5.

It was the most biased piece of refereeing that I have ever seen, truly shocking and he should be dropped from the roster, at best or beaten to a pulp, I’ll leave that to you Grover’s to choose.

So we get rid of a slimy toad that has a penchant for mobile phone nocturnal activities, for the best captain we’ve had seen ‘King Tone’ and bring on Clichy, who is without doubt the best left back in the country.

How sick are the chavs? What a piece of smart business that turned out to be from Kenyon!

What the world saw yesterday was that good practice, patience and footballing knowledge and not money is what really counts in the Premiership.

The only chances they had was when the ref gave them a decision and boy am I glad we didn’t buy Shaun Wright Philips, what a waste if £21 million he was.

If I was that ball boys dad, I would be knocking on fat Franks door this morning, what a chicken shit, and if Kolo wasn’t held back, he would be out of football for the foreseeable future.

Sky sports, who always favour the Mancs and the chavs, showed nothing of that incident or the goals that weren’t allowed, if the tables were turned we would still be watching it now.

All the chav supporters I know, will probably become ManU fans now as they are winning more games than them, and their shitty stadium will be even emptier that usual!

At least Gullit said we deserved to win, one day they’ll find someone who likes Arsenal to be a guest on their over rated programme.

That same show that has been slagging us off for ruining English football and welcomes Fabio and his expensive entourage with open arms, what a bunch of hypocrites.

Okay on to tomorrow, it will be interesting to see who plays, but after yesterday, I don’t care, we were truly awesome.

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  1. EYE

    Diarra??? Oh no, let this moaner go, a player who said a full back is just basically running up and down the field, very disrespectful remarks. Anyway he is partly to blame for our defeat at Middlebrough, he didn’t even sure what he was doing there.

  2. Steve duK

    Great win and well deserved.

    I thought I was just seeing the ref’s performance through my red tinted specks, but I’m glad it wasn’t just me. The decisions were so biased I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and don’t get me started on the goals he disallowed. He seemed to be doing everything to help them get level – even 5 minutes extra-time was a bit on the excessive side I thought.

    A couple of quick points;
    Almunia was blinding
    Chavs – Don’t blame Cech – he made several unbelievable saves that made the score look more respectable than it deserved to be
    Captain fantastic – nice one WG, you really GRACED Le Grove
    Fat Frank – you child beating bully
    And to the ball boy that chucked the ball agressively back at Cashley – hitting him somewhere near where his crown jewels should be if he had any balls – NICE ONE MATE

    Now to prepare for the kids v Blackburn and then the Scum – bring it on!!!

  3. grovedigger

    just had to have a peek on the chav website and Grant thinks they deserved more, he said they created two good chances in the second half but didn’t mention the fact we scored two and could have had 4 more if Cesc and Robin had been more fortunate.

    He’s a fucking blind as the other cunt that used to manage them!

  4. Goonerbeall

    Boy, did I enjoy that? Especially the decking of terry. Hold on all of you who go and call me a thug. Terry did us a dirty on several occasions: he scored against us after fauling campbel and one when he held someone and they scored. I wasa therefore thrilled to see him lying there writhing like my bitch when I am at my best.

  5. jimmyfingers

    Always love the day after a good win, just going about your day with the happy knowledge in the back of your mind. Nice to hear Grant whinge about Terry. I didn’t think it was a bad challenge: Terry essentially kicked Eboue’s foot. And Joe Cole then injured Eboue which is a favour as we don’t really want him in the side! Give Diarra some games on the right, although he has to stop whinging, or fuck off

  6. jimmyfingers

    Well I for on am going to be the bigger man and send him a get well soon card

    Preferably one with ‘CUNT’ on the front

  7. Pedro

    I was listening to talk shite on the way home from work and that know-it-all cunt Aidy Durham was on air. He was saying that he was glad Eboue got injured as he deserved it! He glossed over the horror tackle from the dumpy little prick ‘Joe Cole’ and he said that Terrys challenge was taking the ball then the man… which was fine by Clive allen, so it was fine by him!

    I bet Eboue isn’t even that bad… I hope he isn’t anyway, just so it gets up their noses! Yet another case of supporting the englishman because he’s hard, the big man… blah blah blah!

    The pratt even had the check to talk about Arsenal being petulant and dirty…. COMPARED TO CHAVSKI! Puuuuurrrlease!

    Last season we were wimps, this season we are dirty… we can’t win!! Who cares, they hate us because we’re the best… hahaha!

  8. Dinesh Kapur

    Greetings to all the footy fanatics, this comment comes from all the way across another continent. I’ll get flak for being the Chelsea supporter (been almost a decade now) that I am, I know, tell me something new. However, I appreciate good football and I am amazed at how passionate this lot at ‘Le Grove’ is, as passionate as I am, about the game. As much as I don’t want to, but I have to admit I have been admiring Arsenal for some time now (reverse voyeurism anyone !!) and on occasions them Goooners make weekend evenings (here) worth the wait – you’ve been playing some breathtaking stuff, (still need a finisher though). Yeah you beat us !! Sigh, but we had our moments, old Avram would have done better than Shaun (I can play football – Yeah Wright !!) Phillips. Could have ended 1-1 too, you know, its a pity Man-chest-hair won. Btw Adrian Ford is in my country these days, marketing avenues and new talent is what he claims to be looking for. Am I too old for a footy career ?

  9. Dinesh Kapur

    Right-o I am Voting for Pedro now .. in other news, I know you hate him, I saw the list, but there is nothing pretty about an injury. Eboue a character on MK4 – special move, 3 bone kick ? Goody you’ve got the cunt faced Scot, top of the pile, what about the tap dancer ?