Arsenal to give the Chavs a good hiding today.

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That appears to be the consensus of opinion from notable footballing pundits such as Bobby Robson, Matt Le Tissier, Lee Dixon and the great Charlie Nicholas.

I expect a strong Arsenal side out today with all of them fit, it will depend if he risks them all and my guess is he won’t, but they’ll be there in the squad.

The tricky one is whether he starts with Diaby or Rosicky, for me Diaby, more imposing, stronger and likes a shot. The other side is whether he play Diarra, Hleb or Eboue, I hope he plays Diarra with Hleb coming on as a sub, but I suspect it’ll be Eboue, and that is a risk as that dirty bastard Mikel will be trying to bait him and get him sent off.

Central midfield, no brainer, Cesc and Flamini.

Back four no change and Robin and Ade up top, Theo’s injured so Bendtner and Eduardo on the bench with Hleb, Senderos or Gilberto with Lehmann.

I saw a picture of ex gooner Freddie in the Sunday Times this morning and I had to laugh, Freddie said he left West Ham to win things and went to a club that had more ambition, well Freddie you can join the list of deluded Arsenal greats that thought the same, Aka Patrick, Thierry and Edu, so eat your heart out mate and enjoy today!

Finally there were a lot of gay slurs in the comments section yesterday and yes I know they were tongue in cheek, but I have to say, there were a lot of cracking retorts so well done Grover’s, for not only being the best bloggers, but the wittiest too.

To re-iterate on those points, it’s not gay to love men in red, it’s normal. It’s not gay to love those men in red more than you love you other half’s, it’s normal. And finally it’s not gay to love the subs either, they’re all part of the same team and it’s normal!

Have a great day Grover’s and keep ’em crossed.

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  1. Goofle

    It was going so well until you requested that Diarra should play on the right wing ahead of Hleb or Eboue…

    Why do people not understand that Hleb is the fittest of the lot who were injured?

  2. Geoff

    It’s not that, the reason I would play him (Diarra) is it’s against his old club and he would love to show them what they lost and I don’t think he’d start Hleb, if he did, I agree, no contest, but Eboue, sorry not for me, not in this game, he’ll be targeted.

  3. Pedro

    Surely Eboue is the fittest as he hasn’t been injured? Then I would say Diarra is the second fittest as he hasn’t been injured but has played more than hleb? Then hleb… becuase he hasn’t been passed fit?

    Eboue is a liability and his benefits dont out way his liability rating (Please prove me wrong jinx gods!)

    I’m feeling good today! Come on you reds!

  4. jimmyfingers

    Diarra may be a good option because he will be up for it. Cesc gets the nod because there’s the thought that he’s more important to the team than Hleb. There’s the other thought that Hleb is more important to the team than Cesc. Two opposed thoughts, only one, wine addled brain. Oh how it hurts

    However Exhibit A is the first half against Villa, where Hleb pulled the strings and we produced arguably the best football we have played this season. And no well-groomed Spaniard in sight (in light of the man-love infused blog of yesterday, I’ll admit to admiring his hair). Exhibit B is the second half,as Hleb tired and then that cunt Carew did his best Mack the Knife and knobbled him and we when from sublime to shit (ooh sorry, ‘resilient’)

    Whatever, its going to be an interesting team sheet. Grant must be cacking himself

  5. henry

    I think we would all prefer Hleb with Cesc and Flamini but Wenger already said he wouldn’t risk them all, so I’d be surprised if he starts.

    I am getting excited and I think cracking open a can of adult beverage may settle me down, what do you think? …too late!

  6. John W

    I really would like to see Lehmann in goal tonight. If it’s Almunia, then we have to register more than once on the scoreboard, otherwise it could end up in a 1:1 draw. I would also like Diaby to come ahead of Rosicky, Flamini and Cesc in the middle, and a 4:4:2 this time.

  7. jimmyfingers

    What’s good about all this is Chelsea just have no clue what Arsenal will be out to face them. They’ve watched the last few games but now a totally different team will be facing them so they can’t have a gameplan and they won’t know who to stop. There will be threats from all over the pitch, and renewed ones waiting on the bench. Good times