Morale boosted as Arsenal prepare for the Drogbaless Wonders!

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I didn’t know I was writing todays blog until about 15 minutes ago, so this won’t be a long one!

It’s pretty tough to take much away from last night’s game. The Romanians were one of the worst teams I have seen play at the Emirates, so to judge anyone based on last nights game would be tough.

Still, we did what was required with an under strength team. If you can just imagine; for the sake of this post, that Bucharest were good I suppose you could say some players really stood out last night. So instead of reviewing the game blow for blow, I’m just going to list the players I thought did well.


He has had a rough time this season with some crappy performances and an abundance of injuries, but last night he stuck his long telescopic leg out and latched on onto a Sagna cross, took a touch and then lashed the ball home into the top corner. It was a great bit of skill and a real strikers finish. He had a great game, making some good tackles and going on a few magical runs. He looked like a man full of confidence and was taking every opportunity to have a dig at goal.

My brother said that he would play him instead of Eboue on Sunday, and based on last nights performance I’d have to agree.

Nikki B

I said before the game that if there was anyone I wanted to get a goal, it was the Dane with the big b*****ks. I think he has looked the best of the rest whenever he has been given an opportunity to come on and last night he had a blinder. He was all over the place showing some sublime skill and some great touches. His goal was an inch perfect finish and well deserved. I hope he is on the bench on Sunday because I really fancy him to do something if he comes on this Sunday against the Chav’s


I was surprised to see Theo start and I was hoping he was going to show us a bit of grit and purpose. I don’t think we were disappointed were we? He was all over the place, terrorising the Romanian defence with his pace… and I’m going to say it… power! There was no getting knocked off the ball for Theo last night despite some heavy challenges from the opposition. He showed flashes of brilliance last night and his pace is phenomoanl! All he needs is a few goals to start justifying his potential!


I’m not the biggest fan. I think he is usually a liability, but I do want Arsenal players to come good, I really do. Last night I will hold my hands up and say the boy done good (Excuse the poor English).

He passed well all night, showed a few cheeky pieces of skill and he didn’t lose the ball every time he came into possession! I think he started the move for the second goal? Well played Song!


I was watching Denilson to see if I could work out why he hasn’t been getting games so far this season. I think it has something to do with his power. For a short stocky player he does get knocked off the ball a lot. I didn’t think he shone last night against weak opposition and I was a little disappointed if I’m honest. I’m sure he will come good, but I wouldn’t consider him for Sunday.



An unexpected start from Robin, but boy did he look sharp! I couldn’t believe how fit he looked, tearing up and down the pitch, bringing people into the game, having shots whenever he could! We’ve missed this man and I am so glad he is back and looking good! If I were a betting man, I’d stick 50p on him to score on Sunday!

Did anyone else feel a bit sorry Jens? He had nothing to do all game and then got done by a flukey header, unlucky Jens!

So in conclusion, it was crappy opposition, but at least we won and morale doesn’t take notice of who you are playing!

I was listening to the Chief Editor of The Times Sports section (Martin Samuel???) talk to Alan Parry this morning (On the radio of course, I wasn’t earwigging on the train or anything…). He reckons Arsenal are clear favourites for Sunday and reckons Chelsea are in trouble without there most prolific performer. I am a little less confident than him, but he writes football articles for a living? He can’t be wrong… surely?

Bring on the Drogbaless wonders!

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  1. Pedro

    RVP was immense last night! No signs of rust on the young Dutchman!

    Would you start Theo at the weekend? How are you feeling about our chances!

    What did you think of Song last night? I thought he was good! Big Phil wasn’t awful either! I tell you who else I love… Traore, fuck me he is a player and a half!

    Eduardo looked crap when he came on, we seemed to fall apart when he came on!

    Arsenal have some young Bulgarian on trial, the word ‘uninspired’ springs to mind…

  2. Bud

    Theo was great !

    Song was good !

    Phil still got caught out TWICE !!!!

    Traore was sucked in everytime and had the ball played over his head. Was generally good attacking, but overplayed when he didn’t need to and lost the ball a lot towards the end trying the impossible – otherwise, shed loads of potential to be the best !!!

    Eduardo was OK, not seeing that he showed good or bad last night, did OK in a team that at the time he had come on had stopped playing, so was difficult for him !!!

  3. frichie

    No one has mentioned the Usual Mad Jens Madness, when he had a player bearing down on him and he side stepped before passing the ball out. I know I had one of theo’Jens’ moments when you have to hold your breath.

  4. casicky

    enjoyed the skill and i think thatwas dedicated to us,jus to say i can still make it come off,having Senderos and Song both on the pitch is enuff to make you cringe but yday they were both competent ifact Song impressed me quite a bit,defended alright but when Diarra came on he went well too and showed some skill…Senderos made mistkes and you gotta wonder how he will cope with Roberts come Tuesday???

    anyway alright team performance,and good individual performances,i think after watching Diaby and Van P um jus starting to look forward to grand slam again…jus a lil bit

  5. Henry

    Song always looks to me like he’s looking for a bin to empty, sorry guys but I don’t rate him. Theo was lively and I would play him against the Chavs instead of Eboue. And Bendtner with Robin.

  6. geoff

    Nice blog Pedro, I thought Walcott was great and when he gets his shooting boots on he’ll be awesome. Thought Diaby was also great and thought that Robin and super Nick were too.

  7. Bud

    Ahhhhhhh, good to have you online Mr Capello !

    Sorry I didn’t make it last night. Alan had some big clients over from the States that are mad Gooners so me and Steve gave him our tickets !