Cesc, Hleb, Flamini and Robin all back against Chelsea!

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The Arsenal injury list website says that, Flamini, Diaby and Robin could be ready but he’s not sure about Hleb and Cesc, I think that could well be a smokescreen.

Why on earth would you not play your best team in a ‘must not lose’ game?

If he plays the same team that lost last Sunday, we’ll lose again, simple.

The upside is we have a home game with support and surprise on our side, expect to see all of them have a role.

This is a Wenger ploy, Diarra and Gallas will be up for it big time, I don’t think Gallas played against them at all last season, so added spice there.

Plus we have the ‘hate Cashley Cole factor’ which will electrify the fans, what an atmosphere in store.

So onto tonight, Lehmann in goal followed by a back line of Hoyte, Kolo, Gallas/Senderos and Traore

Midfield of Diaby, Rosicky, Flamini/Gilberto and Diarra with Theo and Bendtner up top.

Subs will be Robin, Hleb (if in the squad) , Denilson, Song and Almunia.

Give Adebayor and Eboue a rest, or is it give us a rest from them!

I expect all the stars to get a run out in preparation for Sunday. He won’t risk them for 90 minutes, but at the same time he won’t risk them against the chavs without a cameo role tonight, to see how the injuries hold up and gauge match fitness, with the exception of Cesc who is out tonight.

A cunning plan is needed and too many times this season Wenger has left key players out and it’s cost us.

We don’t need our best players against Everton or Portsmouth, though I’m not saying they’ll be a cakewalk, but we do need them for the Chelsea game, if we beat them, and it’s been a while, it will give us the gap we need and send out a message to the rest.

We need to win tonight but we need to win on Sunday even more.

We are the only site Wenger reads, and I heard that on good authority, so Arsene, take note, the unofficial-official blog site is begging you to play our first team, after all that’s why we pay them so much.

2 nil or more tonight and then a crushing win against Chelsea on Sunday…


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  1. The Prophet

    The first comment and feelingl better, Will be at the match tonight and Sunday with customers so it could be a double whammy or a fucking disaster allround Oh god now I am starting to worry

  2. Pedro

    It will be a joyous occasion for you and your customers!

    I think it will be a suprise double whammy for us!

    I hope your right geoff, I hope it is a smokescreen… I don’t think it is though. Wenger doesn’t really do that does he? Maybe once with Thierry Henry a few years ago?

    If Lehmann plays well tonight, I wonder if he’ll start at Chelsea?

  3. Henry

    Cesc is definitely out tonight but with 5 days left he should be back, I mean how long do you need for a ‘tight hamstring’?

  4. Steve

    Wenger isnt one of those managers who say players are fit when unfit and vice versa. He has never done that and I see no reason why he would start after 11 years managing Arsenal. Cesc is a doubt and if he isnt 100% he wont start, simple as that. Hleb too.

  5. PG

    sunday at boro was very bad. sure we were missing players, and gilberto and eduardo may as well not have been playing… but the real problem is in defence. since that game in sevilla we have looked nervous at the back, no one more so than kolo. i love him dearly but he has lately been showing the form of a nervous teenager. give him a rest or get gallas to calm him down.
    all the great football in the world is nothing without a solid defence and organization. at the start of the season we were only concerned with winning the battles, then winning the game comes as a natural result. i think we have got too carried away by own press and hype . we need to get back to basics and do the job.
    we musnt be concerned with points gaps, goal difference, unbeaten run records, and all this drivel at the moment – we are not even half way thru season yet! …. just winning the next game in front of u is enough. then we will see where that gets us in may.

  6. Bud

    Copy and paste the below link onto your tinternet and piss yourselves with laughter…… I did and now the warm feeling on my seat is no longer “kind of nice and squidgy”, just feels cold and damp……… thank fuck I own my company……. now who shall I do a seat swap with?????

  7. chris GOONA

    how can you say that if we play the same team as we did against middlesborough we will lose,. rememba that team had the likes of Toure, Gallas, Clichy, Rosicky, Adebayor, these are the players that have helped us reach the top of the league remember, your lack of confidence in the team shocks me a bit.
    Wenger will not play Hleb or Fabregas on Sunday unless he knows they have completely recovered,. they dont need match fitness because they are only short term injuries, i hope Wenger puts 1 of them in, as we are lacking the ability to hold and pass the ball around up front.
    As for Lehmann I really really hope he doesnt worm his way back into the 1st team, Wenger talks about him being a super professional, but we all know Wenger must be pissed with Lehmanns childish behaviour. Tonight better just be a shop window performance for Lehmann, your time is up mate.
    Expect a better performance 2nite, hopefully topping the group, and focus moves straight to Chelsea on Sunday… Come on you Reds!!

  8. Pedro

    Very funny!

    I couldn’t post it because I didn’t do the blog today!

    I think its a good idea to rest players tonight. I just wish certain players would step up to the plate when they are given their opp.

    Nikki of big balls needs to show us why he should partner RVP long term, I hope he does because his attitude has been spot on this season.

    Do you think dropping kolo could be storing up problems for Sunday? Playing through your confidence crisis would be better?

  9. Gunnersaurus

    Disagree with your smokescreen theory? No way Wenger would do that. He never really does it, and I dont remeber him doing that with Thierry. I also don’t see the advantage. Cesc is good, but not good enough to strike fear into a team like Chelsea.

    Drogba missing is good. One of my colleagues reckoned last night was the most one sided draw he had ever seen. Hopefully more profligacy will follow on Sunday.

    If we give the Romanians a good spanking tonight it will restore confidence. Look at the run we went on after we hammered a team last time. Our strikers need to restore some shapness because we wont get many opps at Chelsea.

    Chelsea will be an interesting proposition. They are coming to play against us, so it will be a big test for them as well as us. Georgy Graham reckons we’ll be alright at the weekend, and I trust his judgement!

    Come on you gooners!

  10. Geoff

    shocked at my lack of confidence eh? let me explain why I said that.

    Since losing key players our game has gone South, save the first half at Villa Park.

    The Newcastle and Middlesbrough games were woeful, we lost the midfield that got us to the top, Cesc, Hleb and Flamini for me have been the best three in the side this season, to lose one would be a blow, but to lose all three, it’s massive.

    Rosicky in a 5 man midfield with Ade up front doesn’t do it for me, Ade’s had 5 or 6 shots in 3 games which is poor, it’s either him that’s bad, or team selection is.

    That’s why I would be happy with 4-4-2 and that’s why I said play the same team and we will lose.

    Wenger may not play selection games normally, but I just have a feeling the team will be back for the chavs game.

  11. Rutagengwa Yves Bertin

    I m a great fan of arsenal and it is inside my heart. I ‘ve never played football and I m not a football specialist or analyst but what I m sure of is that if AW do not review his starting 11 when we play Chelsea by using in midfield skillful players like Denilson in place of Diarra and Bendtner in place of Adebayor and finally someone else in place of Eboue( Walcott or Da Silva), we’ll once again logically loose and title hopes will despear if we loose such an important game.

  12. Pedro

    Why would we logically lose the title?

    I think we’re going to beat them. Its been a long time coming and we have the players to do it this year. I have just read that there is no cesc, but for me, if the Flamster is playing and the others are up for it we could be a surprise package on Sunday!

    Chelsea are a bit toothless at the moment and hopefully Kalou will be his normal useless self.

  13. geoff

    Rutagengwa. what a name, where is that from? anyway glad to have a gooner on board that has Arsenal inside his heart!

    I agree with you, I think that we need to use our skillful players otherwise we become predictable, like we were against Newcastle and Middlesbrough.

    We also need to get back to shutting players down quickly, like we did when we were winning and like Flamini does all the time.

    Hey! we lost a game, one game, but we’re still top of the league, it’s not all bad is it?

  14. grovedigger

    Wenger does make me laugh, first he says the next England manager must be English, now he says that Capello is outstanding and would be an excellent choice.

    That’s like saying Arsenal will win the league but if they don’t ManU will, and if they don’t Chelsea would be an excellent choice!

    I know he wouldn’t but would it not be refreshing if he said the following.

    The next England manager must be English but Alardyce is as useless as McClaren and Harry takes backhanders so that rules out the English. Mourinio is mad as a bag of snakes, he likes the long ball and boring football but Capello doesn’t take shit from Celebrity’s, so Beckham won’t get to 100 caps, he pick the form players so he will make an excellent choice.

    Oh and he can’t speak English, so he’ll get on with Gerrard, Cole and Terry.

  15. Arowolo

    Please, can someone please tell Arsene that Adebayor is not our striker, we need a good striker and Adebayor doesn’t fit the space. We have seen him give away balls in deadly position,let’s not be deceived by goals that He has scored this season. Let’s do something about it and we will be the best.

  16. Henry

    Sportingo the biggest load of lying crap bloggers are now linking us to Samir Nasri, who I remember Geoff saying we should sign, any truth in that one I wonder?

    He did well when he came on against the scousers apparently last night.

  17. Bud

    Is it just me (sorry guys, only relevant to those of us that know the big man !), or does Fabio Capello look like our very own Mr Le-Grove Geoff ????!!!!!!!!

  18. Pedro

    Interesting comparison Bud… I prefer Kurt Angle, much closer!

    I just read this? Sounds english, should appease the foreign haters out there!

    Daily Mail:

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is set to win his battle with Reading boss Steve Coppell to sign Gillingham’s Luke Freeman.

    The 15-year-old, who has made two substitute appearances this season, had attracted interest from Reading but Freeman prefers a move to the Emirates.

  19. kayiwa

    I think on sunday there return of these guys wont change the lazyness Arsenal has this time because Chelse looks to change the game strongly Wenger needs to be seroius and leave walcot out.

  20. casicky

    i dont think its a smoke screen but somehow have ths feeling that Van P is being far ahead of schedule…i know i know he has been out for a while but he isnt ready and any part today would be a rush and he could either suffer a setback or make it even worse…im not too happy bout our physio dept it doesnt seem to be consistent or be able to handle the amount of injuries..its really disappointing

    tonight will be tough because a lot of players were dejected after that loss and its all nice and dandy talking bout bouncing back but ever since Seville the club as a whole has been limpin and going on how we respond we are in for a few bad performances and results before we snap outta of it hopefully we will still be in the midst of the action..


  21. Pedro

    Happy thoughts guys! We’ll be alright, we are a different team from last year!

    Read this about Lehmann…

    Courtesy of arsenal.com:

    Jens Lehmann is not being handed a ‘gift of a game’ against Steaua Bucharest tonight.

    The German keeper is set to make his first Arsenal appearance since August 19 when the Romanian side visit Emirates Stadium on Matchday Six. The 38-year-old, who made a couple of high-profile errors at the start of the campaign, was absent initially due to injury then Arsène Wenger decided to stick with Manuel Almunia.

    In his pre-match press conference, the manager revealed his reasons for re-instating the former-Schalke stopper now.

    “It is good for every goalkeeper to practice but at some stage you need to play at a competitive level,” he said. “I decided when we qualified with two games to go that the game in Spain would be played by Almunia and the game in England by Lehmann.

    “It is not a present. It was decided three weeks ago. It is to keep him fit and competitive because Almunia will play in the Carling Cup and we need the three ‘keepers to be competitive. If Almunia gets injured tomorrow then you need Lehmann to have played.”

    Wenger baulked at suggestions it would present him with a selection issue if Lehmann displayed the form that made him one of the stars of the 2006 World Cup.

    “Why should it be a problem if a player plays well?” replied the manager. “It is a problem if he doesn’t play well. In football you have one problem after another one. It is good to anticipate but you do not need to solve a problem you don’t have. For all of us the only target is to do well for the Club – and we can only do that if we perform well.”

    Lehmann’s omission from the side has sparked newspapers suggestions of a move in the January transfer window. It is fair to say Wenger’s comments on Tuesday neither opened nor shut the door.

    “His ‘long-term future’ depends on, at 38, what you call a ‘long-term future’,” the Frenchman said. “We haven’t spoken about that.

    “Jens has a one-year contract so that is not long. At the moment I expect him to play well in this game. I can’t guarantee he will be here for the second half of the season but I can’t make that guarantee about anyone. And we have not been in touch with anybody.”

  22. Pedro

    I know… too much text! haha!

    I’m all blogged out after today!

    Its a shame im not going tonight, but its fucking freezing… so I’m not that bothered!

  23. Pisky

    your point didn’t even make sense mate?

    feelin a big score tonight, 4-0 i reckon. shortest odds in the champs league tonight so probably be a draw!

    come on your reds!

  24. jammathon

    Poorly researched article. Gallas let in Essien’s goal near the end of last season. Hleb and Cesc are quite likely -not- to play against Chelsea. If they make it, it’s down to recovery time, not some Wenger ploy.

  25. *_Respects Highbury

    I believe Arsene usually calls injuries as he sees them, and as such I very much doubt he would make spurious comments about injuries. He is a man of integrity. Such puerile skulduggery is best suited to the ill-conceived characters of Corpulent Avram Grant and that tosser Mourinho. For what it’s worth, I feel (stating the obvious) that without either of Hleb or Fabregas we will struggle against Chelski. Fat Frank will goal-hang as usual and Obi Mikel and Makelele will be instilled to do a hatchet nullifying job in midfield. This is where Fabregas; craft is key. Flam will be back -but the other key ingredient is Hleb’s ability to run rings around Ca$hley and draw opposition defenders out. We desperately need his quick feet and remarkable football brain. Without those 2 I cannot envisage anything better than a draw – we are bereft of creativity without them as evidenced in the second half at Villa, away at St James for the best part of 70 mins and so woefully at Boro.

    Even with one of the 2 available and at home then I would expect us to do a number on them.
    There is a big chance for us there: Essien is suspended and Drogba is a goner. Those are The 2 key Chavski players. If Carvalho doesn’t make it either then the only threat Chelski should pose will be Thug Terry from set pieces. We are notoriously poor in the air – but still don’t think Gilberto should come in to nullify that. Kolo cannot afford to do what he did at Boro either and pump aimless long balls for 45 mins as this is the one and only defensive skill Terry does consistently well: heading long balls away.

    If we cope with their set-pieces and do not fall for their incendiary tactics then I would hope for a close one-goal victory. If we cannot beat them when they have no Drogba or Essien then, when will we beat them? P.S: Gallas played at Le Grove when we drew the last game at home 1-1 to hand the Mancs the title.

  26. Donjohnni

    I’ve waited a whole year for that little turd Ashley Cole to show his disgusting, cheesy “pose for Lotto Ad campaign looking like a Pimp reject for a C-movie – mug at The Emirates post Cole-Gate. The fucker didn’t turn up last time.

    All together now.


  27. nucks

    Looking forward to Sunday. It’s strange how after such a strong, positive start to the season, we find ourselves in a bit of a trough in terms of our form.
    Two games against Newcastle and Borough left me wondering whether we really can maintain a consistant challenge for any major silverware this season.
    For me we looked a bit tired, both mentally and physically. I do believe our squad has the strength and quality to be very successfull this year but a dip in form before christmas must be turned around very quickly especially in this league or we could very quickly find ourselves chasing, rather than leading the title race. We all know how vital the christmas period is.
    My opinion is that the centre of our midfield was not strong enough both in possesion and without. I don’t want to pick on any player in particular but it was obvious who didn’t really perform on any level in the middle of the park. Confidence just seemed to drain from the whole team as our midfield was overun. I know how much we miss flamini and fabregas but i know that we have probably the strongest depth in squad for that area in the world at the moment. I always assumed Diaby would be a natural replacement for viera in the middle but maybe he is not aggressive enough. I’m not sure. However he is a natural born winner who is always positive and i do relax when i see him on the team sheet. Also why have we seen so little of Theo? Are you seriously telling me that Eboue is going to help us win the league?? We need positive players, not whingers who are easily wound up by the opposition! My first team at the moment are as follows, Almunia, Sagna, Toure, Gallas,Clichy (i believe we have the best full backs in the world, so pleased with sagna!) walcott fabregas flamini rosicky hleb, (diaby would come on if hleb or rosicky aren’t having a good game, denilson and diarra are close behind) RVP up front! (Bentner would feature in more games, i am very impressed with him indeed.) Now you might see a big name missing up front but i am concerned that we are using Adeybuyor in the wrong way. I am not saying that bentner is a technically better player. However Bentner does seem to bring something positive to our play. For me Adeybuyor sometimes breaks down a lot of moves in the final third by holding onto the ball for too long. He does have amazing talent and has scored some wonderful goals but he doesn’t help our tempo sometimes and i am horrified to see so many long balls pumped up to him far too often. He has huge potential but i get the feeling he is in danger of stifling our tempo. Easily fixed i think and I hope the problem will be addressed. One thing i’ve learnt watching this football team is that ‘team’ is the crucial word and we need 30 players all playing for each other to prevent conceiding goals and also to make sure that we are scoring goals. It’s that simple.

    Theres only one Arsene Wenger! COME ON ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. muller

    great news when van persi back to the club after the inguri
    we have only van as a astriker but adybayor is not a striker
    instead of striker he is defender for aganist team

  29. muller

    is alex helb back to durby match …….
    is cesc fabegas back to great durby match …….
    but i dont like diara he is dump midfilder
    arsenal is great ……. do u think aganist thiis

  30. Bud

    Some wierd and poor spelling yesterday bloggers. Now we are all prone to a miss-type, but whoa, Queen’s english please !!!!!!!!!!