Milan Star on Gooner radar and are Arsenal player exits looming this winter?

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So, I’m over my ‘Boro disappointment and I feel a little better today.

It was quite clear from Sundays game that some players aren’t cutting the mustard. So I have put together a list of players that could potentially be leaving this winter!

Phil Senderos

Some say he is the spawn of Pascal Cygan, some say that is a harsh thing to say about Pascal Cygan. The truth of the matter is that he just ain’t doing it, is he? We can will him on, we can hark back to the Champions league run, but it won’t help. This man has a bad case of ‘Drogbaitis’ and he can’t seem to shake the after effects.

With the emergence of Johann D and young upstarts like Nordveit and G. Hoyte, it’s hard to see how this man is ever going to command a place in our back 4. Good job Wenger didn’t make him a captain way back when!

Christmas leavability likeliness: 70%

Gilberto Silva

We all think Bertie was treated badly by Arsenal. He carried the team last year and captained us admirably. He went away, and won the Copa American and then when he returned he found he was displaced!

He wasn’t given the Captaincy and he lost his holding role to the young French terrier Matty Flamini. To make matters worse, Arsenal went out and signed a younger quicker version of Gilberto… Diarra.

Being the true pro that he is, he has put his head down and kept his mouth buttoned. He played pretty poorly against Newcastle the other day and received a rough ride with the bloggers… and to be honest I think that stinks. He is only 31 and has a lot to offer Arsenal. Gilberto didn’t turn round last year and say ‘This lot are a load of shite, I’m off to Juve’. So Arsenal fans should show the man a little respect and accept that all players have bad games from time to time. Loyalty should be reciprocal guys.

Christmas leavability likeliness: 60%

Mad Jens

The maddest of the mad, Jens Lehmann. He had one amazing season for us and has kept us all amused for 4 years with his crazy German antics! This season however, he made 2 howlers in the first 2 games. Then he got dropped, then he bitched, then he bitched, then Almunia played well and then, well, he bitched…

The bitching has subsided, replaced by childish acts like sitting on the bench through half time. Jens is so desperate to play first team football, he is even thinking about dropping a division! I loved you Jens, but this season you’ve behaved like a real prick… time to go (Or is it?).

Christmas leavability likeliness: 95%

Nikki B

Rumour has it that Juande Ramos signed his contract with a North London club without reading it. He turned up in England, was chauffeur driven to the North London clubs training ground only to realise that he was at Spurs! Shit he thought, I thought I was signing for Arsenal.

He was pretty pissed at this oversight so decided the best way to get over his disappointment was to try and sign all the Arsenal players this Winter. He is after Nikki B now; fat chance is all I’ll say! Its like asking Nikki B to wear Primark… he just wont do it, his ego wouldn’t allow him to play for a club as poor as Spurs.

The media hypes up issues surrounding Nikki. If you watch him on talking about his future, he is actually quite mature about it. I think he’ll stay with us and prove himself to be a world beater. Patience Nikki!

Christmas leavability likeliness: 20%


I know what you’re thinking. How could he even suggest such a thing! TIS HERESY you scream! After all he is having the season of his life!

Well Grove chums, the reality is that he is out of contract at the end of the season, plenty of people will be interested in his signature and the guy has a lot of ambition. Gattuso is getting on, Madrid are getting rid of Diarra and a host of other clubs would kill for a player of Flamini’s commitment and drive.

I personally think he’ll sign a new contract the moment he gets offered one. I am just getting deja edu… do you know what I mean?

Christmas leavability likeliness: 20%

Justin Hoyte

We all like him. There is not too much to say about him. Average would sum him up. Maybe he got a little lucky by being at a club like Arsenal, but he has a lot of heart and supports us. His brother is also here. If he was offered first team football somewhere else you wouldn’t begrudge him would you? There is no right back in the world that could displace Sagna right now so I would expect him to move on at some point.

Christmas leavability likeliness: 60%


The man Myles Palmer said would be scoring hat tricks by October. How wrong you were dearest Myles. He has shown flashes of talent, mainly against England or for Croatia. Some people don’t think he will cut the mustard in the Prem and to them I say nay! He will come good guys; he is just a bit small at the moment. Maybe he’ll go out on loan? But I doubt it. Wenger won’t write of an £8 million signing.

Christmas leavability likeliness: 10%

There was one piece of inbound transfer gossip this morning! The Times has us linked with a winter move for Gourcuff. The man dubbed the new Zidane! We’ve been linked with this guy about a million times so its nothing new except this time he is not getting games for Milan… remember the last time we nicked a young Frenchman from Milan?

Anyway, less of what I think and more of what you think! Let your opinions be known in the comments section!

Happy Tuesday Grovers…. Come on mARSeille!!!

Update: Wenger logged onto Le Grove this morning and was reminded of his Flamini oversight, he has rectified the issue and apologises to all Grovers and Arsenal fans alike.

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  1. Geoff

    good blog Pedro, I still haven’t got over Sunday but I guess I’ve been a gooner a little longer! I must admit I am surprised he hasn’t nailed Flamini down yet, I hope it doesn’t become an Edu thing, because by January he’s a free agent, he could get £10mil from any one out there, sign him now to a long term.

    I agree with your view on Gilberto, but don’t forget that loyalty cost us about £12 million! so don’t feel too sorry for him.

    Bendttner going, no chance.

  2. frichie

    Flamini is about to be offered a 5 year contract

    As well as Spurs, Chelsea are also supposedly interested in our Nik B.

  3. Gunnersaurus

    I was going to correct you on the Flamini thing as well, but I see you have put an update in. Is blogger Geoff on a sabbatical or something?

    Gilberto wasn’t 12 million! He was £6million I think? Steal of the summer way back when! I agree with you about his treatment, he’ll buck up his ideas soon. He needs to be playing with an attacking midfielder, not another holding player.

    Gourcuff is supposed to be a great player, and at 21 I’d take him! Lets hope senderos makes a move away! Maybe we could trick sven into a swap for richards?!

    What score are we feeling tomorrow?

  4. Hadley

    Wow according to this Wenger will be a busy man! Perhaps a reality check is in order?

    Senderos 0% – He just needs a run of games and to stay injury free – last season he played on with the same injury that sidelined Walcott. He is only 21 and will be a great player for us for years to come. All young defenders make mistakes, remember Rio Ferdinand in his early days? Even the young Tony Adams was nicknamed ‘donkey’. When fully fit the season before last he kept 13 clean sheets in a row for club and country including Champs League against Madrid home and away and for Switzerland against France and Italy. At the last World Cup with him as their main defender they conceded 1 goal in 4 games. He may not be the fastest but at Arsenal this isn’t a problem as all the other defenders are ultra quick. He is intelligent, good in the air and has a strong will to win so give the guy a break. As for Nordveit and G. Hoyte’s ’emergence’, as promising as they may be neither have even played a Carling Cup game yet and don’t even have squad numbers!

    Gilberto 10% – He has already stated that he will stay until the end of the season whatever happens and Wenger wouldn’t want to lose his experience now

    Lehman 20% – Wenger will only let him go if he gets an experienced replacement. I feel it is unfair that so many Arsenal fans are having a go at him when he has given us so much during the last few years. You can scrutinise every move he makes looking for acts of petulance but I don’t think he has been that disruptive and Wenger himself has said that he has behaved like a professional and that there is no problem with him.
    I really do feel that too many Arsenal ‘supporters’ have been too quick to jump on the anti-Jens bandwagon which has been perpetrated by the media and opposition fans ever since he joined Arsenal. Yes he is ecentric but as far as I’m aware he hasn’t shot anyone – I’m sure that much of the anti-Lehmann baiting over the years has been partly due to the fact that he is German (you even said it yourself with his ‘German Antics’.) Robbie Keane stamps on his feet like a pathetic spoilt child and Sky say he is just ‘using his experience’, yet when Lehmann pushed him away HE is accused of being childish. If Keane jumped on my feet like that I’d nut him one. Did anyone stop to consider that maybe Wenger has mainly kept faith with Almunia because he has done okay and wants to send a message to the rest of the team that if you come in and do well you wont immediately be replaced by experience (a la Flamini.) I don’t know what Wenger sees in training but apart from those 2 freak lapses of concentration Lehmann’s performances this season and last have been excellent – against Wales he saved 4 one on one’s. Whether Wenger’s stats or what he sees in training tells him that Jens is deteriorating or not I don’t know but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him return to the team and sooner rather than later. Almunia is a nice guy and a decent premiership keeper but he is not (at least yet) in the highest class that Lehmann is (or at least certainly was) or that Seaman was. We’ve now conceded 7 in the last 4 games so it’ll be interesting to see what Wenger does midweek.

    Bendtner 1% – Only if he kicks up one hell of a fuss about not playing as much as he’d like. Is getting more minutes now.

    Flamini 0% – New contract for him

    Justin Hoyte 40% – Villa want him and Wenger may have been pursuaded to sell if Hoyte wanted to go but Hoyte himself has said he wants to stay at Arsenal his whole career. He is a useful tool for Wenger as a very competent and versitle 3rd choice right back on relatively low wages

    Eduardo 0%

    Song 20% Maybe Wenger will want to continue to try to turn him into a CB but I can’t see him making it in midfield at Arsenal and Charlton do want him, although people do forget that he is only 18.

    As for those coming in I’m sure that Djourou will return with Kolo away. Apart from that all you can say is that the papers will probably link us with many players and then Wenger will get someone under the raidar that we’ve never heard of, although it would be nice to have had Modric during the last couple of games with Fabregas and Hleb missing.

  5. casicky

    not looking forward to grand slam sunday at all…

    how can Le Boss let Eboue play act week in week out i cant believe it…

    so glad Drogba and Essien aint playin coz that gives us a chance…

    dont know wat i would do if after 90mins Cashley walked off the pitch holding his fist up to the massive coz he had three points in the bag…..HELL NO!!!!!

  6. jimmyfingers

    Lets see how the week pans out before we start imagining Cashley walking away with a win. For a start we’ve had four away games on the bounce: getting back home and in front of the home crowd who will be gagging to see them again after so long will be a massive boost. Having at least two of the missing quartet will be too. I still think there’s a lot of papering over cracks at Chelsea and not sure they’ve really been tested since Grant took over and they have looked decidedly ropey on more than one occasision. West Ham spring to mind. We shouldn’t fear Chelsea

  7. Pedro

    I’m not looking forward to sunday, but their record against us has got to end soon!

    If the Flamster was back, whon would you pair him with? Would you start RVP or risk a poor performance? Or would you start Walcott up front and try to stretch Chelseas defence?

    Its going to be interesting to see how he line up, maybe more interesting how he lines up tomorrow night… whoever he rests could be playing on Sunday?! Its a shame that we always seem to play chelsea with loads of injuries!

    I think the ‘pool are going to beat the Mancs.

  8. henry

    I think they’ll all be back, if not I’d start Diaby, Flamini and Diarra and Theo up front with Bendtner, Theo and Diaby played great against the chavs in the cup and Diarra hates them.

    See you’re on NewsNow, well done!

  9. Bud

    Glad someone picked up on Wenger seriously considering replacing PV4 with Senderos as Captain before eventually giviung it to TH14 to keep him……. its in his bloody book !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. jimmyfingers

    I honestly think Bendtner has to get his chance: Eduardo has been starting, albeit out of position, and not shining. Lets see if Ade and Big Balls can do something.

    I say that because even if he is fit RvP shhouldn’t and won’t start against Chelsea. Keep him on the bench and unleash him second half.

    Alongside Flamini I’d go Denilson, with Eboue dropped and Diarra in his stead. Rosiscky completes. He won’t drop Eboue and will probably play Diarra again in the centre. That said he’s got to shake things up after the last few games surely? You don’t rotate when you’re playing well, when you’re not you do?

    Who knows, be interesting to see the team tomorrow. Nobody nees resting tho and everybody needs a moral lift. Lets play our strongest side, go out to win the game well and provide us with a successful vibe to take into the Chelsea game

  11. Pedro

    We got the e-mail from Newsnow today! At last!

    So Jimmy, you wouldn’t play Diarra or Gilberto?

    If you played Denilson and Flamini, who would be the more attacking midfielder?

    I would drop Eboue and play walcott. As ineffective as he has been… at least he has a shot and provides a genuine attacking threat.

    RVP should come on second half to kill off the game! Thats what I am hoping anyway.

  12. Bud

    I think he will play Jens through the middle, Kolo up front and Ade at Right back……… fuck why not, he’s played every other player in a stupid position that don’t suit them !!!

  13. Pedro

    Bitterness Bud…

    This was interesting to read on Sky Sports:

    Bayern Munich have made a shock move by suspending captain Oliver Kahn for their final Bundesliga fixture of the year.

    The 38-year-old has also been fined €25,000 for ‘disciplinary reasons’ by coach Ottmar Hitzfeld and will miss Saturday’s game at Hertha Berlin.

    No explanation behind the action has been revealed, although an interview with Kahn on Monday following the 0-0 draw with Duisburg, in which he attacked new signings Franck Ribery and Luca Toni, is thought to be at the centre of the controversy.


    “I am not that surprised. I understand that discipline should be of the utmost importance,” Kahn told the German press.

    “I am the sort of person who recognises when he has gone too far and knows when he makes a mistake every now and again.”

    Kahn had criticised Ribery and Toni for their recent slump in form, saying:

    “It’s not enough just to start the season well. You have to play the whole season at top level.

    “Bayern is not Marseille or Fiorentina but more like Real, Manchester United or Milan.”

    Kahn will retire from the Bundesliga at the end of the current campaign, having first joined Bayern in 1994.

    I guess that’s what I mean by German antics…

  14. jimmyfingers

    Diarra plays at right back yes? Then I say put him on the right of midfield and drop Eboue like a very, very heavy, hot stone. Gilberto, as much as I love him, doesn’t have his heart in it, better give to someone who’s hungrier like Denilson, who can also bring some attacking guile alongside Flamini. I don’t really consider Denislon as a defensive midfielder. Against Chelsea, I won’t give a defensive lightweight like Theo in midfield: wouldn’t like see him leave Sagna horribly exposed. Play him upfront rather than that

    Also any long ball to Ade is absolutely banned

  15. Bud

    Would like to see Mini Cesc tomorrow as he is creative and direct and shoots and takes free-kicks and scores and runs games and is supremely talented………… but we wont !!!!!!!!

    Something Wenger doesn’t like about him obviously….. perhaps he is too busy trying to keep our senior squad mediocre midfield back up happy !!!!!

  16. Hadley

    According to the official site Lehmann is back tommorrow. Wenger says of him “This man is super-professional and an example for everybody.” I just hope no one in the crowd tommorrow night is moronic enough to boo the guy

  17. Bud

    WHy would I waste my breath on that CNUT……… seriously, gooners don’t boo their own players (even Senderos!!!!!!!!!), you have to go down the Lane if you want to see that !!!!!!