Player reviews and a dollop of perspective

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Yesterday was very poor. The passing was bad, there was no creativity and there was virtually no attacking football the whole game.

Overall a sloppy performance that merited a defeat.

There were some poor individual performances as well.

Kolo was poor all game. He didn’t need to make that tackle and he certainly didn’t need to make up for the penalty by trying 5 or 6 ninety eight yard passes that all failed. It was infuriating.

Gallas seemed to go missing yesterday. He was a lot quieter than I’d expected him to be.

Adebayor was shite all game. It would be easier to stomach his shitty performance if I didn’t have to constantly read about how great he has become this season, how he has been liberated by Thierrys departure… blah blah blah. I want to like him, but sometimes he is so useless I want to cry.

Almunia showed glimpses of why a lot of fans don’t have complete confidence in him. Does the man not learn? Don’t rush out of your goal if a defender is covering you. Its the little half mistakes he makes that cost us.

Eboue is the first Arsenal player that I actually wish didn’t play for us. He is petulant, dirty and he is very ineffective. Ok, he sends in a nice ball every now and then, or he does a nice back heel. But overall, he offers us very little.

Rosicky showed us in the world cup that he is a top top player. So why don’t we ever see it?

Gilberto and Diarra may come in for some criticism, but for me it would be unjust. They are the same player, so why play both of them? Denilson would have been better suited.

I won’t criticise Eduardo because he needs time to settle and I won’t criticise the full backs either.

Time for some perspective.

Arsenal are without 4 of there key players. You take 4 first teamers out of any of the top four teams and they are going to struggle (Take one out of Liverpool and they are fucked).

The way I am looking at it is like this.

We are playing the Romanians this week, we’ll spank them 5-0 and restore some confidence. Hopefully some of our first teamers will be back by Sunday and we’ll spank Chelsea 3-0. Then the football balance will be restored to the Universe!


And remember Grovers…. We are top of the league, say we are top of the league!

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  1. grovedigger

    Agree with everything you said except we have 5 out if you include Diaby, who I would play if any of the other three midfielders were injured.

    I hope he brings Robin on for 20 on Wednesday and not blood him against the Chavs.

    We need them all back, simple.

  2. Henry

    I can’t understand why Cesc is out when last Friday week ago, he had a late fitness test for the villa game.

    I think Wenger keeps them out too long, it’s ok doing that if you have good replacements.

    I think Rosicky is light weight, Torres fitted straight in as do most other foreigners, it seems to be an Arsenal problem.

    Get Anelka in and stop fucking about.

  3. amani

    I think you wrote this out of feelings rather than analysis. Ebue was ok, Rosicky was fine, and the team picked was good.

    MIDFIELD was a problem. ADE and co didint get any help. OPINION. And the guys MID) played a game of their life!

    For once, I thought Wenger would start with Denilson in the middle (The kid is good), Brent and Ade, Rosicky as a supporting striker!!!!

  4. Pedro

    I thought Rosicky was very average and I can’t see what eboue ever offers us in midfield?

    The sooner Hleb and Co are back the quicker we can kick start our season.

    I think Bendtner needs to start some games, he looked good again.

  5. Pedro

    Case and point. Adebayor:

    Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor credits his superb form this season to the man he was signed to replace – Barcelona ace Thierry Henry.

    He said: “Before this season a lot of people never even knew that there was a player called Emmanuel Adebayor. Some people didn’t know I existed!

    “I came in for a lot of criticism when I first came to London. People said I’m not good in front of goal. The man who helped me come through all this was Thierry Henry.

    “He was the club’s talisman and it was very difficult. I kept wondering if I was going to play or not, whether it was me or Robin Van Persie who was going to partner Thierry. I was concentrating on that rather than scoring goals and I started to lose confidence.

    “Thierry was fantastic with me. He talked to me, taught me to do things in training. Most importantly, he told me to take risks. He said, ‘Don’t be in two minds when a ball comes, just make your decision and hit it’.

    “It doesn’t matter if it goes into the crowd, like a lot of my shots were doing. When he left it was good for him but also good for me. It gave me a chance to show what I can do and now people know that there is a player called Emmanuel Adebayor. Thierry was a talisman, but now we are happy not having any talismans at Arsenal.

    “Thierry said that my confidence would come back if I kept working and training and learning and he was right. So I want to thank him for helping me.”

    You’d think he’d scored 15 goals so far…

  6. Pedro

    I wholeheartedly agree with you. Why play two central midfielder’s who do the same job?

    Not long ago, Denilson was being touted as Cesc II. He should be the perfect player to cover for him when he is out injured. I personally think we miss Hleb more. We can function without Cesc, but we don’t really do to well without Hleb.

    We really miss the Flamster as well and a back up striker who can score goals.

    Hopefully we’ll get a few players back for the weekend, because Chelsea are formidable even without Drogba!

  7. Henry

    Denilson is not ready yet, also he is a defensive midfielder, don’t forget we got him to replace Gilberto, not Cesc.

    The problem this Sunday was no effort, and if Ade can only muster up a handful of shots, then either he is not that great or the service is not that great, either way not good enough when protecting an unbeaten run.

    At least go down fighting.

  8. amani

    Sorry guys,

    den is a lot good midfielder than most. He is a kid, so was Fab. To say he is not ready is a joke, when did Fab start?

    If wenger listen or read, den is the man (BOY). I can assure you he is not defensive. Rmember NEWCASTLE in the CARLING?

    Wish to hear more.

  9. amani

    Sorry for not being realistially GENTLEMEN, I like what you said (as if I decide).

    For once I would ask ANELKA 2 b a saviour!


  10. jimmyfingers

    I think after we thumped Newcastle in the Carling Cup we got tricked into the collective belief that our B team is better than most A teams. Not the case: the team lacked creativity but also didn’t have the leadership and direction the senior players bring. Without Cesc and Hleb its like they’re not sure what to do, how to attack, particularly when they’re being out under pressure. These three away games on the bounce have seen the gradual unravelling of the team’s confidence as we slip from victory to draw to defeat.

    We’ve also lost that aura we had, where teams where afraid of us. The second half at Villa reminded teams what to do with us at home. Had we reproduced our first half performnance in the second Newcastle and ‘Boro may have come at us differently and results might have been better.

    We need our injured players back and fast

  11. Bud



  12. The Prophet

    still depressed, we were shite, can’t see any hope and they are saying no cesc or hleb for the Chelsea game!!!!

  13. The Prophet

    I agree also dislike Eboue , he is always play acting and doing stupid things like the slap in the face. he was lucky not get sent off though I believe it would of helped us yesterday they might have started to fight

  14. the spanish connection

    I think you should all remember that is the first defeat of an unblemished season so far and you rightly point out there are 4/5 players out, Kleb is the engine along with ses and without them are going to struggle, dont forget how good the manager is and how good you have been before you start getting pissed off, because of 1 defeat.

  15. Pedro

    Guillaume Ballague in the bulding?!

    Is Cesc staying?!

    The Chelsea game is now a big worry! At least we are now huge underdogs! Maybe they’ll be complacent? There run of form has been excellent under grant, I hope we can end that!

  16. casicky

    5-0 against the romanians????3-0 over the Chavs damn man i thought your heading had the word perspective in it.

    we are top of the league!!!!! we are top of the league!!!!….shitt it doesnt feel right at all…are we kidding ourselves or wat lets take moment for what it really is,we are in trouble and i cant see us steppin outta the shitt anytime soon.

    Cesc,Hleb wont make the Chav game period.Flamster will and Robin might pushed to sit on the bench which in the long run we will regret…remember a certain TH14 running around grippin his groin while lowly PSV chucked us outta the Champs League,and we never saw TH14 again…the best we can do is hope Liverpool draw wiv ManUre and we some how get a draw against the Chavs otherwise guys…WITH EVERYTHING IN PERSPECTIVE WE ARE TOTALLY FUCKED…

  17. Pedro

    Please, this negativity is hurting my feelings!

    We lost to ‘boro, so what? You wouldn’t expect ManU to lose against bolton then lose their next game would you?

    Flamini will be back, hopefully RVP… maybe Diaby? Its a bad run, and hopefully we can stem the tide!

    I am confident of a result on Sunday, we can’t play badly forever!

  18. The Prophet

    I agree with Cassky its the end only down from now on proberbly conference league in five years a pathetic 2000 crowd in the emerates… has any one got a canoe they do not want, I feel a long journey coming on!!!