Arsenal chase Madrid wonder kid

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Real Madrid wonder kid Daniel Parejo has the premiership’s top four club’s chasing him according to the News of the World, (so it has to be true) apparently he is the best young midfielder at Real and we want him, even though he’s contracted until 2011, and we are favourites.

You know what? If it’s true I’m glad we’re after their players for once.

We are the best league in the world, we have the best ground in the world, we are top of that league and we play the best football in the world, and if you don’t believe me, ask one Terence Henry!

So on that basis why are we not the new Real Madrid? by that I mean, over the years, when Madrid come calling, players go, same with Barca, Milan, Juve and ManU, so really it should be us now, we have the lot, and the best crop of youngsters in the world, so I feel confident that when we go knocking, we’ll get our man.

Other news before the big game is ManU and Chelsea won so we need to post three points to keep the gap, and the great news is Liverpool lost, so we are the only team left unbeaten in the Premier league, way to go Arsenal.

So let’s not trip up against ex Arsenal crock ‘Ali barber’ and his team of English youth players that will ultimately save our nation from Wenger and his stinking foreigners.

Not a lot else to report today but I hope and pray that by tomorrow we’ll have plenty to say.

Big month coming up Grover’s, Middlesbrough, Bucharest and the Chavs next week, followed by Blackburn, Spuds, Portsmouth and Everton away, it doesn’t get much tougher than that, but if we want to win the league, we have to take care of games like those.


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  1. Sonal

    We are not the new Real Madrid because Real Madrid did not build their name on the best ground or the best league or even the best football… they built their name on a hostory of success, trophies, star players and aggressive advertising.

    We still have to prove that we are the best by winning the CL at least once and not just being a team that shows a lot of promise and potential year after year but never capitalises on any of it… I am desperately hoping we shake of that image this year…

  2. Gunner forever

    he would cost atleast GBP15m and we have to chase his signature and it wont be easy. We chase young talent and he may like our youth policy. Real madrid wont let him go for a small amount and i think it is the time to make a serious bid on a player. We have chased big names but we were’nt capable of signing them. Luca modric will join chelsea. I am not ready to see bendter go to chelsea for a GBP12m move. Who knows that there is one piece in the puzzle that can end our wait to silverware and this lad’s got it.

  3. grovedigger

    What a load of fucking shit.

    At least now when Gilberto moans about playing, or Diarra says he’ll have to think about his future or Bendtner says he’s getting fed up with waiting then Wenger can say, fuck off, you’re not good enough.

    Bendtner and Theo at least made a difference. There’s no point in spending in midfield as we have the players, but yet another inifectual game from the forwards, Ade frustrates the hell out of me.

    Rosicky should just go home, I know he scored but I just can’t see what he offers us.

  4. Pedro

    Shit shit and more shit.

    1) Adebayor is useless. He has scored a lot of goals this year but his finishing is terrible, his touch is terrible and his ability to win headers is terrible. Shocking game from him.

    2) Diarra who?

    3) Eduardo is so light weight its embarrassing. Why can’t we ever sign a player who beds in straight away (Bar Sagna)

    4) Rosicky has never been good for us, when is he going to prove his worth.

    5) Almunia is not good enough to be our long term number one. He was slow getting up for the second and shouldn’t have been out of his area for the 1st penalty.

    I’m not happy about the loss, but the mancs lost to bolton, Liverpool lost to reading and Chelsea have already been beaten by ‘Boro.

    Not the end of the world. But some of our players need to get back from injury rapido.

    Next up… Chelsea…gulp!

  5. Jits

    We need to bring some lads from reserves team. Jack Wilshere, Nacer Barazite, Kieran Gibbs, Henri Lansbury,Fran Merida.. Any two of these.. We lack wide midfielders and cover for creative midfielders.

  6. The Prophet

    I agree with Pedro aprt from Rosicky he will come good but Ade is shite he does not bring team mates into the game bollocks its 3 hours know and still I feel like boloocks and the media are so fucking happy

  7. casicky

    fuck cant believe that performance i actually so Berto joggin when we were be counter attacked…fuck!!!!match fit my ass his done and its time he shifted his trotting ass away so we can stop kidding ourselves……

    i know that was harsh on him will probably take it all back tomorrow but shit man!!!!wat the fuck happened today???we did absolutly nothin and the only good thing to come out of that performance for me is that i need anger management,jus saw my face and body reactions in the mirror when Ade did his natural shit..and i seriously need help..anyone know any numbers i can call????