Mad Ali, Pro Subs, Crazy Mputu vid and loads of news…!

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Good morning grovers!

I didn’t drink last night in the hope of being fresh for today. A nice early night I thought. Trouble is, I must have pissed off the drinking gods because the sound track to my night was foxes fucking in my back garden… my god they are loud.

Its such a busy morning of news so lets get cracking!

Wenger talks about the potential signing of Mputu. He doesn’t sound like he is being signed for the ‘now’, so don’t get your hopes up. I found a video on you tube you should check out! If we sign as new keeper I want one who celebrates like the the this one! Watch on after Mputu’s goal, magic…

Gallas talks about his lust for trophies this year. He was the O2 player of the month on this month. Very well deserved Willy T!

There is some unsubstantiated bullshit linking Gilberto with the spuds on a website I have never heard of before. Has anyone else noticed that Ramos seems to want to sign all our players? Diaby, Denilson, Traore, Nikki B, and now Bertie… he has barely been there a month!

Wenger tells Lehmann he is staying this winter. ANR reckon this is because Almunia is a clown and didn’t extend his arm fully for the goal against Newcastle. He studied the replays and that is what he came up with. I think the words ‘head’ and ‘shoved up your own ass’ could be used to sum up Myles Palmer sometimes.

I’ll be giving a run down of possible transfer exits on Monday, so stay tuned for that!

Wenger, being in a particularly chatty mood had this to say about the accusations from Newcastle over play acting.

Big Al puts his name forward for England as next year he qualifies for citizenship. I think he is just trying to pressure the Spanish FA into calling him up. You’d have to think his chances are limited as Spain do seem to have an abundance of quality Keepers.

Wenger has a lot to say with regards to foreign quotas and the proposition of professional substitutes. A truly fantastic argument put forward by and extremely rational and educated man. It is pleasure to read the opinion of a manager who understands the consequences of rash decision making, especially when the Mirror tries to turn Wengers argument that an Englishman should be employed by the F.A on its head here.

If you have any interest in the mutterings of ex Arsenal flop Aliadiere, read here. In the article he talks about needing to move a club where he knows he will start no matter how badly he plays. He talks about not feeling a responsibility to score goals even though he knows that is why Boro are down the bottom of the league. He claims he didn’t join Boro to score goals, he joined to enjoy himself and play every week! IS HE FUCKING MAD!

So much news to digest I think I am going to have to take a nap!

I think tomorrow will be less challenging than the Newcastle and Villa games. As someone mentioned yesterday, we will have learned from the mistakes we made mid week and hopefully dish out a spanking to a poor Boro team.

I would have taken 7 points last Friday, I don’t know about you guys!

A more in depth preview tomorrow!

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Dave

    That keeper has worms man!

    Quotas is getting more boring by the week! The whole report is a load of shit! How do these people get away with it?

    If its illegal, thats that! The EU wont budge for anyone! Spain got fined once for protecting the interest of there fishermen by banning other people from trawling their waters… They got fined horrendously. I doubt football is higher on the agenda than fishing.

    I was told the boro game was today! A day of relaxation instead!

  2. Ali-Boma-Ye

    I sometimes find it hard to voice an opinion on the whole quota debate. I just think I’m too biased! I would be absolutley devastated if in 5 yrs time, Arsenal were still winning but without the same style and flair I get excited about watching every weekend.
    I personally think there isnt the same emphasis on technical ability on the ball in England, from grass roots to Premiership. I can’t stand watching England run out of ideas in the final third, thinking ‘Fuck it’ and just putting the ball in the air in the hope in bounces of crouch’s face, into the net. It’s dull and to be honest shit football.
    Who knows though, maybe some English youngsters from the Arsenal academy can ease my worries.

  3. Steve

    Re. Quotas

    I’ve watched my fair share of crap football over the years, having unwaveringly support the Arse since 1970 and I will support the club, whatever happens until I finally get carted off to the great North Bank in the sky.
    In saying that, I feel so honoured to watch the team these days, although I find it difficult watching other matches now, because I’ve been spoilt watching the boys and other games bore me. (Chavski being a prime example!!)
    Other teams and so-called experts are just jealous and are trying to even the balance with this quota malarkey.
    Any sane person can see that, far from improving the national team, it will destroy English football for good.
    The dickheads in the pro-quota corner however, are extremely delusional. I’m confident that even if it did come in, and I really hope it doesn’t, Arsene would pluck some unknown kids from his magic hat and before you know it, we’d be head and shoulders above the rest again.
    They should realise that the main ingredient for success is a great manager. It speaks for itself that every other team has raided the continent for players and paid ridiculous fees, yet Arsene always seems to get the cream for the price of milk.
    Even Avram Grunt is piping up now because his team currently contain a lot of English players. Does he think that will be the case forever – how short-sighted are this knob jockeys.

    Anyway – Rant Over
    Up The Arse

  4. Geoff

    Slow comments page today, still it’s probably all the Christmas shoppers having to go Christmas shopping! All the usual suspect won today, boring, boring, why is it we only seem to play teams that either hit form, such as Portsmouth and Villa or teams that need results like Newcastle.

    Still at least it’s Middlesbrough up next, we need to win this one. Next week could see a Liverpool ManU draw and us stretch our lead even further.