Arsenal make offer to Mputu

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Apparently we have offered Mputu a contract and the asking price is £500k this seems like a typical Arsenal signing but it doesn’t get me excited, he has until Monday, other rumours are an £8mil bid for Nzogbia, this was the guy that gifted Ade’s goal on Wednesday, so I can’t see anything there either.

I’m really pissed that Flamini is out as is Cesc, given that Cesc was supposed to be fit for the Villa game, I’m amazed he is still out, the good news is that boy wonder and Diaby are back in training next week.

We could do with having Robin back.

Other strange news is that Rosicky and Kolo think we played well against Newcastle, still it shows how far we have come this season that a draw against Newcastle away is seen as a disaster.

Not a lot happening today and nothing much will until we stuff Middlesbrough on Sunday.

Have a nice day and ignore all the rumours.

Who would you Grovers like us to buy? don’t forget Arsene reads this blog everyday, he said so after the Newcastle game, or at least I thought he did!

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  1. jimmyfingers



    I think I only want Micah during January (great, that sounds really gay). A goalie if ze German naffs off, but not one that’ll displace Almunia. He had greatb games against Villa and ‘Castle and has done enough so far not to be displaced by a big-name arrival.

    Injuries apart I really don’t think our creative departments need tinkering with. Any buy just creates a greater queue for a first team place

    But Senderos is liability and the return of Djourou isn’t the answer. Richards or at least a centreback we can rely on please Mr Wenger

  2. Pedro

    Wenger has been chasing N’Zogbia for a while? I don’t know what he see’s in him really?

    Is anyone else loving all the bad press Barca are getting about Thierry? So funny! Whats even funnier is that the press were saying that the Chairman should resign if he can’t get Thierry in the summer… no he is a mug!

    Another case of Arsenal knowing when to dump a player on their last legs! Well played Arsene!

    So Van Persie smokes? Shocking…

  3. Jits

    This is for Wenger.. Sign Andres Guardado from deportivo.. A great young prospect.. Talented left winger.. Also not to forget a strong centreback.. I think Micah Richards or Mertesacker from Werder Bremen.. Both r big money deals though..

  4. Pedro

    Is mertesacker the 6 ft 7 centre back? I haven’t seen this winger but I read about him the other day on libelfootball.

    Lets sign king Micah!

    Did anyone read about Platini saying Wenger doesnt develop players, he just buys up the best youngsters? What a cunt! We can’t develop the best youngsters because our catchment area is so small!

  5. Gunner forever

    I am not keeping my hopes high on mputu because i think he wont fit to the premiereship’s pace. He is very small and skillful, a good finisher. A fair price for him would do it. If chelsea were bidding on him they would have put about 6million. I have a few ideas if we buy him.

    1. Give him a game( against a club like burnley=poor)
    2. If he looks that he lacks first team experience-loan him out for 6 months(spain would be great)
    3.Bring him back from loan and see what he’s got.

    He is like ade. ade was a little bit indiciplined at times but now he is diciplined. Mputu needs dicipline( as i saw him in a few videos). We have a lot of quality stikers and he wont be put into the first team as soon as he comes.

  6. Goonerbeall

    Mputu is marvelous buy. Brilliant dribler and his finishing is’nt so bad either. Should he fail to fit in, then he can be sold for 10-12 millions. French clubs have run their clubs on the proceeds from selling African youngsters they bring on the cheap. Who said exploitation is a bad thing? Fees to an agent, club getting billions in local currency and subsequently Arsenal benefits from its investment anyway it deems best. All this with the blessing of Mr Mputu himself- marvelous!

  7. Neuromancer

    N’Zogbia is class…. when hes is actually played in his position on the wing, you do realise that he is being played at left back by that big fat walrus right? ;D

  8. Pedro

    Read below:

    Arsene Wenger will shelve any thoughts of off-loading Philippe Senderos until next summer.

    The error-prone Swiss defender asked to play for the reserves on Monday following his dreadful performance in the 3-1 defeat at Sevilla last week and did not even make the bench for Wednesday’s draw against Newcastle.

    Wenger preferred Alex Song, the midfielder he is trying to groom into a centre-half, to Senderos.

    But even though Johan Djourou will be recalled from his loan spell at Birmingham next month, Kolo Toure could be missing for up to five weeks in the new year at the African Nations Cup and Wenger does not want to sell any of his squad as he plots Arsenal’s first title challenge in three seasons.

    The manager will welcome Robin van Persie back to training on Monday after two months out with a knee injury.

    But, in the meantime, he will send out another makeshift side against Middlesbrough on Sunday, with Cesc Fabregas, Alexander Hleb, Mathieu Flamini and Abou Diaby all out.

  9. casicky

    i am no too worried bout the same side going against M’boro..that game against Newc was ideal coz it has shown them their flaws and shownthat we cant depend on certain players in certain

    i am quietly confident that if we start with the same line up we will see some massive improvement esp in Berto and we can leave the north east with three points although its going to be quite difficult we can get through with a bit of team spirit and a few playres being a bit more consistent.

    I know Le Boss is so great that he cant be questioned but why does he put up with Eboue’s antics they so ridiculous and he makes me ashamed to look at him in our red and white acting like a right PRAT!!!he cant have people do their own thing when he plucked them out of oblivion and now they play at the highest stage only to becpome right shitheads

  10. Geoff

    So we all agree with Richards but we’re all mixed with the rest, although Mputu is getting good reviews from you all.

    We’ll have to wait unfortunately but I wish we had a few of them already for the Middlesbrough game.

  11. Ryan

    I agree with the above post. Eddie really needs to start up front ffs. You can either play a generally isolated forward who usually focuses on build up play anyway in a 4-5-1….or play the goal machine alongside him and let him get the goals that everyone else will easily make for him. I don’t see the issue quite frankly. I mean Eddie can barely defend and is a goal poacher and Tommy can defend and normally plays on the wing….so why isn’t Tommy on the wing and Eddie up top?

    ARGH it’s frustrating! Wenger must see something in training which we don’t, but I reallu hope he’s just been trying to get him some games and that he’ll soon go back up front. It’s driving me nuts!