Ade commits, Wenger is a Fascist and Arsenal receive reality check

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Yep he said it! Don’t ask me what goes on in his head but a few more goals like last night and I hope he does stay for life.

The score last night was probably a fair result, albeit that we were piss poor, but we were piss poor as a result of disgraceful refereeing and unbelievably biased broadcasting, it was outrageous, and one sided.

We saw Wenger at the start in his suit, we didn’t see him again until the end, when he has his big jacket on, we saw him three times, we saw the fat
obnoxious one time after time, with his filthy eating habits, the fat pig, we saw him more than we saw the game.

The camera continued to pan over their miserable fans, who were quiet throughout the game, until that is they scored, we didn’t see the Arsenal fans once, not once.

The ref kept giving them free kicks and gave us nothing, they tried to kick us off the pitch and they almost succeeded.

Gallas got kicked over on the edge of their area, the ref had his back to it, looked round and saw Gallas in a heap and waved at him to get up, he amazingly did all this without even consulting the lino.

We on the other hand were poor, fantastic Adebayor strike, fantastic, but I thought Rosicky and Diarra were poor, Gilberto continues to look like a
player that now wants to leave, Almunia kept kicking the ball upfield rather than throwing it to a player, the ball was lobbed up all night and we forgot how to pass.

Boy did we miss Hleb, Cesc and Flamini, why Rosicky runs over for a short corner I don’t know, Eboue and Rosicky standing next to each other just
leaves us a player short in the goal area, Wenger should just tell them.

Okay, that said and done we are 4 points clear and I’d have taken that last week.

6 ahead of Chelsea, 7 ahead of Liverpool and 25 ahead of top4tottenham, Juande Ramos has really made a difference, so Jaunde or ‘one day’ thanks for going there.

Eduardo just looks hopelessly out of his depth and really doesn’t like defending, I hope that’s just ‘first seasonitus’ but we do look a little inept up front sometimes and it’s worrying.

In other news. Arsene Wenger reveals his xenophobic side, by stating that only an Englishman should be considered for the role of England coach.

‘You know what makes me sad? I am more nationalistic than you because you want to go for (Jose) Mourinho, for (Fabio) Capello – I am the only one who goes for an Englishman.’

You know what Wenger, keep your anti foreigner rants to yourself…

Next up Middlesbrough, let’s hope we have our midfield back!

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  1. Bud

    As I say, clueless without any creativity. Players out players in Mr W. If Eboue can perform that attrociously (please note, I am not a hater of Eboue, just thought he had an off night) and not bring on Theo, says to me that he does not rate Theo – so sell him or loan him if he does not think he is good enough !

    The same goes for Denilson. Gilberto was blowing out his arse by the end, why not replace him with Denilson when he tired……. same answer.

    So sell or Loan out fringe players you clearly do not trust and bring in 2 that you do !!!!!!

  2. grovedigger

    I read that Gilberto was saying it was hard because they fought us for 90 minutes, well doesn’t everyone?

    I agree with you bud, if we’re not playing well, bring on the subs early, I wouldn’t loan out Walcott as we’re a bit light at the front, but I can’t work out why we leave it so late to change.

    Eduardo was shit.

  3. Henry

    I hate that fat bastard, he never has anything nice to say does he. I’m depressed let’s buy someone, Rosicky doesn’t do it for me, he was in two situations where passing to Ade was a cast iron goal.

    And what’s happened to his shooting ability?

    At least we’re playing a team that’s worse than Newcastle next.

  4. Bud

    So was Adebeyer apart from that goal. 2 Points made me want to shoot him last night….

    1), he has broken through, Eduardo is running clear in the middle on the edge of Newcastles box and Ade has a clear path to pass and he does not, instead, going on his own and fucking up what would otherwise have been a certain goal… Cock !

    2) and this one was best of all, the useless twat running 5 meters offside when Rosicky was breaking out and then arguing with Rosicky for 5 minutes after for not passing…. Thick Cunt !!!!!!!!

  5. bottom4tottenham

    so you don’t like him then?

    I thought Almunia and his constant long kicks took out our passing game, no one’s picked up on that.

  6. Geoff

    I think I touched on Almunia, he had a solid game but you’re quite right, he by passed the midfield on several occasions.

  7. grovedigger

    I’m going to top myself, all the missing players are still going to miss the next game, what are they all wimps? How can they all be that injured, give ’em an injection.

  8. Bud

    If the midfield does not show, how can he play short.

    It was clear the problem last night. Without our cultured/comfortable ball players on the pitch, onec Necastle pressed up the pitch, we struggled, as we did against Villa.

    If Hleb of Fab and Flamster to a degree was on, we would have had extra playes pulling back to recieve, play and keep the ball, thus sucking the Geordies in even more, then creating space to punish them on the break.

    All that happened in the 2nd half last night, as against Villa, was the whole team played in a 3rd of the pitch, so we lost cohesion and made no time for ourselves.

    If I can see it though, surely Wenger can……….. Can you guys???

  9. watchparty

    .Its obvious the homeside were favoured by the refs.
    .keep in mind the midfield is heavily depleted and its a game we can afford to draw.
    .Almunia is very underated. Super solid throughout, again.
    .Adebayor may be talented but his decision making IQ can seem very low at times.
    .Eduardo is a striker. Bottomline.
    .Overall I thought Arsenal had a better 2nd half last night than the one at Villa.

  10. The Prophet

    Eduardo was responsible for their goal and is not filling me with excitment. Apart from Ade’s goal he was shit. I thought Rosicky was ok but why did he not bring on Walcot?

    I agree about the coverge why do we have to feel sorry for the cunting wanker Fat Sam

  11. The Prophet

    Diarra started poorly but I thought was our best player at the end had a real fight about him. It was the only good thing about last night. And we even had Song on the bench how worrying is that!!!! except perhaps Wenger was hoping we would winning by such a margin he would bring him on ie put him in the shop window fro the jan sales?

  12. The Prophet

    Yes but Eduardo tried a stupid pass in such a dangerous area and thats his trouble his footballing brain at the moment is to slow

  13. Pedro

    I stuck up for the flamster, Ade and Hleb… So i’m going to put my neck on the line and say Eduardo will come good!

    I love how ANR are slagging him off after all the hype they gave him at the start of the season!

    I heard big Al was brilliant and I heard Diarra looked solid! Ade’s goal was magic! He does go missing in games though… Hopefully Van the mans return will spark him into some golden form. Its a shame we have to wait a month!

    At least we didn’t lose!

  14. Bud

    Prophet, what you have forgotton was the stupid short pass from Ade to Eduardo who then tried another stupid pass………. boths fault !

    Both are OK players, so we musn’t hate them, both need to improve all aspects of their game, but as Pedro said, will come good, so lets botrh lose the doom and look forward to 9-0 at the Riverside on Sunday !!!

  15. The Prophet

    Pedro, Bud if you read the comment I said “at the moment” which tends to suggest that there will be an improvement. Freddie and Helb had two seasons before they came good and the Flamster took a bit of time as well so I am not saying get rid but the fact is at the moment he is not effective. Now Siong that is another matter or are you going have a go at me about that!!!

  16. Pedro

    Imagine saying that last year?

    How times change!

    We could be saying that about song next year (*Que canned laughter)

  17. casicky

    i thought Diarra was absolutly fantastic except at the end when he seemed to tire and nearly got himself a second booking.Rosicky did dssapoint me because he didnt boss the game like i thot he would,he started the 2nd half well and when could have gone two up where it not for stupid Ade runnin offside twice and blaming Ros for not passing the ball to him…use your brains,nice goal though purely class.

    I wont even start on Berto,my goodness if the guy doesnt want then he should say so nad niot jus come on to make up the numbers,because i think Diarra ended up coverin for him.Berto lost every Geremi throw in to Smith,can you believe that every single one,and most of the goal kicks from Given went over him and bounced in ffront of Toure and Gallas and Smith won every 2nd ball…I was pleased with Berto at all and he was supposed to be the invisible wall all he was yday was INVISIBLE..

    before the game i wasnt too worried bout Eduardo playin on the left coz he wouldnt have been under pressure like the seville game,but he struggled against a wing with Geremi and Beye,NEVER Le Boss Never play him there again he has good touches and all that but he never gets the chance to turn and attack the wing besides his defnsive work is non-existent,so no more wing play for him.

    Otherwise everyone else was fine for me back five excellent like theey have been all season including Eboue nice to see him get another assist and also no antics.

    we need the rest of the first team back because i have a feeling if it were Chelsea of two seasons ago and ManUre of last season they wouyld have left with all three points esp after taking a 3rd minute lead….


  18. Phillip Three

    Sorry but Eduardo is a light weight. No he is a feather weight. He was just flicked off the ball. Nor is he super-fast to compensate for his weight and height. So you put on Bendtner to play behind Adebayor and cause havoc for the their defence and midfield.

    Another lightweight. Rosicky. Easily flicked off the ball every-time. So put on Denilson or Song to strengthen the midfield.

    If we lose to Chelsea it will only be because Eduardo, Walcott, Rosciky etc will get stream-rolled by an overly physical Chelsea or any other decent team for that matter.

    Eboue needs a rocket up his arse.

    Almunia was brilliant. See reflex save off header.