Bendtner to Chelsea for £12 million, Henry finished and Arsenal should go for Messi

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That’s what the Mirror says, fellow Dane Frank Arnesen has scoured the world for talent as that’s why the Chavs signed him from top4tottenham and come up with Nikki Bendtner all the way over in North London.

Bollocks, he’s just signed a 5 year deal and is getting games for Arsenal, anyway if he went to them, he’d get even less games there.

I expect him to get a game tonight, I have a sneaky feeling Wenger may try him up top with Ade, to combat the bullying tactics that they’ll try from the off.

I think he’ll start with


Sagna Kolo Gallas Clichy

Eboue Gilberto Diarra Rosicky

Ade SuperNik

And Eduardo Denilson Theo Senderos and Fabianski on the bench.

We have lost a lot of flair in midfield but we still have the defence and they play a big role in our attacking capabilities and we also have people up front with something to prove.

That said they have Viduka and Martins, who on their day can hurt anyone, we need a Gallas and Toure road show today, that’s for sure.

So getting back to the Bendtner story, ignore it.

On a lighter, funnier note I watched Barcelona with much amusement, Thierry ‘I don’t know what a contract is’ Henry is out for the season, with a back
injury, Ronaldinho will be sold at Christmas as he’s lost his magic and he’s a fat bastard and Messi is setting the world alight and doesn’t pass to Thierry.

What happened to the dream team? Smart move Terry, I must remember to get Darren Dein, your advisor’s number, he is as canny as his well known dad.

Messi though is worth breaking the bank for, what a player, he’s the forward version of Cesc, Barca would never sell him though, mind you, who would have thought we’d sell Henry?

Now that would be something wouldn’t it.

I’m going to start a Messi to Arsenal rumour, perhaps I’ll leak it to the Mirror!

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  1. jimmyfingers

    Woot, I win. Where’s my prize?

    I gotta say I feel for Henry. last season he was a crock, and sciatica is a chronic condition, one that doesn’t really go away. I don’t know what Barca thought they were buying and I don’t know how long Henry felt he has left but after this I think he’ll struggle to play for any decent length of time. I think the decision to leave must have been difficult, confused by his medical condition. On the face of it, he did us a massive favour. Weird

    Weird also that Bendtner is attracting this much attention with only a handful of appearances. Chelsea can fuck off of course: they’re thieves of other’s intellect,waiting for another team to make an offer for a player and then they rush waving their rubles about. This time they waiting for us to get him, develope him a bit, loan him out then have him on the verge of first team football before trying to buy him. Arnesen’s scouting reports must read as follows:

    Bendtner: he’s good because Wenger thinks so
    Mikel: he’s good because Ferguson thinks so

    And so on. Maybe Fergie and Wenger shouldstart banging on about Chopra and watch Arnesen swoop

  2. Geoff

    I’m greedy and occasionally I change the rules, is there one you would prefer I left out? Senderos maybe, I see your point!

  3. Pedro,19528,11095_2946434,00.html

    Chelsea may have secured the fat over paid one… No not Frank! Ronaldinho!

    He is talented no doubt, but can anyone smell another Shevchenko calamity coming on? £7.1 million a year for a player who might never rekindle his old form!

    Read this and smile:

    Former Barcelona vice-president Sandro Rosell has slammed the signing of Thierry Henry.

    Barca president Joan Laporta is under fire after Henry was ruled out “indefinitely” with a back problem. The former Arsenal striker, 30, also missed half of last season through injury.

    Rosell rapped: “Somebody must have their ears clipped for this signing.

    Did Arsenal know this might happen? Or do we just get lucky!

    We’re like the used car sales man of European football, you might think your getting a deal… but your rarely are!

    Swiss Wenger! haha!

    “We all know the fitness problems he has had. It should have been done for less than £16million.”

  4. anon

    really wish we would sign Anelka, Richards & Green! we are just lacking in depth in centre Def, GK im not comfortable with & I think Anelka would add that real edge for the big games

  5. phatrick


    Why do you think Arsene Wenger has been spending all this time accumulating money and scripming and saving every penney…

    Simple…. he’s going to splash out to bling-up his squad with a certain ‘flea-sized’ Argie….

    Messi to Arsenal… more than just a rumour. Now how many boards do I have to post that on before it’s official?


  6. grovedigger

    I couldn’t agree more, get the cheque book out. Must admit to feeling warm and cuddly over TH14, serves them all right, them for tapping him up and him for going.

  7. anon

    As much as I wish that was true- I dont even think Santa could deliver us Messi. The 3 targets I listed above are all realistic- Even though Richards would cost a bit


    Djourou will stay with Birmingham in Jan & have the option to sign him for £5 Million in the summer, Arsenal are monitoring a few deffenders but will use Song or Gilberto in CB if needed


    Nope im gutted too as he is better than senderous but I have heard it from An inside source in Birmingham that it was discussed this morning with a phonecall.

  10. Pedro

    That is unbelievable.

    So that would indicate Wenger rates Song and Senderos over the Calm swiss man!

    Madness, I hope your source is wrong…


    I hope so too but it was the same source who told me about Mumba & Laursen moving permantly way before it was finalised- i think Wenger just things its a good enough Price. I think we will let Song & Gilberto go in the summer but that is just my opinion.

  12. Pedro

    He must have high hopes for this Nordveit character then, or… no wait…


    I would take that any day!

  13. Bud

    Buthe has been average to crap of late………. he could be one of those good young players that has been found out already and turns out to be a div 2 player, aka Campbell, Selley, Hillier !!!

  14. Ali-Boma-Ye

    Part of me wats Richards in Jan but I see ur point abt his form of late. Maybs wait till season close, or will Chavs have poached him by then?

    Tonight I def wanna see Diarra start. He has the same sort of energy as Flamini, the sort which is overated and which Gilberto does not have. Thing is, I’d be scared to start denilson ahead of Gilbs, even if denilson is more creative. What you all reckon?

  15. Vuja De

    Petit and Vieira were both complete midfield players, equally at home defending and winning the ball as starting attacks with a rampaging run or subtle pass for Pires, TH14 or DB10 to finish off.

    One of the things that has really irritated me in recent years has been this tendency to label midfield players as either being defensive or offensive, which in my view is far too simplistic a reading of the situation.

    Take Claude Makele, for example. He has often been described as a defensive midfielder, but I think that is a misreading of his role, and his abilities.

    Yes, he breaks up opposition attacks and wins the ball, but thats not all he does.

    Many of Chelsea’s attacks often start with a simple but effective forward pass that Makele makes to one of his more high profile colleagues.

    I prefer, therefore, to think of Makele as being both a deep lying playmaker, as well as a “water carrier”.

  16. Pedro

    I reckon you could say that Mak is a defensive midfielder. He plays short passes, rarely ventures up field and his shooting is abysmal! The same could be said of PV04 and Petit. They hardly popped up with many goals did they?

    If Mak is a deep lying playmaker, you could say that Toure and Gallas are too. They often start the moves that lead to our goals.

    Enough of the chelsea rubbish!

    Ian Wright has said that Arsenal don’t miss Thierry!

    I’m shocked… was anyone else aware of this?

  17. Bud

    I don’t agree with Vuju………. are we not sure Vuju is a guest Chav from West London with all this talk and love for Makalele??????

  18. Geoff

    Hey guys, keep the faith tonight, I’m about to have a few adult beverages! any score will do but 5 nil will be great!!!

  19. jimmyfingers

    shoddy, shoddy effing reffing tonight but its stilla decent away point, not just two dropped. Four points clear ain’t be sniffed at

  20. Gunner forever

    bendter will honor his contract and he will stay with us as long as he can and i dont want to see him playing in a chelsea shirt. Chelsea simply ruin talent. Yesterday i really understood who shevchenko was in his A.C milan days, great goals from youtube. Now he is a flop. Chelsea ruined ballack. He was a legend at munich and now a cowOrd. Pizzaro was a very good player in his munich days and he is a disgrace to his name. I am waiting to see what happens when carvalho returns for chelsea. Alex to the bench. what are they gonna do? huh? substitute a defender? Lampard must keep a good name by going to juventus and drogba can be a good playa if he goes to R.MAdrid. As soon as abramovic sees a talent that can make the team popular he goes and buys him. I will not let bendter go if i was wenger. I feel sorry for sidwell and ben-haim who specially isn’t making the bench……so so poor. makalele’s days are over and chelsea the **** club has no history and they just ruin talent.