Cesc in Hleb out

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It’s increasingly difficult to work out who’s still injured and who’s coming back, but I think Cesc will be back to face fat Sam but Diaby, Robin and Hleb are out for a spell still.

I think I would play Gilberto and Cesc together, I think Gilberto will handle the Viduka threat better than Diarra and Viduka is the only one that can hurt us.

Joey Barton will be given his thug orders, so someone needs to give him a dig early, let him know we’re there, if you get my drift.

This has to be a 4-4-2 night and Eduardo should get a run out, this would also suit Bendtner, don’t forget him and Denilson scored against them in the Carling cup, or was it Diaby?

If we go for them from the off we’ll stuff them, I don’t want to be going through it like I was on Saturday evening, win early I say, or do I mean pray!

I watched ManU play Fulham last night, why can’t Fulham play like that when we play them?

Good to see the lads giving their salary to charity for the Chelsea game, I wonder if that includes their win bonus?

I just hope we have all our players back for the Chelsea game, I’m also training my booing lips for the prodigal son’s return, oh how I hate him.

I think we’ll feed off these wins and to think we’ve still only dropped 6 points all season, I think we dropped 12 last November.

Good blogging day yesterday with some worthwhile comments.

Nobody commented on Samir Nasri though, I hope we sign either Richards or a world class center back, we have enough kids and Djourou didn’t inspire me when he gave Spurs a penalty on Sunday.

One day to go!

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  1. Arthurd

    Why do I have to be second lol

    Should be a good game tomorrow and we should win it really, we beat them with our reserve team in carlic cup yes I know it was at home but we stil won. Lets hope Cesc is back we need creativity in the midfield.

    Bring it on Magpies!

  2. chris GOONA

    I agree with playin 4-4-2 tonight…. with ade alongside eduardo or wlacott, because you need someone who will get behhind the defense next to ade. Saying that he has proven he can hold the front line on his own,. maybe have eduardo and walcott/ebout alongside ade as an attackin 3 but drops back 2 a 4-5-1 formation wen needed. This means i can see a midfield 5 of flamini, rosicky, eboue, diarra/gilberto and eduardo/walcott.. but if cesc is fit to play then it wuld be are normal 4 in the middle. The good thing is we have options.. and even without cesc, hleb, persie.. we hav players capable of comin in, but theres no doubt we hav lost a bit of creativity wiv them out. I predict a fairly comfortable win as long as we start well.
    Come on u gunnas!!!!

  3. Pedro

    The 4-5-1 seems to bother everyone when we draw but no one talks about how effective it is when we win!

    Saying that, I do prefer the 4-4-2! Eduardo needs a good run in the team. He hasn’t really put a foot wrong all season and his tally isn’t that bad is it? Getting a run out against one of the shittest defences in the Prem can only do his confidence good!

    I hope fat sam gets sacked after this one! I think you call it ‘getting your comeuppance!’.

    I bet he is shitting one!

    Do the business boys! We need this one for bragging rights!

  4. grovedigger

    I think the 4-4-2 lookks better and we have more attempts, the other way it too defensive for me, get a lead then if we need it go 4-5-1

  5. Henry

    Ha Ha Alan Smith promises they’ll beat us for the fans, cunt.

    What have they been doing all season then, and all the shit that’s talked about their great fans, as soon as it goes pear shaped they all boo, or leave early, some fans eh?

  6. Bud

    Tis tomorrow “Chris Gooner”….. I must admit, it was only an hour or so ago i realised it was Tuesdya not Wednesday !!!!!!!

  7. Bud

    Whats up with everone….. so quiet on Le Grove front today……… its nearly Christmas !

    And in response to the main post, its got to be Rosicky, Fab, Flamini and the long lost son Eboue !!!!!!!!

  8. Bud

    Cock……. just read Arsenal.com….. midfield inspiration and creativity looks very bleak. I’d go for Gilberto & Denilsion (2 Brazillians) !

  9. Henry

    we’re not 9 points clear yet so it can’t be Christmas, unless I just woke from a coma! in that case what was the score against Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Chelsea and spurs?

  10. Ryan

    You want to spend a lot of money on Richards because you saw Djourou give a penalty away against Spurs? You mean Berbatov’s dive?

    lol, it’s for exactly that reason that Wenger has been successful over his career. He doesn’t jump to conclusions on the back of one thing. Christ.