Adebayor speaks to Le-Grove

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Adebayor answered the questions over his ability to score more often emphatically against a good Villa side.

His actions spoke louder than words, hence the headline, don’t think the players don’t read this blog site, they do!

Remember Villa were fancied by the bookies, fancied by the pundits and playing at home.

Ade showed that he can score with his head when we need it most, I did question him on Saturday and from your comments I understand he was being tongue in cheek, well that’s why we have a comments section, so keep them coming. are, as usual, behind with injury update news, all I know is Hleb got a gash from the Carew tackle and may be out for a few games but Cesc though, should be back for the Newcastle  game. Good news indeed.

I thought Diarra gave the ball away a lot and that Gilberto coming on made us more stable at the back of the midfield.

I read that robin is still not fit, which by the time he returns will be three months out, add that to 5 months last term leaves me to believe our
Robin could be the Dutch Michael Owen, brilliant but not there a lot, that being the case we need to look at our options.

I’m saying nothing other than the facts, Grover’s please have an opinion on that, am I being paranoid?

Watching Chelsea at the weekend, we could beat them with our Carling cup side, John Terry looks more and more like the ordinary player I think he is.
Bring them on!

Fat Sam looks like the bent fat bastard we all know he is and hopefully stuffing Newcastle will see him picking up his P45, so 3 points there will do us nicely.

December we know is pivotal and so far so good, trouble is, everyone else is picking up points as well, so we need to keep winning.

I read Lehmann is not only blanking Almunia he also doesn’t do the pre match warm up with him.

What is the matter with Wenger, why does he tolerate this? time to say goodbye to the mad German before he starts to undermine the team spirit.

So Ade if your reading this and I know you are, keep banging them in or I’ll rip off my shirt and be off!

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  1. Henry

    trouble iis if we got say, Eduardo’s best mate, Modric, would he be happy to only play when Hleb is not? if that’s who you mean, I know he plays on the left.

    Anyway last season all the blog sites were saying get rid of Hleb.

  2. Gunnersaurus

    What! Buy another wizard! Are you mad?

    We have Cesc, Hleb, Rosicky and Denilson out of the current crop. Then we have Lansbury and Merida coming through. Another wizard and we’d have some wizard congestion!

    We need a winger in the Ashley young mould and a back up defender. Modric looks a little light weight if you ask me?

    We don’t need anyone! We are top of the league! And we’ve kicked December off in fine fashion.

    The humble pie has just been put in the oven bud, it will be finished by the first of Jan and you’ll be eating it all.

  3. grovedigger

    I hope you’re right, but we do seem to get all our injuries to our best players. What does humble pie taste like?

  4. Bud

    If I am eating it and have tempted the fate of the football gods, it will taste delicious do not fear !!!!!

    Denilson, not ready!
    Eduardo, not ready!
    Rosicky, Hamstrings!
    Lansbury, looked the lightest of lightweights ever!
    Merida, Yes please, why the delay in giving him his chance?

    I know we are top of the league, but of late (even against Seville in Spain where after the first fine 20 minutes we were horse shit), we are awsome for parts of the game and shockingly ordinary for the rest – a bad habit that occurs when Hleb and Fabregas are not on the field and a habit that could ultimately cost us points at some point !!!!!

  5. jimmyfingers

    Injuries are becoming aworry. RvP’s particular: four weeks originally now streching on and on.

    But lets not over-react: we are coping without him. Did I say coping? I meant flourishing, because our league position doesn’t lie. The options we have up front are string, if a little raw (bendtner and Theo) or still adjusting (Eduardo).

    And don’t get me started on midifield. The last thing we need is another one. Yes Hleb is great but he’s not the beginning and the end of the side. I do this with shoes: got a pair I really like, but worry about wearing them out so buy another very similar. You never like them as much and end up wearing the originals all the time. Waste of money.

    When you listen to United fans they exude confidence, because they know their side will come good,because it always does. We’ve got a different mindet: we’re waiting for the team to implode as they have in the last few seasons. We’re afraid of some innate fragility that Wenger teams have that Fergie’s lack. We’re all looking for signs of it and even after a hard-fought away win there’s wailing and gnashing of teeth, and knee-jerk reactions to a problem that isn’t there.

    Villa were already all over us by the time Carew nobbled Hleb, so lets not blame their ascendancy on that. And at the end of the day the team survived. Keep the faith my brothers

  6. Bud

    A most deep and thoughful post indeed Mr Fingers !!!

    But was the slowdown due to Hlebs Hamstring tightening again and 2 weeks without football leaving him a little short in the energy department ?!

    RVP if he ever returns will without doubt be the 3rd ball keeper and manipulator like Little Cesc and and Worsel Hleb, so maybe my post was hasty, but I would still be more comfortable with Anelka in the squad say !!!!

  7. grovedigger

    now you’re talking bud, we need a finisher like that, his Sunday miss aside! the great thing for me though is this young side will get better as the seasons go on, ManU’s won’t, they are as good as they’re going to get.

    I have confidence that this week will get better, and if that happens the Chelsea game should stretch our lead even more.

  8. jimmyfingers

    Well I probably wouldn’t say no Anelka, and he ismaking all these ‘come get me noises’, playing with his hair, trying to catching Wenger’s eye from accross the country but Drogba remains unsettled and more likely Chelsea will get him, Fergie has hinted he won’t be buying this January.

    But I still argue out creative departments don’t need addressing, its a better back up for Toure and Gallas than Senderos. Sevilla was a mistake, a Carling Cup gamble that miss-fired. Villa’s second half turn around shouldn’t be a attributed to any of our players, rather their’s suddenly playing out of the their skin

  9. Pedro

    Anelka hasn’t been prolific at any club has he? Why do we assume he’ll be at Arsenal! Give Eduardo a chance! And what about the man of humungus bollocks? He looks great!

    Denilson: Not given a run yet, bags of potential lets not stifle him
    Eduardo: Will be ready after xmas
    Rosicky: Gets injured a lot, but we’re approaching about the 5th game without
    Lansbury: Is only 16! Of course he is lightweight! Same frame as Cesc
    Merida: Also a lightweight but undoubtedly talented!

    And remember the Flamster is stepping up to the plate, Diarra is quite creative and Gilberto steadied the ship on sat.

    No way do we need another centre mid! YOU HEAR ME WENGER, dont listen to bud!

    I liked the analogy with the shoes, I find I have that problem with woman… I can’t stop purchasing Thai brides…

  10. Bud

    You see I disagree – Yes they played out of their skins, but we had no idea going forward, not a Scooby !

    Fact is, you can only be good with the ball and 90% of the time they got the ball on Saturday was not through a tackle, just the worst case i have seen from Arsenal in a long time of miss-placed passes…..

    And before I get corrected, I watched the game with 8 people of differing ages and nepotism, and they all agreed – in fact I was quite calm and placid, and this point was bought to my attention by people spitting their beer accross my carpet all too frequently as we passed to a Villa player again and again !!!!!!

  11. Henry

    I think Anelka hasn’t been prolific as he generally hasn’t played for teams that create the chances we do.

    Eduardo will come good and Bendtner and Theo will grow into it, but with Robin so fragile, Wenger goes 4-5-1 when he doesn’t play, so Anelka could be the man for those days.

    If not then a Thai wife for all the team could be the answer, good thinking Pedro.

  12. Bud

    I was watching the game with my family, who all have different levels of football rage an bias – hence Nepotism is the perfect word !

    As for spilt beer – well, i’m with you, 1) what a fuckin waste, and 2) its my new fuckin carpet……… luckily i’m stainguarded !!!!!!!

  13. jimmyfingers

    Anelka was profilic that season with us fo’ damn sure

    Thing is, we’re constantly calling for more chances for people like Diarra and Bendtner, and yet when a player ahead of them is crocked there are calls to buy and put still more obstacles in the way of their development . We can’t have it both ways, and we can’t expect totottally dominate every minute of every match

  14. Goonerbeall

    Goodness me, this Finger guy is something else. Brilliant article with bits that I can mildly oppose. Yes, Diarra was giving away balls and panicking in defence was due to pressure from Villa as our midfielders could hold the ball confidently and longer to flummox Villa’s defence. The result was that we started hoofing the long balls and Villa sensed vulnerability.

    I can forgive Diarra’s mistake and think he’s gonna come good as the season progresses. I’m sure he’s gonna have to step up his game as we gonna have to rely on many different quality of different players in FA Cup, Carling Cup, CL and EPL.
    All these cups are gonna put pressure on different players and I am afraid many injuries will be something we have to get used to. Having many player with quality will see us through. I think Vela would have been useful

  15. grovedigger

    all the midfield are going through giving the ball away, Flamini did for their goal, but then he scored, I just wish Diarra could hit the ball at the target, it will come, I have no doubt but I just wish we had a forward to bring on that you knew would score.

    Maybe Vela’s the man, but that’s next season, bring in Anelka now, he can do a job short term.

    I jst don’t want him to go to Chelsea I guess.

  16. Pedro

    RvP is out for 3 weeks now!

    It only happens to Arsenal players, what a disappointment. Why does no one ever come back early from injury?

    We are after some morrocan midfielder from PSV, apparently he is a bit tasty…

  17. Bud

    Got a theory – Diaby for a certain Man City defender, a Mr Richards who I understand you would all like ?!!!

    I don’t see any truth in giving a 3 week deadline for a player with a bad back, how can you put a time on such a thing……. however the 3 alotted weeks for his supposed injury would bring us up to the transfer window and Erickson has said he is looking for an attacking midfielder and Ricgards would love to play for the Arsenal……… and Diaby has been moaning about lack of opportunity and playing in the wrong position.

    Part of me would be unhappy with that, as he is without question a very talented player, but the other half likes the idea as he is always injured and although great sometimes as mentioned, is equally awful in other games, which equates to inconsistency which is not a good thing !

  18. jimmyfingers

    I can’t believe the twat Gerrard suggested the reason we’re top is because we haven’t had injuries to key players, while everyone else has. Lad needs a cockpunch

  19. Pedro

    That theory works better than the Richards for Lehmann one!

    Diaby is talented, but slightly cumbersome and he gives the ball away a lot. I just think Wenger would get rid of Gilberto over the Diaby!

    That would be a major coup for the Ars!

  20. Gunnersaurus

    In dreamland that would be a good deal! Would Bertie want to go to Man City? Diaby might as its a kick start, but Bertie would go to Juve or someone like that i would think.

    Diaby plus 10 million?

  21. Geoff

    Ok Grovers, here’s one for you to think about.

    The talented midfielder could be Samir Nasri, who can also play the flanks, is young, talented, scores goals for fun and doesn’t get injured like Rosicky does.

    Gilberto wouldn’t go to Man city as that wouldn’t be a fitting way to end his career.

    Diaby when fit is too good to let go and I can’t see Wenger’s pride allowing that, remember we all wanted Flamini to go not so long ago?

    I like Richards but also remember last term Curtis Davies was the player wasn’t he, he can’t even get in the Villa side.

    No, I suggest we keep Diaby, bring in Nasri, offer Lehmann and £15 mil for Richards and offer Gilberto and £10 mil for Buffon to Juve.

    That doesn’t leave much left for Anelka so I won’t be greedy.

    Richards we need as Gallas is in his 30’s and we all know what happens to players at that age.

  22. Bud

    We do not need to replace the Spanish Waiter. Save the money you want to spend on Buffoon and spend it on Super Nic !!!!!!!!

  23. Bud

    Fair enough, but I do believe that Man City would offer Gilberto more money than Juve and a longer contract in what would essentially be his last paycheck before retiring to shit football or altogether, and as I pointed out, CIty have 4 Brazillians already, and you know how they like their little communities to play Banjo and Samba drums together !!!!

  24. jimmyfingers

    They collect old midfielders in Italy don’t they? Still think Gilberto has a lot of offer the team but doesn’t seem to be in Wenger’s plans. He’s been a goodservant of the club so if he goes I hope he gets the move he wants, and I think that is in Italy.

    Knowing Wenger, and if I was a betting man, I’d say no-one’s going to be signed

  25. Vuja De

    The criticism that Anelka hasn’t been prolific is disingenious, to say the least.

    Is Adebayor prolific? Is Van Persie prolific? Was Drogba prolific in France? Was Ronaldo prolific in Portugal?

    What matters is a forwards’ strike ratio of goals scored to chances created, and I believe that on that criteria, Anelka is as deadly in front of goal as any striker currently playing the game professionally.

    Anelka has scored goals for whichever club he’s played for…PSG, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Man City, Fenerbache, and currently Bolton, so we’ve no reason to believe that his scoring prowess is suddenly going to dry up in a team that creates as many chances per game as we do.

    We’ve no chance of getting Buffon, so people should stop having wet dreams about it.
    If Buffon wasn’t prepared to leave Juventus, and Italy, when the club was relegated and playing in the 2nd tier of Italian football, then he certainly won’t be prepared to leave now that Juventus are back in the top flight, at or near the top of Serie A, and chasing a Champions League place.

  26. Pedro

    Disingenuous? Why? Adebayor isn’t prolific yet, but he is only young and this is first season as the main man and he is top scorer in the prem.

    Eduardo was bought for the goals… Ade gives us an extra dimension. And yes, Drogba was prolific in France and he was reasonably prolific in his first season for Chelsea playing up front on his own.

    Nic Anelkas record:

    1997–1999 Paris Saint-Germain 10 0(1)
    1999–2000 Arsenal 65 (23)
    2000–2002 Real Madrid 19 0(2)
    2001–2002 Paris Saint-Germain 39 (10)
    Liverpool (loan) 20 0(4)
    2002–2005 Manchester City 89 (38)
    2005–2006 Fenerbahçe 39 (14)
    2006–Bolton Wanderers 46 (18)

    He didn’t score at Madrid, he didn’t score Paris and he didn’t score at Liverpool. He seems to only score when the team is based around him. Versus Drogba who has has a ratio of 1 in 2 for almost every club he’s played for, including the national team.

    I don’t see why we would need him. Who would he replace, or knock further down the pecking order? I wouldn’t have him over anyone in our current young crop.

    Theo will come good, Bendtner has a lot to offer the team and is showing glimpses of being able to change a game. RvP was top scorer at xmas last year, so I would say that is prolific and Ade is top scorer now. What do we need Anelka for? He blew his chance so he can fuck off!

    I also agree about the Juve keeper… no chance! The spanish waiter is doing a fine job at the moment.

    Gilberto doesn’t need the money, he wants the trophies. He has to much pride to go to somewhere like man city.