Hleb more important than Cesc, Wenger thoughts and Arsenal to get Fat Sam sack

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Whenever I have to listen to an Arsenal game on the radio, its always a shocker! I have never felt so panicked as I did whilst listening to the second half of the game last night! Every Villa attack felt like a certain goal! It was horrible!

However, when I watched the extended highlights on MotD, it didn’t seem so bad.

Bastard commentators!

I won’t do a review of the game as there are plenty of people out there who had access to Sultana.

What I will say is that the game was a real test of character. The type of game ManU go 1-2 up in and you expect them to hold on. Arsenal are showing that kind of Championship winning mentality.

Villa really tested us in the second half and we showed a lot of bottle (and had a bit of luck) to ride the storm. Almunia made some important saves and dealt with some tough crosses from the excellent Ashley young (I think this is why we don’t by English ). Did anyone notice how MoTD glossed over the Ashley Young dive? Imagine if that was Eboue!

We also didn’t allow the 47 year old John Carew to ruin our night. The sooner that big fucker pops both of his achiles and retires the better!

I thought the Flamster was excellent. He has clearly been taking rage lessons from RvP! He truly smashed that ball into the net for our equaliser! I also thought Hleb was brilliant. The way he got just enough on the pass out wide to start our equalising move was brilliant. He really put his body on the line. Lets hope his injury isn’t that seriously, because I would go as far to say that he is more important than Cesc at the moment. The players had some nice things to say about him as well.

Arsene Wenger was also pleased with the team, he had this to say,

“We were brilliant and resilient. In the first half we played some absolutely amazing football.

“We moved the ball quickly, were accurate with our passing in short spaces and made it difficult for Villa.

“In the second half, the physical contribution from Villa and the fact some of our players dropped off a little bit, allowed them back in.

“I felt at the end of the first half we seemed as if we weren’t right on top of things and that made it difficult”

“But this is a big result. Because of the belief in the Villa side after their recent good run, we needed something special.

“Maybe in the past, games like that have been our Achilles heel. But we have improved, have more experience and resilience and we panic less.”

Hard to disagree with him? Wenger talks here about loaning out some of the youngsters to Norwich.

Jens Lehmann needs to go. He is acting like a child and I think he is trying to become disruptive. Get rid of him and either promote Fabianski or buy a new keeper.

Our next game is Newcastle, and hopefully we can bang the final nail in Fat Sams coffin! Oh how the tables have turned you fat Walrus Cunt! Mwhahahahah!

I’m off to buy some Sunday papers and immerse myself in glory!

Happy Sunday Grovers!

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  1. Henry

    nice blog Pedro, I said we should have bought Young from Watford, but I was shouted down on other blogs as he was too expensive.

    £10mil for a classy left winger doesn’t seem much now does it EASTLOWER!

  2. Dave

    Muchos Creditos to Young. If he gets his rocks off on the internet and it makes him feel better, who are we to judge?

    He looked the muts yesterday, his crossing is just what we need. No transfer gossip today, how shit? Wenger did say that he was going to sign a defender as cover though.

    Fat Sam deserves everything he gets – he is the football anti christ.

  3. jimmyfingers

    Don’t want Young after hearing about his exploits on a webcam

    Carew is a nailed on cunt for his challenge on Hleb. The Setanta commentators made a lot of the Arsenal players surrounding the ref after the tackle but you can’t blame them after seeing a friend and colleague getting scythed down like that. Villa fans echo that, way to focus: two-footed tackle from behind that leaves our outstanding player limping from the pitch and possibly facing a lengthy layoff, or Toure running 40 yards to complain about the two-footed tackle from behind. Its the same old story: you’re at the top and playing good football and people just start looking for ways to criticise. Cue strains of ‘same old Arsenal, always cheating’ from every opposition fan everytime our players do anything sketchy.

    Once you say something enough times, people beleive it. Then any negative thing that happens in a game gets magnified and feeds that myth. Suddenly you’re a dirty team, a team full of divers, or a team that constantly surrounds the ref. The Setanta commentators certainly wanted to labour that point last night, Cunts

  4. Pedro

    I hate Carew. He is always the thorn in Arsenals side. Useless Norwegian cunt.

    As long as nothing is broken, I don’t think it will be that serious (Please please please dont be that serious)!

    Ashley Youngs video exploits made me laugh. Why is it only English players who get involved in stuff like that? Its laughable how naive they are! He was excellent though!

    Christmas might come early if fat sam gets his P45 on Thursday morning!