Adebayor says he’ll leave Arsenal

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That’s from his own mouth! Adebayor, fast becoming the motor mouth of the Arsenal says he will rip off his shirt, tell the boss he’s ambitious and leave Arsenal if we don’t win the title.

Is he on drugs? He will be one of the primary reason we don’t win the league if he doesn’t start converting some of his easy chances more often.

I think he has a real cheek, just about the last thing he should be doing right now is threatening to leave.

As far as I’m concerned we need to bring in a striker that can score goals and one that isn’t a crock.

Michael Owen is a great player but a crock, Wayne Rooney is fast becoming a crock, and so I’m afraid is Robin Van Persie, over the years we’ve had him he has been injured an awful lot.

So this season, we have one crock and one motor mouth.

I think it’s time we went into the transfer market and bought a striker that will score on a regular basis and will not keep getting injured all the time.

And I know I keep pushing for Anelka but ManU, ManC and Chelsea are after him and if he goes to a good team, he will be devastating and I for one would sooner he was with us and not them. He’s just 28 and has at least 2 years in him, or eight if he went on like DB10, he’s worth a punt.

Perhaps then we can start putting a gap in at the top and be where we ought to be, miles ahead.

Tough game today without Cesc, but we ought to have enough to fill the void and with Eduardo and Ade up top, we ought to nail them like ManU did, also when they bang on about beating Chelsea, although they were crap, Chelsea were all over them, as were the Mancs, so in theory we ought to beat them, but certainly not lose it anyway.

So how do you all feel about Ade’s comments? Am I reading it wrong? am I being unfair on him and Robin?

Let’s hope we can have a crowing blog tomorrow and we can all buy the Sunday papers and enjoy them!

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  1. Anthony

    i believe ade is missing far too much, but chances are we have the soloution already, all three of our strikers who are trailing ade and RVP are progressing sensationally and i wouldnt at all be supprised if one of them starts firing soon and makes a big enough impression to take ade’s top spot, Bendtner has been in great form, and even AW is convinced Eduardo will come good in january and even Theo has been in strong form for englands U21’s, so i reckon any of them could fill the void and hopefully not require a purchase, and lets not forget Carlos Vela to return at the end of the season, he looks very sharp

  2. Vuja De

    The headlines for the “Adebayor says he’ll leave Arsenal” stories in the Sun & on the Tribalfootball website were not surprisely misleading & inaccurate.

    Adebayor has not said he’ll leave Arsenal if they fail to win the title. He was merely expressing – with enthusiasm & in a tongue in cheek way – his ambitions, and joked that he’d retire from the game if things don’t go according to plan.

    If you read the article in the Sun today, where Adebayor is quoted extensively, at no point does he say he’s prepared to leave the club, or that he’s thinking about it, or that he’s open to offers from other clubs.

    Basically, this is a non-story, so I suggest Arsenal fans relax & stop getting their knickers in a twist.

  3. Hesmart

    Adebayor is Arsenal’s main problem this season. He has not been converting goal scoring chances that other players create. He has to be told that goal chances in the premier league is a rare gem and when one comes calling, it should be welcomed with a kiss at the back of the net and not some balloning or side netting. The early the better for arsenal because when you get chances and don’t make use of them, your opponent profit if they have better use for their chances.
    For me, Eduardo and Bendtner should be used more so that they can establish themselves .

  4. henry

    for me Ade should convert more of the chances he gets, for a tall striker shots per goals is way off the pace, don’t forget Arsenal create more chances than any other premiership club.

    Should do better, score more talk less Ade.

  5. natsteel

    He actually said that he would leave if Arsenal wanted to sell him. When it comes to the British papers (especially The Sun, and Daily Mail) you can pretty much guarantee that the headlines have nothing to do or misrepresent the story. Here’s what he said:

    “At this moment I am very happy in London and very proud about myself as I have settled well here. I enjoy my life in London. In football, you can never give an assurance. I have a very good contract, good money and the life in London is absolutely fantastic. But who knows? If Real Madrid comes with an offer of £100m, Arsenal might be tempted to sell me. If Wenger tells me to go, I cannot fight to stay.”

    What does that say?? It says he enjoys being at the club but if Arsenal wanted to sell him he would have to go. How does that translate to: Adebayor wants to leave Arsenal???

  6. Geoff

    What ever moron posted that is now off the site, what a half wit.

    This site is for everyone to have an opinion not get one, if he had any guts he would have left his real email address not a made up one. Pussy.

  7. grovedigger

    he was probably a spud, arsenal fans are far more intelligent than that tosser, he probably had his mum read it to him anyway.

  8. bottom4tottenham

    I’m hearing Hleb has a shot, Rosicky has a shot, Flamini, Eboue, Kolo and even Diarra has a shot, but I haven’t heard Adebayor has a shot, be a good time to get a few goals wouldn’t it?

    Ooh Flamini misses by an inch with a screamer!

  9. grovedigger

    I’m now listening to live and since their goal it’s been all us, I think they’ve only had one shot, so 4-5-1 looks to have been a good shout.

    I wish they’d blow the final whistle, it’s going on too long for my liking.

  10. jimmyfingers

    What a bunch of cunts Setanta commentators are.

    Hard fought win, Carew’s getting a cockpunch for taking out Hleb. Hope it’s not too bad. For half an hour in the first-half we were on another planet and my Villain mate was going ‘I’d be happy with a draw’. Second half they played like a home team amd really came at us and we were probably a bit lucky to get the three points. Sent a text to my mate saying unlucky and got a bitter one back about our players hounding the ref. Pointed out Carew’s foul and to stop looking for excuses and heard nothing back. No doubt tomorrows papars will be full of us doing that , although I saw it twice and once was when they fucked Hleb. Cunts

    But to be fair, once you’re top everyone’s searching for lies to discredit you

    Eboue annoyed once again, real Jekyll and Hyde