Away win at Villa done deal!

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Ok we lost to Seville, we did have a second string team out though, I didn’t say second string players as there were more than a few first teamers, but the team was second string.

We’ll be missing Cesc, Robin, Clichy and possibly Hleb, I say possibly as Wenger said there is an outside chance he’ll be fit, which is fantastic news given he was a 3 weeker three days ago.

I expect him to come of the bench, I expect Ade up top with Eduardo and Theo and Bendtner on the bench.

We’ll need our back four ready for the high lob to Carew, so we’ll need Traore in the right frame of mind, so it also wouldn’t surprise me to see Diarra or Hoyte drafted in the left back slot.

Midfield I expect Gilberto, Denilson or Diarra to partner Flamini with Rosicky out left.


Sagna Kolo Gallas Traore

Eboue Diarra Flamini Rosicky

Ade Eduardo

That would be my preferred team but Gilberto in there for height would not be a major surprise.

What’s important is we don’t lose, that’s what can happen after a midweek Euro loss and if that does happen a mini collapse is on the cards.

Villa have won four on the spin but two of those were against Birmingham and Middlesbrough, the Blackburn win though was impressive, but Agbonlahor is out and he is their dangerman, so all is not gloom and doom.

They’ll be more frightened of us than we are of them and we have a good record against the Villa.

Every time we’ve needed a performance this season, we’ve risen to the challenge, so I expect us to nick it.

ManU stuffed them, so it’s a benchmark, if we don’t win ManU will believe they can go on and win the title, if we do win, they may trip up again soon.

I think we’ll be like wounded bears and Gallas for one will be having none of it.

Prediction 2-1 Arsenal.

We have a tough December, 9 games, but one of those will be the rub-a-dubs against Blackburn, one is the champions league game and again the second string will play that one, the other six are all against teams that will have the same amount of games to play, so in theory we will play depleted squads as well.

I fancy our depleted squads against theirs don’t you?

And finally, as a bit of Friday fun we have teamed up with the guys from the Clockenders and they have sent us a guest blog! Feel free to check it out and post your thoughts!

Have a grovetastic weekend!

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  1. grovedigger

    Great point about the others having the same amount of games, I would like to wipe the smug grin off of O’Neils face.

    Late blog this morning? we need news earlier, it’s our right!

  2. geoff

    yes, sorry digger, sometimes we have to think about something to write, but from here on in, with loads of games and transfer speculation we’ll have lots to say.

    And you’re right, it is your right!

  3. EVO

    i think there is absolutely no chance that Traore will play in Clichy’s spot at left back, at worst Gallas will go there with Senderos in the CB spot. Even Sanga would go to left back and Hoyte at RB before Traore would play. Love Traore in a couple of years, but no go for him in the premiership this season, seeing each game that goes on Wenger seems more keen to shoot for the title as no.1 trophy!
    O’Neil is a tough customer and i would expect this a tough test, even up there with the Man U and Scum games so far! Hoping for a 2-1 win, but possibly 1-1 is the best bet with King Kanu no.2 to score! Cheers

  4. Bud

    Arsenal with Gallas is a different proposition so I am not worried at all – As I have claimed all season, Willy is the most influential captian we have had since Adams. He is a TEAM captain that not only leads by example (i.e. Vierra), or by reputation (i.e. Henry) – Willy leads by example, he encourage, he motivates,he organises – Like he said in his recent interview, he sees himself as the Manager on the pitch – an admirable quality, and one that acts as a captain should. He steadies and steers our ship with of talented youngsters – Without him, i’m sure you’ll all agree, we can be a bit rudderless !!!

    A rather deep post from me, but I am feeling linguistic this morning……. God I love being right !!!

  5. Henry

    we’ve won nothing yet bud! if Gallas can stay injured I think we have a chance to have a good December.

    I thought Kanu played for Portsmouth.

  6. grovedigger

    Senderos is the last person he should consider with John Carew on the pitch, that would be complete fucking stupidity.

  7. Gebreyesus

    Most Arsenal side took rest while the Villa side took the strong Rovers, albet Arse lost important players including the skillful midfielder. Again Arse has got strong defenders to avoid corner balls, esp. from Mailberg and Abugnaghor? Arsenal squad is wide if there is no tachtical problem.

  8. jayboy

    As an arsenal fan I was not happy about our first lost of the season in spain, but I think it a good lost, a lost that tells our players that arsenal CAN be beating so it was something like a wekeup call to bring all our focus back becouse the seems to have took their feet of the bedel after win Edoudo scores
    So they players gonna go to villa to prove a point so I say 2 nil arsenal, but in other for this to happen please Mr Wenger don’t put Gallas on the left for Senderos @ the middle cuz his gonna get punked by Cerew big time, I say Gallas stays in the middle and bring flamini to the left, with Gilberto and Diarra in the middle. I think Gilberto is still 1 of our best, he just happen to have a bad game in spain

  9. Pedro

    What’s with the ommitance of Gilberto Geoff? I am wondering if the Flamster can play with either (Gilberto or Diarra), there would be no threat through the middle!

    I agree with you on Traore, he is a starter for certain! Although he may have to deal with Young, which is a tough intro to the Prem.

    I’m confident of a win though! Is it televised?

    December is going to be loads of arm chair viewing! What a great way to spend the holiday period!

  10. Geoff

    He just made me nervous, I love Gilberto and think Wenger has been really out of order with him, people talk about Gallas rising to the occasion, but so did Gilberto last term, only he scored 9 goals as well.

    I just think he’s lost a little heart and it showed on Tuesday. I wouldn’t be disappointed to see him start though because I think if he doesn’t our midfield will be a little small.

    I’m just saying that’s the team I would pick from the players I think Wenger will pick.

  11. Henry

    Shame that , it means I have to listen to it, I won’t subscribe to 2 channels.

    All the blog sites and so called experts are saying it will be the tough route to Moscow if we don’t top the group.

    I can’t see it frankly, the tough games will be the English clubs, and anyway once we play the first game, the rest of them come out of the hat.

    So who can predict it will be tough?

  12. Pedro

    I agree Henry, its tough whoever you play. When we got to the final we played tough games the whole way through (Bar Villareal). Last year we lost to PSV. I think the harder the game, the more up for it we will be.

    As for listening to the pundits! No thanks! Didnt Petit say the Spuds would finish above us?

  13. geoff

    Petit and just about every other muppet no-it-all out there.

    Funny how Petit, Viera and Henry couldn’t wait to leave and now can’t stop talking about us and England isn’t it?

    Best way to sort this out is to stuff Villa, then everyone including the bookies will be quiet for another week.

    ManU lost to Bolton and were crap against Sporting, but no-one is writing them off are they?

  14. Pedro

    Libel football update!

    Manchester United are keeping tabs on the progress of Deportivo La Coruna winger Andres Guardado.

    The Mexico international was watched last season by United while he was with Atlas and the Premiership giants are maintaining their interest as Guardado takes all before him in his first season in Europe.

    Arsenal are also following Guardado’s progress, having tried to sign him from Atlas before Depor stepped in last summer.

    The sticking point for both Premiership clubs is that Guardado’s registration is split 75:25 between Depor and Atlas.

  15. jimmyfingers

    hello arseburgers

    The Villa game should be a good ‘un. Don’t know about you guys but I’ve always had a soft spot for them: got a good mate who’s a massive fan and been with him a few times. He even got us tickets for Highbury once: I watched my team from the away end. That was a strange experience. Game ended 2-2. I remember Merse put a heavy tackle in of ‘Dwightus’ and this chap behind shouted [thickest brummie accent imaginable]’get away from Merson, he doesn’t want your drugs, he’s from Trinidad and Tobagaooooooooo[/thickest brummie accent]. Oh how we laughed. They’ve never been a major rival really and on the message board I frequent ( the fans are a good bunch of lads and up for a bit of friendly banter (unlike the Unted fans who are cunts, every last man jack of them). Oh and there’s Platty, who if he did nothing else scored that winner against United in front of the North Bank (where I was sitting, about two rows back from the goal) after Teddy ‘Wanker’ Sheringham and bought them back from 2-0 down to 2-2. ’97 I think.

    Anyway I’m waffling. Don’t judge me.

    Still obviously want Arsenal to hand out a lesson in football tomorrow. Need a good game to forget Sevilla. About that, Wenger’s getting a lot of stick for being tactically inept. Seems a bit rich considering the position we’re in. Rafa rotates, Wenger plays playrs out of position. Sometimes it works (Henry) sometimes not (Eduardo). C’est le vie, but it doesn’t make him a bad manager

  16. Bud

    Saw the interview on Sky Last night with Double D Orange……….. bit of a prick if you ask me, sayin they’d fill a 60K stadium………………….. UNLESS……………….. he is still a proper GOONER and like me, thinks that if they got a 60 thousand seater stadium and played to half full stadiums with their mediocre shit each week, they’d end up broke and in ADMINISTRATION……….. and how we will all laugh and how Double D Orange will once more become the hero of the Arsenal fans !!!!!!!!!!!

    ITS A POSSIBILITY ??!!!!!!!

  17. Jonathan

    Hi , Asen Wanger . How did Edoudo broke his leg and do not let Man – U beet Arsenal because Arsenal are the best team in the world ! My worst team is Chelse , Liverpool and Man – U because they are foalers and they are rival .
    Good luck with your matches !!!!!!!!!!!
    From Jonathan