Send in the clowns

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Oh we did, Senderos, Gilberto and Eboue (the bad one)

When Eboue is on song he’s fantastic, but suddenly a switch goes and he becomes mentally ill, I thought Wenger had that sorted, obviously not.

We lost our first game since West Ham, but against West ham we had 29 shots and they had one, it was the biggest miscarriage of justice ever seen at a football match, but last night was shocking.

Were do I begin? A fantastic start, Eboue (the good one) through to Bendtner he crosses and in goes sniffer to put us one up, this could be the night.

Great movement follows then Senderos gets the ball, oh dear, he make’s his customary howler early, Gilberto compounds it and we’re level.

The rest is history and should be quickly forgotten.

Wenger has got to stop using his Carling cup team in the champions league. It doesn’t matter who we get next and it doesn’t matter if we play at the Grove last, we did that with PSV and lost, and lost to the easiest team in the competition, so as long as we avoid English teams we’ll be fine, we have to play the big boys at some point.

What isn’t good is losing, I know we have injuries but there are areas that need to be addressed before it’s too late.

Senderos should go I’m afraid, I like his spirit, I like him, but he’s just not good enough for this team, you can’t put it down to lack of matches because he make the same mistakes time after time, Gilberto’s heart is not in it any more and Eboue is fast becoming a liability.

Denilson will be good but he’s not there yet, Eduardo is not a winger and nor is Theo, if Wenger want wingers, he should go and buy them, he did with Pires and Overmars but since then he tries to convert full backs or center midfielders.

Toure can’t seem to play with Senderos and that’s a worry come the African cup of Nations, I think Djourou will be good enough, but I don’t think he get the nod ahead of Senderos.

Kolo did not have his best game last night he should have stopped the second goal going in, but I think that’s a confidence thing and he sees Senderos next to him and get nervous, well that’s the way I see it anyway.

We had the possession last night but how many shots? 2 on target? Not good enough, I hope he’s learned something from this or we could struggle against

I pray that Cesc is not injured and that Hleb gets back soon, we’re missing him, maybe we should buy Modric after all.

Let’s also hope that Robin, the boy wonder, returns on Saturday, there was nothing on show that made me think we could score at will last night.

This is not a Wenger rant I’m just saying we should address the problems that could cost us trophies this season, before it’s too late.

I know I’m depressed, but I hate losing, hate it, hate it.

Anyway it was Seville and it was away and we did have a second string team out so it will only get better, it’s not like we lost to Bolton is it?

I liked our kit and Bendtner played well, we’re top of the league, still in all the competitions, and the sun will still come up in the morning.

Cheer up Grovers, I just did!

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  1. Gunnersaurus

    I like Senderos, but the guy just can’t stop fucking up can he? How long do we have to wait before he comes good? I think he is 23 and I am pretty sure John Terry had knocked all the errors out of his game by then.

    I thought Eboue was good most of the game. He thoroughly deserved his penatly and his back heel was sublime. I just hate his play acting. He did get elbowed in the face though.

    Nikki was fantastic last night. I prefer him to Ade at the moment. He did a great job last night and was unlucky. I thought Kolo was pretty bad, that’s what he’s like when he leaves his willy at home!

    I’m not pleased about the result, but i’m not to despondent. Lets see how much bouncebackability this side has!

    Does anyone know if cesc was injured?

  2. Pedro

    The passing was very sloppy last night, but lets put things into perspective.

    Fab only played 55 minutes. Gilberto was rusty. Captain Marvel was at home. Hoyte was playing. Senderos was playing. We had no Hleb, no Flamster and no Ade!

    That is a pretty depleted team! So on the face of it, you’d have to say we did pretty well.

    As long as we win our next few games we will be fine! We’ve qualified and we could afford a luxury like yesterday!

    Look on the brightside. We have plenty to moan about!

  3. Bud

    Gunnersaurus, how can you like that that CNUT…….. he is a fucking useless, dopey slow lumberous pin headed crap enducing cuntwhistle !!!!


    Fucking cock……….. December is gonna be shit awful, mark my words……… prey be that all give me egg back on my face come January, but I do not think so !!!

  4. Gunnersaurus

    Dooooooooooooom in the Room!

    How negative are you? Why is Decemeber going to be god awful? It will be tough for sure, but I think we will come out of it better off than we did Novemeber. We owe chelsea a spanking, we don’t have any major injury worries and we are playing solid football.

    Senderos isn’t great, i’m just trying to support an Arsenal player. After all Bud, it was you a few weeks ago who went nuts when we started digging out your spanish boyfriend.

  5. bottom4tottenham

    Cesc has a tweaked hamstring but whether that means 12 weeks out no one knows, I agree with Bud, Senderos not only is accident prone, he look like he’s going to fuck up as well.
    Get rid of him, it’s like having Cygan back.

  6. grovedigger

    Gunnersaurus had a big point there bud! and yes that is a big negative, the one I think we’ll miss is Hleb, but we should definitely buy a world class center back, if not Richards then Velosa or what about the Uruguayan kid from Spain?

  7. bottom4tottenham

    something else I thought was funny today is old Red nose is backing Moanrinhio for England manager.

    After all that shit he gave us about foreigners and he advocates bringing one in as manager, what a complete cunt!

    And when Wenger moaned about the rough treatment given by Bolton last season, him and fat Sam ganged up on us, he loses to Bolton and says his team were roughed up, someone needs to remind him of what he said previously before he opens his big jocko gob in future.

  8. jay

    don’t care what you say ADE is the man.bentner gave a good game for someone off the bench into a match of this calibre,but ade would have rushed the sevilla defenders into mistakes.

  9. Holloway Gooner

    Its Veloso and the guy is a defensive midfielder! He can play CB and LB, but doesn’t! It would be like putting Gilberto CB!

    “We have six players in Veloso’s position, we signed Hargreaves this season and, at this point, he is not part of our options to buy as a priority.”

    An expensive CB would do us nicely, I would like an experienced one though.

    I reckon we should get Cygan back, he is having a blinder in spain!

  10. Kenny

    My view of the Sevilla game is really a criticism of Arsene’s tactics.Senderos was his usual crap,Gilberto was unable to keep up the pace,so why not take Senderos off,Gilberto central defence & in midfield bring Diarra on.That surely would’ve shored up the defence?

  11. Pedro

    I think Gilberto could have been an even bigger nightmare than Senderos! He looked awful last night!

    My gripe with Wenger is a Hypothetical one. Imagine if Gallas and Toure had both been injured at the start of the season?

    Shit Creek… without paddle spring to mind.

    Its not the end of the world. Think, we could be spud fans?

  12. grovedigger

    Now I thought Velosa was a center back, anyway we need a world class center back as Gallas will get injured and Kolo is away, we have plenty of cover in midfield but none in the center back position.

    Anelka is a must. We have no pace up front any more.

  13. indian gooner

    putting in a relatively weak first team has really not helped us .if we finish second in the group as expected now our possible opponents are real madrid/barca/milan/inter with marseille or porto being a slightly easier draw.although wenger did stress he wanted to win the group but the squad put out for the last two champions league game suggests otherwise .atleast one positive is there will be four worried “european heavyweights ” during the draw hoping not to get us.

  14. Henry

    That’s a better way of looking at it Indian gooner, I am worried by our injuries though, Diaby and Hleb 3 weeks is bad enough, but Cesc really bothers me.

    To be honest I’ve been looking forward to a few injuries so we can see Diaby and Diarra but Hleb has been our most dangerous player and I don’t like seeing him out, so to lose Cesc as well could be a disaster.

    Still with Robin and Ade back we should always score more than the teams we play against eh!

  15. Arsenal General

    That was the worst Arsenal performance I have seen in a long time. The whole team was not good enough and pls Mr.Wenger, don’t play your Carling Cup team in CL games, it is totally a different game. This defeat will effect the whole team because evrything seems to be wrong..sloppy passings, team out of formation (sometimes I thought we had no leftback) and some of the players was so scared to put in a challenge to win the ball back. Armand.T was not a leftback, more to a centreback..and Senderos there is only one word for him..SHIT!

    Girberto was looking a way out from Arsenal by putting in a terrible performance. Get out and get lost. Wenger was the biggest loser yesterday by his weak team selection. He should concerntrate in Premier League and CL games more! Why can’t he play a better team than yesterday? He wanted to prove the world that he can win CL games with all his youngsters?? Well he got the answer..I was so dissapointed with the team’s was like Sevilla was us and we were Sheffiel United – getting bashed hurts looking at a great team like Arsenal performing like that.

    And about the refs..well they really wanted Sevilla to win that game..blady skunks!
    Eboue should get a penalty and got very harsh treatements..Sevilla came with a game plan to “bully” us..and the fuckedd up ref was supporting them all the way..a free kick that contributed Sevilla’s second goal was a joke..even the linesman was bought by them. All the harsh play by Sevilla and “crimes” like time wasting and targeting Eboue by giving him very harsh treatement was supported all the way by the was more like a rugby game than football..whenever an Arsenal player gets the ball, surely a Sevilla player will rush in, pull the shirt and jump all over him to win the that football?

    And the best part was the commentators that supported Sevilla all the way throughout the game and gave all negative feedbacks to Arsenal..when a Sevilla player commits a foul, they will be saying it was not a fault..a yellow card to Arsenal player, they will say it should be red…and one of them said “to be fair, Sevilla is playing much better than Arsenal..never seen Arsenal play this bad” again and again throughtout the game..hello we know that twat! He was clearly a Spud and Sevilla fan when Kanoute was going to take the penalty..he sounded so happy and proud by saying it is an ex-Spurds player that going to end Arsenal’s unbeaten run…come on he was rejected there and came to Sevilla to play for a better team..not a bottom half table team! and he is a Sevilla player not Spurds anymore!…by the way the penalty was very soft too..Kanoute ran over the two defenders and fall for his own mistakes..well as you know the clown (ref) was so quick to give a penalty.

    There it goes..unbeaten run ended but a new chapter will wenger said losing in CL group stage is long as they are unbeaten and topping the Premier League table. Sevilla will go down in their first knock-out stage and Arsenal will progress as long as Wenger plays his best team.

  16. Henry

    Have to say Pedro I think that Luca Toni is a bit Peter Crouchy for me, I watched him against Scotland and he looked a little slow, I think I prefer Ade, but the one I like best is Anelka, trouble is Wenger’s a sulky bastard and will never have him back.

    The more I think about Senderos the more I get angry, he just won’t ever make the grade will he?

    You can see Djourou could but Senderos is his favourite for some reason. It could be that him and Cesc were roomates and Wenger doesn’t want to upset the applecart.

    Years ago we had world class centerbacks coming out of our earholes like Adams, Bould, O’leary and Keown and 3 of them were home grown, I wonder why that doesn’t happen any more? When was the last time we had a homer, I suggest it was Keown.

  17. phatrick


    The golden rule is never make more than one change at the back unless you absolutely have to. 3 changes to the back four away from home and what do you expect – chaos naturally.

    I think Wenger has a great squad but sometimes he DOES ASK TOO MUCH. It’s fine in a micky mouse competition but in the Champions league is all about strutting your stuff and putting the fear of god into other teams. Fielding carling cup teams in this competition just makes us look more suspect and we loose the psychological advantage which is such a valuable thing (that and our unbeaten run).

    Anyway, I’m hoping the team snaps out of it quick-smart and after a tough November we have to pull it out of the bag in the next 9 games


  18. Geoff

    I just read that Fabregas could be out for three weeks, bollocks, that’s just what we don’t need, anyone but him.

    Not a great couple of weeks with injuries is it? Van Persie, Diaby, Hleb, Flamini and now Cesc.

  19. Bud

    Told you its gonna be qan awful December. i am planning on eating and drinking lots instead………… kind of a comfort thing !

    And re the comments re slating Ponderous when I stood up so manfully for Spanish and Willy…………… come on, there is a difference !!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. jimmyfingers

    So this is what its like to lose, I’d almost forgotten. April is a long time ago

    I’d also forgotten the analysis and recriminations and that go with it. It ain’t the end of the world, and we’re not shit overnight either. Injuries are a bitch but you just have to deal with them. We’ve been going on about our strength in depth in midfield, now we’ll find out whether it’s true. Hleb, Diaby and Cesc out, Diarra, Denilson and Rosisky in. RvP is back. Good times.

    Gallas and Toure are fit

    I repeat, Gallas and Toure are fit.

    If one of them gets crocked, then I’ll worry.

  21. henry

    At least Liverpool aren’t winning, that will cheer me up if they go out tonight! qan that would be funny (you know I meant Damn right?)

  22. Vuja De

    Some possible good news.

    According to quotes from Cesc in an article in the Timesonline tonight, he expects to be fit for the Villa game on Saturday, although no doubt he’ll be monitored by Arsenal’s medical team, and may face a fitness test too.

    Villa are currently winning against Blackburn at Ewood Park…clearly they’re in a rich vein of form at present, so we’ll need to be on our toes, particularly against the aerial threat from Carew.


    Why does Wenger keep picking Senderos? He’s accident prone & he looks it too! When I see his name on the team sheet I get nervous….Wenger needs to get rid of him and bring back Djourou because when he plays in defence we lose that assurance are all over the place. PLEASE WENGER, NEVER LET HIM PLAY FOR ARSENAL AGAIN.