Bendtner starts for Arsenal!

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So it’s confirmed, Bendtner starts tonight, what an opportunity for him, he must be the most experienced 19 year old in football, banging them in for Denmark has given him a confidence rarely seen in young players nowadays.

Let’s hope he does it tonight, I think Eduardo will partner him and Theo will be held back as an impact player, also he did get a knock against Wigan so he’ll use him sparingly.

No Gallas, so it’s King Kolo tonight, I expect Gilberto back with Cesc but I would not be surprised to see Flamini there either.

It could also be the game for Rosicky to start center midfield, we have so many options it’s frightening.

It’s going to be a tough game tonight and all we need is a draw, but with kids, with lots to prove, expect to see us go at them, and that’s why I think Flamini and Diarra will play a role this evening.

It will be great to see Cesc back and out to impress the Spanish and show them what they’ve been missing.

Don’t take any notice of their dismal form, don’t forget it’s a cup game and they’re a cup team, as the stats said, last time we played them it was fairly even, only we scored the goals, how many times has that happened to us over the years?

I expect us to be ruthless tonight and they will come at us, which suits us perfectly.

Some good late night blogging yesterday guys, the Richards and Anelka debate was going strong and good points were made by you all, unfortunately we’ll have to wait until January to see if any of you were right, or tonight (Senderos) to see if any of you were wrong!

I can’t wait for the game, I’m looking forward to the pre-match talk as much as the game, why? Because they all love Arsenal on the box at the moment and it’s been a long time coming.

Have a great night, nay a glory night Grover’s!

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  1. bottom4tottenham

    so what is this, people only come on at night, is this a vampire’s site? I like Bendtner he has a presence, I wish he had a little bit of magic like Robin does, still he’s only 19, no doubt that will come.

  2. Gunnersaurus

    First GROVE?

    Looks like I missed a hardcore blog session last night? And Jimmy fingers confession that he was inside a Canadian during an important game… tut tut Jimmy, I hope it was Pammy Anderson…

    Anyway! Bendtner up front? I hope he takes his chance tonight. Its usually after Xmas new members of the squad start pushing for first team opps. I think Nikki is ready to start staking his claim for a first team place, watch your back Ade! There is a great Dane behind you, with big bollocks!

    I must say, I don’t share the same confidence as Geoff. What I do agree with is that this will be a thrilling game. It will be easy on the nerves as well! Qualifying early is so underrated!

    I was unaware that teams are having more chances against us than last year? I think we can put it down to some good goalkeeping, and perhaps better defending. Where as last year we were giving teams easier chances, this year we are forcing teams into taking half chances.

    I don’t think lady luck is on our side. I would say that she isn’t on the oppositions this year unlike last. Remember how many amazing goals were scored against us last year? Thats not happening this time around and long may it continue!

    2-1 Arsenal tonight!

    Come on you Reds!

  3. Holloway Gooner

    Thierry being the Amabassador again?

    Manchester United ace Carlos Tevez has revealed how Thierry Henry tried to convince him to join Arsenal.

    “On one occasion, when West Ham were playing Arsenal, I bumped into Thierry,” said Tevez.

    “We greeted one another and he asked me ‘What are you doing playing for this lot? Why don’t you come and join Arsenal – it’s unbelievable you’re not playing for a club like ours’.”

  4. bottom4tottenham

    I think the reason we let in goals last year was Lehmann, you say spectacular but anything from 30 yards should be saved, but having said that our defence this year has a ‘never give it up’ attitude which I think makes a difference.

    Sorry about beating you but I worked out the blogs go on between 9 and 10 so I just keep looking.

    Bud’s not Canadian is he?

  5. grovedigger

    Tevez obviously listens to Henry then! anyway, I wonder what the conversation went like afterwards.

    ‘Yeah thanks Terry, but didn’t we just beat you? perhaps you should fuck off to Barcelona, you big headed cunt’

    What do you think, about right?

  6. Holloway Gooner

    I don’t agree with your statement about 30 yard goals. Are you saying that Robin Van Persies goals from free kicks are the result of bad goalkeeping? I think not! If someone hits the ball at 70mph into the top corner a keeper has no chance. If it is bad keeping, there are a lot of bad keepers in the prem.

    Clichy is out through injury tonight, what a shitter? He hasn’t been out for a while! At least he didn’t break his foot again.

    Wenger has had a lot to say today. Twisting the knife in about Rafa. Veiled comments about foreign ownership I think. I haven’t heard from Jabba lately?

  7. bottom4tottenham

    the difference with Robin smashing one in over a wall to a keeper that is un sighted is hugely different from hitting one in when there’s no wall.

    Seaman did that toward the end, I think it’s an age thing, it’s not a criticism it just something that happens when your eye’s go.

    That’s why Almunia doesn’t let them in from distance.

  8. henry

    Why does Wenger always stick up for managers, Benitez has spent gazillions, then moans when he doesn’t get more, how can you defend that?

    ANR do another we hate Arsenal piece, what a fucking know all that bloke is.

    Tough one tonight but I expect to win, 2-1 to us.

  9. Pedro

    I think its a barbed dig at Rafa and Liverpool. He is saying “Look at how well we are run compared to you”.

    I’m excited to see Traore playing tonight! We are the worlds left back factory, we churn them out like no ones business!

    Did anyone read Etherington interview where he said Foreigners disrupted his progress. Apparently Christian Ziege was in front of him at Spurs. Does that statement in itself not say a lot about how shite Etherington is? Thats the sort of mediocre player we’d have to watch week in week out in the Prem in foreign quotas were brought in.

    That was an interesting article in the times. They were very smug about Hleb!

  10. henry

    Isn’t that little tosser Cornish? this is about English players, he should fuck off and play in the Cornish league and allow more English players to develop, it’s funny how all these other bizzare nationalities think they’re English when it suits them isn’t it.

    They make shit pasties as well.

  11. Bud

    No Bottom4, Bud is not Canadian, but I do have a fond penchant for Willie and the Spanish Waiter !!!!!

    But, go back through the Le-Grove archives and I can feel justified and self satisfied as all you Le-Grovers slated both Gallas and Manuel and I, the great Bud, stood firm with my fan club like fervour……. in fact, I am going to start a Fan Club, f*** it, i’m gonna do it,…. how about the “Willy Waiter Appreciation Club”……… whose joining me ???!!!!!!!!!

  12. jimmyfingers

    I think Senderos tonight justifies everything I said last night, and generally take either Gallas and Toure out of the back four and we look vulnverable. Richards please!

    Eboue looking good, Traore looking fucking good, Bendtner ok, Eduardo tasty, Denislon industrious. We didn’t get a good penalty then the daft ref almost gave one against us until the good linesman told to fuck off. Blatently being influenced by the crowd

    Still generally they’ve been under the cosh in the second half, apart from the odd breakaway. Lets hope we do what we usually do and get at least one late goal, preferably two

  13. Bud

    Fuckin shit….. Eduardo the Centre Forward playing on the left wing, Rosicky the Left Winger playing through the middle. Pushing to get a goal back and make a full back switch substitution…………… fuckin angry !!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and Senderos is a fuckin useless cnut……… what the fuck are we gonna do when Toure fucks off for a month????

    I got a bad feeling about December, got a bad one that is is all gonna go tits up !!!

  14. jimmyfingers

    Bud slow your roll, take a deep breath and drink some wine

    A lot of wine. That’s what I’m doing

    Silly stuff tonight really, CL isn’t the place to take your foot off the gas. But I think its strong argument to seek out a fucking good centre back to cover while Toure fucks off

    Also Sevilla were a bit lucky tonight, we didn’t actually play that badly from what I saw (working till eight, so missed most of the first half)

  15. Bud

    The first 20 minutes we were awsome, then after Senderos (CUNT !) set them up to score we were Newcastle-esque, over-rated and shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We miss Hleb more than Fabregas you know………. and he went off injured…….. thank fuck RVP is coming back !!!!!

    Gonna have another bottle of Miller a ciggy and a brandy – hopefully that should calm me enough to sleep !!!!!!

  16. Pedro

    Senderos was not great! I have to take back any support I gave him yesterday,

    On the bright side, Nikki of massive bollocks was good, as was Eboue!

    We haven’t really lost out on that much… 1st – 2nd… we have to play em’ all!

  17. jimmyfingers

    Senderos isn’t good enough, end of

    Time that we all admit that. I’ll start:

    My name is James Cole and I’m an Arsenal fan

    Senderos isn’t good enough

    Ooh and I like booze

    As for the rest, Sevilla played their heart out tonight while we barely got into second gear. They may win this group but if they think they are the best they are delusional.Even with a 3-1 scoreline we were the better side. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    An admirable arguement against rotation tonight. Still we’ve qualified, and whoever we meet in the next round we should beat: there’s no easy ties

  18. Vuja De


    I love your confession! Hehehehehehe. Wanna elaborate anymore about you being in a Canadian?! Ahem.

    Anyway, onto Arsenal.

    We started off the game reasonably well, didn’t concede an early goal, and, once we took the lead, passed and moved with our customary flair & style. At that stage, we looked dangerous and gave the impression that we could have scored a second goal.

    However, once Sevilla equalised – with the unsolicited help of Senderos & Gilberto – we were on the backfoot for large spells of the game thereafter.

    Sevilla took control, partly because our passing game & discipline went out of the window, partly because we kept losing possession of the ball cheaply and, to a large extent, because we simply failed – bigtime- to deal with the rampaging runs & crosses of Alves.

    It also didn’t help that some players – Senderos and Gilberto come to mind – were either in need of more playing time, in poor form, or simply not good enough.

    At the same time, Traore showed that whilst he’s a promising young player, he’s essentially still learning the game, as is Denilson.

    We were not the better side tonight and Sevilla deserved their win. We were lucky not to have lost the game by a greater margin. Having said that, yes, we should have had a penalty following the challenge on Eboue in the second half.

    Eboue continues to show the good & bad parts of his game, although not in equal measure – he really needs to cut out the play acting, rolling around, and petulance when things aren’t going his way.

    Senderos has a habit of making at least one mistake in every game he plays, sometimes more, and he was at least consistent in that regard tonight.

    Whilst I think that the team can get over this defeat and move on by putting in a good display against Villa on Saturday (and hopefully getting all 3 points too), difficult times may lay ahead if Senderos is chosen by Arsene to stand in for Toure during his absence at the ACN, for potentially 6 wks, depending upon how well the Ivory Coast do in the competition.

  19. Geoff

    I’m about to write todays blog but I just wanted to get this out of my system first.

    Senderos, you are not good enough to play in this team, Gilberto I’m sorry but you need to go and Eboue, you need treatment.

    Good blogging last night, I would have joined in but I was big time sulking.