Chavs gutted to see Gallas score for Arsenal…again

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Chelsea must rue the day they paid us £5mil to take Captain Billy boy Gallas off their hands in exchange for our second choice left back, Cashley Cole.
Good bit of work that Kenyon, they must have also felt sick that young £2mil midfielder Diarra also had a blinder.

We were frustrated by having 11 men behind the ball against Wigan for 80 minutes, but last season that would have been a draw, or worse, Billy boy
just doesn’t give in does he? Not only that but he scored a fabulous goal again, I was one of the detractors when he made him captain, I still think
Gilberto’s treatment was shabby, but Gallas is just awesome, so I for one admit I was wro… wron… wrong, there I said it!

Big day tomorrow and expect to see a few changes, Seville lost at the weekend to a holiday resort named Mallorca.

I think he will bring Senderos, Bendtner and Eduardo to the starting line up but otherwise keep the same team that beat Wigan plus of course Cesc.

As far as transfers are concerned I can’t see him bringing anyone in, we still need a winger on the left, but who? I hope he brings in Anelka rather
than another African hopeful as I think a bit of experience will be useful for the run in, but unless he surprises us with a Kakaesque signing, I
really can’t see any movement.

I do expect Lehmann to move on and maybe Gilberto, but I hope not in Gilberto’s case, so at best he’ll sign a keeper.

I thought Green did well against Top4tottenham, but his howler against them for the goal has made me a little cooler toward him this morning.

With three tough away games coming up in the league we need Hleb, Cesc, Flamini and Robin back sooner rather than later, but I expect Cesc to star
in his native Spain.

Newcastle and Middlesbrough are very poor sides so I expect maximum points there but Villa are finding a bit of form so we need all our boys back for that one.

It’s as well we’re not playing Everton and by the time we do I expect them to be brought down to earth by someone.

Ade needs to work on his finishing but I feel that when boy wonder returns, so will Ade’s goals.

Onwards upwards Grovers.

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  1. Pedro

    I don’t think Rob Green should be chastised to badly for his missed cross. He plays behind a pretty shitty defence. Watching that game made me realise how lucky we are to be Gooners. The passing was sloppy and the finishing was dire!

    I felt all warm inside when Defoe missed!

    Willy G was immense on Saturday! That header was top draw!

    Does anyone think that Willys new hair cut could be as popular as freddies red hair? I love it!

    Ade and Theo looked pretty average, but Theo is showing glimpses of his talent. Maybe a goal for him tomorrow night!

    Let hope Wenger plays a good side, I don’t want to lose our winning streak!

  2. Henry

    I’m not sure Theo will be fit Pedro, I expect Bendtner and Eduardo may get the nod and maybe Diaby will be back, I’d like to see him play.

  3. grovedigger say Diaby and Hleb 3 weeks, Robin’s not match fit and Flamini will be ready on Saturday.

    So I reckon Diarra, Gilberto, Rosicky and Cesc will be our midfield, Bendtner and Eduardo up top and the usual suspects at the back.

  4. keith

    We need to buy a class striker Abe has had chances and does not score enough and looks in and out two good games against Derby and Spuds worst defences in the league
    Dont think Anelka is the answer wont fit in with team spirit
    I would now like to see Bendtner been given a chance ahead of Abe

  5. Rainham Red

    I know Bendtner came on late on Saturday but I feel he made an impact so I would like to see him and Eduardo start to tomorrow.

  6. jimmyfingers

    Agree with Keith that Anelka may not fit in that well, and by accounts United and Chelsea are cricling him anyway. I doubt Wenger would bid agaist them. I disagree that Ade needs replacing. The chap has played pretty much every game this season and we’re unbeaten in all competitions: he must be doing something right.

    And he is: good control, good distribution, height, strength, good link up play. He acts as the hub of most of our attacks and while profiligacy is something you may accuse him of, don’t let it blind you to all his good attributes. Henry he ain’t

    Hope Wenger selects a strong side for Sevilla. We want to protect our unbeaten run and stay at the top of the group. Plus we’ve got a difficult game against Villa so we want everyone sharp for that.

    And that’s a test, away at Villa. They’ve put together a decent streak and are looking strong.

  7. Pedro

    I think Anelka would be a great signing. He hasn’t been causing problems at Bolton really? I think he has grown up now, he’d be humble a second time around. Regardless of what I think, Wenger wouldn’t buy him would he?

    He is after the Mputu, who looks pretty tasty judging by the videos I’ve seen. Perhaps Wenger is looking at him as a winger?

    Bendtner looked good when he came on the other day, he is very composed considering he is 19. I don’t think the squad really needs that much strengthening this transfer window? People like to talk about rumours though.

    Adebayor is doing well this year, he is our unsung hero if you ask me. He was unlucky on Saturday, a few good saves kept him from scoring.

  8. grovedigger

    Anelka is no different to Gallas as far as being moody is concerned, anyway Gallas would make sure of team spirit.

    What bothers me is Anelka going somewhere else and being the sensation he could have been for us, he’s still only 27.

    Mputu could be another Eboue, we have Gibbs if we want to try another youngster.

  9. Henry

    Sign Mputu and what about the other youngsters in the squad like Bendtner and Theo? they would go even further down the pecking order wouldn’t they?

  10. casicky

    Anelka would be good eventhough he still sulks but um sure he would join in the after match huddles..snap out of it..Le Boss wont buy him so lets move on from that one.

    Rosicky and Diarra plyedwell on staurday and i woulnt like both of them to play on tuesday i dont know where that would leave Berto because um sure Cesc will be considered for that one and there is no way we would play Diarra and Berto together in the middle.

    looking forward to the game against seville and i would be fine with a draw becoz we gotta be fresh for Villa

  11. Pedro

    Mputu can be deployed as a winger, he is very skillful.

    You can’t say signing Anelka is ok, but signing Mputu is stifling the youngsters!

  12. The Prophet

    Team spirit is so important so I cannot see Le Boss signing anybody. Also don’t half the squad want to leave because they are not playing first team football

  13. The Prophet

    Also since when has there been a joint leader. Five live started their Saturday sports program with joint leaders play at 3:00. If Saturday morning was the end of the season would we share the trophy???

  14. Henry

    got that right prophet, whenever we’ve been level in years past we were second, like last term, we were 4th not joint third, even though we had the same points as Liverpool,the media hate us.

  15. grovedigger

    The latest load of bollocks on the rumour mill is Arsenal will sign £12mil Arteta and lose out on Modric.

    If we sign any midfield player it will be Modric as his best mate is Eduardo and everyone by now has twigged what Chelsea do with midfielders.

    Anyway, we have enough midfield players, why on earth would we want any more???

  16. jimmyfingers

    I’ll echo Grovedigger and say the idea of Anelka in the United or Chelsea line up is terrifying. We know better than anyone just how good Nico is, but so far its been fine while he bounces around lesser clubs with the team to fully exploit his abilities. Put him into the team of a genuine title contenders and he’ll be devastating. Given that United seem to be a two man team (Ronaldo and Rooney), and one of those is proving to be a crock, I can see old red nose trying to sign him, and Chelsea are going to lose Drogba so they’ll want someone. The noises Nico is making shows that finally he may be maturing and not such a punt, and the noises other clubs are making show that his stock is rising. Maybe we should sign him just to stop anyone else getting him

  17. geoff

    I think we are entering the silly season, that is the January transfer window, and we will continue to be linked with anyone and everyone.

    I wouldn’t be disappointed if we signed no-one, however, if I had a wish list it would be Buffon, Richards and Anelka.

    I can’t think of a better choice of midfielders than we have, Modric may well be good, but whose place would he take?

    You all know my views on Anelka, but I am as happy with what we have, but we did made £22.5mil on him and built what we currently have on that, and also don’t forget record breaker Henry. So we can’t sulk forever, it’s not like he won a hatful of medals when he left is it?

    I like Manuel but Buffon is the best, full stop and Richards reminds me of Kolo and there aren’t many of them around.

    You can never have enough center backs and frankly Phil scares me sometimes.

    Having said that, I like him and as well I like his spirit. (a Wengerism I hope you noticed)

  18. bottom4tottenham

    Ha, ha nice one mr Wenger, I think you’re right though, jimmy too, sign him before anyone else does.

    I did a late shift last night so I’ve just arrived to see the squad news on take a look.

    Interesting to see Ade, Clichy and Gallas are not travelling tomorrow, squad looks solid though.

  19. Vuja De

    I also think that, in the right team & surrounded by the right players, Anelka would be awesome, and maybe the difference between winning silverware or simply finishing as runners-up.

    I wanted Arsene to re-sign him earlier this year, irrespective of whether TH14 was leaving or not, but it wasn’t to be.

    We create more chances than any other team, week in, week out, but have a fairly low conversation rate of goals scored to chances created. That’s because, despite the fact that we’re currently the leading scorers in the premier league, we’re still too wasteful in front of goal – step forward Adebayor, Eboue, & Walcott, amongst others.

    If Anelka was in the team, with his finishing prowess, we’d simply blow opposition teams off of the pitch, no question.

    And I really don’t buy this idea that Anelka at 28 is the same Anelka that left the club at 20 years of age. He’s matured, has a degree of humility, is perhaps aware of how he’s squandered his career, and has improved his all round game as a striker, whilst still being deadly in front of goal.

    In addition, none of the clubs he’s played for in this country since leaving Arsenal – Liverpool, Man City or Bolton – have complained about him either upsetting team spirit or causing unrest, so I think we can put that one to bed too.

    Come back home Nico…all is forgiven!

  20. jimmyfingers

    Anelka’s return would be like the prodigal son and there would a nice poetry and balance to it, retruning to the club that started his career and ideally help them to glory.

    But one wonders at the timing of his demonstration of humility: with the January transfer window approaching, various rumours linking him to big clubs, Bolton facing a difficult season fighting relegation and Arsenal top of the league and flying high. No wonder he wants back in.

    Just a bit of healthy cynicism as this ‘Anelka to Arsenal’ gathers pace. As Geoff says, we don’t need to sign anyone, but if we do goalkeeper and defender are a higher priority than a striker, and Micah Richards IMO should be our no. 1 target

  21. Pedro

    Why do we need a defender? What about Johann?

    Signing Anelka would be brilliant, but his purchase feels to obvious to be a Wenger signing.

  22. jimmyfingers

    Why a defender? Because we’ve got four or five good strikers, about a thousand good midfielders, several good fullbacks or players that can play fullback but central defenders? We have two and a half (I’ll leave the maths to you).

    We all like Senderos, but do you have absolute faith in him? No, I doubt it. Djourou is still out on loan and not yet a given to return in January, and even then is hardly the finished article

    In the sandwich shop on Saturday I think I was flicking through the Times and they had a satistition’s dream of an article comparin this Arsenal side to the ones from the last three years. Interesting read but there’s a relevent bit: so far this season our defense allows more chances and shots on goal, yet we’re conceding less goals. Either that’s down to huge slice of luck or even the presence of Almunia but it does show there remains a question mark over our defensive ability. Our attacking prowess usually more than compensates for this but still I would like to see Wenger invest in the defence and give us more options if either Gallas or Toure are crocked (or buggering off to the African Nations). Richards would fit in brilliantly with this team

  23. Pedro

    Toure, Gallas, Senderos (I have faith in him coming good again), Djourrou, Gilberto, Song and Gavin Hoyte (Wenger said him and Lansbury were close to the first team on sky recently). We also have the highly rated Nordviet coming through.

    What would be the point in signing another centre back? You all want Richards… but over Toure or Gallas? I doubt Richards would be happy signing as cover. Diaby, Gilberto, Bendtner and Diarra certainly aren’t and we all know how much patience english players have.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to the signing of a quality young English centre back, but I can’t see it? Unless he bins Senderos… and how often does the stubborn Wenger give up on players you could class as his favourites?

    More likely is a Winger. I reckon thats what he has in mind for Mputu, maybe he is the signing he is talking about. Wenger did acknowledge his trial the other day.

    We’ll have to wait and see. I think it is pointless keep speculating who we are going to sign. We wont go for Veloso, we wont go for Buffon and we wont go for Anelka.

  24. jimmyfingers

    We’re all loving Gallas because we actually getting to have a look at him rather than him graceing Le List, which he seems to have done for most of the season and a bit we’ve had him. Given that he’s had long periods out and we face a lengthy absence of Toure in the African Nations, a 3rd top class centre back for me wouldbe a judicious buy. I do take your point however, but pressing Gilberto into the back four should be a last resort, and Djourou and Hoyte are some time off being ready. Song I won’t dignify with a response pffffft

    You’re right, bit pointless discussing this but it is entertaining.

  25. Geoff

    Gallas is great but out for 3 months a season and Kolo will be out for 6 weeks, what happens if they’re both out at the same time? and Gallas is 30 so how much longer will he be around?

    Buy Rchards and Anelka, that’ll do me this year.i

  26. Vuja De


    I agree with you that we could do with another central defender – but don’t think it should be Micah Richards.

    I’d like the new centre half that we’re discussing to be an experienced, ball playing, fast, 6ft plus, dominant in the air, authoritative player, who is conversant with the dark arts & capable of stepping into the first team straight away. But don’t ask me who fits this criteria that’s available!

    However, whilst I think Richards has the potential to be a major player in the future – in whatever position he settles down in – right now, he is getting by on his physical power & sheer pace, as opposed to technical ability, reading the game well, good positional sense & playing to the whistle.

    With the right coaching, & surrounded by the right players and providing he’s willing to learn, Richards may develop these & other qualities and turn out to be an outstanding defender, one day.

    But right now, he’s still very much learning his trade and simply isn’t going to get into the Arsenal first team at centre half ahead of Toure, Gallas, Senderos, Gilberto, Song etc etc.

    Even if you wanted to argue that Richards is currently better than Senderos, Gilberto & Song as a centre half, he doesn’t have the big match experience in all competitions, including the champions league, that they have, which Arsene values.

    And we haven’t even talked about whether Richards would be happy to give up a first team place at Man City to be a mere squad player at Arsenal, with no guarantee of when his next first team appearance might be.

    Don’t even think about Richards trying to oust Sagna at right back…that’s just not happening.

  27. Pedro

    I apologise for mentioning Song, I was trying to beef out my list of potential centre backs. I feel so damn silly for mentioning him?

    But I have to agree Vuja De. Maybe we are loving Micah purely because he is English? I remember certain papers raving about Bramble and Anton Ferdinand. He does look good, but he is not better than our first teamers. I happen to think Johann is more accomplished.

    Gallas is 30 and could go on another 4 seasons. Look at Adams and Keown. By the time he’s finished, the next batch of super kids will be ready.

    Fuck Anelka, what about Vela! He scored a screamer the other day! Thats the future!

  28. jimmyfingers

    I really don’t think we should be talking about Gilberto and Song as credible cover for Toure and Gallas. If we went into a key game with either of those at centre back I’d be very, very worried. Senderos yes, maybe, sort of, kinda, perhaps. Dunno

    Richards I got faith in: yes he’s still raw but where better to hone him than at Arsenal? As for giving up his City place for an Arsenal squad, he’ a massive Arsenal fan which makes him a realistic transfer target: he’s said more than once its his dream to play for us.

    As for experience, Gilberto is, but not at centre back. Song is less experienced than Richards IMO. Senderos was actually better when he didn’t have much experience: Drogba dominating seems to have left a lasting psychological scar which he is yet to overcome. Once he was fearless but not now.

  29. Vuja De

    I wish we didn’t have to talk about Gilberto & Song as credible cover for Toure & Gallas, but Arsene has already made the decision to make use of them in the centre half positions when necessary.

    I am aware that Richards is an Arsenal fan, and yes, there are worse places to learn his trade than at Arsenal! Hehehehehe. I’m not convinced that Arsene would be willing to fork out the big money he’d cost in terms of a transfer fee, even if Arsene wanted to sign him.

    I suspect that Arsene values the all round big game experience that Gilberto has, even if most of it hasn’t been acquired at centre half. Gilberto’s experience & football intelligence no doubt compensate for that to some degree.

    It’s debateable whether Song has less experience than Richards.

    I’m not Senderos’s greatest fan, although I like his attitude & committment to the club & team. He should certainly be using his phyisque to dominate opposition forwards much more than he actually does, and his lack of pace is there for all to see, which is a real liability for a defender.

    However, I think he has suffered unfair criticism regarding Drogba.

    Drogba dominates and causes big trouble for most centre halves in the premier league, yet alone Senderos, but it’s only Senderos who is regularly highlighted as being Drogba’s “submissive” on the field of play.

    If he wasn’t so injury prone, I’d snap up J Woodgate for Arsenal in a flash, as I rate him very highly, but he seems to have settled for life in midtable land and/or regular relegation dogfights between now and whenever he eventually retires.

  30. jimmyfingers

    You may well be right about Drogba and Senderos, however since getting worked over by Drogba he seemed for a long time to be suffering from a lack of confidence, a degree on uncertainty on the pitch that contributed to a more error-prone Senderos, a long way from the young tyro we immeditely took to our hearts. His deputising for Gallas this season was more encouraging and we began to see more of the Senderos of old, but he still doesn’t completely convince me. We know we’re losing Toure to the African Nations Cup, and more than likely Senderos will come in as cover. Senderos and Gallas ok, maybe, sort of, we’ll see. But if Gallas gets crocked? Ouchies. Senderos and Gilberto? Senderos and Djourou? Senderos and Song? Am I labouring this point or what?

    Right, we got Gallas at a ripe old age but we know Wenger has been a long-term admirer of him. Also Cashley’s departure was key (what a deal that turns out to be) but generally thinking Wenger doesn’t buy experienced defenders in, shall we say, their ‘prime’. He does buy players like Richards, young, pacy, athletic. He doesn’t usually spend the kind of money Richards may demand but we know he can if he wants, plus there are potential makeweights that may sweeten the deal for Sven and lessen the fee.

    Pure speculation of course. Thing about Le Boss is after indulging in endless debate in who he may buy, he’ll buy someone you’ve never heard of in a position you don’t expect. The summer was a prime example of this (Eto’o, Torres, Babel, Huntelaar yadda yadda……………Eduardo, Sagna and Diarra. Who knew?)

  31. Vuja De

    Points taken, Jimmyfingers.

    We both agree that our back up centre halves aren’t of the same standard as Toure & Gallas, but then, if they were, would they be content to sit on the bench week after week, waiting for an injury to occur or the next Carling Cup game to come around?

    We can’t have it both ways!

    I would say that Sol Campbell, Lauren (converted midfielder) and Bacary Sagna are relatively recent examples of defenders that Arsene has bought who were in their prime or approaching it (Sagna) when they joined the club.

    This pure speculation is fun! I’m well aware that Arsene is most likely to sign someone that is well under the radar, although we should keep an eye on the outcome of the Tresor Mputu trial…I wouldn’t be surprised if we see an announcement on the club website one day in the near future that he’s joined for an undisclosed bargain basement fee.

  32. Pedro

    I agree with you both about the Drogba thing. Who didn’t get dominated by him in the last two seasons would be a fair question?!

    I would be more comfortable with the calmer Johann in centre defence with Gallas. I wouldn’t be to worried if Gallas got injured. We coped the year we went to the Champs league final. If I remember correctly, Toure and Senderos played majority of games whilst Campbell was injured.

    I don’t see Wenger signing Richards purely because everyone is saying he should! But he could be the super player Wenger is talking about. The sort of transfer the new stadium was built to finance. He was looking at Eto’o this summer, so its possible he may eventually pull out his cheque book and spend big!

    Isn’t it amazing how light we were looking in the summer, now we are talking about needing only one player!

    I wonder who liverpool have in mind for their bosman signings? Does anyone fancy Jussi or are we happy with Big al?

    Maybe my last post… zzzz

  33. jimmyfingers

    Pedro you lightweight

    Good debate all round. I take the point that it would be difficut to satisfy three top class central defenders in the same team. However given Gallas’s propensity for injury and relative age Richards can be looked at as a long term replacement. I don’t think we need to sign anymore ‘prospects’, we have them in abundance. We need to sign players for now, proven players that we now will slot into the team. Richards for me ticks those boxes. That said, I am swayed to the extend that it may be better leaving Richards till the summer.

    And while we ‘coped’ with Toure and Senderos, I seem to rememer a drunken night in a Canadian on the Seine that we didn’t win that final and only scraped into fourth place in the league. The team we’re watching now is on the cusp of being the best Arsenal side I’ve ever seen, and so, with due respect to the triple league winning side of the ’30s and the double winning side of the ’70s, the best Arsenal side of all time.

    I’ll draw your attention back to the post I made about how this team, while conceding less goals, is actually allowing more chances and shots on goal than the teams of the two seasons prior to this one. That says to me to an extend we’re riding our luck a bit. With Gallas back with Toure that should improve. But it also says that the defence needs attention, with the advance knowledge we face life without Toure for an extended period of time, and with a concomittant (sorry, I went to University. Old habots and all that) increased dependance on Gallas staying fit. Richards remains to me an obvious fix to that problem.

    But again I do have faith with our current team. If we don’t sign anyone (apart from a replacement for Lehman) I won’t be unduly concerned. As Pedro says, given our supposed fragility after Henry left, we seem to have so many options.

    Still strong signings during January would be welcome. Chelsea and United will certainly be pulling out their chequebooks, and while the Rafa situation has yet to be resolved, Liverpool may well too. City too are in the mix and Sven seems to have a number of targets. Its going to be tough to realise this team’s potential and bring them the silverware they deserve.

    Oh I dunno. One thing remains: Arsene knows, and I’ll always put my trust in him. Sure he will make the right moves

  34. jimmyfingers

    and just to clarify further, if it had been a human Canadian, rather than a pub, it would have been a female Canadian. Never confused