King Billy takes us clear

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Well what a relief that was! We had six players out but we still won, what is it about us and shit teams, we did this with Sunderland.

We really lack a finisher, Ade will probably explode someday, I know that, but if we want to win the league this season, I feel we need to get an out and out finisher, like an Anelka, or indeed, Anelka.

We dominated for large spells but couldn’t finish, so thank goodness for another captainesque performance from Gallas yesterday.

Good to see Rosicky on the score sheet, I think Bendtner made a difference when he arrived, but I would like to see Wenger make his changes a little sooner next time, we know they’re needed, he knows they are and when he does it, it makes the difference, I just wish he would do it sooner. For my nerves!

I am beginning to lose patience with Eboue, I don’t think he gives us much, a bit like Song at the moment, he doesn’t do a lot wrong, but he doesn’t do a lot right either.

Still we won and ManU lost, I can now read all the papers and be happy, I reckon we can win our next three premier league games, Robin will be back by then and hopefully we’ll be the ones to get fat Sam the sack.

Not a lot to say today but not a lot of people read the weekend blogs either.

Next up Seville, let hope we can win that one and top the group.

Have a nice weekend Grover’s and see you all tomorrow.

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  1. jimmyfingers

    I read ’em Geoff, I read ’em

    Brilliant to see United drop points and us move clear. United fans are so convinced of their team’s ascendancy in all matters that it makes it all the sweeter to put one over on them. A few seasons when we weren’t going toe to toe with them I forgotten just what arrogant pricks they are. They seem to support the club for bragging rights and nowt else. Glory boys

    Eboue does seem a strange choice but he is a natural wide player and defensively able, both of which are relatively rare commodities in the Arsenal midfield. Perhaps Wener sees summat we miss

  2. A-Team

    I couldn’t see the game yesterday but the photos seem to indicate William Gallas is sporting a hairstyle similar to that worn by our own Mr T. Are we supposed to call him Mr G? And Arsenal fans, please feel free to replace that dreary Elvis ballad with our own theme tune, for a much liveluier start to the match! Best wishes, Face the Gooner.

  3. jimmyfingers

    No worries Geoff. Its a rare day off for me so I can read everything on the web related to Arsenal while I nurse my hangover. Sunday papers are a rip off when all you read is the sports section and that’s here for free anyway!

    I was particularly impressed with Gallas’ barnet, designed to scare small children and weedy strikers. If the fella stays fit he may make a good captain yet

  4. Bud

    Enjoyed your seat Geoff – Just to let you know, and this may come as a shock, but me and your son love WILLY !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. jimmyfingers

    Liverpool sites are alive with rumour of Rafa walking, over this rather public spat with the Yank owners. Not official but a lot of ‘Pool fans are taking it as gospel, and are hoping for Mourinho as replacement.

    It’s quite worrying: with Rafa in charge you knew ‘Pool were never going to make a realisitic challenge for the the title, despite their luck in Europe. Mourinho taking over would be good in that it will piss off the chavs, but then we have to listen to him spout utter rubbish so bad that way. Also we will be faced with the prospect of Rafa being offered the England job, and so will have see him and the small mammal that lives on his face a lot more.

    Foreign owners eh, gotta love ’em

  6. grovedigger

    Bud loves Willy, really?

    Moanrinio won’t go to Liverpool jimmy, he spends more than Benitez does, Gillette won’t like that.

    Agree with the sentiment though, I hate the cunt and his ramblings as well. I hope he never comes back.