Anelka to Arsenal Gilberto to Juve?

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I was staggered that Anelka said in the Sun that he was wrong to have left Arsenal, we play amazing football and he would love to play for us again, he also said he didn’t think he’d get in the current side.

That amounts to an apology doesn’t it? On that basis the board’s prejudice against him has to be lifted, he is just what we could do with until Theo and Bendtner come of age.

And if we sign this new young African Tresor Mputu, we would really piss those two off, unless of course Tresor’s a winger.

Anelka’s an experienced goal scorer and one that leads the line well. Go get him Arsene.

Gilberto looks like he’s now touting himself to Juve, it’s a real shame that has happened, he scored some 9 goals last season and was a great example to the team, I personally think he’s been treated appallingly by Wenger, but at the same time, players these days have very little patience.

We’ve had three players threatening to move on if their not played and four if you include Gilberto.

I think if Arsene decided in the early part of the season that there was no place in his set up for Gilberto, he should have told him, not snubbed him for the captaincy and then dropped him, he was worth better treatment than that.

Even though Gallas has made a great captain, he was out of line with his comments and seemed to get rewarded for them, Gilberto on the other hand said nothing and got nothing.

I think it’s no coincidence that we’ve now had three French captain’s on the trot, next one up will surely be Cesc.

So in short today, I’m siding with Gilberto for shabby treatment from the manager and I think we should re sign Anelka before Red nose does, one thing is for sure, Bolton won’t keep him.

We need to win trophies this season and he is the type of player that could help.

Not too many to choose from in midfield today, but Rosicky, Diarra, Denilson and Eduardo should do it with Theo and Ade up top.

But please no Song.

I expect Senderos to partner Gallas today, don’t know why, just a hunch but I think he will.

Did I mention, please no Song? If I didn’t, please no Song.

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  1. jimmyfingers

    Is that a ‘come get me’ from Anelka? Very odd. Not sure whether its to push up his price or genuine, since he’s being linked with Chelsea and Man Utd.

    There’s no doubt he would fit in brilliantly to this side, with his pace and finishing, but its hard to forget just what a terrible cunt he was all those years ago. He’s also not a signing Wenger tends to make these days

    Its a damn shame about Gilberto, and mysterious why Wenger abandoned him. The form of Flamini is one, and his long term value to the team with his threat to leave. Wenger must have reacted to that. The other is his age: hit 30 and you’re a marked man in this Arsenal side, irrespective of status (Pires, Ljungberg, Henry and Vieira will attest to that (OK they weren’t all 30 when we sold them but close at least. Stop nit-picking)). Thirdly the Gilberto’s stats must have dropped in training. We know Wenger sets great store by the computer thingy, and Glberto’s must be telling him summat.

    Its a tricky one. While Cesc has been getting all the media plaudits, fans have been quieting heralding the form of the Flamster. Bertie and him can’t be in the same side so eventually it boils down to a choice between the two. Wenger’s made that choice and he knows I guess. Shame that Bertie won’t bide his time but understandable

  2. Goonerbeall

    This might be a “come and get me” or slight of hand aimed at enticing those who are considering him. Tjhey know with Nico’s finishing we would be deadly and I’m sure Manure or Chelski would love to deny us that weapon.

    I dont think Wenger had a choice really. First, Flamini wanted to leave due to lack of 1st team chance. Then Wenger told him to knuckle down and perform when chance arise and when Gilbo was in Copa America Flamini played a blinder in every game he was in. Had Wenger not chosen him after Gilbo return that would have been a recipie for mutiny all over the club with youngsters claiming that performance is useless but reputation.

  3. henry

    so why buy Diarra? he’s the same age as Flamini, and there’s Hleb, Rosicky and Diaby, seems to me Gilberto’s getting the bum deal.

  4. jimmyfingers

    well a tremendous couple of results, us winning late and Manure losing. Just finshed work, looking forward to the highlights

  5. Pedro

    Late blogging from me.

    I’ll say this though. Gilberto is going to be the casualty of an arsenal centre midfield over population.

    Gilberto is solid… but not spectacular.

    If and i mean if, flamini can maintain the form he has shown, he will be a greater asset to the team than Gilberto. Diarra for me is a pocket PV04, Cesc and denilson have huge potential and Diaby will be world class.

    Someone has to go and that someone is over 30. Love him, but life is a bitch.

    So glad we won today. I had premonitions of tomorrows headlines.

    Cescless arsenal fail to produce… blah blah blah…

    Not the greatest performance but we came into our own after 65 mins. I hope theo is ok, he looked tricky today!

  6. jimmyfingers

    Does the world’s latest blog mean we have to wait for ever for one today?

    Still drunk as hell this morning, prolly not the best plan

    Love the fact we score so many late goals. There’s a srt of inveitability about: no matter how full of running the oppo’s are, no matter how long they try to deny us space, no matter how many peeps they put behind the ball, eventually they’ll tire, eventually cracks will appear and us, like the sea, will find those cracks and exploit them

    No idea what the sea bits about. I did say I was still drunk