Oh to be an English failure…

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So Steve McClaren is set to pocket something like £2,500,000 for being a failure, no wonder the team are not from this planet, their manager isn’t.

Still at least they have ‘football’ and ‘another planet’ in comment with Arsenal!

McClaren said it was the most disappointing day of his life getting fired and paid £2.5million. That’s something else we have in common, it was my most disappointing day, when you received it.

Why do the F.A insist on giving managers 5 year contracts? Who was going to come in and poach Steve McClaren? In fact, when has an England manager ever been poached by another club whilst under contract with the F.A? It is bad business.

The whole situation is all a load of old bollocks if you ask me. Any man that can sit there, in front of the nation and say he won’t resign because he is looking to the future is a cunt. Does he think the public are fools? We all know McClaren stayed for the golden ‘Fuck off’.

People will say that you can’t sniff at £2.5 million, and your average Joe public would take the cash. For starters the average man has not earned the sort of cash McClaren has over the last ten years, Shat Mac’s not short of a few pennies is he? Secondly, most people who get sacked from their job can’t pocket a £2 million book deal and thirdly, most people who fail that badly at their job can’t go out and get a new job for a million pounds plus.

If Steve McClaren had any dignity, he’d donate that £2.5 million to an English Football academy. He won’t though, will he?

Onto things of a more Arsenal nature!


Maybe that was a bit melodramatic. We have 6 players out for the game on Saturday.


That could leave the midfield looking a touch weak! Maybe Diarra and Denilson will start? Or maybe he will bring Rosicky into the middle and put Theo out wide? Who knows!

I expect us to turnover Wigan. They are a very weak side. Imagine getting rolled by the Spuds 4-0?

Patrick Vieira is back doing what he does best… Talking lots of shit. This time about Wenger taking over the England team.

“You need someone with a big character, experience and a knowledge of English football and English players. “Arsenal fans won’t be happy but I think Arsene Wenger would be a good choice. He really knows the English game.”

Hey Patrick, I reckon Adriano should start doing your girlfriend. He has more Charisma and is better looking than you. I know you’d be pissed that I’d suggest that, but I think he’s a good choice.

Anyway, Wenger had this to say,

‘If I was English then of course – but I am not so it is a ‘no’.’

So do one Paddy.

Another piece of good news is that Steve “I stole all the Arsenal Boys” Bruce wont be taking over his post until after the Arsenal game. Apparently there is a wrangle over his image rights. Birmingham want the £250,000 they paid him for the rights back. You’d have to say thats fair, I think he was obviously dealing with someone on the Birmingham board of directors when they slipped that clause into his contract!

Enjoy your Friday Grovers! See you in the comments section!

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  1. Gunnersaurus

    £2.5 million eh? When I got sacked from McDonalds, they didn’t even let me keep my stars…

    Our first injury issues of the year! They’ve been a long time coming but at least its not in defence! We could do with a bit of injury in the central midfield! I would prefer Gilverto to start with Diarra. Arseblog reckons he might do!

    Arsene Wenger hasn’t even been considered for the new england coach with is super pleasing! Anyone for Harry?

  2. Grovedigger

    What a pile of shite the F.A are? They are so out of touch with the fans!

    Who reckons Bendtner will start on Saturday? He scored twice in the internationals, maybe its time for him to show his worth.

    Eduardo looked good for the brief time he was on the other night, him and Walcott up front would do nicely!

  3. Henry

    Its a slow day for blogging. I think everyone is just about newsed out? I can’t even be bothered to hit the feeds today.

    Diarra and Gilberto are the midfield partnership for me. I think we’ll smash em’!


  4. bottom4tottenham

    What has everyone had a day off? I read Gilberto is out with fatigue, my choice would be Gilberto and Diarra with Rosicky out wide left and Theo right and Eduardo and Ade up top.

    But I reckon it will be Diarra and Denilson. Maybe he’ll put Gibbs on, who knows.

  5. henry

    He something then, straight from Wenger’s mouth, African wizzkid Tresor Mputu has greatly impressed, I’m going down today to have a look myself, said Arsene Wenger on arsenal.com

    A little puzzled I have to say, do we need another forward? especially one that’s 5′ 6″

    He must be special is all I can say!

  6. jimmyfingers

    late to the party once more

    Although bit of rubbish party pfffffffffft

    McClaren was an accident waiting to happen. If you look up ‘More Money Than Sense’ one of the definitions is ‘The F.A.”. They seem determined to throw money away on managers. I’m going to throw my hat in for the job. Reckon you must get a few grand for just turning up to the interview. Few more if you turn up in a whistle. Get a second interview and you’re rolling in it. I’m pretty good at interviews: reckon I may be able to retire on this one (experience certainly doesn’t seem to count for much).

    Retrospectively Old Orange may have been onto summat with Scolari. Once he spit the dummy it beggars belief McClaren got the nod ahead of O’Neill. If McClaren was worth millions, then O’Neill is worth the GNP of a small nation.

    Fuck England anyway, they’re an embarresment. Strange situ to be in when a load of first choicers are crocked anf you’re not worried. One factor is the quality of the opposition, the other the quality of the replacements we got. We all want to see more of Diarra and Denilson, job’s a good ‘un.

    Imagine I’m the final blogger anyway, so doubt this will even by read. In that spirit, I will admit to having a fondness for Take That. Don’t judge me

  7. Geoff

    I heard that the reason O’Neill wasn’t employed was he was asked would Beckham be his captain, he said Beckham wouldn’t be in his team, that was the end of the interview.

    The FA thought it would be a marketing disaster, fuck all to do with football.

    If you read this I’ll be posting early today so get up and blog.

    Take that? very nice…