Walcott will make Euro 2008 says psycho!

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So Stuart Pearce, England under 21’s man at the helm, confidently says Theo will make the Euro 2008 team, if we qualify tonight.

Well that’s a big if! I fully expect this shower of under achievers to get a result against an already qualified Croatia team, that has played way above itself, thanks of course to new Arsenal sensation, Eduardo.

Yes it’s down to Arsenal. You knew that.

If McClaren doesn’t play ‘has been’ Beckham and completely useless fat boy ‘Mrs Robinson’ we should go through, so we at least have something to look forward to next summer, and by then we could have Richards and Green playing in the Arsenal team by then.

I hope he brings Carlos Vela back from Salamanca and Djourou back from Birmingham in January, they are both great prospects and January is when it starts getting tough, what with the FA cup, Champions league and hopefully the Carling cup still to play for.

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On Friday we are having our first guest blog from our new best friends at clockenders.com so that should be fun.

We are trialling a 15 year old Brazilian wonderkid goal keeper, but like all the young ‘uns, seeing him could be a long way off, I would prefer to see a
world class prospect playing for us right now, we do it with the outfield players, I see no reason why we shouldn’t do it with a keeper.

The feeling was split on whether Richards will be joining us. One blogger suggested Richards requested an Arsenal get out clause in his new contract, I hope you’re right, he would be a welcome signing. Modric, I’m
not sure would add so much? £30 million, really?!

Velosa keeps cropping up, and I have it on good authority that although he plays in defensive midfield he prefers centre back, but it’s all speculation
and only January will tell us, and January’s not talking to November at this moment in time.

Try and enjoy tonight if you can make yourself watch.

Until tomorrow.

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  1. grovedigger

    why isn’t Hoyte in? I thought that’s why we had the under 21’s, to step up. I hate internationals, still I’m looking forward to seeing Eduardo!

  2. jimmyfingers

    Nah, you don’t want Theo with that shower of shite, esp after what Gerrard said about him in his ‘book’. As for the release clause in Richards contract, its just a rumour that he asked for one, and fairly certain that he didn’t actually get it. What is certain is that Richards really wants to play for Arsenal and in this day and age that counts for a lot, as we all know. If we want him and are prepared to meet City asking price (which we can afford, plus we’ve got makeweights for any deal) he’ll come, even if we face competition for his signatue, even from Chelsea

  3. Rainham Red

    I was surprised Hoyte was not in but I suppose as he is not playing regularly for Arsenal it counts against him.I know he has said he wants to stay and fight for his place and I admire his loyalty but I cant see him playing very often.Maybe for the sake of his career he should look elsewhere.

  4. grovedigger

    it’s the same old team, same old story, we’ll win 4 nil and they’ll all wax.

    Putting Hoyte and Walcott sends the message, new team, new way of playing and you’re all way too complacent.

    So fuck off.

  5. Gunnersaurus

    Hoyte in the England team? Are you sure!

    I’d have Theo in, thats for sure. He was being cheered by the Portuguese fans last night, they were chanting “Theo!”. I wonder if Wenger will play him against Wigan? Or will Van the man come back?

    I can’t wait until real football resumes!

  6. Russ

    We can’t lose tonight, if we win we’re all on the jolly in June and if we
    lose we’re on a jolly because McClown will be tin tacked.

    The good news just in, Beckham has been dropped ( should never have been
    brought back) and fumbling Robbo has finally been axed, which means we do
    not have to continuously spill our beer every time a corner or cross comes in
    thinking he’s going to flap and then drop the ball and lose us a goal.

    However being England through and through I cannot help but to want a win
    and to give me a few extra piss ups through the summer and the continued
    search for the holy graile of football – A TROPHY

  7. geoff

    Morning all, my apologies for saying Vela is playing for Salamanca, it is in fact, Osasuna!

    Baptista I always felt was a scorer waiting to happen, but after last season, more fool them if they buy him.

    All this talk about us being rejected by Agbonlahor is irritating, if it’s true, fair enough, but if it’s not then Wenger should say something, I can’t see us bidding 15mil for another forward when we have 5 already that I wouldn’t swap and Vela coming soon, it doesn’t make any sense.

    I would however welcome KAKA but we all know that won’t happen.

  8. Henry

    Is it me or is it boring today, no one’s blogging, there’s no news, no games aside from the pampered brats that no one’s interested in.

    Still from December we have 9 games and they’ll be loads to talk about, imagine if we win them all!