Eto’o in swap sensation for Robin the boy wonder

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Ok that’s what arsenalshorts are ‘tongue in cheek’ saying, first of all why would we want a Barca croc that constantly causes trouble, for one of the worlds best players? We wouldn’t, so ignore it.

Robin Van Persie, who I have to say takes the best free kicks I have ever seen, will stay at Arsenal for life.

Modric, maybe, but he does look a little small and really is the same type of player as Rosicky, then he’ll have to bed in for a year, as given that
Rosicky and Eduardo still haven’t clicked, it doesn’t really make any sense and at £30mil is way over priced.

Anyway, we have way too many midfield players in the team and coming through, so for me another dead story.

We do need an out and out winger though, possibly a centre back and of course a goal keeper.

I would expect a bit of activity with Man City, maybe Diaby for Richards could be on the cards and to be honest, that’s the only way I would handle losing him.

Ideal world for me, Richards in, Green in and a pacey winger like Robinho.

Richards to give us that bit of steel at the back and cover for the much injured Gallas, who I love by the way, but you need 4 center backs these days.

Green because he’s a better bet than Almunia and he is English and I think we do need to have a spine of English players, just so that I can start watching England games again and enjoying them.

And a winger, I know I mentioned Robinhio before but he isn’t a regular for Madrid and I think he would work well with our style of play.

Gilberto to go in a swap deal with Richards and Lehman to City.

Diaby should be played in center midfield and I expect to see him and Diarra both playing against Wigan.

Other than that we need no one and won’t in the summer, this team will just get better and better, what we don’t need is yet another central midfield player and that’s why I rule out Modric.

We’re fine up front and it was good to see Bendtner banging in another against Northern Ireland.

Theo will play more and I expect him and Robin to start threatening the Ade partnership, who again (Ade that is) is growing into the team and will always cause problems and score when you least expect it.

So team for Saturday.


Hoyte Kolo Gallas Traore

Hleb Diarra Diaby Rosicky


With Fabianski, Theo, Bendtner, Gilberto and Sagna on the bench.

These are the games he’ll experiment and try and keep players happy, we have a tough run in December and I expect by the Chelsea game he’ll know, and they’ll know the best 11 and that way they’ll be no more whinging.

We had a record number of hits yesterday so we must be doing something right in a non footballing fortnight, keep blogging Grovers, we value your opinion.

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  1. grovedigger

    the Modric rumours won’t go away, but I read United have just signed the next Theo Walcott a 14 year old 6 foot English kid with an African name.

    He’s not trying to do a Wenger is he? signing all the best young talent from poor old Burnley.

    What a hypocritical red nosed cunt. Where are you now Platini with your Millwall comments.

  2. Henry

    I just read that Madrid and ManU are after Velosa the center back from Sporting, I’d sooner have him than Modric.

    He’d be cheaper than Richards.

  3. bottom4tottenham

    I heard Diaby is injured, anyone know if that’s true? that would mean Diarra and Gilberto, I’d have that.

    New manager syndrome won’t affect us as Wigan are crap and Bruce is a wanker.

  4. jimmyfingers

    Quite content to ignore transfer rumours. Wenger play things vay close to his chest anyway, but this Modric rumour stinks of paper talk. Wenger doesn’t spend that sort of moey and we don’t need him so Baron Greenback and his Russian cash are welcome to him.

    Gone are the days I fear for our top players. With the money we have, the way the team are performing and the deomstrable team spirit there I can’t see any of our first team being swayed by offers from abroad. Vieira and Henry seemed constantly wondering whether the grass was greener elsewhere, and more trphies to be won. I doubt any of the team feel like that: they’ve got as good a chance as any to be lifting significant silverware this season. RvP ain’t gawn nowhere, Barca can get tae fuck

    I’m with geoff on Richards: would be a dream signing this January. City’s ascendancy may make it difficult then though, despite Richards desire to play for us. Unless they falter significantly between now and the transfer window they won’t let him go, even with the sweetners we could offer. And he shouldn’t force the move. The summer seems more likely.

    Any thoughts on SWP? We need a wide man and while Geoff suggests Robinho my impression is that he’s too lightweight. SWP was a regular starter under Mourinho and was showing form, but he seems to have fallen from favour under Baron Greenback. Chelsea won’t want to sell to us but he has gooner connections and he could ‘persuade’ them

  5. keith

    I agree about RIchards and a swop deal plus cash i think could be on the cards so my contacts in London tell me
    Also a world class keeper
    I am still not convinced about Abe up front looks great one minute and hopeless the next does not score enough shots to goals ratio
    We need a work class striker any thoughts?


  6. anonymous

    I understood that Richards is refusing to sign a new ManCity deal so January could be good, Velosa is another option. SWP jimmy is an interesting one but I couldn’t see them selling to us.

  7. grovedigger

    are your contacts in London reliable? can I start getting excited? I would have Phillips but Wenger told McClaren not to use him tomorrow, and to use Beckham, so I’m not sure he would want him.

  8. The Prophet

    At last back at my desk after several days of travel and yes a load of bollocks to talk about. God I hate it during international weeks. The rumours are not even new or exciting. I think Geoff even started one of them and has forgot it and has started arguing with himself.. no change there then. Would love to see Richards and Green at the club as I agree it would make it worth watching England again…. ok mildly interesting.

  9. grovedigger

    I think that was the rumour Prophet, you working!

    just kidding, but I think Green and Richards or even Velosa are real possibilities as Lehmann clearly has to go.

  10. Ryan

    Well we can only consider Richards a possibility in the near future if there’s 1) a lot of money 2) players involved for a swap 3) a combination of the two 4) if Richards doesn’t mind probably only playing when Gallas is injured etc.

    Basically he’d be a fabulous player to have but his value is surely huge atm. I think selling Diaby, Song, Senderos and Gilberto would be the only way I think it can really be thought about though. I mean Diaby is not really needed these days as a central midfielder as much potential as he has. I like Song (unlike most) but he doesn’t look much like be a regular any time soon and we already have so many cbs and cms that he’s not needed. The same applies with Gilberto really as much as I like him, he’s not really required with Flamini AND Diarra not to mention players like Djourou and Toure can play defensive mid anyway if there was a major injury problem. I like Senderos and at his best he’s brilliant but he’s inconsistent and if we get another CB he needs to go to make space I think. I doubt City would be interested in taking all of these players, but in all honesty if we did a deal on anything like those lines we could potentially get Richards, a little cash and regain balance of numbers within the squad.

    Not that I expect that to happen in the slightest, but I suppose it would be the ideal scenario. I think we can all agree that there’re some imbalances in having too many players in some positions and I think it’s best for the team morale when you don’t have players who will never get a game because that’s where frustrations are born. It’s best to have the main first team and a sub bench of players who all also play regularly as well as being subs- and the players beyond that need to be obviously very good, but not have aspirations higher than they can realistically achieve.

    Well that’s my rant. Good on Hoyte for his loyalty. I’d love to see him get a run in the side even if Sagna is playing so well.

  11. bottom4tottenham

    I just read that Agbonlahor is flattered but wants to stay at Arsenal.

    Thank fuck for that, if we don’t think we have better than that, then I don’t know what.

    If Modric, who wasn’t worth what Eduardo 4 months ago, is now suddenly worth 30 million, then I’m a fucking Chinaman.

  12. casicky

    its all fantasy speculation,that is not going to materialise

    1.If Wenger really wanted modric that chance is gone because as much money as we have money ther is no way we going to compete for a signing with chelsea,so if they are interested modric wont be wearing red anytime soon.

    2.secondly with the whole of england going crazy bout qoutas there is no way City will let a young english man who has become a national team regular go at all considering they also have a team full of foreigners so letting him go would start the media on them too.

    3.Robinho has jus recently sealed his lace at madrid with some spectacular performances so there is no way he would come to us besides he would be at a high price..which Le Boss does not do. lastly Veloso,well his a midfielder,not a centre back so that would jus add the headache Le Boss already has bout his midfield,so no go there

    if we actually thought these transfer specs through and through then we would realise that there is no chance of any thing going through,i know its nice to dreambut u guys are becoming ridiculous its unbelievable..the team for the weekend will be

    Sagna Kolo Gallas Clichy
    Hleb Diarra Denii Rosicky
    Van P Ade

    sagna will play cos his warmed the bench with france
    berto will be too jet lagged to start and we cant start wiv two CDM’s
    diaby injured with french u-21

    would like to see Hoyte and Traore play but somehow think Wenger would want some back four stability

  13. Gunnersaurus

    I wouldn’t want etoo now, he is too much of a whinger! He is like Gallas times ten!

    I would love to have Richards though, what a player! I can’t see City dealing? But at the end of the day, if it is the players desire, it doesn’t matter.

    I doubt he’ll sign anyone in January, Wenger is just flirting with us!

  14. henry

    yeah but if Richards was staying, he would have signed by now wouldn’t he? and don’t forget Wenger and Sven are mates.

  15. jimmyfingers

    Richards has come and said he wants to play for Arsenal. The rumour goes he tried to get a release clause in his contract if Arsenal made an offer, so I think City know he’s on borrowed time with them. I wouldn’t like him to force a move, and I think City should get sufficient reimborusement (unlike Leeds did with Kewell for example) which is why I doubt anything will happen till the summer, if it were to happen at all (lets face, we’ve no idea who Wenger has got his eye on)

  16. maxi

    what?!?! no way! everybody loves van persie, i hate samuel eto’o, and im sure, that over 50% arsenal fans do the same.

  17. henry

    for the record casicky, Velosa plays midfield or center back, he’s very versatile and that’s why he will be expensive, he’s like a young Stam or a Keown.

    I fancy him but I think Richards has made up his mind and with £150 million burning a hole in Sven’s pocket, I think he’ll et him go to us.

    Especially as they’re mates, Sven and Wenger that is.

  18. jimmyfingers

    Apparently Peter Kenyon, while touring India, has said he wants Chelsea to be everyone’s second club. I got a few issues with this.

    Firstly what sort of cock has a second team

    Secondly what kind of club aspires to be that second team, and want the sort of cocks that have a second team to be their fans.

    Seriously, that’s proper demented.